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on September 21, 2014
Okay, a few words of warning and advice to everyone who buys this kettle...
Does this kettle work well? Yes.
Are there some things you need to know about how it operates before you buy it? Yes.
I realize that its possible for everyone to have completely different experiences using the kettle they receive, so I will let you all know what I found out using mine, and also address two of the issues others have complained about.

I have been using it every day for the last two weeks, pretty much all day long.

Issue number one: "it leaks."
Answer: kind of, not really. It doesn't actually *leak* through the unit so much as it boils out and makes a mess if unattended. I found that even putting in the minimum amount of water on the half-way setting, if not pulled right as it starts boiling and poured, will bubble out of the spout and pool around the unit. However, because it does boil water pretty fast, I just stay nearby and watch it each time i heat some water and the moment I see it bubble, I pull it and pour it into my mug. If I do that, no mess to clean up. If I leave it unattended, the hand-towel I have under the base gets damp or full-out soaked if I boiled a full pot. This hasn't bothered me, because, as I said, it works so fast I don't mind keeping an eye on it for a minute or two every time I want a cup of tea. (and I drink probably 10 to 12 mugs of tea per day)

Issue number two: "there's build-up, there's stuff floating in my water, there's stuff peeling/chipping/coming off the metal plate or the lining of the pot, the coating is coming off the inside and tainting the water."
Answer: I would bet that 99% of the people complaining about this can easily fix this problem by only using distilled, purified, or filtered drinking water in their kettles. I used tap water for the first few times and saw this ugly stuff floating in my water, but I see this when I boil the same tap water on the stove in a pan. Most city tap water, and most country well water, has a lot of minerals and additives in it. When you boil this water, those impurities separate from the water. I went and bought some jugs of water from the grocery store (they aren't usually very expensive at all) and I used them in my kettle. Voila, no more floaties in the water. I used Distilled water and purified drinking water, both kept the kettle clean with repeated use and no build up. I tried a gallon of "spring water" and the buildup came back, so avoid spring water as well. Remember, this will happen in any unit you buy, no matter the manufacturer, brand, or model. It's about the water you use, not the unit itself.

Someone also complained that it is loud, but I only notice a slight noise from it, very briefly, as it nears the boiling point, and the moment you pick it up it stops. Also, I'm not sure about the temperature gauge/heat selector on the unit. I find that it heats to boiling whether all the way over to the right (where its supposed to boil), or in the middle, and it gets slightly warm on the far left side. That doesn't really matter to me, because I'm apparently not enough of a tea snob to care about the exact temperature of my water when I make tea (and I make all sorts of tea from green and white teas to black teas, they all taste good to me - as long as they aren't lukewarm).

So, it's a good unit, does what I need it to do (very well), but it does have a few quirks to work around, hence the 3 star rating. If it had less quirks in regards to the water level/boiling-water/condensation mess, I'd probably rate it higher, but its kind of a poor design flaw. If you don't mind the mess or watching your water boil (in the 2 minutes it takes), then feel free to purchase this inexpensive unit. To be honest, I'd have already returned it, but I kinda got used to using it throughout the day and I really don't mind too much anymore, now that I know my way around it.

UPDATE: 2014.10.08

I found a new trick to help reduce the moisture/"leaking" problem. Normally, after I pour a cup of hot water, when I come back and lift up the kettle there's some water underneath as if it leaked - it's actually from steam condensation or boil-over (if you used too much water) - but here's the trick:
After you pour a cup of hot water and set it back down, open the lid for a few seconds to allow some of the steam to escape - this will reduce or eliminate any excess "leakage" one may find around the base. it's been working for me pretty well.
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 We drink a lot of tea and coffee in our household. I like to use a French Press most of the time when I make coffee so need boiling water to do that. My wife likes her tea and guess what? She needs boiling water for that too. Well this cool T-fal electric kettle boils 1 liter of water in just bout 4 minutes and 30 seconds. And 1 liter of water is the perfect amount for my both my French Press and her large tea cup.

The electric kettle is two pieces: a lightweight plastic base with a cord wrap underneath and then the Kettle which sits on top of the base. The base has a short-ish cord about 3 feet long. But if your kitchen has an electric outlet really close to where the kettle will be sitting, you can wrap the excess cord around the cord wrap on the bottom of the base... I really like that because it keeps the excess cord hidden away and keeps things neat and tidy (my wife would laugh hysterically if she heard me use the words "neat and tidy" because she thinks I'm a slob. But that's another story for another day.) The kettle can be turned 360degrees while on its base.

Water level is easily seen through a large water level "window" that has a clear mark indicating the maximum water level (1 liter.) It's a little weird that the window extends much higher than the allowable actual water level so you do have to pay attention to the 1liter mark as you fill the kettle or you could easily overfill it causing water to bubble out of the spout when boiling.

The lid has a very easy to use button to unlock the lid for easy filling and cleaning. And speaking of cleaning, if you develop mineral scale inside the kettle because of the type of water you have, you can clean it using vinegar.

The handle of the kettle is easy to hold on to and has a perfectly placed and quite good sized on/off switch. Of course, the kettle shuts itself off automatically once the desired temperature is reached, but it's nice to know that you can turn it off manually if you wish. And you can also simply remove the kettle from the base to turn it off as well.

In my timed test, this brough cold tap water to a rapid boil in just 4 minutes and 30 seconds or so. Not bad. Faster than in the microwave for the same volume of water.

We like this electric kettle a lot. It's nice looking, fast at boiling water and is really easy to use.
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on February 26, 2017
As a European/American I never understood why and how people were still boiling water in USA with normal kettles. I have always had electric kettles and also have a disdain and "pet peeve" about limescale in my tea. In Europe we have very fast boiling water (the electricity is more powerful) and we have amazing choices for kettles. T-fal is actually my brand of choice from Europe, I always owned T-fal. I was in the market for a new kettle since our Brentwood kettle started to rust, an excellent kettle but after 3 years it was time. It did NOT have the capturing net which is really necessary if you do not want to have limescale in your tea-no matter what else you do. This product has it all. It has the capturing net, it has three modes (though frankly for tea I only need HOT), and it actually looks nice. For the price it is superior in quality to all Amazon's top reviewed and top choice products. I certainly think I made the best purchase of EVERY kettle on Amazon.

My decision and reasons:

1. I looked at all the various models and all of them had the same end result-BOILED WATER.
2. The more "expensive" higher end kettles offered no different end result even if they were "double insulated", multi-mode, higher capacity, etc.
3. In all the reviews for the "higher end" products I found common complaints among discerning reviewers who had experience with electric kettles; warping of the lids, rusting of "stainless steel", long boiling times.
4 Brand name; though in US T-fal doesn't scream quality I know that for kitchenware T-fal is a number one in Europe so obviously a more European brand would have a superior product.
5. Though other models look "prettier" the function is the same and this look is not at all bad.
6. As soon as I boiled my first cup of tea, minutes after receiving it, I knew the choice was right as I had a fast boil and a hot cup of tea in 2 minutes (full capacity) and there were no steam issues (emitted from the top), no heat issues (on the sides) and no limescale in my tea.

In all honesty, looking at more expensive models is not really going to produce a better result. If you are driven solely by looks then by all means purchase a more expensive model for looks but if you are just into the end result, which is all that matters, all the bells and whistles are not going to give you better quality than this product.
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This is a wonderful small kettle. It heats water up faster than I thought possible. Don't bother walking away to do anything else, as your water will be ready in a flash. I haven't timed it yet, but it is so much faster than a microwave. The three temperature settings are a useful feature. Inside is a metal bottom and the surrounding wall is plastic. I do not know if it is the safe plastic. I looked all over the packaging and inside the booklet to see if it was. There was no information regarding this. It is easy to take off of the base. I like that the electric cord can wind up inside the base, so you only use what cord you need. It shuts off automatically when the desired temperature is reached.

There is only ONE negative feature that I can think of. The level indicator is hard to see. I have to wipe the inside after using if I want to use it again immediately because the condensation makes the "hard" to see water level indicator "impossible" to see. A minor inconvenience, I think.

I would buy this again. It would make a great gift. I have used it for making tea, ramen, and oatmeal thus far. It is so handy to have!

Update: September 21, 2015
I had to stop by and let everyone know this kettle is still going strong. I love this thing! We use it daily.

Update: December 6, 2016
Yup, still love it!
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on March 10, 2016
I always wanted an electric kettle. I was looking for something not very expensive as well as a sturdy. I looked and looked and read reviews and I am happy I purchase this one. I fell in love with the color as well as being able to change the different heating settings.
I read reviews were some people complain about the kettle leaking and leaving puddles of water, but I never had problems with this happening. I use this kettle several times a day. I first boil the water for my baby bottles and then I use it throughout the day to warm up the water for his bottles. I decided to use this instead of the bottle warmer because it is much faster. The only way that I can see this kettle leaking is by over filling it. If you over fill when the water starts to boil I can see how the water can come out. What I love about this kettle is you don't have to worry about turning it off once the water boils or reaches the tempeture it turns off by itself.
One of the things that I have noticed about the kettle is that it started peeling off on the inside. I don't if that is safe or not, but this kettle also has a filter. Another thing is that it build up white particles and once the water cools it looks like grease but I have read that this are minerals that when water is boiled these minerals come up.
I am attaching some pictures. One of the pictures is water with the minerals up in the surface. and also the filter.
Disclaimer: I bought this products with my own money. I didn't not receive this product at a discounted price or free in exchange for a review.
Update 12/01/2016
This electric kettle still going strong I still haven't had any issues with it.
I previously mentioned that is was peeling on the inside or that the minerals where coming up. I would like to mention that the kettle was not peeling and that in fact the white residue is the water's minerals and calcium. It is easy to clean. I fill my kettle with water and a little bit of white vinegar and put it to boil. After that I dump the water and wash it with warm water and soap and it looks just like new. I love this kettle!!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on December 20, 2016
We have been using the T-fal electric kettle for approximately three (3) months. This is our first tea kettle NOT powered by the stove top. Our most amazing preliminary discovery was how quickly and competently the electric tea kettle brings the water to a boil. We use the T-fal five-to-eight times all day / every day and we are still pleased by how rapidly the water boils. The variable temp controller is not a fancy digital device but it provides a very effective and discernable range of varying temperature requirements. Upon delivery - and several times subsequently - we conducted temp tests using a digital thermometer. We are impressed by the consistent temperature delivery from brand new to three months later. Though largely constructed of black plastic, we have no visual or olfactory evidence that the plastic is breaking down in any way. The colors (black and lime green) are a bit garish for our tastes but the device still sits rather comfortably on the kitchen counter providing us consistent and useful output. We strongly recommend this product.
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on January 5, 2016
I purchased this kettle 1.5 years ago. Now I decided to write a review because it's time to replace this item.
What I really like about this kettle is that it's very quiet. I make a job done very fast (couple minutes for a full size). It's small which is a good part because there are just two of us and we don't need a huge kettle.
What I don't like is the rust on the bottom which started to appear a couple months ago. Originally bottom was mirrored but now it has a traces of rust. But considering that this kettle was in use many times per day for 1.5 year and the price... It's a great deal.
Totally recommend!
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on June 18, 2017
I've never had a problem with this kettle. It's never leaked or over-boiled. It's very small however and it will have enough water for about 2 very large mugs or 3 regular size mugs of tea. I'm single and I had this in my room at college for my personal use, so this was the perfect size. I drank about 3 cups of tea a day. Later, I shared it with another person who dank tea about once a day and the size was still good. Because it's so small, it boils the water more quickly that I've seen from any other kettle. It's not super quiet, but the speed it works makes up for this and it never bothered me. It's extremely simple and appropriate for everyone to operate, from small children to elderly folks who have poor eyesight. The reason for this is the on switch is bright green on the handle and all you have to do it press it lightly or even just knock it. The green part you see on the top front of the kettle opens it. It has an auto-shut off as soon as it reaches the temperature it needs and if you pick it up it stops as well. The outside won't ever burn you if you touch it and the handle is always cool to the touch.There's a little filter in the spout. Mine just broke today (not complaining since I've used it hard for 2 years), so I'll be looking into buying a new filter. Basically the filter is best used to catch build-up from hard water.

*Note: If you live in an area with hard or mineral rich water, there WILL be build-up with any kettle you use. It looks like white flakes in the water and becomes scaly hard on the hot plate part pf the kettle so you can't scrub it off easily. It won't hurt you and the filter will keep the build-up out of your tea. I only used filtered water in my kettle and it still had build-up. My preferred way to clean it was to put half a cup of vinegar in the kettle, fill it to the line with water and boil it in the kitchen. Keep a window open if you can because this makes the room smell strongly of vinegar. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, then pour it out and clean it with soap and a sponge. Voila! No more residue!
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on August 13, 2016
I LOVE this thing. LOVE it.

I had one of those old-fashioned hot water pots that whistles when the water has boiled. Well, one day I had to go outside to talk to a neighbor, I forgot the pot, and the metal got scorched and all of the plastic parts melted.

I was going to just buy another old-school hot water pot, when someone recommended that I try an electric kettle instead. So I came to Amazon, read a bunch of reviews, and settled on this unit.

MAN, OH MAN, do I love this thing. First of all, it boils water almost instantaneously, I'm not kidding. A full pot boils in just a minute or two, but a half empty pot boils in a matter of seconds. The speed that these electric kettles boil water is just amazingly fast.

Even better, the unit shuts off once it has reached the boiling point. No more "nearly set the house on fire" incidents, like when my neighbor knocked on my door.

This thing is so fast and easy at boiling water, I'm drinking much more hot tea as a result. It's also great for things like Cup O' Noodles, as it boils water waaaay faster than my microwave.

Lastly, the pot itself is wireless (the base unit is wired). This means that it's easy to pour, or even carry into another room. The other unit I was considering on Amazon featured reviews where people complained about the power cord being so short, they'd have to unplug the pot every time they poured from it. I'm really glad I got this unit instead.
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on March 25, 2018
This is one huge tea kettle. You could make tea for the entire neighborhood. Construction is seemingly solid, and the size means that there is a fair amount of weight to be considered when filled. Water heats quite rapidly in spite of the extra volume. I deducted one star because the spout cover tends to "spit" a few drops of boiling hot water when opened. Unlike some kettles that have a controllable spring to open the spout cover quickly or slowly as desired, this kettle has an over-center cam mechanism which means that the cover snaps open or closed whenever the appropriate button is pushed. A few drops of hot water snapping out is the result. As long as one is aware of this minor issue, then no matter. One last thing, I usually fill the kettle by opening the spout cover and filling down the neck rather than popping off the central kettle cover. Overall a good, but large, kettle.
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