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on August 17, 2016
Let's start off with the packaging. My box did not arrive 100% discrete. The shipping label was innocent enough, but there was a separate sticker on the box with a bar code and the words "CYBERSKIN ASS". It wasn't a huge sticker, but certainly noticeable.

Now onto the product. This thing is weighty and giggly and feels pretty good. The two openings are the same size, and as expected the anal canal is tighter than the vaginal canal. Both are ribbed. The vagina is painted pink. I was really impressed with this thing before and during the first use. I used a healthy amount of water-based lubricant. After I was done, I noticed that all of the pink paint on the vagina had worn off/dripped off onto the towel that I placed under the ass before 'going to work'. Ok, it's just aesthetic paint, no big deal.

But after using this product about 3 times, I discovered that this thing isn't as solid as I thought it was, despite it's hefty weight. After finishing, one of my fingers slid into a slit in the ass, and not the happy kind. This slit was on the side of the ass at the base. Upon further inspection, this ass is NOT constructed from a single mold. The seam became visible fairly quickly, and I could tell the slit at the seam between the two pieces of mold was quickly going to spread across the entire base near the edge. The seam is totally exposed on one side of the ass and is coming apart very quickly. I'm not touching the seam as to not make the problem any worse, but on first inspection I unintentionally doubled the length of the split with basically no force with one finger - it came apart that easy. After three more uses, the seam is showing itself on the other side of the ass, and even more seams are delaminating on the bottom of the base where the two 'grab points' are located. Those are delaminating almost all the way around on each hole. This ass is not long to this world. At this point I've had it a week and it's literally falling apart after 5 uses. I'd expect this from a 30-50 dollar fake ass, but not from one that's 130 bucks.

Buyer beware, this thing can NOT take a pounding. The only way this ass could last any duration of time is if you used it while you're standing up and gingerly going in and out without pushing into it, which defeats the purpose of having a realistic fake ass that feels like skin. After looking at the product page again, I noticed there's a note in the specs that says "Item discontinued by manufacturer". That should be a red flag, and I wish I'd seen it before buying. I bought this item based on the decently high review rating and the price point that was a few steps above the cheap models.

The included vibrator is very cheap, but that was expected. The included "Cyberskin Renew" is just rebranded corn starch, so you'll save some bucks on maintenance if you buy it at the grocery store. So far I've found it to be beneficial to throw on a condom when using this ass. Put enough lube on the INSIDE of the condom to fill the mini reservoir at the tip before rolling it on, and apply a healthy amount of lube into your desired love canal, along with a bit on the outside of the condom. This will minimize the necessity for cleaning the product after every use, and should theoretically allow the canal lube to last longer since it isn't in contact with skin. A mini spray bottle of water is great for rejuvenating the water-based lube when it becomes dry. And since your skin and body fluids aren't coming into contact with the canal, it's possible to reuse the residual canal lube for a future session. A couple sprays of water will bring it back to life, but will still probably require a small additional application of lube.

If this thing held together and was from a single mold, I would've given it 5 stars. Pounding it feels great, and it's much more interactive than a stroker. The 'skin' feels pretty awesome as well. I'll update the review if the manufacturer will work with me on the multiple failures of this product in such a short timeframe. If that fails, I'll start looking into adhesives I can use to keep this thing together without messing with the intended realism of the product. Maybe GE Silicone II caulk? That'd be a delightful fix. Sometimes you gotta put some caulk in the ass to keep it happy ;)
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on May 31, 2015
Very realistic toy. The shape and texture worked photorealistic. It feels quite a bit oily (it is to eliminate this effect in the kit included "renew") and quite elastic. It weighs suddenly a lot of 7 kg (15.43 lb).

Included: a toy, a tube of "renew" - something like talc, vibrating egg with remote control.
Not included: battery (need 2 aa), lubricants.

In general, so far very satisfied.
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on January 28, 2016
Wife is pregnant with complications that prevent sex. These had been some long weeks before discovering and taking the leap to buy this product.

Super happy I did. Looks and feels phenomenal. Cleanup was pretty easy, too.

My complaint, however, is not with the manufacturer, but the seller. After a failed FedEx delivery attempt, I opted to retrieve it from the FedEx store. To my ABSOLUTE HORROR, the guy at the counter read label on the side that clearly reads CYBERSKIN ASS on an otherwise discreet brown box.

tl;Dr - Product is amazing but carless box labeling will expose you.
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on March 23, 2016
As far as simulating the feeling of real sex, this is about the closest thing I have found, and I have a pretty good collection of similar products to compare it to. If you have come across this, you probably should just order it because I bet you will have some fun with it; if you really want some more information from a younger guy who has had one of these for a good six months, keep reading.

Materials: Made of a surprisingly fleshy-feeling silicone material, which doesn't have a bad smell at all. It does make the whole thing quite heavy, but the bottom has cut-outs which both take some of the weight away and also make it easier to carry around. You also need to keep it clean and powdered up with corn starch in order to make sure that it stays feeling as nice as it should.

Usage: Unlike a fleshlight, you can really get some good thrusting going with this thing, and you can use it in a couple of different positions if you want to get creative as well. You will want to have a towel or a thick pillowcase underneath of it when using, for obvious reasons, and also to keep it from picking up any lint/dust/etc. You also need to make sure you use a decent amount of lube, gravity tends to slide it away from where it needs to be if you don't use enough. There are both front-door and back-door holes, and each has its own tunnel with a unique feeling. The vagina tunnel is pretty smooth feeling, but quite realistic and at a good angle to use standing with it on a hard surface. The butt tunnel is appropriately tighter, not as realistic but still feels pretty good, and has a better angle to use on a bed or laying down. Either way, it is easy to get a great experience out of using it. The included vibrating bullets are a nice touch, they add a bit of suction when placed in the back of the tunnels, and when turned up certainly make up a bit for the lack of texture within the sleeves.

Ease of clean-up: This is where I don't like this thing so much, but I can't imagine how it could be done in any easier way and therefore don't really mind. When you are done with it, you will want to run it under the bathtub faucet, and use some good soap/disinfectant to clean out the tunnels. This can be quite cumbersome due to the weight combined with the cumbersome shape, but it isn't altogether difficult to do at all. Once it is clean, I just dry it off with a towel, and then apply a good amount of corn starch to it. The whole process takes maybe 10-15 minutes, not really bad at all.

Storage: I live alone, and other than my girlfriend (who doesn't mind seeing it), I don't really invite anyone to go into my bedroom. In any case, I decided to get a large opaque Rubbermaid container to put this in when I need to. As long as you keep the original plastic covering from the original box to keep it in within the container, this is a great solution. Otherwise, I just keep it wrapped in a towel on a shelf in my closet, and it stays just fine.

Conclusion: If you want a purely mind-blowing orgasm experience, there are plenty of products out there which will provide one, but this is not one of them. Instead, if you want something which will let you have something much closer to the sensations of getting it on with someone, then you would enjoy having this product. It's not going to be something you use all of the time, nor will it do you justice in terms of fully replacing real sex, but it really is great to have whenever your lady isn't around or just isn't up to what you have in mind.
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on April 22, 2014
This must have been molded from a very fit woman about 4 foot 10 and 90 pounds. I know this because its a duplicate of my wife's a** and when we first got married that was her numbers. If those measurements in a women are not for you u may not enjoy this. If you like a huge wide a** u may be disappointed. If you like a 5 foot 7 inch woman with really wide hips that is not this. However, if the petite and fit somewhat muscular girl is your style this is her a$$!!!! Lets face it, most of us men would really enjoy a good porn style like doggie riding bed rocking sexual experience, at least from time to time, and unless you are married to a porn star or the 1% of women who can handle that aggressive sex, you are not getting the full experience.This toy solves that issue. You can bang it as hard as u want and it will never ask u to stop! I am 220lbs and my johnson is 7 inches and circumference 6 inches at widest point and this provides maximum doggie style pleasure IMO. There are a lot who complain about the canals being "too tight" I think my measurements are slightly above average and my thickness definitely is and with proper amount of lube and full erection I can enter hands free for an extremely realistic experience. The canals are very expansible and stretch with time, but remain very form fitting. I can put my forearm thru the vaginal opening without tearing it so I do not get the "too tight" complaints. You do need a full erection to penetrate it, but if you dont have ED that wont be a problem. It is very visually stimulating as well as to touch. Apply a coating of corn starch to soften it up before use and by the time you are done(for me about 10 secs) you are raring to go...lube up well and enjoy! One of the great things is that by getting creative with pillows or other supports you can get this to the exact perfect angle and height for ideal doggie style penetration. Once there you are free to enjoy for as long as you can hold out. I find most women can not stay in this position long enough...they cramp up or get tired or sore and want to change to another position. Not this....another reason its "perfect". I never liked the idea of putting a part of my body into an orifice that has stool in it....this solves that problem and the tighter anal canal with the very realistic anus is very pleasurable to penetrate with d@## or finger. It responds exactly like a muscular chicks a$$ to slapping which can also be a turn on. There is really only the doggie style position here so keep that in mind, I haven't figured out any other positions it would be realistic in. It is very pleasurable to simply slap at it with your johnson and probe at it with the head just like in real sex. It has an odor(chemical) initially but after a few washings that goes away. Keep the shipping box intact for discrete storage under your bed or in a closet. Frequent vigorous intercourse is generally considered healthy even more as we age, and this certainly helps with that. I believe this improves your technique and skill with your real partner as well, as the old "Mr Hand" actually makes u a worse lover in my opinion causing you to be lazy and uninventive. this will improve your stamina and ability to hold out because I do not think there is a p@$$& out there that feels this good, so if you can last with this you can last with anyone. It can be addictive. I believe if you are in a dedicated sexual relationship its best to discuss this use openly. thankfully my wife loves me and anything that will improve my sexual experience short of using a prostitute or having an affair she is all for. I find it has spiced up our love making as my wife gets a kick out of watching me slam the s%## out of this thing during our own intercourse. Clean up is a drag taking about 15 minutes in a bath tub or shower then it needs to air dry, but if you want it to last you must properly care for it. The trade off is well worth it. The other problem with clean up is before putting it away you should rub corn starch into the entire thing, which takes 5 minutes and usually results in another full erection and an incredible desire to go for round two which can get time consuming.
Update oct 2014. I tore the vaginal opening a bit recently and was bummed when I saw it....guess what? Its even better now! The slightly wider opening from the tear allows for easy "hands off" penetration, something I find enhances the realism of the experience. The canal as it is new is a firm round hole which is not quite anatomically accurate. The small tear actually makes it more true to life. So dont freak if you tear the openings, may be even better for you. I have tried a few of these type toys and this is the best one IMO.
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on June 16, 2015
I'm a 20 year old college student that's constantly busy in my medical studies. I really don't have time to date and go out with women on the weekend. This has been my third adult toy purchase this year. Overall I am happy with the product but slightly disappointed. I was skeptical ordering online sense it was fairly expensive. I was shocked it came in a sealed original package that was covered by a box which was sealed inside of another box. It looks great once opened as in the picture and the surface feels so much like real skin. In the dark you couldn't tell if it was a real person or just a toy from feeling it. Shipping was very very fast only like 3 days with the free shipping. The disappointment started upon first use. The inside felt just like a copy of the other cyberskin products. The first hole, initial opening was tight however, after about an half a inch inside it felt like just a big opening then slightly tighter after the big (dead space). In other words too loose. I'm above average 7' and the most of the time toys are way to tight and I have to stretch them. I can say hole number 1# was perfect angle for edge of the bed action. Easy to handle any position is fine, its not getting throwed around either from thrusting because of its weight which means no repositioning. Sound of skin sounds even real. On to the second hole(butt). It was slightly tighter but the angle was angled down to the bottom of the toy. I think the reason why the holes are so loose is because the piece between the holes is thin like 1/2-1inch so it expands easy. Hole 1# was so big a wash rag would fit in the opening. Ripples were nice. It felt just like my 1970's penthouse hair replica by cyberskin. My first toy I bought was a M1 blush which is still my favorite. I wanted to upgrade to a full figure woman like structure. since the whole part is appealing to look at. The M1 makes me finish like no other. This one took a long while longer to do so. Keep in mind though I'm not sensitive lucky me. Depends on the guy. Some might get a lot of sensation while others won't. I'm sure it will grow on me. The first Blush M1 I bought I hated until it expanded after couple weeks of use. I would like if the other side was complete replicating the abs, belly of a woman, etc. Overall 4 star. Just a little tighter would be good.
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on July 7, 2015
I wish my girl had this ass. Vibrating eggs are awesome, feels waaay better than the real thing.
Holes are tight and I have it for over a year and no problems with it.
It's heavy and hard to wash, so try to keep it clean so you don't have to wash it after each use, and make sure you don't keep the eggs inside while wet otherwise it'll ruin the eggs and the thing.
I had a cheaper one before that holes got ripped off after a while. This one lasts longer and feels the same.
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on August 4, 2013
I looked at this item for a long, long time and have purchased similar items (Juli Ashton, Fleshlight, etc.). This is the one you want, it looks and feels real. If you are on the fence, look around on Amazon, find a reasonable price and just buy one, you will be very happy you did. I have had mine for a year and a half and it is like having a 100-110 lb. girlfriend in the closet bent over and ready for you anytime. The anticipation of waiting for it to come in the mail was one thing, once it arrived it almost became an obsession for awhile. When you open it wet your finger and stick it in...OMG, you will want to use it right away, no kidding. After over 100 uses it looks and feels just like new. The entry holes are totally separate and the rear is tighter and textured a little different than the front, both holes feel as close to real as it gets. Figure out where you will hide it and buy one, it is exactly what you are looking for.
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on April 14, 2016
gorgeous well made pretty,you really want explode?here is what to do.get a small heated blanket and a warning you can get one on amazon cheap the warming rods are usb so be shore to get a plug adapter. find a place like a drawer lay the heating in the drawer set this sweet ass on the heating blanket lube up the ports of entry insert the warming rod cover it with the heating blanket plug in the blanket and warming rod set the blanket on high most blankets turn off after a while so be sure to check on this 3 or 4 before you use feels so real you will explode
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on November 5, 2014
First of all, it is not at all as pictured. The toy itself is shown with a range of color to make it look more realistic, but the one I got was solid pink like an eraser. It did not come in the box as shown. It was put in a sealed plastic bag inside a plain white box with the vibrator tossed in beside it. Additionally, it didn't come with lube as shown.

It does have a slight smell to it, but it was kind of "fruity" instead of a chemical smell you might expect. The entire toy was covered in a sheen of oil that took several washes to remove. As far as size, yeah its about the size of a mid-teenager but I prefer to think I'm doing a nice petite asian girl.

I can't say that this feels "just like the real thing", but it does feel good regardless. You do need to plan ahead when using this one because you have to have it placed somewhere you can hump it comfortably (my coffee table was a couple inches too high). Unlike other ones listed, this has completely independent tunnels for the anal and vaginal entries, and the wall between them is quite thick. This should reduce the chances of tearing into one large hole if you know what you are doing.

Overall I give it 3 out of 5 because it clearly is a cheap knockoff using the original's artwork, but it gets the job done. I don't think I would buy another one in the future though.
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