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on August 21, 2016
These lights did not last long, or get very bright.. I put the solar panel in the place where I thought they would be receiving enough light during the day to go throughout the night, but you need to shut them off every few days and let them charge up so they can last longer.. Also, you may benefit from getting better batteries that charge faster or last longer. I have several solar lights that came with generic batteries and they worked so much better after I bought some quality batteries and switched them out. Also, batteries die! Rechargeable batteries only last so many charges and then you'll have to replace them. I know there are some batteries that will last 300 cycles and some that last 1000. So do your research and get some batteries that will work better and longer (double check to make sure they are compatible with your lights.. some batteries have 200mAh, 300mAh, 700mAh, etc.. (and still have 1.2V). Make sure you check the specs and get what you need!
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on April 30, 2014
These lights are very pretty and stay on almost all night when the days are long and sunny. I was using these lights during the winter months in the FL Keys and taking them down and storing them in the summer when i was not there. The lights were never out more than six months at a time and it was during the dry season in the keys. They may have gotten wet 5 times during the whole winter. I have three sets of these lights. Two do not work anymore. After I inspected the lights I found some of the lights had a brown color to them. I cut one open and found the brown color was rust. These lights are not water proof. The heat shrink they use on the lights only protect the top part of the lights. Water can get under/in between the wire causing the light contacts to rust. Your lights will continue to work until enough lights rust out then the whole string goes dead. My suggestion to the company use the heat shrink that has glue this should seal the lights completely from moisture and you will have a better product.
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on December 10, 2011
I ordered two sets, one for a gift and one for use at Christmas. I got them out and discovered the first problem: the lights must be "on" to charge. The illustrations shows an up or down on/off switch, but the actual switch is covered by a rubber dome and the on/off is up or down... which you can't determine. So I pushed it once, left it in the sun a day, and nothing. So I pushed the button again, left it in the sun a day, and nothing. Well, not quite: there was a blue flash for an instant. It seems as if it's not connecting properly or something. The instructions said to check the battery to see if it has come unseated. Nope, right in there. So either the battery is bad or there's some other connection wrong. I haven't yet asked the person I gifted with the other set: she'd be too nice to tell me if they didn't work.

That would be my advice to anyone purchasing these: try 'em out as soon as you get them.

I'm very disappointed. I don't like to do negative reviews, but in this case I would have appreciated more negative ones before I bought-- or didn't buy. So now I'm off to try to find lights that actually work.

UPDATE: I bought a new, pre-charged battery and put it in. Lovely! For about two days. I think the solar rechanging mechanism is defective and the only way around it is to recharge the batteries separately.... but who wants to replace batteries every two days? I don't enjoy giving bad reviews and I want to give the product every chance, but this set is just a dud. I may have gotten the only defective set-- lucky me!-- but just in case, try yours out asap.
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on January 11, 2013
After purchasing the "100 LED Solar Power String Light for Christmas Party Celeration (Waterproof, White, 55 Feet)" and this "Tektrum 82ft 150 white led two-in-one solar string fairy lights outdoor, I was impressed. I had only one month of use with this item. Easy setup and reliable. All bulbs were working out of the box. My xmas in California was rainy and dark so it was a perfect test condition for this baby. It was indeed weather resistant as it remained completely operational after weeks of continuous rain and cold weather. It did not need much sun light as it was often dark and cloudy yet still remained operational at night. I have kept this on flash setting. This had a fast blink compared to the other 100-lef solar lights which had a slow steady flash or blink at an approximate rate of 1 sec interval (on/off). This seemd to have twice the rate of of blink/flash as the other which caused it to drain noticeably faster. The lights would automatically turn on approximately 8PM (when it was fairly dark) and would stay up until around 2AM - avg for a two-three weeks even with rain. Not bad for its purpuse but it sure did not last as long as those that would blink at a slower rate. Only reason I would not give this a higher rating is that the lights are small. Although they are bright enough, the size of the lights make it somewhat hard to see in a distance so is at best used in a bundle or wrapped around poles. I had mine setup on the edge of my roof but after seeing it as I approach my home, I fine the urge to add on to it for a more standout look. Also, the buttons (on/off/flash) is a one button system. It is a rubber covered button for added weather resistant, however, it does not help in identifying which mode you are operation in. Nice thing is it remembers the mode even when the juice runs out so when it recharges, you don't have to worry about resetting the mode to on/flash again. But an indicator would be nice to let you know if it was on or flashing or off.

- easy setup (uses a three option switch; flash/on/off for easy identification)
- last long enough
- does not need direct sunlight
- good brightness for the size and for being solar
- weather-resistant (untested in summer/hot conditions)

- lightbulbs are small and hard to see from a distant. can be unnoticable.
- difficult to tell what mode it is set to (on/off/flash) unless it was operating (dark and charged and in use).

- I would recommend the other xmas lights as it lasts longer per charge and it has a switch which makes it easier to identify the mode of operation.
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on January 6, 2012
We bought these lights to hang on our toy hauler when we are camping. The length was great (went around the whole trailer), but that's kind of where the fun ended. The instructions say to make sure that the power is turned to "On" and your light preference is chosen (steady or blinking) before you set it out to charge. It will not charge if the power is not on. Well that's all fine and dandy until you go to turn it on and there is no indication at all regarding if it's actually on and (if you did turn it on) whether or not you have chosen steady or blinking. All there was is a switch that moves underneath a rubber seal. ??? So I did my best guessing, flipped the switch and set it on the table outside to charge. After a couple of hours I told my husband that I was worried that it wasn't on, so he stuck it inside his jacket to make it dark and shockingly enough it was not turned on. Grrr. Well we got it all worked out and let it continue to charge. While charging we hung the lights and set the panel on top of our trailer so it would have full sun all day.
Once it got dark the lights came on and, this is where I was really dissapointed, these are the dimmest LED lights I have ever seen. I'm not sure if it's just because they are blue or what, but I've seen 1 LED glow brighter than this strand did. :( Never the less, our friends were able to find our camp and that was kinda the point.
They stayed on for maybe 4 or 5 hours, not bad since they didn't get a full day charge. The next day they came on for about 3 hours, and the day after that, not at all....?!?! Now here's where I'm thinking it could have been our fault. Camping in the desert is a very dirty adventure and my best guess is that (hopefully) the reason they stopped working is due to too much dust settling onto the solar panel not allowing enough sunlight to charge up the battery. We havn't tried them since this trip, but once we do I will hopefully be able to post an up date with better results.
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on December 17, 2014
Don't waste your money. Worked for one season and that was it. They were up for about 25 days in December and didn't get enough sun on most days to function for more than a couple of hours after sunset, if at all. Most days they did not work at all. When we went to put them up the next year, they didn't work at all. Cheap, shabby product. If you don't mind buying Christmas lights every year, then go ahead. I paid a little more money for a different brand and they've worked since 2012. Not worth the hassle!
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on August 12, 2011
I purchased two sets of these because of their length (82 feet) and their reasonable price. They are strung along the fence surrounding the swimming pool, and are just beautiful at night! They have 2 settings, one for blinking and one for stationary. Not really crazy about the blinking so we leave them on stationary. They need to be in full sun all day, they don't shine as brightly if they don't get enough sun. Otherwise, they're great!
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on December 11, 2011
The battery they came with was funky. It barely charged and what charge there was doesn't last. The company was great about it. They suggested I try a different rechargeable battery and if I wanted to keep the lights they'd refund the cost of the battery; otherwise they would give me a full refund if I wanted to return the lights. I put in an Eneloop and they worked much better, so I decided to keep them, especially considering the unbeatable price for the number of lights you get. I just love the way they look. I have them on an outdoor tree, and they charge up fine now and are still on when I go to bed. Snow hasn't bothered them; they still work as long as I keep the PV panel cleared off. There is an on/off button and a blink/don't blink button, which is nice. The battery issue brings my rating of the lights down to 4 stars, but the company's response brings it back up to 5.
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on September 12, 2015
We hung them on our fence. Two weeks later while we weren't home there was a wind/rain storm/ We came home and the lights were off. The next morning we discovered they were off because they were cut in 5 pieces. We assume it was the spots they were attached to the fence but not sure.
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on December 21, 2011
Awesome Awesome Awesome! We live out in the boonies and I wanted to get something for our fence and driveway entry posts without having to run 100 yards of extension cords. These lights are absolutely perfect - I was really nervous about buying solar lights because they are either too dim or, if they are bright, they only last for about an hour or so... not the case with these lights! These lights last well over 6 hours (I'm not really sure how long because I can't keep my eyes open past 11PM)and they are bright. Although, if you are looking for warm white lights with a yellowy glow, these are not what you want - these are truly white lights.
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