Customer Reviews: TCL LE40FHDE3010 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2014 Model)
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on September 18, 2013
I just purchased this TV at Sams Club for $278. I was skeptical about buying a no name product that I couldn't find reviews about but I figured with the return policy, what the heck?? $278 for a 40" TV?? I got it home and set it up. So far so good. Turned it on and went through the setup menu. Easy. Turned on a NFL game to see how it looked. It was ok. Went to a couple of different stations, news, drama, etc to see how the color looked. Again..just ok. Then I went to the settings menu and adjusted the picture. Then set the settings to 1080i. Wow!! What a difference!! The picture is great, clear and crisp. The colors are balanced and I couldnt be any happier with the picture. Sound was fine just the way it was.

This is a 2nd TV for use in a bedroom. It looks good. Works great. Great price. Not much to dislike. From what I have read these TVs use a Samsung display and the company is the biggest TV manufacturer in China. They are trying to break into the US market. If this TV is any indication of their lineup I think they will do just fine.
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on October 3, 2013
This TV is amazing for the price. This is my 2nd TCL LED TV and they are both great. My review would be 5 stars if it weren't for TCL customer service. The delivery process was awesome. I set up the reserved delivery time for 8am to 12pm on Wednesday. I had worked the night before until 4am but set the alarm for 8 am. The delivery guy rang the doorbell at 8:01 am!! He helped me carry it in, set it up, and made sure everything was working. I was so excited I hugged him. (He did not hug me back) It took all of 4 minutes to set this tv up.

I read the other reviews about the tint and tried to install the Firmware upgrade. The "Instructions" on the website are a very vague 3 step process. When I followe them as hey were written, it did not work. I called the TCL customer service number and talked to the most incompetent person I have ever dealt with. All she did was read the instructions to me. (Remember 3 steps) When that didn't work she said she would escalate the issue and someone would call me right back. I asked for her name and operator ID. She gave me the name Mayell and ID LMT-01.

I waited until late afternoon the next day and did not receive a call back so i called in again. I got the 2nd most incompetent person I have ever dealt with. This person again read the instructions to me and when it didn't work, said the supervisor would call me. I told him I had heard that before. He then put me on hold and came back and said, "oh yeah, we were going to call you later but you called us first". Anyway, the procedure did not work again so he wanted me to submit a warranty claim. He needed a copy of my receipt. He gave me his e-mail address and I asked for his name and operator ID. He said "my name is Mike. I am the only Mike in the department. We don't have operator Id's." I explained how i had goten one from the person the day before and he said that he didn't know what she was talking about. I asked for the Supervisor. He put me on hold, came back and said "Oh the supervisor just left". I asked when they would be back and he said, " Maybe tomorrow morning". Anyway, I sent hem a receipt and he responded that it wasn't the proper receipt. It was the AMAZON electronic receipt and a picture of the order from the box. (thanks for the tip on where it was located)

I then went back through the files that I downlaoded and finally figured out what the problem was. It is the instructions. These are the instructions that should be on the "instruction worksheet" on the TCL website;

1. Click on Down load Firmware Update

2. Click on "Save as" and save to your desktop

3. Go to desktop and Right click on the file "LE58FHDE3010_Firmware_Update"

4. Click on "Extract all". When window opens click on "Extract".

5. After the extraction, a window will open up showing the file folder "V8-MS39N01-LF1V044".

6. Double click the file folder and you will see the file "Merge.bin".

7. Copy ONLY the Merge.bin file to the USB flash drive.

8. Make sure the TV is in STANDBY mode (or OFF)

9. Plug the USB drive into the USB port on the TV.

10. Press and hold the Power button on the TV (NOT THE REMOTE) for 5 seconds and release.

11. You should see the red indicator light flashing on the front of the TV for a few seconds.

12. When the flashing stops, turn on the tv and press the menu button. You should be able to access the Tint function now.


I am still working on my settings to get the picture right but I am very close. LOVE THESE TV's!

TCL - Please do something about your customer service reps.
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on June 21, 2013
I did a lot of extensive research before purchasing this TV. I narrowed it down to TCL and VIZIO. I finally decided on this 58" TCL TV because my entertainment center was too small for a 60" and I wanted something bigger than a 55". I liked the reviews I read and the 2-year warranty was better than any other TV I was considering. Also, I was not interested in 3D or a smart TV (I have a network BluRay player) and so did not want to pay for those features. I recommend anyone considering this TV to check the internet for authorized service locations (google "TCL service center locations") since they are not in every city and you might be stuck paying shipping if you need warranty work. Also, be advised that TCL makes two models of 58" TV's. The 3000X model only comes with 2 HDMI inputs and is less a few other minor features and costs about the same as the 3010 series.

I'll say that I first purchased this same TV from Tiger Direct thru Amazon Marketplace. They used a carrier I never heard of (AIT Worldwide) and the TV arrived broken. There was corner of the box which was visibly pushed in and the foam inside the box was cracked. When I turned on the TV, the screen did not work and one could see visual internal cracks. Also, the AIT guys did not offer to help me unpack or check the TV. They just dropped it off and left. I called Tiger Direct and they would only offer a refund, not a replacement. I had the AIT guys pick it up and 2 weeks later I'm still waiting for my refund. My advice, order direct from Amazon and avoid Tiger Direct.

The TV I have now I ordered directly from Amazon and comes with free Enhanced Delivery. It arrived via CEVA shipping company and the driver brought it in the house and helped me set it up to confirm it worked properly. Well worth it IMHO.
If you have done your research then you will know that there is a firmware update for this TV. The update and instructions can be downloaded from the TCL website. It is very easy to install just so long as you have a USB flash drive.

If you are using a universal remote then you may discover (as I did) that none of the listed TCL codes work for this TV. I have a Bose remote which I use for my LifeStyle system (bought in 2009) and none of the TCL codes worked. However, I remember reading that TCL made TV's for RCA and discovered that the RCA code 1447 worked for this TV. If you have the same problem, try the RCA codes. Also, TCL has a list of codes that work for various makers of remote controls on their website.

I am no videophile, but I would say that the picture quality is outstanding. I read somewhere that TCL uses Samsung panels but have not confirmed this WRT this model. I had a 46" JVC Procision before which was top of the line in 2008, but the picture quality on the TCL is far superior. LCD-LED TV's have come a long way in a few years. The refresh rate, contrast ratio, and number of colors on this TV are way better than my JVC. All the specs are listed on the TCL website. There is a MEMC (motion enhancement) function on this TV which when set to high gives a strong "soap opera" effect. I recommend setting it to low or off unless you are watching sports.

The screen is not matte, but not a full glossy either. I would call it a semi-gloss. If you have a lot of windows in your viewing room then you may get some annoying reflections. Just something to consider.

I didn't test the sound features much since I send everything through the Bose sound system. BTW, there is a coaxial digital audio output, but no optical output (like my old TV) so you may need to purchase a coaxial digital audio cable if you intend to use this feature.

On a last note, I would recommend you register your TV on the TCL website in case you ever need service. You will need the serial number and date of purchase. The packing slip is hidden behind the shipping label and the serial number is on the UPC label next to the model number. Be sure to save this paperwork if you ever want to be able to use your 2-year warranty. TCL also maintains a Facebook page where you can ask questions and share notes.

All in all I am very happy with this TV. The upgrade in size makes all the difference and the price can't be beat. If you are just looking for a big "dumb" TV with a great picture then I highly recommend this TCL.

UPDATE: I have had this TV for over a year now and it is still working like new. Although this TV is probably not the greatest deal on the block anymore (you can get a 60-inch Vizio smart TV for $850) and I think the 58-inch model has been dontinued, it is worth mentioning that you can get an extra year on the warranty if you purchase it with the credit card. Added to the manufacturer's 2-year warranty that gives you a 3-year warranty on your TV (a great peace of mind).
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on May 15, 2013
I had this TV delivered today and attempted to calibrate it using the Disney WOW Blu-ray that I have used on other TVs in the past. After some adjusting I found the picture to be very good when watching something, but I was disappointed that tint settings were not adjustable. The tint on the picture is slightly off from being natural but unfortunately you cannot change tint. That said I will update this review when TCL calls me back with a solution.

Aside from the tint issue I have no complaints. There is the ability to turn 120hz mode on or off MEMC in the advanced picture settings. This lets you limit the amount of "soap opera effect" that is visible based on your preferences. HIGH has an extremely noticeable effect whereas low is noticeable but helped the flow of sports programming.

My current picture settings (with Tint being locked at 50) are:

Brightness - 43
Contrast - 58
Saturation - 40
Sharpness - 50
Tint - 50
Color Mode - Normal
Back Light - 20
Dynamic Backlight - Off
Dynamic Light Sensor - Off
MEMC - Low

Black levels are very good as was the brightness and contrast. There is little to no glare at all on the screen, which is a huge difference when compared to the Plasma I am replacing. There appears to be a slight blacklight bleed around the corners when the backlight is set too high, but it went away when we set it to 20 as we liked it.

I use a surround sound receiver so I cannot comment on the sound quality of the TV.

EDIT: 5/31/2013

I have been working with TCL Customer Service since posting my initial review and they have sent me a beta firmware that should be released sometime next week. It fixed all of the problems the set had and even made a tint adjustment unnecessary (although it is now an option). I have updated this review to be a five star product review and would also give TCL customer service the best review possible after how fast they were to respond and keep me up to date with the status of the update.
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on June 19, 2014
I won't repeat what everyone else here has already said. The TV is fine for the price.

Since it took me several hours trying to track down the factory service mode code, I thought I'd share it here for anyone else looking for it:

It's about as counter intuitive as I've ever seen, but here goes:

1. Go into the picture settings and highlight "contrast."
2. On the remote hit 9735.
3. That will take you to the service menu.

I don't know what all the settings do. I just know that you DO NOT want to do #2, warm up. You get stuck in a some color calibration cycle. If you get yourself stuck like I did, turn off the TV and turn it back on with the power button on the TV. Then hit the input or channel button.

Hope that helps someone.
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on February 1, 2014
After few months of use, a grayish vertical line appeared on the left side of the screen. I called customer service, and after multiple attempts, they agreed to service my TV and sent me a box to ship my TV in. When they received it a week later, the panel was completely broken. They "concluded" that it was the customer mistake and voided the warranty and refused to fix the TV. I am not sure how it was my mistake, I shipped the TV using the box they sent me with all the included foam padding.
Now I have to buy a new TV, but this time I'll make sure it is from a reputable company. Buy at your own risk.
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on February 19, 2015
I wasn't familiar with this brand but gave it a chance. Very happy with it so far and it was a cinch to set up. Very good sound, easy menu, good picture and connections for components. My only disappointment, and I should have read more carefully, was that the USB connection would "only" play photos or music. If it would play music from a flash drive or from an external drive, then I can't help but wonder why it won't allow movies that are my own from the same source. I'm really going to miss stretching out and watching my movies now and will have to sit in a chair at my pc and watch them there. Ugh, no fun. I imagine if I was hooked to cable and then to something like Roku, then I could watch, but sadly, that isn't the case. My old, lightening struck, LED TV allowed my movies from my external drive. Something to remember.
Update: I've regained control of my brain and realized that the HDMI did the trick for a particular component part I have for movies that is connected to my external. All is great and plays perfectly. For that reason, I have updated the rating to a 5. Great flat screen, great price.

I do have one gripe, though. There's a button on the remote that says "Go Back". That button is used to switch back to the prior channel that was watched. Does not do that for me. For me to go to any channel, I have to start at the beginning and click my way up. No idea why.

Argghhh, it's a few days later and NOW I looked at the manual. Tricky, tricky. To manually enter a channel number, you key it in and then press "OK". If you do that, then the Go Back button will work, too. Crazy. Well, at least I know but they didn't have to set it up that way.
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on January 3, 2014
When I first bought this TV about a week ago for $398, I was a bit skeptical. My 60" tv had just flipped out (Vizio) and started turning and off constantly, and I needed a new TV, but with technology changing and getting cheaper, I didn't want to spend another fortune for a TV at this point. Once I turned it on, it was on the local news. The weatherman's eyes were glowing blue. Not in an odd way, just a way I had never noticed on my older, larger, more expensive TV. I'm really impressed with the picture, the adjustable nature of many functions, and even the sound. My only reason for giving this 4 stars is there is NO optical sound input/output. Most soundbars connect through optical sound cables. This one does have a mini-headphone jack to hook up your stereo or external speaker. I was just online to buy a sound bar when I looked at the back at the tv and found out. Otherwise, it's really a great tv, and with Square Trade additional 2 year warranty for $29, I've got at least 3 years before I have to buy another one. Also, on another note, this TV is rated at half of the energy consumption on a yearly basis than comparable TV's. $10 a year. That's AMAZING.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 2, 2014
I've had this TV a little over a year. About a month ago It went black on me while I was watching Netflix, and after a while the picture returned. It did this twice. Didn't think anything of it. Now the picture slowly goes to black like someone going out of consciousness. Or this greyish-white saturates the screen. So now I have to look at TV on my widescreen laptop while I look for a new TV. Thanks a bunch TCL
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on July 17, 2015
This TV was arguably the best deal on prime day. Amazon made sure everyone knew about this tv before hand, using it as their flagship device to make people interested in prime day. When I heard "40 inch 1080p tv for $115" I knew I would have to try to get it. Throughout prime day I noticed that the TV's were being added 2 hours apart. I also thought, since this was the best deal of the day, that Amazon would try to make it available to all three time zones as best as possible. This meant that the tv was most likely going to go up at 7:40...which it did. I just got really lucky with refreshing and scrolling to find it. I think more people should have been able to have access to this deal. I know I got really lucky.

Now on to the TV.
I break TV's down into five categories:

The picture is clear, and bright. People who post reviews saying "half the screen is dark" or the picture is "all fuzzy" have one of two problems. They either received a defective tv and should contact Amazon for a FREE replacement, or they haven't changed the picture settings to their liking. The TV I received has a beautiful, clear picture.

Sound is very very average. If this is going to be more than a bedroom tv, I recommend getting a sound bar. It's not bad, just lacks definition.
I don't mind because I am only using this with my ps4, where I always use headphones.

This is a typical interface. Push input to change the input of course. The time between transitions I admit is a little slow, and I wish when you hit input that it brought up a menu rather than going through them like a list.

I love black electronics. The tv is very smooth and sleek. Nothing to complain about.

Of course, you won't buy this tv without considering the price. When I bough this tv, it was $115. I do believe I received the deal of a lifetime for this tv. Understanding most won't have the opportunity to pay that price , I would say the tv is worth $300. Currently, it is priced at $280. That price is very fair for the tv you get.
review image review image review image
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