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on August 18, 2014
MUST PURCHASE! Ok, I have so many wifi components in the house on 2.4. I had to buy this because of the conflict between my house and my neighbors. I used an app to see what channels were not clogged up on 2.4 and found NONE! Wifi Analyzer on Google Play, its free. So after lots of troubleshooting by the 2.4 manufacturer they recommended a 5.0 because they dont have one. I found this and it solved all the problems. First, it pushes the max bandwidth download via ethernet cord at 54 mbps. I get the full speed of my cable modem! Second, it pushes 44-48 mbps on wifi!!! It also has 2.4 and 5.0 at the same time and you can assign different passwords and names to each. Because it is the only 5.0 in the house and neighborhood, it has all of its channels open with no conflict! It was very simple to set up. I recommend using the internet IP address of the module, the disk provided did not work for me. You can "program" it in 2 minutes! And you don't need to be an IT guru to do it. The instructions are step by step. Again, recommend bypassing the disk and go straight to the IP address steps.
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on October 1, 2017
This router worked well for a number of months, then I started having issues with the wifi bugging out and needing a power reset to bring it back online. I used this router as a slave to my primary DHCP router, a very similar TP-Link WDR3600. My primary router then started losing its mind and losing connection to my cable modem. I removed my 3600 and replaced it with the 4300 unit and reconfigured as my primary DHCP router. It worked for a couple of weeks then the 4300 unit started losing DHCP capability. I was unable to log into the unit with my desktop PC which is connected with a LAN cable, even with setting a static IP address to the PC. More resets and heartache until I decided to trash 'em both and buy a Linksys router to replace. So to recap: this router is less than a year old, and my older router just went out of its 2-year warranty. One failed unit is an anomaly, but two routers? That's a reliability failure. Who has time to mess with routers that can't stay online? And mind you, this is coming from a person who is comfortable with configuring home routers, those who aren't will have a heck of a time with these piles of poop!
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on August 26, 2016
I've owned this item since April 2015. I have a love hate relationship with it. When it's working properly, it's great, but then it will just randomly decide to stop broadcasting for an undetermined amount of time. When this first happened, I thought maybe we just had too much stuff on at one time. Xbox streaming Netflix, 2 cell phones (1 constantly being used), my laptop was online as was my desktop, and probably a tablet as well.

So I went into the configuration to look things over, and double check the 5GHz. I was going to put a couple of devices on it, to help possibly alleviate the congestion. After looking it over, I noticed the 5GHz option wasn't available on any of my devices, much like it wasn't broadcasting at all. Played around with it, and my devices for a bit longer, then decided to upgrade the firmware. After that, my cell phone saw the 5GHz broadcast, but nothing else (was the devices, not the router).

Still has the issues with dropping connection for no reason, and honestly, I'm contemplating replacing it. I'll still give it 3 stars due to it's performance when it's working, and I do like all of the options in the configuration menu. I just wish it was more reliable.
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on February 25, 2017
I have had this router for 1 year and 9 months and it's starting to fail on me. Every night I have to reset my router to get my internet working again because it has locked up. Yes, there can be other reasons for my internet to halt but I have been able to isolate the issue to the router. For example, connecting to the router interface tplinklogin.net it will not load. It has loaded in the past when my modem has failed or my ISP has an outage in the area. Other tests such as connecting directly to the modem have proven the router is the issue.

I agree with better reviews that it was easy to get set up and running. Also their GUI is nicely designed compared to other routers I've had. But it is very disappointing that after not even two years I'm experiencing so many issues. Routers are too expensive for them to not last longer.

I keep my router well ventilated so it does not over heat. This is just a failure in the router itself, nothing external is causing my problems. It seems like if you want to have a high quality router that lasts as long time and isn't a pain in the butt, then fork out the money for an Asus. I have multiple close friends who own Asus routers and have for years that don't ever cause them issues. To be said though I don't own one... yet.
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on November 19, 2015
I have owned for two years. My home network has three Roku's two which stream at 1080P and Roku 4 which streams at 4K.My servers are web server, smb server, print server, Plex server, three laptops, two smart phones (Android), one Ipad, two Android tablets and a Kindle paper white. Phew! I run the DD-WRT firmware r28072 with this router see this video https://youtu.be/zgLZDOimTAc?list=PLnxXRLSlmSVNiENiN9wTejP6dtIqqmTya. It has been rock solid at doing everything I ask it to do and it interfaces with the multitude of devices we own. I can not praise this router enough. It works great in 2.5Ghz (N300) and 5Ghz (N750) WIFI modes and at 1Gbps LAN as well. On top of all this you can plug printers and USB storage devices (two at the same time). All this for $69.99? It's truly a no brainer. Here is my review on this great router https://youtu.be/zr3nZclaaLI?list=PLnxXRLSlmSVNiENiN9wTejP6dtIqqmTya BTW I have burned out three or four other big name brand routers in less than a year. This one is still going strong 2 years + later. I am now a TP-Link convert I will continue to buy their products in the future and I have no problem recommending them to others. Happy routing.
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on June 24, 2014
I brought this thing online to replace my existing Cisco E2000 as I liked some of the ADVERTISED features of this router.

I like the idea of dual-band
I like the idea of a USB hub integrated
I wanted to use QOS like the Amazon page shows.
I've been having issues with my Cisco E2000 dropping it's uplink connection, so I searched for a replacement, thought this one looked good for a decent price, so I bought it.

First, and I feel most important.
THERE ARE NO QOS SETTINGS! When you look at the page for this device on Amazon they show you a pretty little interface for setting QOS (allows you to give priority to certain traffic, such as your Vonage or other VOIP phone)...but it doesn't exist, not in the admin interface, not in the TP-Link FAQs, not in the TP-Link forums, not on the box, not under rocks, not in a shoe, no QOS for you!

I've only messed with it for about 20 minutes (which is longer than a standard user should have to). I brought it online with my old SSID and password and my devices started picking it up without much issue. After about 20 minutes things stopped responding and when I could get a speedtest (ookla) to connect I'd get about 0.5 Mbps, NOT GOOD. I gave it overnight in case I had issues with my cable internet service, the next morning my speedtest was 0.13Mbps...BAD. I yanked it and plugged my E2000 back in and immeidately got 28Mbps, right about where it should be.

I'm going to give it another go before returning it because I really hope that it'll boost my range a bit and keep from dropping like my E2000 tends to do.

The admin interface is lightyears better than Cisco's (I've used 4 different Ciscos over the years) and I Iike the idea of the iPhone app. I'd really like to have QOS settings but I think I may be ok without them. For now it's 2 stars, but could very well become 1 star soon.

Edited 21 July
I got it to work and be stable after way too much tweaking. It worked ok, but did not provide me with more than my clunky old router, plus it doesn't have QOS...so I'm returning mine...adios!
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on May 25, 2014
New Router!!!!! Go TP-Link & COMCAST. Holy sh@t.... This is faster than a T3
How can you say no to such an ISP . Want a great router , purchase the TP-Link N750 WDR4300. No buffering anymore!!! Tech is Great.
118 mbps down 11 mbps up

Improved speed by more than 100%

Took longer to take out of the box then to set the router up....
review image
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on September 9, 2013
[Update] It's a good router if you never update the firmware, it will break your config and you won't be able to import all the settings back regardless what it may say on their website about doing it. Support from TP-Link is also one of the worst I've encountered from form replies to support issues to inferring you did something wrong by following their directions. If support or firmware updates are a concern, I would avoid TP-Link entirely.

The range on this is crazy good, without changing the antennas it was covering my entirely house and surrounding yards, I can even pick it up with i visit my neighbors. I swapped out the antennas anyway though and now I can get strong signal on my entire block so I've got wifi when I walk the dog. Great for gaming, I setup a printer and a NSA device directly to the unit so i can share with my house easily. No issues to report, been using for about 6 months.
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on September 18, 2015
Main issue so far is the SLOW wired connection speed when using DD-WRT
Tested transfer between 2 linux computers, memory to memory, no hard drives/files involved.
This is incidentally 256Mbit/s - so only about a 1/4 of the "gigabit" switch that this router should provide.
Note: if your cable internet is above that number you are unlikely to get it to go any faster.

With original firmware
89MB/s => 712Mbit/s
which is not exactly 1Gbit/s, but pretty good and not likely to be a limitation with even the fastest broadband

I need DD-WRT for additional capabilities as this is intended to serve as a the main entry point/connection between internet and the internal network in the house.
Intended to use this router as the main enr
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on June 11, 2016
The automatic set up went fairly smoothly except that I got a message at end stating that the set up had failed and my router had not been configured and was not ready for use. So I went directly to the manual set up. My complaint about the manual set up is that most routers use a router address of (sometimes which is easily remembered, because it is universal, however, this router uses a name, which makes it necessary to remember some cryptic name, or failing that a name that must be written somewhere on a piece of paper that can (probably will) be lost.

Anyway, back to the set up error. After typing in the cryptic URL name, the set up screen appeared and showed that the router had been correctly configured. So the automatic set up was wrong when it reported the configuration error. Navigation around the set up site was intuitive, with functions grouped together in a logical manner making it easy to tweak settings not accessible within the automatic set up.

Performance seems to be fine, with a good strong signal available throughout the house, along with excellent transmission speeds. It has two radios so there are dual 5GHz (450Mbps) and 2.4GHz (300Mbps) bands. I have one complaint about the misleading advertising. They advertise it as a combined 750GHz router, which is meaningless BS since the maximum speed on any one band is 450Mps. This is deliberate obfuscation to mislead customers into thinking that they can get speeds up to 750Mps.

There are two USB 2 ports which allow one to set up and use network drives. I currently use a 1 TB network drive giving me easy access to shared files across my network.

You should be aware that this is an older router that was introduced in 2012, so it does not have some of the modern bells and whistles of newer routers. If, however, you do not need some of those features then this is an outstanding router and a great deal a great deal for the price. I say this because I also have two top of the line, very expensive Linksys home routers, and this router performs as well, if not better than either of them.

I would have given the router five stars had it not been for the set up error message, which can create problems for the less tech savvy user who might be intimidated by having to perform a manual set up. I also knocked it down because of the weird cryptic web address of the manual access.
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