Customer Reviews: TCL L32HDP60 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with 2 Year Limited Warranty (Black) (2012 Model)
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on July 3, 2012
We've had this television for nearly two years now, and have been very pleased. TCL was a new and unknown brand when we bought it, but the 2 year warranty mitigated the risk a bit.

The unit is neither too heavy nor too light. Setup is easy despite the comically translated user guide. Closed-captioning is unusually complicated but a quick Google search will give you the steps. Everything else is very straightforward.

I'm sure that hard-core technophiles will complain about too few HDMI plugs (it has three) but I think it's perfectly adequate for a typical family who are connecting a DVR, a Roku, and a DVD/Blu-ray player.

If you're wanting to connect 4+ devices, then you probably won't be interested in this modestly priced television. On the other hand, if you're average folks like us and are looking for a bargain - you'll likely enjoy this TV as much as we have.

(UPDATE: I've received several questions about connectors - it has jacks/plugs for coax/USB/VGA/SPDIF/RGB-composite(4 sets)/external speaker and headphones. Also, many universal remotes will not work with TCL TVs but we've discovered that HARMONY brand remotes work very well, and "used" ones are really inexpensive.)

Keep the questions coming :-)
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on July 21, 2012
This is my first LCD TV so I have no previous experience to compare this set with. The TV I replaced was an standard CRT about half the size of this one. I first had this TV delivered to me a week ago but it had a crack in the screen. Thanks to Amazon's replacement policy I got a brand new one in two days at no extra cost.
The TV was packaged properly with all the necessary padding. It was boxed upside down for some reason though and I don't know if this is normal. The base was easy to screw on by myself (Just layed the set on it's back on a soft surface. Also, the base can only fit one way so don't force it). It's lighter than my old TV so putting it in place was easy enough.
My first impression after connecting and powering up was disappointment. There was a lot of ghosting and the overall brightness was poor. But this was with a regular coaxial connection from my cable box so I tried the VGA and noticed a significant improvement. The TV really shined when I connected my laptop through the PC input and ran a high quality sample video. I was instantly impressed. There were very bright colours, sharp edges and no blurring.
So I'm getting an HDMI cable ASAP. A few things to note: The USB media option apparently only works with MP3's and images so if your thinking about playing movies from a USB stick then you're going to be disappointed. You have to adjust the picture mode depending on what you're watching. For example, cable doesnt always show in letter-box so watching it in cinema mode may distort and blur the image. Finally, I haven't gotten my universal remote to work with it as yet so you might also have that problem. But it's a relatively unknown brand so I guess that's expected
I recommend this if your moving up from a CRT or if you need a cheap decent second TV.

***UPDATE: I got my cable remote to work with it. Just used the automatic search feature of the remote and now I can adjust the volume.
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on July 2, 2012
I bought this same tv a few months ago and love it! Nice picture and the sound quality is pretty good. We had a little bit of trouble putting the stand on it (lining up the screw holes), but managed to make it work. I've just purchased another one for the other room. Well worth the price!
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on September 19, 2012
Just like the title says, there is virtually no input lag on this tv. I went from a tube tv in the bedroom (tube tv's having no input lag whatsoever just straight monitor) to this, and it's practically identical feeling only it's 1080p and it looks great! The game I tested it on is Modern Warfare 3 on my PS3 (the ultimate lag testing game-I can't think of anything faster paced) and I tested it with Halo Reach on my Xbox 360 when I first got it this afternoon to make sure it worked and it did great on that too. There was another review that mentioned he had tested it on a couple games and it didn't seem to have input lag, but he didn't mention WHAT games so I was still unsure as you wouldn't really notice as sharply on most games. I took a chance and I am here to tell you that I felt in control and no lag the whole time- super pleased! Got straight on here to let you guys know because I saw a few people asking about it in the comments on other reviews and its a major concern especially if that's the bulk of what you're going to be doing with it:)

I've had the input lag problem with several tv's including my Toshiba 46" 1080P 240hz in the living room that doesn't feel right totally. It even has game mode which basically cancels extra processing and speeds up the image response like .33hz or something to combat input lag. I believe the fact that this TCL TV is 60hz is a contributing factor to it's lack of input lag. No overprocessing which you don't need with a good hdmi signal from the source anyway, just a good solid 1080p responsive picture. Don't get me wrong, this tv has bells and whistles too, but I think the Toshibas problem (only concerning input lag) is the 240hz and the other processing it does to put out an amazing picture- takes more time to think. When I pan my character's view around in a game it's very hard to stop where I want to consistantly. It even feels like it speeds up as you swing around (like the processor's catching up which is typical of tvs with input lag) making it almost impossible to zero in on a specific spot or opponent accurately at least before they get you:) It does totally fine on most games, but split second timing reflexive games I really notice it.

For those of you that don't know what input lag is, it's a processing delay in displaying the image from the source (when you move it should move steadily and consistantly) that is really only noticeable when gaming (or using the tv as a monitor for your computer-you'll find controlling your mouse much more difficult etc...) because you are actually controlling the image and know when you told it to do what. It doesn't affect viewing movies or anything of that nature because it could have a 5 SECOND delay on when it displays the movie and we'd never know it. It's only a matter of milliseconds, but completely changes the feel of controlling your character especially in fast paced precision movement type games. The image you see is not accurately reporting what you're hands are telling it to do and it makes it very difficult to play (or at least a very akward and sluggish feeling).

On the other aspects: this tv is very vibrant with good color contrast, viewing angles seem to be great, I'm not noticing a bunch of motion blur, and it's a very similar looking picture to my much more expensive tv. I've been looking for a bdrm tv for a while waiting for a good deal and this is BY FAR the best deal I've seen. I would've been happy with 720p at this price. I didn't want to spend too much and was origionally looking at 32" 720p tv's that were around $300, so when this popped up on the screen with 4 1/2 stars from so many customers I was definately interested and started reading reviews.

There seems to be a common problem with this TV showing up DOA or with other malfunctions that definately made me nervous. It had me thinking maybe the components inside aren't secured well enough and/or breaking from shipping jostling or some other OEM defect so even if it arrives fine, it could quit working after moving or something. After looking at it though, and putting it thru some initial paces and comparing to the pic on my other tv, I don't think that this will happen. It seems like a pretty solid unit. It could have been a bad batch or being thrown around by the delivery people or anything really, though it doesnt instill a lot of confidence. After seeing it and having all of my requirements completely met and surpassed, I would say that if you get a bad one take advantage of Amazon's awesome return policy and have 'em send you another because I believe you won't be disappointed. If something goes wrong down the road there's a 2 year warranty so there's not much to worry about (although some are saying the OEM's customer service isn't great)- you'll still be able to get it taken care of eventually. A warranty's a warranty. Just come back and tell people what happened on here- that seems to get their attention as one review I read seemed to infer.

I just got it this afternoon so I'll update if anything of note happens, but as it stands you can't beat the price and the quality seems to be there too! Great product so far, and an unbeatable price on a 40" 1080p tv!

UPDATE 2/2/2012: It's been a week, absolutely no problems, good solid operation. I popped back on to say that I too checked the back of the display panel through the vent holes and it DOES say SAMSUNG on it which doesn't suprise me considering the great picture. I notice motion blur a little watching streaming vids now, but you have to be looking for it and it's to be expected with a 60hz refresh rate. Don't notice it gaming though. Still a great product for the money. Oh, and the buttons on the remote stick for a sec after being pushed...kinda weird but it's gotten better already.

UPDATE 4/21/2012: Still going strong after 3 months! I havent noticed it lately, but I did notice it making ticking noises as it cooled down after shutting it off. It sounded like a baseboard heater popping and cracking (not near as loud but you get the idea). I don't think it's done that for a month or so now. It was probably just "settling in" but I was a little concerned about that for a while. Overall the picture is still great- it's darker overall than my other one- not as much contrast in the blacks but that's to be expected. Hey, it's a $300 tv, but at least it has a Samsung screen! Gaming is still as good as ever- perfect control.

UPDATE 9/19/2012: I love this tv. It's still doing just fine and I tend to watch more of this one than my living room tv so LOTS of hours on it now. It's still got the ticking sometimes for a bit when I turn it off as it cools down, but it's still great other than that. I noticed the price went up $100 tho since I purchased it which puts it in competition with some other decent brands- not the smokin deal that it was. I can say that I've had a good experience with it tho and the warranty's pretty cool so best of luck with your tv hunting:)
AMMENDMENT: I just saw that there is another prime option for this tv that is $360 so that's only $30 more than I paid and is still well worth it:)

UPDATE 12/31/2012: I have now moved my XBOX 360 in to the bdrm with the PS3 because I can't even game anymore on my Toshiba. Don't get me wrong, Toshiba's game mode makes it much better, but there's still no comparison- this tv has dang near 0 input lag. Other than that, picture looks great and haven't had any other issues at all. I recently played on a Samsung 50" 3d lcd and it had VERY noticeable lag as well- This was the best purchase I made the whole year:)
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on October 5, 2012
I was surprised a refurb TV had a 2 yr warranty. It turns out that supposed warranty is useless since they wont answer their phone and won't respond to emails. The tv lasted around a month Now the screen blinks on and off. Initial response was good and I was sent a replacement part with instructions to call for a technician to install it when it arrived, When it arrived I called the number I was given and no one answers. The general help number says I must call the level 2 support number which won't answer. I was given a manager's number, but she doesn't return calls. They also stopped responding to emails.
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on July 13, 2012
Great TV, especially for the price. Very close to receiving 5 stars but there is one tiny red dot towards the bottom of the screen and once you realize it is there, it is very hard not to look at, but it is not a big deal at all. I received my tv extremely fast with regular free shipping, and it is very easy to set up. The screen seems very sharp and I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality tv, or a clearance tv; it is both.
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on July 22, 2012
Me and my husband had been looking for a new TV for a long time. We wanted something that was at a reasonable price for our budget and a TV that was technologically up to date. Finally we decided on this TV after searching for sometime. After purchasing the product we received it in a very timely manner, which I was surprised about since we where eligible for the free shipping. We have now had the TV for a few weeks and we are very, very happy with it. It is exactly what we wanted and it was easy to setup. The picture quality is also a lot better then I had anticipated. WE LOVE IT! Thanks Amazon.
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on July 16, 2012
We FINALLY got a flat-screen HD TV after having a big "tube" TV for the past 14 years. It's like we are Dorothy entering Oz for the first time! I'm stunned and in awe. The image is gorgeous, almost 3D. Even the standard channels are amazing. This TV is huge and it has a great picture. For just a hair over $300, it is a screaming deal. Setting this up was super easy and we were up and rolling within minutes. Shipping was very fast, TV arrived without any issues and so far, it's amazing. I have one question/complaint: My DISH DVR remote does not work with the TV. We can change channels and do everything with the DISH remote except turn on the TV set and change the volume. Does ANYONE have any hints on how we can fix this so we can use our DISH remote? DISH customer service was no help, and we went through all of the hints in the guide. No other code seems to work. Any ideas would be appreciated. So other than that, I have no complaints about this TV. The picture is so gorgeous, I find myself just looking at the details instead of actually watching the show! For people who want a great TV without a huge price tag, this is the one to pick.
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on July 12, 2012
Received on time and in great condition. Eazy to attach bottom. Sorta hard to plug in some cables ( I think all flat panel tv's are). Great picture, must have patience with learning how to navigate through commands. But when through them they seem logical. Printed user manual almost useless. Issues getting my cable remote to learn the tv's remote. no coded listing for TCL brand. Cable company tec is coming to help. Great price. Great price.
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on August 12, 2012
Sent this as a gift. Upon installation, screen has a dark line down the middle of the screen. Am now awaiting the results from the company as to the action to be taken.
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