Customer Reviews: TDK EB900 High Fidelity In Ear Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on December 15, 2010
The TDK EB900 in-ear phones are very good phones at this price point (I paid $34). As with most earbud type phones they have their own characteristic sound. To my ears they have a prominent lower midrange and upper bass broad peak, so give a very "warm" and "full" sound to most music. They don't have an extended high frequency response, or great mid-range definition, but are fine for casual listening. As supplied, the TDKs come with compliant "memory foam" "Comply" foam tips and also three different sized spherical silicone rubber tips. All of my listening was with the "Comply" tips, which provided an excellent fit to my ear canals. These tips seal very well if you are careful when inserting them. They provide excellent isolation from external sounds (on the order of 28 dB, which is rare for in-ear phones. I haven't bothered to try the silicone tips since the "Comply" tips work so well and are extremely comfortable.

I compared the TDK EB900's to a set of standard white Apple earbuds, a set of the better (MA850G/A earbuds with Remote and Mic and clear silicone tips), and a set of $99 Etymotic ER6B in-ear phones as well as my Sony 7609 and Sennheiser 380Pro monitor headphones. All comparisons were done using high-resolution 24 bit WAV files of classical music. These differences are also audible using compressed, lossy formats like MP-3, but are often much less obvious.

For most music, the TDKs sound better than either of the Apple products. They have much more isolation, so can provide a wider usable dynamic range at a lower listening level, so are actually safer phones for long term use. The Etymotic ER6B's are a little smaller and lighter. They clearly have a flatter frequency response that does not boost the lower mids like the TDKs so at first sound a bit "thinner". However, after listening a while, you realize that there are upper mid and high frequency details that are much more clearly heard with the Etymotics. The TDKs are also about 6db more sensitive, so have an edge in dynamic range. The TDKs have about as much detail as the Apple white phones, but with much better isolation and virtually no leakage of sound to people standing nearby.

All of the above in-ear phones come off sounding poor compared to the much more expensive, larger and heavier Sony and Sennheiser monitor headphones.

Comfort wise, the TDKs rank near the top of my list. The larger standard Apples are comfortable, but tend to move around and provide little isolation. The "better" Apples have decent isolation but are not the most comfortable and have only "average" sound. The Etymotic ER6s have "double flange" silicone rubber tips. They give good isolation, but for me are uncomfortable to use for extended periods (more than 45 minutes or so). I've tried all the sizes of supplied tips and none are really comfortable for me. Also, their low sensitivity is sometimes an issue for classical music with a wide dynamic range.

One other small issue with the TDKs: The cloth covered "old-school" cable looks cool and tends not to kink very much, but it generates and transmits significant noise if it rubs on anything. If you're wearing a tee shirt it's probably OK, but if you have an ironed shirt collar and tend to move your head very much, you will be aware of the sound being carried up the cable acoustically.

Don't want to offend anyone but I hate to see terminology misused: Some reviews have referred to these phones as having high "cancellation". That is a term that should be reserved for active cancellation phones, which have a microphone and active signal cancellation circuitry. The TDKs are "high isolation" in-ear phones and do not provide any "cancellation" whatever. They strictly attenuate the external sounds by providing a good acoustic seal to the user's ear canal. Phones that provide active cancellation are a completely different type of device.

Also, one caution: Since these phones have relatively high sensitivity, and fairly low distortion, it's easy to find yourself listening at higher than necessary levels. Please, save your hearing and keep the playback levels safe!
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on May 9, 2011
Very impressed with the sound of these earphones! If they were around years ago, I wouldn't have spent $150 on Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 EBs. The sound signature is almost identical, and these are much more manageable compared to the huge EBs. They have somewhat less high end detail. If you miss hihats, "s"'s and other sibilance, these might disappoint you a bit. But the bass is almost deeper and smoother than the EB, it's quite unbelievable. It even seemed to smooth out some of the bass impacts that were actually kinda painful on the EBs. Then on other songs they sound identical. I tested the frequency response by ear, and it's pretty much identical, even the sensitivity, on both phones. They both have good response down to 40, even 30Hz.

To be sure, these phones have a LOT of bass. I wouldn't recommend them to someone who doesn't like a lot of bass.

Perfect for bassheads! Very fun phones to listen to!
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on November 6, 2011
I thought I would give these a try as I had read good reviews about them. I was not very impressed - back to my Klipsch S4 which are much better in every way. The lows are ok with these earphones but the highs are muddled. Back to Amazon.
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on October 4, 2010
I usually listen with the headphones that come with my portable devices, but decided to try a nicer product. The EB900s have been great. I am hearing sound I did not know my MP3 player could produce. They are also excellent for running (the noise cancellation means you must pay closer attention to your surroundings, though). They are comfortable and do not fall out of my ears, even on long runs (30-45 min for me). They stay clean better than other headphones I've run with. The cord material has a nice feel and is easy to manage. I like the carrying pouch for travelling.
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on March 28, 2011
The fidelity is incredible!! Unbelievable BASS for the Money!! I've owned earbuds that cost over $100 that didn't sound this good. These ROCK!! The Value Deal in Earbuds. I'm going to purchase a second pair now!! Get them while they last.
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on August 1, 2016
These are really good headphones(I have paid around 20sterling)
Pros: excellent sound and fit
Cons: tips quickly are made of foam that is difficult to dry clean, quickly falling apart (cleaning with warm water contributes to foam disintegration)
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on March 25, 2012
I purchased these after seeing them reviewed on a blog somewhere, and that blog said they had great sound. It is true. These earbuds give clear & bassy sound, which I like. Might be a little too bassy as I was listening to a song and they banged a big drum and I literally jumped. I thought something had fallen.

I also like the silicone ear pieces better than the comfort ones. The comfort ones are nice but I have a quirky left ear and I can't quite get it secured. If you switch, you will notice more cord noise. The noise bothered me to the extent that I wrapped my cord in yarn to prevent the "skuuush" sound. Having done that, I have no complaint. I took forever though.

I really can't hear things when I wear these so be careful if you are running or exercising out of doors. My husband can sit across the room from me and talk and I can see his lips moving and hear nothing. I've been sneaked up on a lot since purchasing these earbuds.
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VINE VOICEon December 2, 2011
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I've noticed in looking at the other reviews that these buds seem to vary widely in price -- like from around $30 to around $70, which is a pretty huge range for ear buds. I'd say they're a good deal at the low end of that but not so much at the high end. The sound quality is quite acceptable, although it does lean to the lows a bit, and the tips (both foam and rubber) are more comfortable in my ears than those of most other buds. However, there is one very annoying flaw. In fact, it's so annoying that I'm wondering if maybe I got a defective pair, because most other reviewers haven't mentioned it.

The issue is the cord quality. The good news is that it's 1.2 meters long, not 1 meter, and that it's covered in fabric. the minor bad news is that it does kink a bit; more so than other fabric-covered earbud cords that I've tried. The really bad news is the incredible noise it makes at even slight movements -- even when it's not plugged in. Just turning my head to the side produces a noticeable scraping sound (think of someone grabbing a microphone that's plugged into a very loud PA). Tapping the cord with my finger makes a loud thump.

If you're sitting still, and not paying over, say, $50 for these, they might be a good choice. Especially considering that they're more comfortable to wear for an extended period than most earbuds. However, at higher price points, or if you'd be wearing them while moving around a lot, I can't really recommend them. I would perhaps ask other reviewers if they noticed a cord noise issue before buying. If I do indeed simply have a defective pair, then my general opinion of the product would be pretty high.
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on December 26, 2013
I've had these for about Four years and they are my main earbuds. I think the cloth cord makes them way more sturdy from semi frequent yanks when I forget I have them in and get up from my laptop. The sound is good. The rubbery ear pieces come in different sizes and were really comfortable for me. They come in a little bag that actually is super useful for keeping the cord form getting too tangled up. The back separate from the housing once on one of them - but a dab of super glue fixed it and I haven't had any problems since. Probably the best earbuds I could imagine getting for around $25.
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on March 20, 2012
I don't usually write reviews, but these headphones have me so furious that I felt compelled to.

I purchased these because they were on sale, and less than a week into using them the cheap fabric insulation on one of the cords frayed through and no longer works. This was casual use and no different than I have ever done with any other set of headphones (exercise, bus rides, put in a pocket). Contacted TDK for support and received ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE. Sad thing is the sound was actually decent and I liked the foam ear pieces because they were comfortable and did not feel like they were going to come loose when exercising. However, the fact that they wouldn't even last a week without breaking, and TDK did nothing to remedy the situation completely ruins them. I would never buy a TDK product after this.

It seems silly that a pair of earbud headphones that cost $40 and up would be made so cheaply. Even a cheap pair of SkullCandys that I bought for $10 lasted until I finally lost the rubber ear tips.
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