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on May 22, 2015
What is it?
It is a wireless router that supports 2 bands (signals) that run simultaneously. The speed on both signals will max out at 300Mbps. This router also supports wlan printing, media / network servers, and has a USB port.

600Mbps total bandwidth (300 for 2.4GHz and 300 for 5GHz)
2 Detachable dual band antennas
1 USB Port
Guest Network Access
IP- Based Bandwidth control
Easily Setup a WPA Encrypted Connection w/ Button press
Live Parental Controls
TP-Link Live 24/7 Tech Support
Android & iOS app

What’s Hot
Easy Setup…
LED aren’t overly distracting
Built in Media Server
Make any printer a network printer.

What’s Not
Only one USB Port
USB is a USB 2.0 (Should have been 3 like my old Netgear router)
Can’t Seem to get the Android app to detect devices on my network.
Fingerprint / dust magnet
Streaming HD media from a separate server is a struggle at times

Build Quality: 4.5
The N600 comes in a glossy piano black finish, that as you would expect is a fingerprint magnet. This also mean that it will most likely be a dust magnet as well. Overall it is very light weight and on the average size for a wireless router. It appears to be about to take a fall but seriously who will be traveling with a router or, place it somewhere where it will fall?

Features: 4
The N600 is packed with features like USB (for printers / drives) , media server, and dual bands that is usually found in routers 2x its price. I kind of wish that they bumped up the max speeds to at least 450 Mbps but in all honestly 300 isn’t that bad for the price.

Value: 5
Lets be honest here the main reason why someone would be eyeing this router next to its competitors is its price. And Yes, it is totally worth it… For what you get for $40 is equivalent to something you would have to pay Netgear $70, or Cisco $85, or LinkSys $65.

Performance: 4
So far it works as advertised. I haven’t had any real hiccups outside of the Android App not really working for me. I’ve also noticed that my Media Server sometimes disconnects when not in use but that is probably just an issue with my server and not the router. Speeds weren't incredibly high but they never really slow to a crawl, and i have multiple devices connected to it via lan and, wireless. I've noticed that this router sometimes struggles while streaming HD video wirelessly from my Media Server. The wireless range if the wireless router is surprisingly good. I was able to get pretty far away from my house and still be in range of the router.

My Thoughts
Overall it is a great router for the price. You should have no problems streaming and receiving a decent internet Connection from within your house. TP-Link will be putting a lot of pressure on its competitors with their bang-for-your-buck routers.

I recommend this product to anyone who lives in a small house or an apartment who needs wireless internet and on a budget.
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on December 17, 2014
I purchased a 3500 as an upgrade to my old wireless router after I discovered that it was limiting my downloads to 10 mb. The installation was easy (for me) and I had it running in a few minutes. I had no issues with the documentation in fact the web installation option was as good as the full manual or paper manual they provide because it provides information on the right of the setup options that help you decide what to choose.

I have seven laptops and two desktops along with cellphones, wireless cameras, and and printers that all use the wireless capabilities on both bands. I have had no difficulty with any device connecting to the router.

Some of my devices operate on the 5 gig band and work equally as well as on the 2 gig band.

The performance varies with the device that is using the router. I have Charter Internet that boasts 50 mb speed. In measuring performance using my collection of laptops, the performance varies from 10 mb to 60 mb using the Charter speed test. The performance seems to be relative to the age of the laptop where the newest laptop (2014 model) provides the best performance.

I am also using the NAT, PORT FORWARDING, and DYNAMIC DNS features to provide internet access for a wireless camera and web server. It all works as described and was easy to set up (assuming one reads the manual).

The only issues I can see so far are:
1) You need a powered USB hub if want to connect a disk drive for file sharing
2) The "public" network capability gives a guest user access to your entire network and all systems on it. I had assumed that it limited it to just Internet access but it does not. Maybe that is a way to do so but I could not find it.

Overall this router is a five star value, performance is outstanding and the setup is relatively easy but don't forget to RTFM!
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on September 3, 2016
I have posted the full story below but I will sum the story here:
- This router cannot handle 300 mbps (was told by the supervisor that according to the specifications it can only do 100 mbps);
- Customer service is a joke:
- You may not even get through as stated above I received a busy signal a couple of times I tried calling;
- Customer service is outsourced and has no clue what they are doing;
- One of the customer representatives told me I should look at other companies;
- The product guest wireless network is having problems and will not work as expected
- You will have to pay the shipping if you want a replacement.

Essentially spend a little more money and get a better product trust me it will be worth it in the long run.

The story:
While this product was originally a good investment I thought I would not recommend this product at all. After a little bit of time I was having a problem with the router keeping up with speeds. The customer service was a joke. I got a busy signal 4 times while I tried to call customer service. I then spent an hour trying to figure out how to replace the device since it was not able to keep up with the wifi speeds that I have coming in (150 mbps). I ended up getting 78 mbps on the regular network and 20 mbps on the guest network. I was told by the supervisor that it was because of interference. This made no sense considering they told me to try other channels which did not solve the problem. They said that they could replace the product but it would not do anything and I would have to pay a fee which she could not tell me how much it would be since it was another department.
All together I cannot recommend this product as it has proved to be defective with the guest network not working after some time, customer service is a joke, and they do not live up to what they promised or what was expected. Spend some money and get a better wireless router.
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on May 5, 2016
I wanted to update my existing NetGear router as it was getting old. I ordered this after looking at all the positive reviews and it just wouldn't work (Wi-fi got disconneted every other hour) So had it replaced guessing the issue was only to that particular unit, but boy was I wrong. The second unit worked fine for almost a month and the same issue with Wi-Fi dropping started again, so went back and hooked up my old NetGear again. Since it was over the 14-day return period, I am not able to return it. So right now this is sitting idle.

Not sure if this is an issue with the two routers I got or a general issue, but would not recommend this product..

One the Plus side, the Interface is way better than NetGear Interface.
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on October 30, 2014
Mine is running three computers on Cat6a ethernet cables (using "Cable Matters Cat6a Snagless Shielded (SSTP/SFTP) Ethernet Patch Cable" from here on Amazon, 50ft), with all three of us regularly streaming on youtube and/or connected to MMOs. Plus... and this is the impressive part... around THIRTY wireless devices in total, most of which are streaming several gigs of data each per day, and they're stuck on the 2.4 GHz band (through no fault of the router).

The wireless devices have to sit right beside the router to get maximum (full) connectivity, but I don't know how much of that is the signal strength of the router and how much of it is it having to compete with 12 other apartments' wireless networks, two hotels' wireless networks, and one coffee shop's wireless network. And a ton of old wiring in the very old building... a ton of interference in general. In a less congested location it may very well be able to hold all these connections from across the room without a problem, but I wouldn't know for certain.

Regardless, it has 128Mb of RAM, which is really good for this price, and makes it worth getting this even if you're not going to be using both bands. It's holding up under the strain of all these streaming connections like a router that costs far, far more than this one does.

Mine is paired with the "ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem" also found here on Amazon, and we're connected to Comcast Cable. Very solid combination for cable internet.
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on September 26, 2015
I bought this to keep at my gf's house because her AT&T 2Wire modem/router hybrid didn't play nice with my laptop. I have the 3-antenna version of this at my apartment (the 4300 I wanna say?) so I'm familiar with TP-Link's web interface and how these devices work.

1. Once I got it to work, it worked well enough. Get about 90% of the rated speeds she was promised by AT&T. This was probably both the router and AT&T's fault for not getting the full 100%, but whatever, close enough.
2. Good design, if you download the PDF manual, you can figure out what all the blinking lights mean. Looks slick.
3. Web interface is easy to understand once you get used to it. The Quick Setup works relatively well unless you need to enable the special features.
4. Has some decent features for a sub $40 router.
5. Has decent range for a sub $40 router.
6. Has decent speeds for a sub $40 router.

1. Came with wildly outdated firmware out of the box. This caused compatibility problems with my gf's 2Wire modem/router/garbage combo that was only fixed when updating to the most recent version. Make sure you update to the most recent firmware as soon as you open this bad boy or you'll probably have some issues.
2. The power cable is shorter than most and that makes me sad.
3. No dd-wrt support :( There is OpenWRT support, but I'm not technically knowledgeable enough to use that just yet.

Like I said in the cons, this ships with wildly outdated firmware that you should update immediately upon receiving to avoid too many issues. With the AT&T 2Wire modem/router/garbage combo, I had to set the channel manually (the auto channel selector doesn't seem to do it all that well), and increase the width to 40Hz before I got pretty decent speeds. Of course, you probably won't have to do that with your modem, just giving you a narrative of this particular combination of hardware. It was a pain.

Overall, this is a decent router. It's under $40 and you really can't ask for much more out of a sub $40 router. Are there better routers? You betcha. Did this one perform flawlessly? Eh, close enough. However, for the price, I feel like I got my money's worth.
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on February 7, 2016
Worked fine for about a week and a half then started to drop internet connection with increasing frequency. By the end of 2 weeks it stopped connecting altogether. Updated the firmware via TP-Link site, changed channels, released/reloaded DHCP, the whole 9 yards. The thing simply died a fast death while appearing completely normal with flashing lights and all. My guess is the internal components are subpar and some of the circuitry may get overheated. I hooked up my old wifi router and returned this one. The search continues for a proper dual band.
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on October 3, 2015
I am writing this for people who are looking for the best dual band router with limited budget.

Generally, I will not give out any comments regarding my purchase.

However, this product really win my heart of writing a review for it.

Half a month ago, I purchased this product and try to match up my upgraded cable speed.

After I received the router from Amazon, it takes me 15 mins to set up. not bad...

I has signed up for 70M speed from Comcast. At lease that is what I expect to get right?

But this router run over the limit!!!! It can reach up to 90M from all sort of speeding test.....

Initially, I think some other routers around this price range may perform the same.

After 2 weeks of using it, I found this router has kept dropping my portable devises out from interest.

Even my new android phone and Ipad could not get into internet after been connected to the router.

I feel so irritated to reboot this router every time this situation happened. (several times a week)

So I purchased the AE2500, which considerably a better one to replace it.

After I connected the new router and tested the internet speed, it only run 70M/s......

Then I try another speed testing website and get the same result.

So I switch back to TP Link, it runs 90 M/S as usual....

I have no idea how TP Link manage to do that but it runs faster than its competitors.

I think I just better stick with TP Link, which runs my internet faster.

Well, this router is not perfect, but I believe it is the fastest one of this price range.

I will keep you guys posted on how this router performs.
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on June 27, 2014
I usually don't write reviews unless I'm very satisfied or very unsatisfied.

I love this router so much. It exactly does what it is supposed to do. Maybe even better. I saw this router several months back on Amazon, but I wasn't sure if this is the one, so I shopped around for other routers. I tried a couple of other very competitive dual band routers in the last two months and ended up returning them after a couple of weeks.

At the moment there are about 15 wireless devices connected to my router (from garage door opener to iPads) and the previous routers consistently dropped the signal. I had to power cycle to get back online. Which is not possible when I'm away. This one is super, setup was a piece of cake (not so much if this is the first time setting up a dual band, I think.).

What does an average user expect from a router? Less signal drops, high speed, good range as advertised. So, I'm experiencing all of them with this router, what else you need?

As one other user mentioned, I couldn't find a way to set the QOS, but I don't see the use as I have no issues streaming 3D content from netflix using the 5 ghz band while other connected devices doing their thing.

My only complaint would be with the Tether app. I couldn't find a way to connect to it from outside the home network which was possible while using other routers.

Hope this review helps someone pick a router in the future.
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on April 16, 2014
UPDATE March, 2016 - 2 Years Later
While these have served us well over the last two years there have recently been some issues with speed, range, and disconnects requiring reboots. I've since replaced them both with Apple Airport Expresses which have better range and based on reviews are rock solid in terms of reliability. The Apple Airport Express is also one click setup whereas these were a lot of configuration, and the Apple App lets you see which clients are connected to which AP, great for troubleshooting, they are also half the size and don't have the silly antennae. So long TP-Link.

After months of frustration with ASUS RT-N53 routers crashing constantly I bought two of these, one as a primary router, and the other as a wireless access point. They were both connected via powerline with the TP-LINK TL-PA4010KIT AV500 powerline over ethernet adapters.

When I say flawless I mean it. Not one dropped connection on the 2.4GHZ or 5GHZ band, not once have I had to reset them in over a month. These things are very reliable, and two of them cover my three story house. My iPhones, Amazon Kindles, Rokus, and Laptops add up to over a dozen devices and these handle them perfectly. Do yourself a favor and ignore all the hyped overpriced gadgets and go with this inexpensive RELIABLE router, you won't regret it! I went with the N600. Range is good and interface was simple enough. It doesn't have any setup wizards for making it an access point, but that is easily found looking on the internet.

Thumbs up. Definitely recommend.
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