Customer Reviews: T-fal C836SC Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Cookware Set , 12-Pieces, Silver
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on November 17, 2009
When we noticed our non-stick pans were losing their non-stick (into ours and our childrens food) we decided it was time to look at the alternative to teflon and non-stick coating. We waffled over whether to go cast iron or stainless. I was worried about cooking with stainless because of the sticking issue but decided to bite the bullet and went ahead and purchased these. I have to say, we LOVE them! My husband is able to make the most amazing omelettes without leaving half of it behind. I haven't had much trouble with sticking at all. Scrambled eggs and hash browns seem to be the worst so far and with 15 mins of soaking the pans in water I am able to just scrub them clean with my nylon scrubby sponge. They are tough and durable and seem to put up with alot of use. We aren't occasional cookers, as a family of five these pots and pans get used daily. The price is right but dont let it fool you! Can't say enough.
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on April 14, 2010
I did a bunch of research before buying new pots and pans. The reviews I read on this set made me believe that it was the best value for the money. The set arrived in beautiful condition and has remained that way with a good hand washing and drying.

The negatives I saw in the reviews here were that things were sticking and the handles got hot. I have not had a problem with either. In my opinion and from my experience the people who had food stick to the pans need to alter their cooking methods. Non-stick cookware, aside from not lasting very long and being dangerous to your health, has removed oils and butter from many peoples recipies. As for the handles getting hot, you need to use a burner that is equal to or smaller in size than the bottom of the cookware. I use the proper size burners and even when cooking at high temperatures my handles stay cool to the touch.
Hopefully this helps.
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on August 18, 2011
I've been wanting to switch to stainless for a while now and at this price I decided to go for it. I was actually concerned about the price being so low as I couldn't imagine a really quality set being priced around $100. After receiving the set and cooking with it, I can't believe how nice it is. They're amazing! The pieces are beautiful, very thick and very sturdy. The polish is gorgeous and cooking with them is a dream come true.
Like a lot of people, I had some concerns about cooking with stainless. So, previous to getting the set, I did a little research to make sure I knew what I was doing when I started. I'd like to share some of those tips here to help anyone that might be having a difficult time or shared my concerns. Here goes:
1. Never use High heat unless you are boiling water! Stainless conducts heat amazingly and medium to medium/high heat it the equivalent of using High with other pots and pans.
2. Always warm the pan first before adding oil or butter. It just takes a few seconds. When you can feel the heat coming off the pan, its ready for your oil or butter.
3. Eggs! Eggs were my biggest concern. I think everyone at some point has tried to cook eggs in stainless and ended up with some sort of catastrophe. There is an easy solution to making PERFECT eggs, scrambled or not. Here it is. Set your eggs, in the shell, in a bowl of warm water while the pan is warming. Cold eggs stick! They only need a minute or so in warm water. Once the pan is warm and the butter is melted, the now warm eggs can be added and they will slide around super easy, flip with no sticking! On top of that, the eggs come out perfect. I don't know if it's the even heat or what but try it, you'll see. I've caught myself (twice) cooking eggs I don't even want just because cooking them, in these pans, is mind blowing. I know that sounds ridiculous but having been really worried about being able to cook eggs in these and to have it be so easy is a big deal. I feel like a pro!
Anyhow, I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy these as much as me. These pots rock. Get some.
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on October 4, 2014
My wife and I bought ourselves this set for our anniversary (you know you're getting old when you anniversary present to each other is cookware - but what can I say?) My son, who is an executive chef, looked at the options we selected and said this one - or a ceramic one we were looking at - would be our best choice. Since this had more pieces and the flat griddle, we went with it.

The pros:

- Order arrived on time
- Seller experience was fine
- Really nice looking cookware
- Very non stick (after all these years of old cookware, it's hard to believe that "non-stick" really doesn't stick!)
- Even heat distribution of the pans using a system that's really cool (Hmm, that might be a wrong word for "heating" but I'm sure you understand)
- There's a red dot on each pan (or pot) and when it gets to a solid color, it's an indicator that the pan is ready. (We have a little trouble actually discerning when that happens due to aging eyes - but the concept is pretty good and I can't fault them because my eyesight isn't what it used to be. Jeeze! I am really sounding old, aren't I? Trust me, I'm not ancient.)

So, the only complaint so far is a big one, and we're waiting to see how that shakes out.

In a nutshell, the 7" pan is already losing its red paint on the bottom. It started to do so about 10 days after we got it. (The others are fine so far.) I didn't want to return the whole set to amazon (especially since we ditched our old stuff) so I called the customer service number. Yikes! that's when the fun started.

First of all, one of my pet peeves is east coast companies that forget there's an entire west coast out here. (Who knows, maybe you folks on the east coast have a similar complaint with some west coast companies.) So, not knowing this, I called them at 2:35 PT and found they were closed already. OK, no biggie, I'll call another time.

When I did, I had to wade through one of those annoying voice mail trees that has limited options but lots of information one does not need. I pressed the number for "cookware" and then finally the number for "warranty" and it said it would transfer me to an agent. Well, goody-goody, it takes me back to the main menu and makes me wade through that again. I repeat the same scenario and it does too. This happens three times until I finally get a rather unfriendly rep on the phone.

She wasn't rude, but you could tell she'd rather be doing something else. Who knows? Maybe she's on the other line trying to get her cookware returned? Anyway, I explain my frustration with the voice mail.

> crickets, tumbleweeds <

Since that didn't elicit anything, I explain the situation. She tells me exactly what the recording says, that I can send it in (at my expense) and they'll check to see if it's a warranty-covered repair. if so, they'll ship back a new one. If not, they'll return mine and give me a reason why they aren't replacing it. I reply that I knew that but mention, "This cookware is only a few weeks old. Are you telling me that on top of the cost I paid for it, I have to pay for shipping?"

She says if I can fax her the invoice, she'll decide if I need to pay for shipping.

"Fax?" says I. "I got rid of my fax machine about 10 years ago. Can't I just email you the receipt?"

"No, it has to be faxed."

Keep in mind that this is state of the art cookware (supposedly) and they don't have email?! (Maybe they should pull out their IBM selectric and type up a requisition or call someone on their rotary phone and place an order directly.) Anyhow, I take down the information and I tell her I'll find a fax machine and get it to her. However, as long as I'm sending that, I ask, "Would it help if I took a photo of the damage and sent that to you? That way, instead of us both shipping metal pots across the country, you could make a determination in advance and save us both time and money."

Uh, no, that's not happening either.

So, I have faxed the information. I shall await reply (by pony express I'm sure) and will update later.
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on August 27, 2010
I decided it was time to upgrade our 35 year old Revere Wear. It was still good stuff, and the newlywed niece who now has it loves it, but I've been getting more into cooking lately and the Revere Wear was ... limiting. These pans are incredible!! The first thing we had to get used to was using them at a much lower heat setting on our electric stove. They spread the heat evenly and do the same job at "4" as the old pans did at "8". We have never had anything stick to them. They're not coated, they're not anti-stick, but they don't grab the food, even when I'm cooking up 5 quarts of chili and let it simmer (at "1", no less!!) for a few hours. Stir every half hour or so, and nothing sticks!! (The in-laws came out to visit, and Mom couldn't cook with them because they were so much better than anything she's ever used. She's always been the "turn it to high and let it boil 'til it's mush" type of cook anyway, but it was fun watching my wife trying to teach her how to use low heat!! :))

Some say that they're a beast to keep in showroom condition. Well, I don't hang them on the wall, I take them out of the cupboard and put 'em on the stove and use 'em like they were intended. If they start to look a little dull, Bar Keeper's Friend and a paper towel does wonders, or an SOS pad, either one. No elbow grease needed - they clean up to a nice shine with no fuss at all. They are far easier to wash than our old pans were. A swish of the rag and they're done.

I got the full set plus a few additional pieces. I've done everything so far from soup to chili to sauces and puddings. I've fried, brased, deep fried, roasted and used them on the stove top and in the oven. I love the see-through lids!! They've opened up a whole new capability to me. I've never before been able to see what was happening without lifting the lid.

They'll do an omelet over a slow heat and it slides right out of the pan like you're a pro or something. Bobby Flay I'm not, but these let me think I am if I try hard enough!!

I looked at a lot of sets until I settled on these as the best bang for the buck. They are well worth the price!! I love 'em!!
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on February 27, 2015
While the pots and pans are very nice. After only a montj of light use, the copper has began to discolor and flake off on 2 of the pans.
review image review image
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on March 14, 2013
I needed something simple and basic and love love these. I don't cook a lot as a single guy but when I do it's very easy and I've used most all of the items. The heat indicator is perfect for a novice like me and the non-stick really works great. Plus I just pop them in the dishwasher and they come out clean, so easy and perfect.

Dishwasher safe

- no lids for the skillets
- skillets are really small, so will have to get a larger one some day

- Easy to clean
- Non-stick
- Heat indicator lets you know when pan is hot and ready
- great grips

I have no regrets, are they top of the line? NO but perfect to get you started and great price to
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on November 28, 2014
Called customer service because copper was coming off when removing sticker from the bottom of pan they are new pans. They said they would not cover it on warranty and now am afraid that the rest of the pans will flake off also I feel something made of metal should not flake off that easy.
review image
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on January 8, 2014
I just moved into my new apartment recently so I needed a pots/pans set. All I was working with was a couple of non-stick pans. After living a healthy life for quite a while now, I look for ways to make my surroundings healthier. I did my research on the toxic non-stick pans and all other pans. Cast iron and stainless steel were the healthiest. I love the look of stainless steel and the fact that you don't have to "season" the pan. So I went with this T-fal set. Best set for the price. You can't beat it ( little hint...follow this item on to buy it at its cheapest price..I got mine for $86)

After receiving my package, I was so anxious to open it up that I felt like Christmas came early for me. I opened the box to see this wonderful set. The pans are very nice looking. Another great thing was that they were lightweight. It was love at first sight. Then came my first cooking's with them. I ABSOLUTELY HATED THEM. Everything was sticking to the pans. No matter how much grapeseed oil or butter I was using, everything was either sticking or burning black. All my good feelings went out the door. I was devastated; feeling like I made a bad purchase. But I wasn't about to give up yet.

I did my research and watch many youtube videos and found out the PERFECT way to cook with these. Two words people: water test. You'll come across many sites or videos telling you to "season" your stainless steel pans, which is basically leaving a light coating of oil on the pans. I cook ALOT and after basically having a 100% success rate with everything from eggs to chicken to stubborn steaks with either minimal sticking or no sticking, I must tell you that "seasoning" is not necessary. The water test for me is the best thing I learned for these pans.

What the water test is is basically getting your pans to the right temperature to start cooking. A big no no is warming up or cooking with your pans on high. NEVER cook on high with these pans. I used to cook on high all the time but now with these, I am cooking on either medium or even medium-low. They conduct and hold heat really good. So what you want to do is start off your pan on either medium or medium-low. Give it a couple of minutes and then start the water test. A little too much for me to go into detail about it; for that you can search it on YouTube. But basically you drop 1/18th teaspoon on the pan. When the water forms a little ball on impact and that ball just seems to float around the pan, it is at the right temperature to cook. Immediately add your oil to the pan, making sure to swirl it around coating the whole bottom. Once it starts giving off a very light smoke, add whatever you are going to be cooking. Don't wait too long. Its best to have your oil and your ingredients ready together.

And there you have it! A perfect cook if you do it right. It might take some practice but its worth it!!! I absolutely love these pans now. My food taste so much better and looks better cooking with stainless steel. I'm so happy, that it prompted me to write my first review on amazon. Once you get the hang of the water test, this set will not disappoint. Happy cooking!!!

*Another tip. For a great cleaning of your pans, purchase "Bar Keepers Friend" at the market. It will be your best friend.
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on April 21, 2012
I have used this set for past 2 years banging around, burning stuffs on, scrapping off 1/4 inch thick burnt food off the bottom numerous times and just love this set! So dropped by Amazon to get a 2nd set and read some of the negative reviews and I was like, huh? Most handles WILL get hot if you cook long enough with high heat granted some more so than the other If you want to minimize that, avoid thin rounded off handles like the ones you see with this set and go with solid handles. Also you are buying a $100 INDUCTION capable SET and not one of those $1000 heirloom set. Don't expect same long lasting shiny surface. You want long lasting shine, there are high quality set around $600+.

And some people were saying it is too light. That is one of the things I like about this set. Not everyone likes the weight/price of Le Creuset or the weight of cast iron though I have both of those as well. Each cookware has different ideal use. I use non-tef non stick pan for eggs on medium to low heat w/ slight oil. I use cast iron for cooking meat. You get the idea.

I will explain what is so good/bad about this set after using and abusing for 2 years. The thickness of the cookwares aren't thin but it is not thick either like other cookwares so it is a bit light. Food will burn more easily compared to $200 a piece cookware due to thinner bottom. The shining will go fast. So why the 5 stars, you ask? It is because this cookwares compliments certain style of cooking perfectly at great price point.

This set is awesome IF your method of cooking is boiling AND you have induction cook top ($60-100 for table top model) When you boil, you tend to use bit of water in there and gets heavy. Heavy cookware makes it worse. So lighter weight on the cookware is a +. The handle is thin and rolled off design offering wide gripping area which is another + handling the cookware filled with water. And anyone who use induction cooktop knows that hot handle issue can be ignored almost completely.

If you use elct or gas, go with different models. You will not be happy with this one. BUT if you are looking for induction cookware set that you can use every day at good price/quality ratio, this set is the one! However, if you plan to to fry ALOT, you might consider investing a lot more money and get one pan with thicker bottom for frying only.
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