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VINE VOICEon January 27, 2006
This is the best cellphone I have owned to date and I've owned a lot of them. The RAZR does everything I want it to do yet the form factor is so thin and it looks so beautiful that I can hardly imagine it actually being any better.

It performs very well and I have zero complaints with it. Voice quality both in my ear and to the person I'm talking to seems clear and not distorted. Reception seems good as well. Sure, voice quality and reception could always be improved with any cellphone, that's a given. But the RAZR exhibits no worse performance than any other cellphone I've owned/tried yet it excels over others in its design. It has such a small and thin footprint when closed, yet when flipped open it is comfortable to use, even for a long conversation. The fact that it supports a wireless Bluetooth headset is an added plus. You can put the phone in a pocket or purse and talk totally hands free with a Bluetooth headset! The RAZR also supports a wired headset and in fact comes with one free in the package. It also has a built-in speakerphone, which works, but is best used in a quiet environment (speakerphone doesn't work very well outdoors or in the car with the windows down).

In all, for the price, especially with rebates, the Motorola RAZR seems like a great deal. Here is an example where the cool design and form factor doesn't hamper the performance.
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on August 21, 2005
1. Phone: Lets start with call quality: It it is excellent. I have other GSM phone and there is no comparition! Reception is clear, free of static and loud. Amazing. Seriously, its reception is better than its looks. This phone is not only about looks! There are caveats though: you can only get silver version, there are no accessories but charger and wired earbud. For the price, there should be at least mini USB cable and at least basic software to let transfer/optimize your address book. Personally, I used a copy of Mobile Phone Tools to transfer all my settings and contacts. That's $30 extra. Motorola does not provide software drivers, so your XP machine will not properly recognize this phone as an external modem. That's a shame, such feature should be standard. there should be free drivers out there on OEM websites. There are only 3 games included (2 demos). Only a golf game is fully playable. The phone is uninsureable; no one will insure it because it is too fragile and to expensive. The battery cover looks like it does not fit right on the sides. Display (both external and internal) are too dark when back light goes off. You will not be able to read it. Initially, I thought my unit was defective, so I went to the Cingular store to compare. They are all like that! The only thing you can do, is to set the backlight to go off at 60 secons so you can read displays. The construction is very fragile: if you tend to drop your phones all the time, this phone is not for you. Yet, since it does not have external antenna, and due to its flat design, this is the most comfortable phone to wear in my pocket. I could hardly feel it there. Seriously, its amazing how low profile it stays.
2. T-Mobile Service: If you never venture away from a major city or interstate highways, no one else will give you more minutes. All contracts are strictly 12 months unlike the other carriers. T-Mobile uses GSM technology. I used the phone in Ireland, Kuwait, it will work wherever you go in the world. T-Mobile is probably the only US carrier to give you and unlock code for your device if you ask for it. Meaning, you can use this phone with say, cingular SIM chip, if you desire. As of now, there are no game downloads for this phone from T-Mobile website. It is coming "later on". So you are on your own when it comes to extras like games. In my experience T-Mobile customer service is fast, friendly and will resolve your issues fast. Conclusuion: It seems that I brought out a lot of negatives, so why 4 stars? Well, all I want is great voice service, with lots of minutes. Since I rarely venture out of T-Mobile coverage area (roaming is included for free) this phone works really good. It also happens to look great. But that's just a bonus for me.
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on September 11, 2005
I like this phone a lot more than I thought I would.


The first thing I liked about the phone is the way it feels. It has a solid metal feel and a nice snap when it shuts. I expect it to hold up for a long time.

Although this is my first Motorola phone, I find the menus and functions easy to navigate.

The Razr V3 has enough options for me that I use it almost like a PDA. The alarm clock feature is great since I can set lots of different alarms and enable/disable them and even assign different ringtones to each of them. It has a datebook with popup reminders. It also has limited browser capability. Of course, it has the usually features such as extra information on the people in the phone book, text messaging, changing wallpaper, speed dial, notepad, etc.

It accepts mp3 and other music files as ringtones.


The reception is no better than other cell phones on the T-Mobile network. Since it is a quad-band phone, I expected more.

The camera is only marginally useful. The 15-second video is even more useless. The quality is poor, expecially in low light.

The manual should contain much more information. The phone is better than what the manual projects.

Suggestion: Get the phone and get the Bluetooth accessories. The Bluetooth headset has changed my life. I always used a headset anyway, but the Bluetooth is much better. (The HS850 is a very good match). Also get the Bluetooth (or at least USB) connection to the computer. This provides an interface between the phone and computer. I have made ringtones that sound very good (you get 5 megabytes of memory with this phone) and have transferred photos in both directions. I haven't use it yet to update the datebook, but I will definitely try it out.
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on December 16, 2005
The Motorola RAZOR is, by far, the best cellular phone that I have ever owned. This is the 4th celluar phone, i.e. Nokia and other Motos, that I've owned. The RAZOR has an awesome combo of features, i.e. bluetooth, camera, USB, etc. Yet it remains a solid phone. I looked at several that do more, but bottom line they make poor phones, i.e. too bulky, too complicated.

T-Mobile has very good service all-around. I have had service with both Cingular and Verizon. The RAZOR and the lower cost of T-mobile's service are the reasons that I switched from Verizon, which I admit was excellent. T-Mobile's friendly and helpful customer service transfered my existing number without any problems. I have found that T-mobile has pretty good coverage in the Baltimore-Washington area.
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on September 30, 2005

1. Customizable menu and home screen. You can choose what menu items the soft keys shortcut to, and make "menu" + "[number]" shortcuts to other submenu/specific things.

2. It *feels* sturdy (because of the aluminum casing), but I don't know if it actually is. I haven't dropped it yet to find out.

3. I GUESS the mini external screen is useful since it shows the time, battery, signal, caller ID, and whether you have any new text messages.

4. You can directly adjust the volume with special buttons on the side of the phone withouth having to go through the menus.

5. Buttons are pretty easy to press.


1. SLOW SLOW SLOW interface. I can't type text messages at the same fast speed I used on my old Nokia 3390 because the letters don't even show up on the screen fast enough to keep up with my fingers. And the screen takes 1/4 - 1/2 second to light up when you open the phone.

2. Screen is brighter for my left than for my right. (If you close one eye at a time while looking at the screen normally, you'll see the difference.) This makes it so that it feels like I'm looking through 3-D glasses or something when I'm just looking at the screen. This might be less annoying for other people than it is for me though.

3. Missed Call Log does not list each missed call! If someone called you 10 times, it only says when the last time was. This might be a problem if you get 10 missed calls from 2 people. Who called 9 times and who called once?

4. Mini external screen is pretty pointless. Doesn't even show the date.

5. Somewhat overcomplicated menu hierarchy.

6. With the T9 text predictor, if you choose the wrong word but don't notice and keep typing, you can't go back and change the whole word; you have to delete the whole thing and type it all again.

7. Ringtone compose is pretty dumb. Doesn't use normal musical durations.

8. The "MotoMixer" is the most pointless feature ever, unless you feel the need to be able to mix techno beatz on your cell phone.

9. Can't get the backlight (and thus the screen) to stay on/visible for more than 60 seconds.

I would say DO get this phone if:

1. You want your friends to ooh and ahh at your new phone

2. You want to be able to mix techno beatz on your phone

3. You haven't been able to find another phone that'll let you customize the main screen buttons to your liking.

and DON'T get this phone if:

1. You're picky about speed

2. You want a detailed missed call list

3. You're picky about the eye-to-eye screen brightness discrepancy thing.
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on January 28, 2006
I've had 9 cell phones in the past 6 years, so I consider myself fairly knowledgable in this area.

All things considered, this phone is pretty good. It's not perfect, but it works; what more do you want?

Cons: As with other Motorola phones, the UI is not very intuitive. Also, the thinness of the phone makes it somewhat difficult to handle and cradle on my neck. Battery life is not as good as I'm used to with my Nokia phones.

Pros: Voice quality is great. Reception is great in the Boston area with T-Mobile service. Bluetooth is nice. Screen quality is best I've ever seen on a phone.

Highly recommend this phone.
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on June 1, 2006

I bought this phone in september 2005. It looks really nice and flat but:

1-Phonebook is prehistoric you can't store more than one number under the same name unless you enter the name again.

2-The charger seems to have some connection error after 2 months, I have to move the plug up and down till this "sensitive " gets electricity

I had NOKIA and SONY ERICSSON before and used them for at least 2 years with no problem.

Motorola after 3 months started giving me trouble..

WIll never buy and recommend this product.
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on January 11, 2007
I was excited to have the phone but now that I have had it for 2 years...Its a pain.

1. Battery life - I have to re-charge every day..the battery simply dies after you talk for about an hour or two.

2. Reception; Not sure if i have to blame it on the phone or T-mobile but its of low quality.

Luckily, am getting close to my 2-year contract and look fwd to dumping this phone.
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on September 20, 2005
i bought the razr after reading the helpful reviews here [...]. i've had it for 2 months and overall it has performed well. in response to some of the concerns voiced in previous reviews, here are my particular likes and dislikes...
- great-looking shape and exterior finish
- no problems with durability so far
- mp3 ringtones
- camera and video recorder

- battery life (only 48-72 hrs on standby)
- one software glitch after trying to customize the screen saver with a photo-->resolved after restarting the phone
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on October 3, 2005
I've had my razr for about a month now and haven't come up with any complaints.

I was worried about some reviews I'd read prior to my purchase, but none of the things I was warned about were really true. I have no problem hearing people on this phone... the volume is fine. Speakerphone works excellently as well.

The camera is only a fraction of a megapixel, but even at that, it takes photos of fine enough quality to use as wallpaper.

By no means a camera for artistic use, but the razr's primary function is a phone, right?

All around, I love it! It has a great feel and I love to hold it. The metal makes it really cool to the touch. Plus, it's the first phone I've ever had that fits in my front pants pocket.

Not to mention the automatic wow-factor I've been getting when I pull it out. Every time a friend sees it for the first time, they get a huge kick out of it.

So slim, so sexy.... plus, it works as a phone.

Perfect for me.
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