Customer Reviews: Tempur-Pedic Symphony Pillow Standard Size
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on January 17, 2011
i actually own all of tempurpedic's pillows. i also own the cloud luxe mattress california king with box foundation. my brother owns the rhapsody mattress california king with box foundation. first, let me address the common complaints about these products. then i will address the superiority of these products as well as give justification for the costs of the tempurpedic items.

1)all of their products arrive with a distinct and strong plastic smell to them. this is an accurate statement. you have two choices with this: a) do not put a separate sheet or pillow case on the product, just use the sheet or pillow cover that it comes with for the first week. if you do it this way, it helps break the product in (makes it softer) and lets the product breathe. the smell will go away after 7 days, i timed it. this timetable is universal for all of their products. b) put a separate pillow case or sheet on the product and literally wait months for the smell to go away. my brother had this problem with his rhapsody bed and i verified the problem with one of the pillows when i first got it.

2)the mattresses and pillows are too firm. this is a correct statement for the first few nights. when i first laid on the pillows (with the exception of the cloud pillow) and the rhapsody mattress my brother had the first night, it felt way too firm. i even told myself that i was stupid for ordering the two pillows i bought but had not arrived yet when i was inspecting my brothers new rhapsody mattress. i then went to my brothers house a week later and laid on the mattress for about ten minutes and all i could say was that i was stunned. it felt much softer. my brother commented that putting a lower thread count sheet (not multiple sheets, just one and then the top cover), and laying on it, the mattress got softer and softer after each night until it was completely broken in by about the 5th night. after that, the mattress felt amazing, absolutely amazing. the trick is to put as little covering between the mattress and body as possible for the first week. if you do put additional covering, make sure it is 300 count cotton or lower. the reason is that the memory cells are not all opened yet, they need body heat and pressure to open for the first week. after the first week, when the mattress is broken in, all of the cells are open and they stay that way permanently. then the mattresses feel amazing. this also holds for the pillows. they recommend you do the above procedure in the directions when you first buy the mattress. follow the directions.

3)the tempurpedic products trap body heat. this statement is blatantly false. never once have i had any issue with heat on my cloud mattress or any of my pillows. i have a very high metabolism and my body cranks out a lot of heat, as a result i cannot sleep if i am too hot. my brother says his rhapsody mattress feels just fine, not too cold, not too hot. as far as heat is concerned, it feels just like any other mattress. the more sheets you put over you, the more body heat is trapped. this is true of any mattress, not unique to tempurpedic.

4)the tempurpedic products do not hold their shape after a few months or years. this statement is also blatantly false. i have had my cloud luxe mattress for almost a year now and i have had most of the pillows for over three years, let me assure you, the tempurpedic products do not loose any shape, at all. there are no caved in portions of the mattress or in any of my pillows. they are exactly the same shape now as when i took them out of the box, and i use my pillows and mattress every night and guests use the other pillows. they will never loose shape, i realize that now.

5)the tempurpedic products take forever to arrive and customer service is horrible. this statement is partially correct, their products literally take weeks to arrive. they are very lazy and do not process the orders quickly. so if you do order any of their products, get comfortable because you are going to wait weeks (3 weeks to a month in some cases). this is ridiculous, i agree with the complaints here. they also will never give you tracking information for your order on their website, and i mean never. you have to call them and get the tracking number, that's if they have shipped it by the time you call. customer service was delightful on the phone. never had a problem.

now for the reasons you should purchase a tempurpedic mattress/pillows:

1)superior build quality. the mattresses and pillows are constructed to last forever, right down to the stitching. their products are literally indestructible. not only is the quality leaps and bounds above the competition, you will notice the difference in quality and build whenever you lay on a regular mattress or pillow. everything just feels cheap compared to tempurpedic products. no, this effect is not psychological, it is very real and noticeable right out of the box.

2)tempurpedic products are very expensive, but not overpriced. you get what you pay for, if you decide to purchase a tempurpedic product, you will pay through the nose, but you will know where that extra money went after a week of sleeping on any of their products. trust me on this, it is well worth the money. no i am not rich, i was able to purchase the mattress and pillows over time. i spaced it out, i saved.

3)the extra money you shell out for tempurpedic products actually saves you money in the long run. as i said before, their products last forever. if you purchase a mattress and or pillows from tempurpedic, those will be the last you will ever have to buy. trust me on this, that mattress and pillow are going to outlive you.

4)out of this world comfort. as i stated earlier, when you first get the products (with the exception of the cloud pillow and cloud mattresses, they arrive soft, no breaking in), they will feel too firm. almost like sleeping on a wet rock or wet compact sand. make sure you sleep with only the cover their products come with. you can put additional covers on you, but don't put them on the mattress (between the mattress and your body) and likewise don't put an extra pillow case on the pillows. do this for the first week and i guarantee you the pillow/mattress will get softer and more comfortable after each night. by the 5th night, watch out, you will not want to get up in the morning. the sleep quality is nothing like i have ever experienced in my life. it literally starts to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, you feel weightless. once those memory cells open up from body heat and pressure after the first five nights, you will be in heaven. you will never go back to any other type of mattress ever again, be rest assured of that.
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on December 28, 2013
Let's begin with some Words of Wisdom: Unless you know what pillow you want, buy from Bed Bath and Beyond. They are one of the few retailers that accepts returns of the Tempurpedic pillows (just don't open the plastic wrap!) and you can use a 20% off coupon! Yay!

When I purchased my Cloud mattress, I received two symphony pillows for free with the cotton lining and cover-- not the new polyester covers/lining. I was told by a sales woman that nothing has changed about the pillows themselves over than the lining and cover.

The Symphony pillows were firm at first, but they break in after about a week, and they've held up great for the last three years. But there is ONE problem: I get annoyed at the contoured sides that are made for different sleep positions. You have to flip the pillow if you are moving from your back to your side to be comfortable and if you don't-- ouch! My neck! Otherwise, it's an AMAZING pillow. It wouldn't be so big of a deal for me if I woke up, but I don't. I wake up when my neck starts to hurt. (insert sad face now). It's also not the best for a stomach sleeper.

My Goal: find a pillow that I could use on my stomach, side AND back (I know lofty goals) that would give me the support that I needed without having to flip it over multiple times a night. (For reference, I'm a small woman-- just over 5 ft and I have a small frame)

Now let's get to the Pillow Talk:

Latex: soft and all sorts of springy with minimal to moderate support. I found that no latex pillow I've used gives me enough support. This is my preference, of course. I prefer memory foam. I don't like springy.

After that latex fiasco, I went back to good ole tempur-pedic.

My old standby-- the Symphony: medium firmness, very little spring. Great for side sleepers, but if you switch positions a lot-- this pillow can get annoying because you have to keep flipping it. Also, it's not great for stomach sleepers. If you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper-- you won't be sorry that you got this pillow. This actually reminds me the most of the Cloud mattress because it has a little bit of softness initially, but then it forms to your body just like the mattress does. It's very comfy with lots of support.

Cloud: very soft, yet supportive, but springy. However, the "springy-ness" is a problem for me because the foam wants to rebound back into it's natural form. That makes my head tilt at an angle instead of lay flat which hurts my neck. This pillow looks lofty, but it has a lot of give when you put your head on it. It turns out to be about the same height as my symphony so I know it's not the height that's a problem-- I think it's the amount of recoil in this pillow which is an issue. It is incredibly soft and it wanted so badly for it to be MY pillow, but it wasn't. It is, however, very moldable and this pillow can work for stomach sleepers if you're willing to put half the pillow under your chest. Not ideal, but it can work because it's so pliable.

Curve: firmest of the bunch, but a bit thinner than the Symphony and the Cloud. It is better if you're an "every position" sleeper including a stomach sleeper. The first night-- it's a bit hard, but the pillow gets softer with use. I'm not talking like it's so soft that you feel like your head is on a marshmallow (if that's your goal-- get the cloud), but if you've laid on tempurpedic mattresses, then you know what I mean: it molds to you and it becomes soft. I also kind of like the curve in the shape because it's actually difficult to fall off the pillow. If you get the curve, then you should definitely get a Queen size because the standards are freakishly small.

I thought about getting the traditional pillow, but it really seemed to mushy when I was playing with it at the store. If you can, I really recommend making a trip out to a store where you can at least play around with these pillows before you make that $100+ decision.

Also, I live in Florida and I've never felt "hot" using a memory foam pillow. If that's a concern-- then I don't think any of these pillows will be a problem. AND the smell will go away in a couple of days. ;)

Hopefully this helps you make the decision that's best for you! Happy shopping!
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on December 13, 2013
This pillow is an unopened gift at this point but the one I purchased over a year ago is the most comfortable pillow of this senior's life. My wife decided she wanted one right after she tried it out, and she's always been against foam pillows. I would rate it five stars were it not for its delicate construction. Within the first 90 days of my purchase of the first Tempurpedic pillow, the fabric that surrounds the foam grew a hole the size of a small button that is now the size of a quarter. There is a high quality case that zips over this inner liner so the hole is not visible but I worry that the hole will continue to grow. When I called the manufacturer about replacing the pillow they directed me to the store of purchase (Brookstone) , which showed little interest in the problem. After a year or so, I still consider this a fine pillow and would not hesitate to replace it should it become unusable.
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on April 30, 2015
I had a pillow just like this from about 5 years ago that finally gave out. I didn't think much of it when I replaced it but I should have done a bit of homework. The company must have changed the materials they use inside this pillow because the new one didn't give nearly as much support as the old one did. If you have never tried a pillow like this before maybe you will like it but if you had an old one and need a replacement I would suggest looking somewhere else. There are plenty of other options available online and most of them are even cheaper!
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on June 8, 2013
I'm not sure why the other reviews are so bad when the standard size of the same pillow gets great reviews. It is a little firm to begin with but the instructions say to roll it and mash on it when you first get it to help "break it in". Just like the Tempur-Pedic mattresses, they take some getting used to but then you can't imagine sleeping without it. I was concerned that my head would get hot while sleeping on it but it never has. It is quiet heavy but it just means that it is solid. Had it for over a year, and i love it.
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on March 17, 2015
As may others have stated the smell for the first week is a little overwhelming and I have sensitive sense of smell anyway. However...after one night on it I did not mind the smell one bit. It really was THAT comfortable. After about 4 days I noticed a mild neck ache, which lasted 2 days. I think perhaps my neck was simply adjusting to a proper fitting pillow. I absolutely love this pillow! I take it everywhere. I don't sleep without it no matter where I go. Money well spent! I saved for a long time to be able to buy this pillow and I don't regret the purchase at all. Now the whole family wants one.

6 months later...
STILL loving this pillow!! It does soften up over time, but does not loose support. I never sleep on any other pillow. I travel with it. I am literally in love with this pillow. No more neck or shoulder aches. I am a side sleeper, but tend to roll on my back later in the night. No muscle soreness either way
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on July 7, 2009
I "test" slept this pillow from "Relax the Back." This is the only way to purchase one of these pillows to be sure you're not spending this much money on something that doesn't feel comfortable for you. I have had neck problems and this pillow is awesome. I sleep on my back but also on my sides. It's perfect for either. It does have a bit of smell, but not horrible and will likely get better. The pillow is heavy.
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on February 21, 2015
Best pillow I ever had. I tend to toss and turn in my sleep a lot and I like that this pillow has two sides for back or side sleeping. It is very comfortable. This is my second pillow. I used the first one for years but it finally went flat. I blame this partially to letting people sit on it or against it in my office chair as well. Don't put too much pressure long term on this pillow. It will lose its "memory".
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on September 24, 2014
The pillow was recommended by my chiropractor. I have noticed a marked difference in my comfort. The pillow does take some getting use to if you are not familiar with Tempur-Pedic, but once you adjust, there is no other pillow that can compare!!!
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on October 27, 2014
Great pillow. It has more of a slope on one side than the other. I make sure the steeper slope is on the bottom to accommodate my shoulder since I sleep on my shoulder (can't break the habit). Since I've had this pillow, I haven't once had a sore neck or shoulder and I wake up much less in the middle of the night with nerve pain. It's expensive, and is a bit more solid / heavy than most people seem to prefer. If at all possible, I recommend stopping in a Tempur-Pedic reseller (local mattress stores) and see if you can see one in person. It will be cheaper here on Amazon when bought separately, but you still don't want to shell out the loot unless you are sure it will suit your needs.
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