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on August 7, 1999
Actually this was NOT the first release by AC/DC. Their first release was actually the 1974 Australia-only 8-song release of the album "High Voltage" (which oddly did not feature the track of the same name), which is certainly not the same album as the American release of the same name. As a matter of fact the American "High Voltage" release is basically the same as "T.N.T." with a couple of tracks from the 1974 H.V. thrown on. BUT!!! it was "T.N.T." that absolutely broke AC/DC, it was 'THE' album, and is a quintessential MUST-HAVE for any AC/DC fanatic. In 1975 this was THE album that shook Australian society to its roots with it's pure brashness: Parents hated AC/DC, mothers were locking up their daughters, meantime their sons were toughing up, hang-banging along to T.N.T. doing Bon or Angus impersonations and screaming "Oy!" It happened during that horrendously crappy campy era of tacky glam hairstyle rock in the mid-70s, a time when we really NEEDED a T.N.T. as a way of smashing all that glam crap out of the way. With T.N.T. the Australian music scene opened right up to hard raw guitar rock. Following in T.N.T's wake in Australia the following year, 1976, came Brisbane band The Saints with "I'm Stranded" and Sydney band Radio Birdman's Stooges-inspired "Burn My Eye"... suddenly Molly's "Countdown" show, ABBA and K-Tel records were blown right into the weeds by the new raw power of hard-core - and there you had a whole "new music"! T.N.T is a piece of pivotal music history. I think T.N.T. must be ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PRE-PUNK ALBUM EVER!
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on January 20, 2006
'TNT' pretty much says it all, the definitive early AC/DC album released in late 1975. It is probably common knowledge to every AC/DC fan that this eventually came out as 'High Voltage' in 1976, their "international" debut. Whatever you call it, this lp was the sign of things to come with several of the band's early anthems in tow. The title song says it all; power, volume and cheeky danger. "It's a Long Way to the Top" has always been a personal favorite (bagpipes!!!, how could you not love that, played by Bon of course!). Other classics/favorites include: "The Jack" (THE VD anthem!), "Live Wire" (amazing opener on the 'Let There Be Rock' movie), "Rocker" (another stage favorite from the early days (lurex socks and bluesuede shoes), "High Voltage" (an actual early pre-album single), "Rock and Roll Singer" (gonna be a rock and roll star) and the Chuck Berry hit "School Day" (makes sense for a cover doesn't it?). A huge hit in their native Australia, this was the disc got them to London then eventually America as road warriors. Too heavy for punk, too raw for classic rock, what were they? Just a great, straight up, no-frills, wicked woman stealing, schoolboy uni wearing, beatup broken boned rock n' roll band, one of the greatest ever!. Powerload, watch me explode!
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on June 24, 2002
AC/DC's 1975 album was their second "official" release. This time Aussie rock producers Vanda and Young where behind the desk giving the album a lo-fi independent sound that was heavier than the first album and much more rawer than the anything from the late 70's (never mind from the Brian Johnson period). If any album could be nominated from classic album status "T.N.T" would get the vote. Containing everything from rock anthem singles -- It's A Long Way To The Top, High Voltage, T.N.T -- , the manic guitar onslaught of "Rocker", the hard-as* "Live Wire" which rolls on down the highway on route 666 and a more aggressive revival of their early days with the glam stomp "Can I Sit Next To You Girl".
For overseas fans who are interested in the band's "local" era THIS is the album to listen to.

NOTE: This CD version has been slightly edited due to using remastered tracks from the U.S albums. The differences between the original LP are that three of the tracks fade out earlier - "Can I Sit Next To You Girl" is shorter, "Rocker" also fades out instead of the dramatic cut out (think The Beatles 'I Want You (She's So Heavy)), "High Voltage" fades out instead of naturally ending with a sustained guitar note followed by studio chat which leads onto "School Days" (in this context - "School Day's" works better as it comes an encore studio jam). Even though these tracks have later been released on Bonfire and Backtracks, the 1986 Australian CD is the only place you'll find the original master uncut.
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on May 14, 2014
AC/DC's "T.N.T." was never meant for international release(unlike High Voltage), so obtaining it in original form(vinyl, or on original CD) outside of Australia is very difficult at this point in time.

I deeply regret not simply having bought it 20 years ago when the 1989 CD was still in supply on record store shelves.

This remastered version exhibits *some* of the limiting and compression used as part of the current "loudness war" mastering processes, but it is certainly not brickwalled and crushed as were the 2003 remasters of this and the rest of the AC/DC catalogue.

Still, I hope one day to obtain an original CD version of this standard-bearer AC/DC album, even if that means spending over US$100 for the thing - as many already have for items such as an original "Thriller" CD by Michael Jackson. It matters *that much* to those of us who know the difference! lol
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on June 4, 2000
I am young enough to remember when AC-DC made their first appearance on T.V. . . .Angus had his white schoolboy uniform and Bon Scott was dressed aa a cigarette smoking,blonde,pigtailed schoolgirl !The music was raw,bluesy,full of power.I knew I had to get my parents to buy me an AC-DC album. Grudgingly,they bought me TNT.During the next few days that damn record was not off my turntable. TNT did not sound like anything Australia had heard before:it was loud,confrontational,no bulls**t rock'n'roll cranked up to ten;and Bon Scott was the king.Previously in a pop group called the Valentines and a hippie folk group called Fraternity(who actually lived out in the bush and recorded when it suited them),Bon was a roadie for the original AC-DC lineup who picked him as a replacement when the original singer wanted to go "glam".Bon's voice could be soft as silk or screechy as a harpie's.Above all,Bon had a sense of humor.Who else could pull off a bagpipe/guitar duel with Angus Young(IT'S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP)or thank profusely a booing audience(THE JACK)?Angus Young was/is a guitar genius and can play anything from crunching rock(TNT,A LONGWAY TO THE TOP,LIVEWIRE,HIGH VOLTAGE), speed boogie(ROCKER)and classic Chuck Berry riffs (SCHOOLDAYS);all while whirling like a top on stage.TNT has always been a favorite AC-DC release of mine;and it's a shame that it was chopped up for international release(to include the best songs off their previous album,HIGH VOLTAGE).One last image I will leave you with;Bon and the boys performing IT'S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP on the back of a truck in the middle of Melbourne. It stopped a lot of traffic that day,let me tell you!
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on March 17, 2004
Dont be fooled and think this is the same tracks as the world wide HIGHVOLTAGE because its quite the opisote!
This is AC/DC's second album which is only released in Australia!, and the one that shot them to stardom in Australia!
This album almost seems like a greatest hits, but its just a great album with some of the best AC/DC songs ever written all just by coinedence where put onto this terrific album!
If you have the world release of HighVoltage - you will notice that there is 2 tracks of diffrence with this album! "School Days" and "Rocker" where replaced on the other album with "Shes Got Balls" and "Little Lover" which were two songs from there first Australian album ,also titled "HighVoltage"
"School Days" is a cover version of "Chuck Berry"
Up untill the release of BonFire on the "Volts" Cd it was previosly only available on this album!
"Rocker" has surfaced on two world albums, why it was cut in the first place on the world HV i dont know? But this album is the bomb for AC/DC fans! And even the non AC/DC fans who like to rock will enjoy this album....i think? This is one of AC/DC's best of the best from the best of the best!
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on January 22, 2014
When AC/DC finally hit the scene they hit hard! The Australian release of "T.N.T" was internationally released as "High Voltage". The Australian release of T.N.T. had a two song difference with "Rocker" & a Chuck Berry cover "School Days" making the album a little edgier that High Voltage which replaced these two songs with " She's Got Ball's" showcasing the bands sense of humor & the slower bluesy "Little Lover". This difference in album releases has existed since the Beatles early years & makes it all the easier to create boxsets covering gems you may have missed collecting albums from your respective country's. This album is endearing to me in this form as my friend had gotten a hold of an import back in the day & we got used to hearing this line up. The sound quality is great.
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on July 20, 2004
This is the Australian version of High Voltage, and it's worth buying just to hear their take on Chuck Berry's "School Days". I still have the original vinyl, but due to repeated playings (plus the shakes) needed to upgrade to CD. AC/DC at their raunchiest Bon Scott best! Viva La Angus!!
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on January 30, 2006
This is the one to get. A true classic from down under and AC/DC's ticket to the big time. Yes, it's alot like the US release,'High Voltage' but better. Their version of School Days (Chuck Berry) isn't on the American Version. The tracks are also in a different order. Doesn't matter one bit. These rough and tumble blokes rock the living daylights out of you as you listen to their first complete album from 1975. Don't let the date fool you, it's timeless rock 'n' roll. Way before 'Back in Black'. The very suggestive lyrics that Bon got away with back then are also worth listening to! Something about 'That wet spot on the seat' (Bon describing in graphic detail about a female fans' enthusiasim for the concert will live on in my memory) Wow, what a blast of dynamite this album is. I would give it 6 stars if I could!
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AC/DC is a great band throughout their whole career, but favorite Person is the Bon Scott Period. TNT is a solid hard rocking Blues rock Album, Every song is great. The Great thing about all these Bomn Scott AC/DC Albums is you don't have to pick and choose, you can listen all the way through.
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