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on April 7, 2016
These switches fit the bill perfectly: unmanaged, no fan, lots of ports, 2 Gbps per port. Also, although there are no photos or text to suggest this on the product page, they do come with an excellent pair of rack ears powder coated to match the slate gray of the switch itself.

I bought two of these to replace several 5-port Netgear switches I had scattered around the house, often daisy-chained. I've been having issues with my network, some of which have been cleared up by these switches; mainly not obtaining proper IP addresses, or machines connected to them not obtaining proper IP addresses. This TP-Link switch is incredibly fast and I've never had IP issues with them to date. After you turn them on, they only take a second or two to initialize and obtain an IP address; in other words, almost instantly. I've never seen a switch come online that quickly before. The Netgears often would take 30 seconds or more, and sometimes even then, as I mentioned, would fail to connect properly to the router if I turned them on too soon. This TP-Link switch doesn't seem to have any of those issues. You can power it on or off any time you like relative to your router; as soon as a link is available, it will connect. It works like a switch should, meaning hassle-free; you turn it on and it switches packets.

Something else I noticed, which I've also noticed when upgrading other network equipment like my wifi router, is that it makes everything on the network snappier. I'm talking about LAN, of course. For WAN, obviously it isn't going to speed up your Internet connection; but you will notice less latency, resulting in faster loading web pages, and shorter times for connecting to a VPN server, or any other WAN activity that requires establishing a connection. Just as your CPU will affect web-speeds, so will the equipment you use on your internal LAN. Everything from switches to the NIC, CPU, RAM and drive on your computer, to your router to your modem will affect your 'Internet' speed. None of this, again, will improve the speed of your Internet service; but the better your equipment in each of these categories, the snappier things will connect, cache, load, route, switch, et cetera. It all adds up - or subtracts if you have poor equipment.

I purchased two; one is in my garage server cabinet and feeds the house from the main router; the other is in my home office and disseminates connections to the various computers and devices in the office. My old Netgear switches were always full; now I have more ports than I will probably ever need for expansion.

These offer a big improvement over the small 5-port switches given the 2 Gbps dedicated to each port. I can do Steam in-home streaming from my home office PC to the livingroom while my wife streams videos from the wifi router and neither will affect the other; as they shouldn't, since one is a WAN activity and the other is a LAN-only activity. However, in the past, the smaller switches acted as a bottle-neck in the LAN, with the result that heavy LAN use could affect WAN use and visa versa. If you have these issues, this switch will probably clear them up for you.

I also opened these switches up to look inside. I'm no electrical engineer, but they appear to be quite well built: clean traces, good quality capacitors, solid components overall and well laid-out. They also didn't over-engineer the case: just a handful of screws to open it up. The case is well-ventilated and solid. The powder-coating is well done and the color is quite attractive. I know this is a minor detail, but I really like the LEDs on the front as well: they are small, rectangular and quite bright, and organized into both 10/100 and Gigabit categories so you can differentiate traffic quite easily at a glance.
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on September 29, 2016
Working in the IT field for over 14 years now, this is a great little switch! It offers layer 2 switching functions including VLAN and QoS. The hardware itself was built really well and has that "business grade" metal feel to it. It comes with 4 rubber feet to attach for desktop use but they are left unattached in case you wanted to wall mount it.

IMPORTANT: This product has a version 1 and a version 2. The major difference (and possibly the only difference) is that V1 in only configurable via a software utility you have to install from disc, whereas, V2 is configurable via a web GUI which for me was a MAJOR plus.

I received the V2 product thankfully. I didn't do anything special when ordering, I'm guessing the supplier flushed out all the V1s. From un-boxing to walking away, it took me all of 15 min. And that's only because I geeked out on looking through all the cool settings. You could be up in running in less than 10 if you're used to this kind of equipment. My initial experience with this unit has been fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone no problem.
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on September 16, 2017
I was debating whether to get this or an older used enterprise managed switch for my home network. Finally got this based on so many positive reviews but I am disappointed. I work with networks daily and have for years so I had a specific way I wanted to set up my home network and this switch made it difficult.
-Configuration doesn't always save. The first time I configured it (after updating firmware) I spent 30 minutes, saved it and then moved it to another room. Powering it back on the config was back to defaults. I configured a few things again to test and saved it, powered off/on, and the changes I just made were there this time. This has happened multiple times so even when I make small changes I back up the configuration to my computer in case the switch powers off.
-Default VLAN is VLAN 1 which can't be changed and the management IP will only respond on VLAN 1. VLAN 1 is also not configurable to be removed from any port or be tagged on any port. I had to use VLAN 1 as my management network since I couldn't reach the IP on any other VLAN.
-The menus and naming is a little confusing. Sometimes it is not clear what a menu item will do until you try it but this is somewhat minor.

Overall, if you are experienced with networking you will probably be able to figure this switch out but it may take a lot of your time so keep that in mind when checking the price. If you are not experienced with networking and don't need VLANs I'd recommend something else. If this switch dies I'll be looking for something else.
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on August 31, 2017
There are different options but this review is for the tp-link 8-port 108E model. I just needed some more ports for some experiments with surveillance camera's and raspberry pi and whatever else that needs fast internet. The router is in my roomates room so it's nice to be able to link new stuff in without having to bug him. The main thing i was looking for was a gigabit connection. I needed over 100mbs because I'm in a test area for spectrum that provides around 150 MB/s . I never wanna have to bother upgrading in the future either so it's always best to get gigabit connection. It's well made, solid, comes with some lil feet. I don't use the feet because of the uneven surface but it works fine and stays cool. the web management through the web based tool seems decently functional too. The only problem i had is my computer had no disc for the software and the software is necessary in case your home router shared the default IP in which this switch uses. The tool is the only way to change the switches default IP so you can avoid a conflict and have access to the web tool. I really like it. The only thing that confused me is i didn't know what that K with the padlock was on the back. no documentation about it but I think another nerdy friend said it might be for some security lock Kerberos thing that I don't know anything about.
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on September 15, 2017
This is the average joe review for people who doesn't have much background in networking. Are you one of those people who purchased a Velop mesh wifi unit and found out it only has 1 lan port? Well get this switch and problem solved. There is no software or complicated set up. Just plug this unit in and let it do its thing. Do you need to set up POE security cameras and you need more ports? This switch will solve that problem too, provided you have a power injector for your camera. Does your wifi router have problems streaming 4k content and you want to switch to a wired option? This switch offer peak rate at 2000Mbps. If you are like me and have your movies on a hard drive connected to your router, this lan switch will let you access and play 4k movies super smooth on a wired connection. The best part of this switch is the plug and play feature with minimal or no tweaking necessary. Thank you to you smart people out there who made this switch idiot-proof for people like me.
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on September 21, 2017
I have two other TP-link switches. With the proliferation of devices, it has become necessary to get another distribution point for Ethernet cables. I vastly prefer Ethernet (wired) over WiFi (wireless) since not clogging up the WiFi bandwith with 20-30 more devices makes for a better experience for those devices that truly need to be wireless.

The unit was on a special at Amazon, and I bought it without much thinking or research.

My main issue with it is ergonomics. I can't fathom who designs products in this manner. The Ethernet ports are on one side, the power connector is on the other side. No matter how you position this device, there is no way that the cables can be neat. - either the Ethernet or the power cord will be on the front and will appear untidy and will add to the clutter on the surface this device is positioned on.
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on September 18, 2017
I have several ethernet cables strung throughout my house from a media center in the garage. There is a Levitron bridge in the media box. Anyway, the cable comes into the media box the signal split to several places in the house. One of those is where the cable modem is located for Internet access. The cable modem connects via ethernet to an Apple Airport wireless router. Out of that router there is an ethernet connection to the TP-Link bridge which then has an ethernet connection back to the media center, the Levitron bridge, which distributes the ethernet cable signal throughout the house and to an out building that is about 200 ft away. There is an old airport express in the out building which is used to relay the wireless signal that is controlled by the Apple Airport Extreme. I can maintain wireless connectivity as I walk between buildings. There is an Apple TV in both the main building and the out building. In the main building the Apple TV is hardwired to the Apple Airport Extreme Router. In the outbuilding, the wireless network is used to receive the signal for the Apple TV to display it on the TV. My TV also has Internet and it too is connected to the TP-Link giving me multiple options. Lastly, there is an Accurite Weather Bridge connected to the TP-link that forwards weather data to both Accurite and Weather Underground.

The point being, there's a lot going on and the TP-link bridge is performing very well. I have 300M cable connection and, unless there is a problem with Spectrum's service (which is more often than it should be) things work very, very well.
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on September 1, 2017
Only had it for a day, but so far so good. Needed it for my home network. I had two 5 port 10/100 switches previously for my home setup. Cable Modem, Airport Extreme, then switch for hard wire for TV, Xbox, etc. then ethernet feed to my box upstairs where i had an airport express as a wireless extender and then a switch there to feed all the ethernet boxes throughout the house. Recently upgraded from Cox Premium to Cox Ultimate (300Mbps down). Airport Extreme was getting about 350Mbps downstairs, but express was only getting 50 MBps. Put the new switches in and express is now consistently getting 90+MBps.
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on September 17, 2017
This is my 2nd sets. I am not in IT and I am only using this for home. With my game consoles, streaming boxes, and a few other things, 5 ports just don't cut it. Since there's little difference in price between the 8 ports and 16 ports, I always go for the 16 ports. Always plug and play and never has any issues. For the next room, I will definitely buy it again.
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on February 21, 2014
Needed to replace a router I was using just to connect VOIP and printer cables to my little office network. I was using a Router and a wireless router, and the wireless was slowing things down, causing issues with a virtual website I use all day long for work. A neighbor told me to buy one of these and just unplug old wireless router and replace it with this setup. I did, it worked, easy as pie.

Equipment is solidly built and looks like it is made to last a long time. He advised me to do the same and use a switch box for my networked printers, and they now print faster as we'll. Both times I used TP Link and quality in the product is obvious and they are very affordable. Runs VERY cool, not hot to touch at all.

Good luck.

Big Jim L.
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