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on November 22, 2015
Plenty of room. Able to fit a three litter hydro pack. It's comfortable easy to put on.
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on October 29, 2015
So far, I have taken this thing on a week long trip through India, where it was strapped to the back of a motorcycle as I rode through the himalayas (I'm not kidding here). It held up great and the rainfly was very useful and easy to put over it when it poured on us. The pack endured heavy strain as it was packed to the brim and strapped down hard every day and came out without a scratch (I was surprised about that).

So far I've also used it on multiple hikes and hunting trips through thick brush and between 3 deer I've packed out over 200 lb of venison in the mountains in Utah and Washington. I've thrown it through the washer to clean out all of the blood and it came out like new.

The only wear I've seen on mine is a couple of threads have loose on the bottom where it hides the rain fly, but it doesn't affect anything serious on the pack. It's already well outlived its price and It's got to have at least enough life to redo everything I've already done with it based on its current condition.

Extremely durable
great price (gives you more peace of mind when being rough with it)
great size, perfect for carry-on (taken on around 10+ flights, never a problem)
fairly light when empty
Convenient storage on top pouch with an underside zip up pocket for more protected items.
Pretty comfortable, even when filled with 60+ pounds of meat.
Holds Mountain Dew well.

I wish the waist fabric things were the smaller size, as I don't keep it buckled in very often and they get in the way if I forget to buckle them behind the pack.
Did not come with delicious bacon.
One of the drink holders is slightly smaller than the other, making it more effort to get my large size (in diameter) nalgene bottle in it. It still fits, but it's hard to put in one handed while its still on my back, the other pocket is easier like I said.
The internal frame bars are hard to get back in, I washed it once with them in and took them out for a second wash, I wish I had left them in both times. I had to stick my hand on the inside and guide them past some material that was inside the frame pocket.
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on June 29, 2015
My son has 11 yrs. This backpack has many features and he's going to use it for Scouting. It fits just perfect! We have the day pack and the backpack and we're just really satisfied with both of them. The day pack brought the 2 litters bladder and the backpack doesn't, but we still have the one of the day pack so we can just switch it. We try many different brands, but we didn't like the fabric or either the price (in Puerto Rico you can find similar ones in $140 to $250) So this absolutely was the perfect option, we're pleased with this brand and with the seller! If you have a Scout and need a day pack or backpack TETON IS THE ONE WITHOUT REGRETS! We love our TETONS BACKPACKS!
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on August 13, 2017
When it comes to outdoor gears you have to know what you REALLY need in terms of quality and options. Personally I was looking for a mid-size, well-made, and durable backpack with no fancy useless options for my 3-5 day hikes and that's exactly what I get with this pack... and I did not have to pay for brand marketing ;) Note that Teton Sports is a serious brand established in Utah since 2005.
Let's talk about technical details:
- 55L capacity (as a one big compartment or 40L in the main compartment + 15L in the bottom compartment, see below for details)
- Fabric: 600D Diamond Ripstop / 600D PU (when "famous" brands offer no more than 210D Diamond Ripstop/600PU)
- Hydration Capacity: 101-Ounce (3 Liter), Not Included
- Pack Weight: 4.5 lbs (0.5lb more than other brands)
- Waist Belt: Adjustable 26" - 60"
- Torso Length: Adjustable 15" - 19.5"
- Limited lifetime warranty which is basically like any other lifetime warranty but they are honest enough to precise that it covers products against defects in materials or workmanship but excludes normal wear and tear or misuse
Let's talk about features:
- Comfort/Fit: Many adjustable straps that make this pack very customizable to your size. Very comfortable even on long trips.
- Air Ventilation: Designed with an effective airflow system (lumbar pad and molded channels), which does a great job reducing heat, even after hours of hiking.
- Padding: Waist belt, hip, and lumbar thick pads make this pack very comfortable and allow excellent lumbar support.
- Straps: Hips and shoulder straps are wide and the locks keep everything in place nicely. Also comes with top/bottoms, side/front compression straps to secure sleeping bag, pad, or tents.
- Storage: Full capacity of 55L, enough for 3-5 day hikes. Separate compartments are easily accessed and organized:
1) On flap: two large zippered pockets
2) Main Compartment: large and roomy, and can be accessed from the top or bottom. There is also a zipper at the floor of the main compartment to allow easy access to the separate bottom compartment. Also offers a 3L storage pocket for hydration water bladder
3) Mesh front pocket and water bottle side pockets: large front pocket ad one pocket on each side that securely fit 32oz water bottles
4) Side pockets: roomy pockets to store stuff for easy access. A great feature is that these pockets are not compressed even with a fully loaded main compartment, and so the available space in these pockets always remain the same
5) Bottom compartment: 15L capacity (larger than most of the competitors) commonly used to store your sleeping bag. Can be conveniently accessed from the bottom of the main compartment or from the bottom of the bag using its own zipper.
6) Bungee Cord System: to secure and carry more extra gear on the outside of the pack
7) Front and side compression straps: to hang additional gear (trekking poles for example), or to compress the bag when carrying smaller loads
8) Scratch pocket: located under the pack, it stores a bright yellow water-resistant rainfly
Final words:
I used this pack on 25 miles hikes so far and I love it. On the top I put some snacks and my sleeping clothes. In the main compartment I had my clothes for 3 days, a stove with fuel, and meals for 3 days. On the sides I had my water filtration system, emergency care kit, and my rain jacket. At the bottom I stored a 2-person tent with poles, stakes, and mallet. As you can tell I still had plenty of room at the top, in the main compartment (1/3 of the space was free), and I had nothing holding on the bungee cord system nor in the mesh pocket on the front. One (maybe the most) important aspect is that the pack is a well-balanced backpack.
We also bought the Teton Summit 2800 for my wife (another great pack ;) ). I'm so glad to have all these awesome features just for a fair price for me and the company. It should last years and, even if I have to buy another one it will eventually cost me less than a pack from a more "famous" brand and it would be a nice opportunity to try another model. I have friends who spent twice that price for their packs and I congratulate myself everytime I make the comparison with what they get for the price.
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on November 18, 2015
I've used this pack on multiple overnight and multi-night hikes.
The weight's not terrible but there are lighter options. The side water bottle pockets barely fit a Nalgene. Anything much taller hits the side pockets above. The positioning of these pockets also make it very difficult to remove/replace the bottle while wearing the pack. Most of the time if I want to drink I just stop and take the pack off. Of course if you're using a bladder you don't have to worry about that.
The mesh pocket on the back is too tight to fit much of anything. The sleeping bag compartment requires a somewhat compact bag. One video for this pack shows that the divider for the bottom compartment has a zipper to make one large inner compartment. I have two of these packs and both are sewn together so the bottom sleeping back compartment is fixed in size.
On my last trip while tightening one of the lower compression straps the stitches popped and the strap ripped off.
The price is right. Adjustable straps help accommodate people of different heights. The fabric feels very sturdy and I haven't had any issues with the zippers snagging.

Overall it's any okay pack if you don't want to go with a more expensive option and don't need a more versatile or durable option. Not a bad buy for casual or beginning backpackers.

I contacted TETON customer service about the damaged strap, curious if they would repair or exchange it. They just asked for a couple photos and the next day sent out a new pack at no charge. That's awesome customer service!

The replacement pack I got had issues on the first use. I took it out for a one night trip and the draw string around the top broke and pulled out. It looks like the cord was glued together. I also discovered that the Velcro loop that holds the water bladder was attached backwards. It's usable but more difficult to attach the bladder.
So after I contacted TETON customer support again and sent them pictures again they apologized and sent me a pack from the Blackout line -- the Mountain Adventure 4000. I thought they might offer to give me credit and ask me to pay the difference, but they just sent it to me for free. I haven't taken it out yet but I've inspected it and I'm pretty impressed. It's about 10 liters larger and actually weighs less. Part of that is because the rain cover is not attached. If you include the rain cover/poncho/tarp it's a bit heavier. I'll be posting a review for that pack after I get to take it out a few times.
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on July 4, 2016
I purchased this backpack for my short section hikes of the Appalachian Trail and it performed very well. The shoulder strap assembly was adjustable to my shorter frame and it was generally very comfortable to carry. It's a smaller, narrower pack, but it held quite a bit of gear (see the picture). The narrow shape made it easier to squeeze through those tight spots on the trail. The sleeping bag compartment could hold either my Teton 20+ degree sleeping bag or my Texsport bivy tent. The compartments on the sides and top gave me easy access to things I needed on the trail (water purification, first aid, emergency supplies, etc.) and there were plenty of places to attach other gear like my sleeping pad. I wasn't super rough with it but it got some heavy use and it held up well. It is a solidly constructed piece of equipment, maybe a little small for a thru-hiker (unless you go light or ultralight) but for a weekend backpacker like me it was perfect. I highly recommend this product.
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on October 24, 2015
Bought this for a 3-day backpacking trip in spring. Very durable, arrived on time and held everything I needed it to... Including a not-so-small 3 person Ozark tent. Nice compartment on the bottom for a sleeping bag (I purchased a Teton mummy bag of the same color). Fit me well, I'm 5'5" and was comfortable (if adjusted and worn correctly). In short it was a good bag and a great price. I liked all the side pockets and mesh pouches.
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on April 26, 2016
Wow! What a deal it's lovely. I'm 5' 2" and this back fits me perfectly with tons of room inside, there's straps for a sleeping bag or tent on the outside and a ton of compartments, this is my first bag and it is so nice I'll be coming back to write another review when I use it this summer on a backpacking trip in Graceland highlands Virginia. My boyfriend is 6'3" and I'll be buying him one too! It has a ton of support. So well built I can't believe the price!

UPDATE: we leave for Virginia to hike in the mountains in a week and I really am shocked at how much I could fit but disappointed at how much I didn't have room for but I'll go through my pack again and see what I really need, I fit enough clothes (probably too many) a cooking set, a pretty heavy sleeping bag, a cooking stove and little propane tank, enough food for the weekend (8 meals and snacks), toiletries and small microfiber towel, soap and toothbrush in the inside pocket, a small tripod and camera, folding cup and silverware, rain jacket, i even strapped a camp mat on the outside, I probably over packed but there's a lot of places to put stuff. I'll come back and write a review after I actually use it.
***** Update #3 post-use: I had to drop my rating down to 2 stars, if you are under 5' 5" don't even try it, I couldn't get my straps to tighten enough to give me support and if you want to wear a tank top just forget it because the mesh lining the straps literally rubbed my skin off, why you would put mesh against skin is beyond me, we had to cu tour trip short because I was in so much pain from this pack, there was no support from the straps, I regret this purchase even though the pack is well made it is not practical because it is too heavy and doesn't provide any support for moderate loads.
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on June 18, 2017
Although I’m a beginner and I’ve only done 1 overnight trip with it so far, I think I could easily do up to a week with this pack. It comes down to knowing how to pack. If you are just starting out, don’t hesitate to buy this pack.

I bought this for the price, but the amount of good reviews played a part in my choice. Not knowing if backpacking would be a long term thing for me, I didn’t want to spend hundreds on a pack that only got one use. That makes this pack perfect for someone just starting out and buying all (or most of) the gear needed for the first trip.

The pack to me seems to be quality so far and I think it will last me years, if I don’t switch packs to lighten my load before then. Also, this pack will help me learn what I want in a pack, such as zippered pockets and the like.

• Seems durable
• Separate sleeping back compartment (I use for my underquilt)
• 2 side pockets
• 2 lid pockets
• Heavy
• Water bottle pockets could be angled forward, but they do fit 1 liter smart water bottles perfect
• Mesh pocket on back doesn’t fit much, I’d rather have a zippered pocket or bigger mesh pocket, but that would add weight.
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on November 12, 2015
I bought this pack in Feb of 2011, when the price was right about $43. So total bargin in my book. I have used it at least 30-35 times since I bought it. Always for a 2-night camping trip. I almost always pack too heavy as well, but this pack is able to handle it easily.

TL;DR If you go camping once or twice a year for the weekend, then this pack is ALL you need and then some.

I tend to camp more in the winter and my winter sleeping bag won't fit in the sleeping bag compartment, so I use a compression sack and strap it on the outside. I throw my tent inside the sleeping bag compartment even in the summer. I find that gives the pack better stability but really it's just a personal preference. All of the assorted external straps and loops are great for attaching things to the outside of the pack as well, so you can be flexible when packing.

I have some 32oz water bottles that fit just fine in the side pockets and the middle side pockets are great for stashing things like your camp stove, saw, lighter, knife, food, etc. The main pack compartment I tend to stuff with clothing, camp pillow, etc.

I wish I had a picture of this pack after my last camping trip because I had this pack absolutely loaded down and it preformed without any problems at all. Camp chair, sleeping bag, tent footprint, sleeping pad was all strapped on the outside. I even had a lumber daypack strapped around the outside as well. Bulky for sure, but again that's my problem for packing so heavy the point is the pack accomdates me. All that weight hasn't hurt it either. I attached the only picture I could find, sorry for the potato quality.

The reasons for not giving this pack 5 stars:

---As others have mentioned the water bladder pouch isn't the greatest, I tend to use it to store my tend poles and my hatchet.
---The sleeping bag compartment size is a little small, to be honest I doubt you could fit a "Walmart special" type sleeping bag in it. If you want to fit a sleeping bag in it, camp in the warm months and/or invest in a quality sleeping bag that is highly compactable.
---The zipper pull on the sleeping bag compartment is covered by a weird "lip" that will drive you crazy if you pack the compartment full. In the pictures the bottom oval-shaped orange color is this lip, the zipper for the compartment is under this.
---If the packed is internal packed near its maximum size, the top "over-the-pack" pockets won't be able to hold very much. In fact, with those two top pockets you won't really be able to pack them both, the biggest one pocket is the smaller the other one becomes basically.
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