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on March 24, 2016
Great cup for the price. I like it because its lightweight and when I'm drinking something hot I can hold it over a flame or canister stove to heat it back up if it cools off. I find that better than spending the money on a larger more expensive and heavier double wall cup or a mug from home when backpacking. Also for those interested in using it to cook or heat up liquid over the many canister stoves its base diameter is to small to fit on the pot supports of most popular brands of canister stoves on the market, but I've had no issue just holding it over the flame for about 10 seconds and boom same result, handles never got hot on me during this either, it seems to be absorbed into the liquid before that happened but I'm also only warming it back up to a comfortable drinking temp, not reboiling it. If you want a small cup that can also be used as a cup/bowl/cook pot and don't mind the weight of stainless steel then consider the GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot or for a similar lightweight titanium option try the Snow Peak Titanium Single 600 Wall Cup One great thing about titanium is that it dosent hold/retain heat which is good because it transfers to the liquid and you can put your lips to it within a few seconds after taking it off burner in my experience or just overall sooner than when compared to other metals such as stainless steel. If your comparing it to its direct competitor theSnow Peak Single Wall 450 Cup One Size I can say this, they are both good. The Toaks is cheaper if thats important, but compared to the Snow Peak the Toaks titanium is a bit gritty like a very find sandpaper, personally I didn't like that because I'm picky and if you eat small items out of it you could have a bit harder time cleaning it. I do like the handles because with my large hands I hold it using my three most middle fingers, when doing so my middle and index finger fit in handle holes and the small bump in the handle at bottom sit perfectly on my ring finger. Someone at Toaks was spot on when engineering this cup handle. Its surprisingly fits like a glove to my semi-bigger handle. With all that said I still prefer the Snow Peak cup (also great handle). Its just feels more quality and smoother titanium finish I believe polished titanium. For me thats worth it because we're already cutting hairs here as it is so if I cared that much to save a few bucks I certainly wouldn't be buying a fancy un-necessary titanium cup to begin with haha id be taking a plastic cup from home or Walmart. So overall all its a great cup and you won't go wrong with this item but if money isn't an issue and you just want the best available then do yourself a favor and just buy the Snow Peak 450ml cup instead. Just my own two cents, hope that helps, cheers!
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on May 17, 2013
Update: after writing the review below yesterday; I made a wonderful discovery. Someone recommended using a side cut can opener and open a 5.5 OZ tuna can, and use that as a lid for the cup. Well that does not fit. Just as a test I tried the plastic lid from a Blue Diamond almond can. It fit PERFECTLY and will keep the stuff you store in the cup from falling out. I keep my MAHALO stove, fire steel, pot scraper, and lid to set the stove on, wind screen, etc.

I know the plastic lid will melt if i try to use the lid for cooking. It's just to keep my kit inside the cup. I will make a lid from aluminum foil when cooking. I used to have a Stanley camp pot, and that kit with other stuff I needed it weighed 18 OZs. By moving to this awesome cup; my cook kit now weighs 7 OZs.

I make and use alcohol stoves and wanted a titanium pot to lighten my pack.

I have owned the Toaks 600, checked out a friends Snow Peak 600, and now bought this cup.

Let's get the cons out of the way then I can start singing the praises of this little cup.

1. The stated weight is wrong. It weighs 2.7 ounces instead of 2.2.

2. This is only a cup.

3. Comes with no lid, and no third party builder I know of builds lids for this. Another reviewer said some sort of tuna lid works. I have not tried that.

4. The bottom of the cup is 3 1/4 inches (8.4 cm. So you will news a stove with a tight flame pattern.

1. Ok now I can tell you that I would rather have this little cup than a Snow Peak 600 or a Toaks 600.

The SP600 does not come with a lid either, costs 1/2 as much, and the walls are sturdier than the Snow Peak.

The Toaks 600. The 450 is stronger than the 600, and I do not like those long handles that have something to keep them cool. The covers on the handles may melt. The Toaks 600 does have a lid..

2. The stuff sack

a. The stuff sack is orange and easy to see. You will not leave it behind.

b. The stuff sack. Is a perfect fit so you can put stuff in the cup. Draw the stuff sack closed to keep them in the cup.

3. The Toaks holds 450 ml (15 FL OZs.

4. Most Mountain house meals need two cups water 480 ml, then many times you need to pour off some excess water. 450 ml is PERFECT.

I divide the freeze dried meal into two separate meals, so 450 ml is enough water for a meal, AND a cup of tea.

5. Lastly you will look at Titanium cups a long time before you ever find a better one.
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on June 1, 2014
It holds water. It can be heated. It has little handles with a little indent that will rest in your pinkie finger. If you really want to, you can put stuff in it and shake it really loudly to scare bears (not manufacturer recommended). In a pinch, you could use it to perform the Cups Song.

I took this on my last backpacking trip and it performed its job admirably. I added a pair of Snow Peak Hot Lips to make drinkin boiling hot beverages a little more comfortable. I cooked rice and oatmeal (separate meals, not as a combination, that'd be gross) in it, and I had a nice adult beverage in it. At under 3 ounces, it packs away nice and light.

It's worth noting that this is 450 ML, which is 15.2 ounces. Some people will be annoyed by this because it holds just a little less than 2 cups, and if you are a stickler for Empirical measurements and very precise recipes this size might drive you crazy. However, if you're that much of a stickler, you really need to consider just, you know, chilling out a little.

It comes with a stuff sack. I misplaced it immediately because I don't think a cup needs its own stuff sack. It's a cup, not a sleeping bag.
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on December 2, 2016
Great mug slight metallic taste at first but went away after I cooked in it the first time but things you should know
Titanium doesn't hold heat it radiates it Varry well actually so cold drinks will get warm and warm drinks will get cold prety fast in comparison to ceramic mugs mentioned to hold heat that being said the whole cup can get hot with just a small amount of hot liquids so spend a few bucks buy the hot lips there a great addition of
Only 1 con for me and it's that I wish the gauge of the metal used for the handle was a bit thicker it wouldn't really add weight but would make them feel a bit more sturdy to the hand

I've used these mugs extensive over the past year and other then some shooting I can't can't remove seems to have stained alittle they have blued but not warped and no leaks or cracks overall no issue just good
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on June 13, 2017
When it's time to cook, I turn to my Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium Mini Cookset. When it's time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on the trail, this cup is all I need. Realistically, it holds about 12 oz. of hot coffee comfortably. Nests easily in my cooking pot, is lightweight, and the handles cool quickly once the stove is off. Takes its knocks and it's a piece of gear that I'm confident I'll be using on backpacking trips for many years to come. No metallic taste or corrosion to speak of and it's seen a year of use.
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on July 1, 2017
I like the titanium construction. Sturdy, nests well with other Toaks products. Using toaks to replace old aluminum stuff which is probably giving me alzheimers over time. Cleans up okay, a little tougher than stainless for cleanup. No real complaints. Teamed with the bail handled pots, you really don't need much more for a BOB or solo or duo light weight camping experience. I would add a couple of the Toaks titanium spoons and a belt knife and you are good to go.
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Enthusiast: Campingon August 19, 2016
This product is wonderful for camping and use around the house. It's well made and will last a lifetime. I've used it for boiling water over a fire while camping and it is handy as a measuring device as well (450mL=1.9 cups). I ended up dipping my handle in some heat resistant rubber as well for added insulation, but I think if you're not using it to cook in, you wouldn't need this modification. The "hot lips" accessory for these is good for coffee drinkers who like their coffee hot and not too expensive.

Works well with Aeropress too, although aeropress doesn't nest in here.
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on June 10, 2015
After four days of use, I officially love this mug. I use it mostly to boil water and drink coffee. I wish my aeropress nested inside of it without any modification. Toying around with the idea of getting another aeropress and trimming down the rim around the plunger so it fits in there perfectly.
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on August 16, 2016
This cup is perfect for heating up small batches of water for coffee, tea etc right on a stove. That's mostly what I have used this for. Too small to cook a meal out of, unless it's oatmeal or something similar. No lid provided, but if I want one, I just set my .9L pot lid on top. Titanium is an excellent conductor of energy, which means it heats up and cools down very fast. However, I have not noticed significant heat loss from my morning drinks in this cup as long as I drink it in a timely manner (<10 min). This cup is cheaper than any single wall Ti cup I found but the quality is there. The handles do slide up and down in their sleeves, but this does not make them any less stable. This is on the heavier side of ultralight ti mugs out there, but includes handles and is a sturdy thickness compared to other ul cups.The small weight penalty is worth it if you prefer hot drinks on your trips. It can also be used for scooping water for filtering.
Update: After using this cup for almost a year and a half, it has earned its place in my food bag for backpacking on almost every trip I have been on since I purchased it.
I have began using this at home for my morning smoothies, as it is easy to wash out by hand without having to worry about being streak free like glass.
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on September 9, 2015
Bought this for a Glamping trip (Glamour Camping). Total overkill for me.

Didn't really need the weight reduction or that you could place it directly in the fire. I understand the "Hot Lips" will fit on this Titanium cup so you don't burn your lips on the cup itself, but burn your mouth on the delicious coffee juice.

It's a great size, strong, and doesn't impart taste. I would take this on a primitive hunt or trip and trust my life with it.
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