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on February 18, 2013
The charger connectors are the same male/female ones on the battery. It's not the most secure hold, but I had no problems with charging. Multicolor LED is helpful in telling you that: a) your battery is charging, and b) it is charged.

**8 Month Update**
After only using the charger twice since purchase, I pulled it out again today to charge a pair of batteries. One of the LEDs no longer works properly. It's either dim or not working at all (so the light I'm seeing is from the other LED), leaving me to guess the charging status of one side. Minus one star for quality issues.
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on July 13, 2017
One more step in eliminating alkaline batteries in our home without the dangers of lithium-ion. AA and AAA sizes will very quickly pay for themselves. Other sizes take just a little longer especially when they are installed in things not used so much. AA and AAA are very commonly found and heavily used in most homes. AAA batteries can be used in threes with an adapter in the place of a C battery. If you put the dead batteries on the charger as soon as you replace them with charged ones, you will never shop for or run out of batteries again.
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on April 2, 2014
Recently I received a package with 9v batteries in regards to changing the smoke detector batteries, safety stuff etc. I tested both batteries they sent and they did not work. I didn't need them since my smoke detectors don't require batteries. Anyway, I'm an avid paintball player and my marker requires 9v since it's electronic. I would go through brand name batteries quickly. I decided to get these rechargeable batteries to help save money and it's better for the environment.

- Holds charge. (Need more time, might update review)
- Does what it was designed to do.

- None

I gave this a 5 because this battery set has worked well for me and meets my expectations. Hopefully I won't have to update this review.

*UPDATE 2016-12-05*
I had a battery appear to be melted one day when I went to play paintball one day. Seems as though these batteries don't do well with outdoor sports. I had to bring it down 2 stars since they didn't last a full year. I'm quite disappointed to say the least.
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on December 6, 2016
The best thing about this charger is that it allows you to use the very best rechargeable 8.4 volt battery on the market: the Powerex Precharged Rechargeable Low Self Discharge NiMH Battery (MHR84VP) --- without having to break the bank and buy the very expensive Maha charger.

Note: This Tenergy TN141 charger will not properly charge 9.6 volt batteries.
review image
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on September 4, 2014
The batteries right out of the package was 8.9volts which leads me to believe these are LSD (or Low Self Discharge) batteries. I can't confirm they are but after leaving this 9 volt battery in a multimeter tester it's still running (though i am not clear how long this particular multimeter will last for). I was going to hook these up to a LED setup here to see but i am still trying to figure out whether that will be safe for the LEDs. Once i finished charging the battery it's topped off at 9.94volts. After a few minutes it went down to 9.87 volts so it appears these batteries produce 9 volts. I assume the batteries will go down to about 7 volts before devices will start being cut off provided that is the cut off point for the multimeters.

There isn't an accurate way of finding out how much mAh these batteries actually carry so i will have to determine that based on the device. However, i only have 2 multimeters that need the 9 volts and a clock. Once i figure out the time/mAh i'll post that info. The charger itself seems to be in well condition. One of the problems i had though was trying to get the battery connected to the unit. I recommend trying to get the battery hooked up before hooking up the charger to the wall. There really isn't any way to tell how much mAh a 9 volt carries since this charger does not have an LCD screen such as the smart chargers i have seen (for the AA and AAA sizes) I didn't want to pay a whole lot on a 9 volt charger just to find out it doesn't have a discharge feature. In any case this is one charger that doesn't have a discharge feature. In my research i have found difficulty finding a 9 volt charger that will discharge the battery as a feature. Though considering these 9 Volt batteries might be LSD, it's not very important to have just to have a smart charger with a negative delta v cut off feature. But with any feature like that it's not a good idea to leave the batteries sitting in the charger all day. Especially with LSD ones unless you discharged it too much.

Even then, LSD NiMH batteries do suffer from low mAh due to them staying in storage for a lengthy period of time. In any case i just wrote down the time i turned on the multimeter with one of these 9 volt batteries and will simply monitor the multimeter. It will give me an indication on how long they will last, however it's not going to do much since there is no moving parts or excessive mAh usage. I will have to find a higher drain device to manually discharge these batteries. So the reason this review is missing a star (or have 4 stars for that matter). It's a huge huge plus that this charger has the negative delta v shut off but there is no LCD display nor does the charger self discharge. Another problem with this charger is being able to connect the battery to the charger terminals. It's not easy, so don't force it if it doesn't go in. You might have to keep playing with it in order to get it hooked onto the charger but it'll work, if you force it in though you might bend the connections and in my time of using 9 volt batteries, there's been a few negative connections break on me. Sometimes they get bent but usually once they do, they become brittle and break off. They don't design these things well and it's often a headache when things go wrong.

Overall though, it's a charger that works better than the cheap ones. And this one is a fair price.


Update 9.7.14: The batteries that came with this, one of them the + connector had already snapped off. I was lucky enough to get it back on again but i don't think it will last very long if it broke off. Poor battery configuration and with 9 volt batteries being so poorly made this is what i was afraid of when i got this device. Hopefully i can come up with a way to fix this problem so i don't have to return the battery or get another batch. These batteries should last a long time considering their low mAh and being used in multimeters they shouldn't need much recharging. I found a higher drain device, such as this portable pest repeller. I never seen it in action (though i plan on going camping soon so i will be able to put that device to the test. While leaving this device running overnight the voltage went down to about less than a volt. These 9 volt batteries, after doing some research should only be discharged to about 2.75 volts. Oops. Well that battery shouldn't require any further discharge cycles. Unfortunately the only way to tell whether the battery is discharged is to check the battery with a multimeter. Even this bug repeller doesn't give a clear indication other than a blinking light that dims out when the voltage gets too low.

These batteries are like any other NiMHs and i believe this 9 volt battery is made up of several AAAA cells so one battery in the entire pack could be over discharged and permanently damaged when it gets under a volt. If the connection breaks on that one battery again i will see whether i could solder the piece back together. That would probably be the only way of getting the connector permanently on.
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on September 29, 2015
I bought this unit to replace my White's metal detector charger and battery because of the lesser cost AND the features it had over the White's unit. The White's unit had only a one-color indicator light (red) showing it was charging and it did not shut off automatically when the battery reached full charge-although the instructions carried a warning NOT to overcharge the battery with risk of fire, but no length of time it took to fully charge the battery, so you had to guess. WTF? The Tenergy unit has a 2-color LED display to show when the battery is being charged and when it is fully charged. And, the unit shuts itself off when the battery reaches full-charge. These are all the features I wanted but did not have with the White's and I paid less than what the White's charger unit cost. I'm very happy with this purchase and I can recommend it to anyone wishing to charge 9 volt NiMH/NiCd batteries!
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on April 25, 2015
Very small, very easy to use. I have to recharge a 9 volt battery almost daily, and this recharger has done a terrific job in the last month that I've owned and used it. Battery pops into one of the two bays, collapsible plug on the charger comes out, I plug the unit into an outlet. Red lights indicate the battery is out of power and charging; green light comes on when it's finished. Unplug the unit, remove the battery, collapse the plug, tuck the charger away (it's VERY small, so easily fits into the corner of a drawer, safe and out of sight). Good stuff!
I've read other reviews that mention the sound the charger emits. It *does* have a small, high pitched whine will it's operating, but it's never been loud enough to bother me. And recharging in a room other than the one I'm sitting in completely nullifies sound as an issue at all.
I've been really happy with this unit, especially considering its small size and price tag.
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on January 30, 2016
Works perfectly to have rechargeables on hand for your smoke detectors. Charges quickly & compact charger that plugs directly into your wall sockets. Batteries are still holding their charge after 3 months of 1st charge.
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on May 21, 2016
This is a quick charger but the batteries will only last about 20 times until they expand and will not charge
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on August 19, 2016
product did not work, all of the batteries flashed red which means they will not charge. I tried a different charger and they worked.
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