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on September 21, 2014
Okay, a few words of warning and advice to everyone who buys this kettle...
Does this kettle work well? Yes.
Are there some things you need to know about how it operates before you buy it? Yes.
I realize that its possible for everyone to have completely different experiences using the kettle they receive, so I will let you all know what I found out using mine, and also address two of the issues others have complained about.

I have been using it every day for the last two weeks, pretty much all day long.

Issue number one: "it leaks."
Answer: kind of, not really. It doesn't actually *leak* through the unit so much as it boils out and makes a mess if unattended. I found that even putting in the minimum amount of water on the half-way setting, if not pulled right as it starts boiling and poured, will bubble out of the spout and pool around the unit. However, because it does boil water pretty fast, I just stay nearby and watch it each time i heat some water and the moment I see it bubble, I pull it and pour it into my mug. If I do that, no mess to clean up. If I leave it unattended, the hand-towel I have under the base gets damp or full-out soaked if I boiled a full pot. This hasn't bothered me, because, as I said, it works so fast I don't mind keeping an eye on it for a minute or two every time I want a cup of tea. (and I drink probably 10 to 12 mugs of tea per day)

Issue number two: "there's build-up, there's stuff floating in my water, there's stuff peeling/chipping/coming off the metal plate or the lining of the pot, the coating is coming off the inside and tainting the water."
Answer: I would bet that 99% of the people complaining about this can easily fix this problem by only using distilled, purified, or filtered drinking water in their kettles. I used tap water for the first few times and saw this ugly stuff floating in my water, but I see this when I boil the same tap water on the stove in a pan. Most city tap water, and most country well water, has a lot of minerals and additives in it. When you boil this water, those impurities separate from the water. I went and bought some jugs of water from the grocery store (they aren't usually very expensive at all) and I used them in my kettle. Voila, no more floaties in the water. I used Distilled water and purified drinking water, both kept the kettle clean with repeated use and no build up. I tried a gallon of "spring water" and the buildup came back, so avoid spring water as well. Remember, this will happen in any unit you buy, no matter the manufacturer, brand, or model. It's about the water you use, not the unit itself.

Someone also complained that it is loud, but I only notice a slight noise from it, very briefly, as it nears the boiling point, and the moment you pick it up it stops. Also, I'm not sure about the temperature gauge/heat selector on the unit. I find that it heats to boiling whether all the way over to the right (where its supposed to boil), or in the middle, and it gets slightly warm on the far left side. That doesn't really matter to me, because I'm apparently not enough of a tea snob to care about the exact temperature of my water when I make tea (and I make all sorts of tea from green and white teas to black teas, they all taste good to me - as long as they aren't lukewarm).

So, it's a good unit, does what I need it to do (very well), but it does have a few quirks to work around, hence the 3 star rating. If it had less quirks in regards to the water level/boiling-water/condensation mess, I'd probably rate it higher, but its kind of a poor design flaw. If you don't mind the mess or watching your water boil (in the 2 minutes it takes), then feel free to purchase this inexpensive unit. To be honest, I'd have already returned it, but I kinda got used to using it throughout the day and I really don't mind too much anymore, now that I know my way around it.

UPDATE: 2014.10.08

I found a new trick to help reduce the moisture/"leaking" problem. Normally, after I pour a cup of hot water, when I come back and lift up the kettle there's some water underneath as if it leaked - it's actually from steam condensation or boil-over (if you used too much water) - but here's the trick:
After you pour a cup of hot water and set it back down, open the lid for a few seconds to allow some of the steam to escape - this will reduce or eliminate any excess "leakage" one may find around the base. it's been working for me pretty well.
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We drink a lot of tea and coffee in our household. I like to use a French Press most of the time when I make coffee so need boiling water to do that. My wife likes her tea and guess what? She needs boiling water for that too. Well this cool T-fal electric kettle boils 1 liter of water in just bout 4 minutes and 30 seconds. And 1 liter of water is the perfect amount for my both my French Press and her large tea cup.

The electric kettle is two pieces: a lightweight plastic base with a cord wrap underneath and then the Kettle which sits on top of the base. The base has a short-ish cord about 3 feet long. But if your kitchen has an electric outlet really close to where the kettle will be sitting, you can wrap the excess cord around the cord wrap on the bottom of the base... I really like that because it keeps the excess cord hidden away and keeps things neat and tidy (my wife would laugh hysterically if she heard me use the words "neat and tidy" because she thinks I'm a slob. But that's another story for another day.) The kettle can be turned 360degrees while on its base.

Water level is easily seen through a large water level "window" that has a clear mark indicating the maximum water level (1 liter.) It's a little weird that the window extends much higher than the allowable actual water level so you do have to pay attention to the 1liter mark as you fill the kettle or you could easily overfill it causing water to bubble out of the spout when boiling.

The lid has a very easy to use button to unlock the lid for easy filling and cleaning. And speaking of cleaning, if you develop mineral scale inside the kettle because of the type of water you have, you can clean it using vinegar.

The handle of the kettle is easy to hold on to and has a perfectly placed and quite good sized on/off switch. Of course, the kettle shuts itself off automatically once the desired temperature is reached, but it's nice to know that you can turn it off manually if you wish. And you can also simply remove the kettle from the base to turn it off as well.

In my timed test, this brough cold tap water to a rapid boil in just 4 minutes and 30 seconds or so. Not bad. Faster than in the microwave for the same volume of water.

We like this electric kettle a lot. It's nice looking, fast at boiling water and is really easy to use.
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Enthusiast: Petson December 4, 2012
This is a wonderful small kettle. It heats water up faster than I thought possible. Don't bother walking away to do anything else, as your water will be ready in a flash. I haven't timed it yet, but it is so much faster than a microwave. The three temperature settings are a useful feature. Inside is a metal bottom and the surrounding wall is plastic. I do not know if it is the safe plastic. I looked all over the packaging and inside the booklet to see if it was. There was no information regarding this. It is easy to take off of the base. I like that the electric cord can wind up inside the base, so you only use what cord you need. It shuts off automatically when the desired temperature is reached.

There is only ONE negative feature that I can think of. The level indicator is hard to see. I have to wipe the inside after using if I want to use it again immediately because the condensation makes the "hard" to see water level indicator "impossible" to see. A minor inconvenience, I think.

I would buy this again. It would make a great gift. I have used it for making tea, ramen, and oatmeal thus far. It is so handy to have!

Update: September 21, 2015
I had to stop by and let everyone know this kettle is still going strong. I love this thing! We use it daily.

Update: December 6, 2016
Yup, still love it!
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on March 17, 2013
I'm rating this four stars instead of five only because the adjustable temperature doesn't work for me... the water boils no matter what setting I use. If you need this feature, look elsewhere.

However, as a basic water heater, it is excellent. It is quick to heat the water, the auto shut-off works great, and the functionality of the base unit is excellent. The base plugs into the wall, and the kettle turns off when you lift it from the base.

Overall, highly recommended, unless you need the adjustable temperature feature.

*** UPDATE 07/28/2013 ***

I am downgrading this from 4 stars to 3, since the metallic-finish plasticky bottom of the heater keeps shedding its metallic coating, which I can see floating in the water. I have had to rinse it many times, so that too much of this material does not get into my drinks. I would prefer not to drink this stuff, and considered dropping this rating down even further, to 2 stars or even 1, given this occurrence. If this is something that is a big deal to you, I would encourage you to look elsewhere. I did initially buy this because it was one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, adjustable temperature electric water heaters available. However, as I previously mentioned, the variable temperature feature does not work very well anyway. It still heats my water well and has held up, and was very affordable. However, like most of its competitors, it does have its downfalls as well.
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on March 20, 2017
I bought this kettle because I am so tired of drinking tea that tastes like the last K-Cup that someone put in the Keurig. I have zero problems with this kettle. Normally, I'm only making tea for me, so I fill the kettle up about halfway to prevent it boiling over and spilling out, and I have had no spillage whatsoever. I also enjoy brewing tea at the hottest setting, so the temperature gauge isn't an issue for me either like it has been for others. I simply leave it on the highest setting. I enjoy the fact that the kettle can be separated from its electric base and that it pours smoothly. It's not overly heavy to the point where you worry that you're going to spill boiling hot water on yourself, and the same goes for when you're pouring it out as well. Plus, the kettle is small enough that I can find a place for it really anywhere in my kitchen. A solid purchase that I have no problems with.
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on November 26, 2015
I've owned this kettle for a little over a year and I love it.
It can boil about 20oz of water in just over the time it takes me to set up my mug and tea strainer. The auto-shutoff makes it so I don't worry if I get super distracted or need to walk away for whatever reason. I have seriously hard water, so I have a countertop water filter jug (MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, Black, which I also highly recommend) that I use to fill the kettle with clean water and always fill it through the strainer on the spout as it suggests. It considerably cuts down the amount that I need to clean it. The strainer in the spout is removable to allow it to be cleaned easily as well. I love that the coil is underneath a metal plate on the inside, so cleaning the inside is super easy.

The water level indicator is useful, if a bit dark, but it's still easy to see how much is inside. The single downside is that the temperature selector isn't clear on what the temperature actually IS. When I have tea that steeps best at a specific temp, I'm never quite sure if I'm in the right range. By now, I can approximate pretty well, but it's been trial and error and a few dozen cups of weak or bitter tea.

I'm careful with my appliances, but not particularly gentle with them, and this kettle still connects perfectly every time I toss it onto its base. You would think that choice of words is an exaggeration, but it isn't. I often kind of drop it onto the base from a few inches above, especially when I'm making tea to warm up from getting frostbitten. The fact that it has a huge clasp to open up the top doesn't detract - the kettle is entirely easy to use with one hand (not counting filling) and when you can't feel your hands from being outside in a Chicago winter. None of the parts have shown wear despite my constant use despite all of this. I also quite like the design.

It's not a big kettle, but definitely holds enough for 3-4 people to have 16oz cups of tea while staying under the max fill line. When they say 4-cup, they appear to mean "four cups that a reasonable person would use" instead of "four cups as measured by a measuring cup that doesn't translate to the real world". Because it's not a big kettle, it doesn't take up much space on the counter, but the cord is pretty short, so you'll want to park it somewhere near an outlet. The kettle handle never gets hot, but you'd want to watch the sides if you've filled it all the way up (like any other kettle). Overall an excellent product and one that I would recommend to friends and family.
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VINE VOICEon October 12, 2017
1750 watts of power makes quick work of heating up 1 liter of water! I purchased this T-fal kettle to replace another brand that was failing. I was hesitant to buy it because of the lower capacity (the one it is replacing had a 1.7 liter capacity and 1500 watts), but because this one heats water so efficiently I don't feel like I missed out on anything.

The ON-OFF switch is on the top of the handle which seems like good placement, and I like that you can adjust how hot you want the water with a simple twist near the base. The top is easy to lift up to add water and view the inside of the kettle for cleaning. The base of the kettle has a way to wrap the cord and feed it out through a slot. Unfortunately, there's only the one slot so you really only have a couple of cord lengths to choose from. The handle is comfortable to grip and the spout is generous for easy pouring. I like the simple base and cordless kettle combo. It seems to work well and for less than twenty bucks, I'm very happy with this purchase.

I think it's ideal for a single person or couple. Great for making a quick cup of tea or soup. Would also work well in a dorm as there is no open coil and it is compact in size.
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on October 12, 2017
I purchased one of these a few years ago and I love it. It heats up water so fast and then turns off when it's done. No loud whistle shrilling and no worries of forgetting your water is boiling on the stove. In the old days I would boil my pans kettle dry all the time. I use a push pot coffee maker and I make coffee in minutes. I also drink tea and love that you can turn down the heat setting for tea. (Some tea tastes better when you use water not at boiling temp.) This thing heats water up so darn fast and makes life so convenient. I have a niece who loves tea and got this for her as a graduation gift. She absolutely loves it and her mom borrows it from her constantly so, guess what I'm getting my sister for Christmas! I'm serious, this is so worth the purchase. If you use water from your faucet, it can get hard water scale on the inside, but I just let it sit with a little vinegar and water and bam - shiny and clean again. Don't hesitate to make this purchase. Makes a great gift for tea, hot chocolate lovers, kids in college can make quick ramen with this safely and it takes much less time than heating a stove burner. Love it and worth it!
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I've been using a much larger (1.7 L) stainless steel cordless kettle which took up a sizable chunk of countertop real estate, so I wanted to find something a little smaller. I'm single, and the only time I used the full capacity of my larger kettle was when I made French press coffee for company, and that happens so rarely that it really wasn't worth it.

Naturally, my first stop was Amazon to see what they had in the way of smaller hot pots, and I found this one with a large number of good reviews. The cost was really the clincher -- even if it didn't last very long, I wasn't risking much money.

Well, after 2 months of daily use, this little pot is holding up beautifully. It heats faster than my old pot (less water, etc.), and I love the variable temperature control. I don't use that feature very often, but it's nice to have it when I need it. It's small enough to tuck in the corner of my counter. I have absolutely no complaints, and I really couldn't be happier! If something comes up that causes me to change my overall positive impression, I'll update this review, but for now, it's a solid 5-star item.
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on September 12, 2015
I love this kettle. I drink instant Cappuccino every morning with an extra shot of Instant coffee in it. I put the water in the kettle and by the time I get the cappuccino out of the cupboard and into the cup, the water is boiling. About 2 minutes maybe less for a half liter of water, about 16 ounces . Shuts itself off and if you don't want it to boil turn the adjustment down below half. It may take a little longer for a full pot to boil but not much longer. Liked it so much I bought a 2nd one for my workshop.

Update: I bought 2 of these Aug 2015 and still using flawlessly every day. I even carry 1 with me when traveling. I've never had a boil over or any leakage or any floaties as some have complained about. I do use filtered or RO water. I use 1 mug, or about 15 oz at a time with the thermostat set at halfway. It boils in about anout 90 seconds. The only "noise" I experience is the water boiling at the end of the cycle. I do leave the top open after using for a couple hours to dry out after using and have never experienced a mess. This is an excellent ptoduct if you want hot water in a hurry.
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