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on August 11, 2016
I got this product as an upgrade to my SMC which was working absolutely fine. However about 6 months ago I noticed my netflix and general browsing speeds to be really slow and off late my wifi was to a crawl. I suspected it to be the cable provider and had them come over to look into the issue but the actual cable modem registered the full specified bandwidth. I narrowed it down to the router. No matter of changing channels fixed this. I called in to TP Link and they promised to send me a router replacement. However later they refused after they checked that I was about 10 days out of warranty. This is fine by me - however if a product fails within the warranty period such as just the wifi radio it takes a while for a customer like me to figure it out (even though I am an IT professional). The customer service representative agreed over email that this is a failed wifi radio. I was honest in letting them know that I am a few weeks outside of warranty but the product failed within warranty. No resolution.
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on February 28, 2017
We had nothing but problems with this, which was very disappointing. We had the older version, which was AMAZING, so we thought this would have been just as great, but it wasn't. Extremely glitchy. We ended up with the Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi. We love that one much better.
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on January 9, 2016
I am writing this review because some of the reviews say this router needs frequent reboots. This has not been my experience.
This router has been rock solid for me since I plugged it in a week ago. Not even one reboot.

I have been using it daily for 8 hours of continuous video conferencing, not a single hiccup or glitch. Full cable modem speed from 40ft away through 3 walls. My previous Apple Airport Extreme that this replaced only managed to deliver 1/3 of modem speed at the same location. The old router also would freeze regularly when the network is under high load, e.g. video conference + Netflix simultaneously.

The setup was easy and the iPhone App is convenient. Unfortunately the app does not provide access to all the advanced settings. Still need to use the web interface to get to the advanced settings.

I got this router instead of other similar products because this has the newest Qualcomm chipset (QCA9984). Just like the CPU that powers PC's largely determines the performance of the PC, each generation of Wifi chipset has better signal processing power. I noticed that my Apple Airport Extreme runs quite hot, which may be related to need to restart when heavily loaded. I wanted to make sure the new router will be able to handle the ever increasing networking load over the next few years. I don't really need the mu-mimo feature yet but it is a nice plus for the future. The primary consideration was ability to handle high load continuously all day long, in a stable manner without malfunction.

This router has been perfect so far, and the case is barely warm to the touch under heavy load.

Update: Still solid, no reboot needed. Did update to new firmware successfully. Attached a hard drive to the USB socket and using as network storage for the whole house.
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on November 22, 2013
Bought to replace/upgrade the wireless routing function of an AT&T Uverse NVG510 modem/router combo. (For anyone that wants to do the same thing, this unit bridged successfully and easily, routing the WAN from the NVG510.)

Wireless range is pretty healthy without being incredible. Using a couple of different pieces of analyzer software, I'm averaging -54dBm and 94% signal strength through two walls and a ceiling/floor. My wireless NIC is reporting 270Mbps is possible.

Firmware flashed to DD-WRT without issue, though I have reverted to the TP-Link firmware as it does what I need and is stable.

Media server function works, though I have had issues with my LG smart TV not wanting to play the MP3s it was seeing served via DLNA.
Storage server functions very well. I have a TOURO 1Tb USB drive plugged directly into the WR1043ND and is performing well as a file server for the PCs & laptops in the house. (Though this drive is not much use for backups, due to USB speed limitations. Will be replacing with a proper NAS unit connected via RJ45.)
Don't count on being able to use a USB hub connected to the router. I tried a powered hub with no luck at all. (Router wouldn't recognize the periphs. attached to it.)

I was disappointed that the Print Server functionality did not support my HP LJ3050, but I have an old TrendNet TE100 print server that works well on the network, so no biggie for me.

After finally finding a 802.11n PCIe card that had a decent Win8 driver (Rosewill RNX-N250PCe with the Realtek 8192CE driver) my wireless connection has been stable with zero drops.

Overall, very happy so far (10 days) with this robust and pretty unit. Can recommend.
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on February 16, 2016
I contemplated buying the Linksys equivalent to this router and essentially what made me chose this router over the linksys was the indicator lights located above the little chrome strip along the center. My mother knows how to reset the router and she knows its working when "the lights come on and blink". The linksys had zero indicator lights, nothing to tell you it was on and working. Also, the Linksys stuff seems to get a little warmer then warm while operating, this TP-link AC2600 of mine can operate about three wifi items on the same band, example three N wireless laptops, without slowing down and seems cool to the touch (amazing because it seems to rely on convection to cool itself with no fans). Soon as the fourth N band item hops on, its data slows down a bit. I haven't tried checking to see what would occur if different combinations of wifi band devices were active at the same time, example 2 N band wifi devices with 2 AC band wifi devices but I assume the difference in band would eliminate the slow down when four devices were connected to the router.
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on April 4, 2013
I like it when it works, in fact I LOVE IT. Range is Great on Wi-Fi Signal and it seems to handle flow of data great BUT....... Saw this on a great deal @ Amazon, bought it and set up FIRST delivered Router. This first unit would drop the internet connection and need to be re-set initially about every other day. It then began to lose the internet connection several times during the same day. Amazon sent out replacement and I've had this one "running" for about 6 days. Initially it seemed to be good as it went for 3 days holding the Internet connection. Now I'm back to losing the internet connection for my system about every day and a half. If this continues for another couple of days this unit is going back for refund or replacement with a different brand/model. Looking at blog/comments/review and this unit seems to have a widespread problem with losing the Internet and having to be reset. Thought about doing DD-WRT but on one of the DD-WRT forums - with a lot of techies on it - it seemed as if these were the same issues with DD-WRT installed.

Update 4/8/2013. Will second unit is a bit more reliable as it will hold Internet connection for around 34-36 hours. (Started keeping a log). Again this morning, just about 36 hours from last reset, sure enough woke up to No Internet Connection. Re-set so it should be up for probably 34-36 hours. Tech service on Friday was of no big help as they basically told me to re-install the unit which I had already done three times last week. Thank Goodness for Amazon Returns...........giving me full credit for my returns (first one paid for, second one replacement). Have ordered a different router that shows better reviews. Hoping it does better.
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on August 13, 2012
This Tp link router is poorly designed marginal stability . The major problem is with over heating because there are no ventilation holes on the top of the router like my old reliable Linksys WRT54GS that need to be replace due to wps security hack issue . Also I was looking for great wifi speed and range of a N router. Yes the Toilet Paper tl -wr 1043 nd gave me faster speeds and range but at the expense of stability . I was averaging at least one reset of the router and dsl every two days and some days I have to reset the bloody thing 3 to 4 times a day. The glossy white finish and the lack of air holes on the top and bottom of the router (like my old linksys had and TP's replacement the wonderful stable asus rt-n16 ) cause constant heat crashes. Second the set up is a pain in the Arse Ive never had a router where it need the Pppoe setting to connect to the internet because my speedstream dsl modem handles that (neither the linksys or Asus needed it) and the stock firmware is poop at best and needs to be upgrade immediately and guess what ? You got to due the needless pain in the neck setup all over again. This is cheap for a reason if the sold it for more cash retailers would stop carry it because of the insane returns . Honest pass on this router it just a headache .
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on May 7, 2014
We have the old Verizon FIOS router. The signal is weak upstairs, and it's limited to the older and slower 'g' protocol. But it contains some Verizon diagnostics that Verizon needs to tell what's wrong if anything goes bad. So we needed to keep it in place and augment it with something better. This unit does that. We put it next to the Verizon router connected by an Internet cable. Now we have a stronger signal upstairs, the faster 'n' protocol, plus a small amount of network storage that is available to every computer in the house via a "network share." The storage comes from a USB thumb drive plugged into the back of the router.

I down-rated the unit one star because it was finicky about the USB thumb drive. With the first one I used, I had to re-enter the network drive username and password every time I started up for the day to get 'write' access to the drive. I tried a different USB stick and that cured the problem.
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on January 23, 2015
This unit chokes when handling large sets of data. I purchased this unit to replace a Linksys WRT54g (classic) running Tomato firmware. Although for most people this router would be fine, if you are looking for one to use with multiple computers running Windows Media Center with a LAN Cable card TV (Silicone Dust HD Homerun Prime), this unit cannot handle the packets efficiently. It chokes. I haven't tried upgrading the firmware yet. Here is the Throughput (120mbps LAN to LAN and LAN to WAN)


I would choose another router if I had to purchase again. The wireless is pretty steady, no drops, haven't had to reset....
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on January 9, 2014
This is an excellent router... once you get rid of the stock firmware. The stock interface was pretty clunky and unintuitive. I pretty quickly installed DDWRT on the router. Since that's not exactly user friendly either you might want to look elsewhere if you're not a very technical user. Anyways once DDWRT was installed I had no problems getting it up and running.

NOTE: The Amazon description lists the difference between the two versions of this router as "Detachable Antenna" and "Fixed Antenna", but the more important distinction between these two models should be that the "Fixed Antenna" version is not gigabit, while the "Detachable Antenna" version is gigabit. To save a few bucks I almost ordered the "Fixed Antenna" version, thinking that was the only difference, but noticed the difference before ordering.
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