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on June 23, 2012
This app is a must-have for subcribers of Southern Living who have digital devices. Then again, who would pass up the opportunity to have their Southern Living magazines in a portable library? It certainly provides a great option to those who want to keep the mag to look at later, but really don't have the room to store print issues.

My experience so far: I used the website to activate my digital access, then figured out how to sign in through the app after downloading it. (Hint, read the screen, don't try to activate your digital access twice.) It logged on painlessly once I got all that right. Downloads of the individual magazines aren't lightning-speed, but I didn't expect them to be given how many (gorgeous) pictures Southern Living has. Once downloaded and installed, I can browse through the magazines when I want. They look great on the screen and are very readable. Now, I only have access to seven digital editions, but hopefully they'll keep adding and leave the "backlist" to build. It'll be interesting to see if subscribers will have access to all old issues, or only the issues that were produced during their subscription duration.

Last words: I love it. It's rough for magazines to figure out how to go about transitioning in the digital world, and I think SL has done an excellent job with the Fire app. You pay for your subscription (naturally) but then get both the print and digital copies. (Best of both worlds!)
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on September 9, 2014
It's a great magazine, however I won't buy another magazine to be looked at on a Kindle. Just not the same and is a bit confusing..Nope...don't like reading magazines on a device. It would probably be wonderful for someone who travels..etc.
I always find things in this magazine that I can relate to. Example..this last issue featured Bob Timberlake's furniture..and I have one of his gorgeous bedroom sets. I will always take Southern Living...
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on December 24, 2013
I don't understand the point of having this app when it will not let me read the magazine without an internet connection. What is the point of downloading the magazines since they are not accessible when I am away from my Wi-Fi connection. I may as well just read the print magazine. Make the magazine accessible after download so I can read it while I'm out and about, that is what the Kindle is for, right? This is the same for all of the magazines from Meredith that use these Apps to download the magazine, ie Cooking Light, Essence, Better Homes & Garden, Fitness, etc.

The magazine itself is fine and reads well on the Kindle.
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on January 11, 2014
There may not be anything wrong with the tablet edition of the magazine, but to say it is free is untrue. As soon as you download the app, it asks you to BUY a subscription to the tablet edition. If I remember correctly, it was almost $20.00. I think it is only
free if you also get the print edition. So, it is very misleading to say the app is free.
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on June 28, 2013
I just downloaded and opened this app. The info states you must have a subscription to use. I do. I logged in no problem and opened a back issue in less than a minute. I am not sure other folks' issue but I imagine it has more to do with the WiFi they choose to use than the app. All content from the issue is there and there is even a hint page that opens when you begin to show how to see all content plus bonus online only content. This app will be handy when I travel and don't want to lug a paper issue.
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on April 19, 2013
I love Southern Living magazine and have read it for years. That said, I can't believe they are under the impression that all their readers have 20/20 vision.

I can't find a way to zoom into the pages. 2 finger swipe doesn't work (just goes to next page). I can't find a "text view" version of the article pages. If someone can direct me to a way to get the magazine words larger, I'll gladly eat my words and change my review/rating!

I have print version, so entered my code hoping that digital version would be as good and better (enhanced). But so far I see magazine pages at 7" w/type at about 5-6pt... too small for me to read for long. I really hope that Southern Living improves their digital version so I can enjoy it like I'd hoped.
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on October 8, 2013
I've wasted the last 45 minutes trying to download digital editions of the print magazine, which I subscribe to, and have gotten so many conflicting instructions, even from So. Living customer service that I am ready to cancel the print sub. First, you have to download an app to get to the magazine, Then you have to log into the website, Then, every issue you try to download to the Kindle attempts to charge 4.99, If you simply try to access from Newstand, the process starts over. Not worth the trouble. My other digital subscriptions simply appear in my Newstand whenever a new issue comes out. No app, no sign-in, no convoluted, locked-up screens. Maybe So. Living's tech dept could speak with someone at Maximum PC, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, PC Magazine or any of the other mags that know how to put their mag on Kindle.
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on October 14, 2014
I've had a subscription to Southern Living for years and would love to have it on my tablet. They keep releasing this non-working app to annoy me. Please, don't tell me you're ready when you clearly are not ready. Tell me you're ready when I can finally get my cooking and crafting on.
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on February 3, 2014
I was excited that I could read Southern Living on my Kindle Fire and it is included with the magazine subscription price. The directions provided by SL were easy to follow but didn't work. They asked for a confirmation code which did not exist at that point in the process. Several phone calls later it was up and working.

So far, I don't see that the print can be enlarged for ease of reading. I hope that is something that can be corrected. Perhaps I have just failed to find that feature.
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on February 8, 2013
Month after month, I always leave my Southern Living issue for last of all the mags I get. I always like saving the best for last. I keep wondering why EVERYONE doesn't take a cue from them and do a full page, gorgeous layout! I am going to drop Better Homes & Garden because it's just way to cumbersome to download and who needs all those extra bells and whistles anyway? Another reviewer said this one was cumbersome to download, and I disagree. It's a snap. I don't like having to keep going back and forth between page and text to read an article, like so many other mags. Other publishers need to get a clue. Southern Living does it the best! I've been a hard copy subscriber for years so that's not an issue for me, but it looks like you can just buy month to month from the app now. I LOVE this mag on my Kindle Fire!
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