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on January 8, 2010
I've spent the last few months dealing with a horrible wireless n router so I decided to go with this one. I also have a TREDNnet wireless n gaming adapter and it's been fantastic so far. Anyways, this router runs cool even though I've been using multiple connections at the same time and using tons of traffic. My PC shows that I average 250Mbps and I see it peak at 300 constantly so the speed is as advertised. I have it running in mixed mode. It only took about 10 minutes to set the router up out of the box. Once I plugged in my cable modem and my pc it automatically configured the connection and I just had to log in and configure the wireless portion and security. In the 10 minutes I also configured my DDNS and my wireless IP Cameras to work with the router. It's a super easy interface.....pretty much the same as any other router you can buy. When saving settings the reboot only took a few seconds and always went back into the setup. Most routers clunk out and you have to reset and log back in manually. I could go on and on but to keep this short I'd have to say that this router is awesome and it does EXACTLY as advertised. I've used most of the major brands of routers and I can't say much for most. It's very difficult to find a good reliable product but I think I've gotten lucky with this one. Don't believe hype or buy something because you've heard the name before. The only other router I've ever been happy with was a Viewsonic believe it or not. That thing was rock solid and never gave me a single problem. If anything changes I will post it....otherwise you can count on this router. I love how people here are claiming they have advanced knowledge but can't set this router up. It's really very very simple just follow the quick setup in the manual.

*UPDATE 1/17/10*
Still no reset needed! I've been using tons of data with multiple devices. As a matter of fact Netflix is streaming to my living room right now. I have a torrent downloading on this pc @ 500kB/s and there are no hiccups. Just solid lightning fast connections!

*UPDATE 3/14/10*
Still no reset needed. I'm running in Mixed Mode and you MUST run 20/40 on the Bandwidth to get full speed. That must be the problem with others but this is standard with any N router.
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on August 4, 2011
I am actually a big fan of TrendNet gear, and all the gigabit switches in my house are their GREENnet series. So I didn't think twice about buying this router especially for the price. However, this router was awful. It would not keep my internet connection alive, random drops all the time that would require a router reboot. The wireless signal was not very good either, my older D-Link DI-524 802.11g Access Point provided much better coverage throughout my house (2-stories with 40x40 footprint). Returned this router (gotta give props to TigerDirect for 100% refund) and bought a D-Link DIR-655 XtremeN which has been so much better. Very disappointed in this router, I do not recommend that you buy it.
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on February 18, 2016
Like all the administrative options it offers. Works fine & offers a reliable wi-fi connection. Never really had any constant disconnect issues like you may have with other wi-fi routers. WPA2 + AES or TKIP help maintain some security along with mac address filtering.
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on March 20, 2013
I have had this system running for several years, it was affordable for my cable system docsis 2 cable speed upgrades behind a new router to get some bonding. It has worked with out flashiness like a workhorse in the wired area, but it only has 4 ports.

Wireless shuts down on a schedule, and using the manual switch to toggle on and off dumps the security settings.

I am shopping for another router, that will let me install Tomato software to get more functions and watch my internet connection. This router is not able to be upgrades to Tomato.

This was very good for wired connections, but today it needs to be a solid wireless and that it is not. Would also help if there were more ports to set up printers on the next work. But the price to go from 4 ports to 6 ports must be priced fixed, as they all jump in price beyond what is expected.

This is an easy router to use the browser with instead of the set up disk, and it does not care if you are using Apple, Arch, Linux, Microsoft, or a Solaris operating system.

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on August 3, 2013
According to the Trendnet web-site, the TEW639GR has known UPnP vulnerabilities. This allows outside - hacker - access to your router.

The date of their notice is 2-8-2013, and states: New firmware is not yet available, TRENDnet is working to update and release new firmware. Until new firmware is announced, please follow instructions below to turn off UPnP in your device.

Unfortunately if you want to be able to open a port for your on-line gaming, security camera, etc. you need UPnP to be on.

However after searching the Trendnet site further, you may discover that a firmware update is available to address the UPnP vulnerability. The firmware update is dated 4-4-2013. However my attempt to install the firmware rendered the router useless. It stuck in rebooting mode for more than an hour. A manual reboot (power disconnect and reconnect) left the router without any wireless capabilities. Nothing would resolve it, include the resent button on the router.

The concerning part is that I purchased my router in late-July 2013, and it arrived with the old (UPnP vulverable - pre 4-4-2013) firmware installed, not the latest firmware.

Back to Amazon as defective. Thought that I would give Trendnet a try. Very disappointed. Moving on to a NetGear router.
review image review image
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on May 26, 2013
I wasn't sure if I was going to like an N router. I already own some of this manufacturers hardware. While researching the varied routers out there I found that most are misleading & don't really inform the public what they're really getting in through-put to the network. This manufacturer isn't any different. You have to realize unless your streaming mass quantities of data around your own intranet then this device is wasted. It has dedicated 1 Gb ports & a good N-wireless. While the promise of so much speed can only be utilized on a fast intranet network, it doesn't mean this devise isn't quality & a good buy

It was very easy to set up. I was adding this router to my existing FIOS setup. The old router from Verizon didn't provide me with N capabilities & was located in the back end of the house. This left me with some low signal spots in other areas of the home. The new router gives me much more wireless through-put than the Actiontech router from Verizon.

All in all I'm very happy with my purchase & this product. I can't wait until I can get GB rates on FIOS.
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on November 14, 2011
After suffering slow connection speeds, intermittent connections, and the need to frequently reboot my router and cable modem, I finally decided to make some improvements.

First I had Comcast check my cable lines and my old RCA cable modem, which went off-line frequently. I swapped it for a new D2 Atlanta Scientific 2100 cable modem and response jumped from intolerably slow to 35+ mbps download and 6+ mbps upload. That was with the PC wired directly to the cable modem.

Passing the wire through my old Netgear router (but still using hard-wired Ethernet) still dropped my download speeds to 10 mbps, and upload speeds immeasurable slow. None of the three major speed-test sites could complete the upload speed test; they all hung.

Wireless LAN connections showed 30 mbps to 54 mbps but that is a gross, burst measurement, and only between the router and the computers. WAN connection was intermittent, and performance was painful.

I then substituted my new TRENDnet TEW-639GR router for my old Netgear, and Vrrrrrrooooommmmm! Wired, I got the full 35+ mpbs / 6+ mbps; my wireless LAN connections went up to 130 or 144 mbps, and my wireless WAN speeds went up to 20+ mbps / 6+ mbps. THIS is the service that I had been paying Comcast for all these years and not getting.

If I had limitless time and money, I would be tempted to create a wired, gigabit LAN with SANS, even though I can get along fine without it ;-)

I had purchased my TRENDnet TEW-639GR router some time ago, but did not bother installing it until now. If I had purchased it more recently, I might have gotten the TEW-691GR 450 Mbps model instead, but, truthfully, that would have been overkill for my needs.
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on February 11, 2012
I bought it because of great reviews on Amazon in Feb 2012. Mine is v.2. Setup was fairly easy and straightforward and got it up and running quickly. It started out with decent speed and range. A couple of days into it, I noticed random drops on both wire and wireless connections. This won't be horrible if we were just browsing web. It is a huge headache for VPN connection. I had to constantly reconnect and log in. On many occasions, I had to reboot or unplug and re-plug the power. This effectively prevented me from working at home. I initially thought it was my DSL provider's fault. However, I hooked up this router and another G router to a switch. The drops only happened to TEW-639GR! I definitely would not recommend it.

Updates on 9/27/13

I was really disappointed and frustrated by this router after one week of use. It was tossed with many of my outdated gadgets in my closet. When I was looking for some cables in the closet two months ago (July, 2013) and saw this router again. I thought its poor performance might have been caused by its buggy firmware. Let me update it with the latest firmware and give it another try. Wow, what a difference, it is very fast! At least compared to other two of my 802.11g routers (more than five years old, still running reliably). And best yet, it has not dropped connection once to force me to reestablish my VPN connections in the last two months. I am so pleased with this router now. I am giving it a four-star rating!
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on October 18, 2010
I have 3 of these TEW-639GR routers and they are reliable (I have never needed to manually power-reset these). This is a single band router (2.4GHz only). Note that there have been 3 different versions of this router over time, the latest version that I purchased is v3.
GOOD points:
+ Reliable, never had to power reset router due to router "lockup"
+ Router login dialog (for current v3 routers) does not reveal what the router model # is (unlike the login page for other routers). I consider this a security plus.
+ Router is a 300Mbps router. There are 3 non-removable antennas.
+ The WAN port as well as the 4 LAN ports are gigabit instead of 100Mb/s "Fast" Ethernet. This is a big advantage over other routers with slower LAN ports as copying files etc over a gigabit network can be substantially faster. Of course your PCs/other devices must support gigabit in order to benefit from the gigabit capability.
+ Has WiFi on/off switch on back of router so you can easily turn off WiFi if needed (when setting up or when you are going on vacation) for extra security. This is more convenient that logging in and disabling WiFi as might have to be done on other routers.
+ Wall mountable. If mounted on wall there are side vents so overheating should not occur. I like this as many routers do not have good ventilation when wall mounted.
+ LAN ports support what Trendnet calls GREENnet technology, which uses less power for shorter network cables & powers down unused LAN ports. Apart from the power saving aspect this also means less heat and chance of overheating.
+ Most config changes do not require a router reboot, which is nice.
BAD points:
- There is no ethernet cable test as in some other routers. This is kind of unusual since the GREENnet technology must be able to determine the length of the cable.
- Since there are multiple hardware versions you must make sure you get the correct firmware version if upgrading your firmware. This # is located on the box and also underneath the router. I have also found the the 1st digit of the software version appears to be the hardware version (,, etc)
OVERALL I would recommend this router - I have had a good experience with it. Please bear in mind with WiFi there are many factors which will affect performance and reliability (neighboring routers, etc) so it is difficult to guarantee results, no matter what claims are on the box or website.
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on February 19, 2011
Do not buy this router if you are a Mac or LInux user. The admin is written in asp and utterly useless for flashing to newer firmware by a Mac or Linux user. If your IT department has done away with I.E. for security reasons, you are equally crippled.

The admin that one can get to doesn't offer much in terms of filtering -- no keyword URL filtering to offer parental or staff blocking for inappropriate sites, just the barest bones of filter options by IP only.

Very disappointed in this unit, and in TrendNet's overall web-management. I will not buy their equipment in the future -- I'd rather deal with the Cisco equipment that is platform agnostic. Tech support sometimes slow to answer questions. Some respond within 24 hrs, some just sit there.

Update: I originally gave this router 2 stars. It worked. Then I tried even more management adjustments. Often fails to accept it. Tech support was contacted, and they did reply. No plans for updating with features that are present (and have been) in linksys or netgear equipment for many years. Told to install I.E. to admin -- after informing them I have linux and mac systems. Their tech support script readers didn't pay attention to my notes. Somehow, I suspect that level of competence is resident in the device engineering, too. No, thanks.
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