Customer Reviews: TRENDnet Wireless Internet Surveillance Camera, TV-IP110WN
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on September 5, 2011
I bought this as an intro to cameras. The device was on special and I figured it would help get my feet wet. I have been a geek for over 30 years and I met my match with this one. One needs to be a geeks geek to follow the set up instructions - especially the ones to provide remote access and setting up the motion detection fields. As a camera it works just fine but I would never ever recommend this to anyone I know as I do not know anyone who could actually get it set up. This device will not even store the date settings when unplugged for a few minutes. Sorry Trend Net but get your instructions written MUCH more clearly and and I think you would have a decent product.

--October 2011 update-- OK to be fair to this product now that I have the hang of it I have to say it is working as advertized and I can view the image from anywhere in the world with a click of the button. Yes it took a while but with a little research on the internet the pieces kind of came together. Don't give up. Would I buy another one. Yes but I would opt for the night vision option as well. Night vision is kind of important in a surveillance cam. Good luck
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on May 8, 2012
I had hell to try to work this using my Mac. i even used an XP netbook to config with failure..

Then, 6 months after i purchased it, I got it working using Mac..
Here is how..

1. I connected it to Airport Extreme route via Ethernet cable (alternatively, you can connect it to your provider router)

2. Since the reserved IP was no longer valid, I logged into my Action tech router given to me by Verizon FIOS service
3. I identified the device from Actiontech network menu based on the MAC address (the device MAC address is printed at the back of the camera). based on the MAC address, i identified the new IP address
4. Once identified the IP address, copied it into browser (Firefox in my case)
5. Voila...user name and both cases..make sure you change the password later
6. now I am in camera configuration, i was asked to use the user name and password by Java again for some reason, no problem, retyped it both
7. now it is time to config your camera, change camera name etc...most importantly, see if it is should give you a nice live image now..
8. then ensure that from network-->wireless, you configure it for your WiFi network, you should let it scan for the network from the menu and see your wireless network
9. click on the WiFi network find
10. select security setting now.. make sure select the right wireless security your WiFi router uses, and correct password
11. now, we know that t=camera works while connected to router via Ethernet cable.. but you want to use it wireless right?..
12. to do that, first unplug the Ethernet cable, then unplug the power for the camera
13. no need to hurry and move the camera away, test it in the same place just in case you need to plug back if wireless connection fails
14. now, connect the camera to power, after few minutes it should connect to your WiFi and green light needs to start blinking, if not, Houston, we have a problem...
15. lets hope that green light started blinking, now log back into camera with the IP and see if you see video
16. if everything is done right, you were able to configure WiFi connection from camera setting earlier, you should be bake to see something if so, skip the next bullet
- If wireless connectivity fails I suggest you reset camera settings and start over..I tried to restart without resetting, but failed, reset deletes all previous configurations and takes you to back to a clean start..i know hassle but better to start from scratch.. the way to reset is to push a pin into a small hole on the rear of the camera for 6 seconds and let is go while camera is powered.
17. Hoping that now your WiFi connection is working.. means you are good to go.. just unplug the camera and install it anywhere..

18. But here is the issue, your camera is configured to be access within your WiFi network. Don't you want to use it on 3G network or away from home?
19. If so, you need to get another IP address.
20. Verizon Actiontech router handles it for me. It has a setup remote access function listed next to the camera in network lists of all connected will give you an external IP address. This number contains the following:a. [...] b. your FiOS gateway's Internet IP Address, c. :, d. port number(s) of your web camera
21. -read the IP address to use it from outside..write it will need it..I will tell you when below..

22. Accessing via iPhone and iPad over WiFi or 3G:

23. Now all is good to go, if you have iPad and iPhone, download LiveCamsPro app
24. Select security camera option
25. go to add camera
26. Select the camera model from the initial list, make sure you select the right one for this camera
27. In setting menu enter IP address, give a name to your camera (e.g. Home camera 1), username, password from original camera setting (I hope you changed default password), I chose refresh rate as 1..
28. Now, you should be bale to access your camera on 3G network while away from home.

REMEMBER: Due to lack of ActiveX, certain camera functions from IP access via browser will not be available when using Mac and non IE browser..

Anyhow, I know this is a way too long review, but the goal is to help Mac users out there..
If you have issues and cannot resolve after few resets, just add comment to this review, I will try my best to help.

Good luck !
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on May 9, 2012
I tried to set up this camera following the directions precisely. However, the actual setup doesn't proceed the way the documentation says it does. Then I clicked the button to set up the wireless network and the screen disappeared, and from that point the button disappeared and there was no way to get back to the wireless setup. Even resetting the camera and the laptop didn't change that. The instructions claim the camera is pre-set to DHCP, when in fact the opposite is true - it is preset to a static IP address, and you have to make some setting changes just to get it to where the instructions claim should be the factory pre-sets. I am a pretty technical person, but this thing seems almost impossible to set up - and I'm now at an impass - the setup process doesn't even offer me the ability to re-try setting up wireless and apparently there is no way to get back to that screen. As far as I'm concerned, this is a poorly-designed, horribly documented and unpredictable piece of junk.
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on December 13, 2011
I got this one for 59.99 - 20 rebate. took about 20 to 30 minutes to set up.
it does what if says.

The reason for 4 star is after I did a port forwarding, when I try to access it from internet, somehow the active x gives me a blank view. but when I access it within home network, it does work fine.

The motion detector does send a bunch of emails with attached picture to me when a motion is detected. so this part is working fine.

overall, for 40 bucks, this is pretty much the best you can get.

Update: the internet access works fine, turns out my company blocked the active x.
for 40 bucks, I am willing to give a 5 star to this product.
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on June 5, 2013
Yes, this is a low-end camera. Keep that in mind. THere's no PTZ, few bells and whistles, but I've had several running 24/7 now for well over a year, and they do just fine. For indoors with adequate lighting , or outdoors during daytime, it works fairly well. You can tweak the view with the settings, and manually adjusting the focus by turning the lens a bit. Range on the wireless is average, but it does have a standard RP-SMA connector, so if you want to put your own external antenna on you can.

Cons- without SIGNIFICANT lighting at night, you ain't seeing squat. There's no B&W option, so keep it lit, and you'll be fine.
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on November 9, 2011
We've tried various different cameras and have found the Trendnet products to have a consistent quality level and user-experience. Although not perfect in terms of setup, they are pretty good - and the feature set does everything we need.

Our main usage is to set each camera to upload an image every minute with an overlay of location and time. This is a great way to monitor activity over extended periods of time. The secondary usage is for live viewing to check on things when needed.

I would say that the additional provided software for viewing the cameras is of limited value - but these cameras are flexible enough to do most of the things you need if you are okay writing a bit of HTML and JavaScript. And they work great with iPhone/iPad apps like LiveCams.

Overall I've been very impressed with reliability, having 5 of these (the earlier model) running for 18 months pretty much untouched - uploading millions of images to my external website.

Not for everyone probably, but if you want a solid dependable camera, with a good feature set, then this is worth buying.
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on April 4, 2012
I'm reviewing TV-IP110WN Hardware version 2. This is a 802.11n/wired Ethernet camera with no night vision capability.
+ Supports 802.11n
+ Inexpensive
- Images have a lot of motion blur to them (in good light). For some reason other Trendnet cams that I've used don't exhibit this problem. I find this motion blur unacceptable. I do not know if this is something new to TV-IP110WN version 2 or if it was also present in version 1.
- Frame rate is only adjustable in 5FPS intervals (5FPS, 10FPS, 15FPS, etc)
- Only MJPEG compression is supported (no MPEG4 or H.264)
OVERALL this camera feels like a cheap imitation of a Trendnet camera - I guess they have to cut corners and make them cheap to sell at this price? Unfortunately due to the motion blur I can't recommend this camera. Instead you might want to check out others which I have reviewed:
TRENDnet TV-IP602WN ProView Wireless Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Surveillance Camera
TRENDnet TV-IP312WN SecureView Wireless N Day/Night Internet Surveillance Camera Server with 2-Way Audio
Cisco-Linksys Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera
Loftek Newest CXS 3200 Wireless/wired Pan:340°&tilt:100°,ir Cut, Dual Audio Alarm Ip Camera,8-10 Meter Night Vision ,67° Viewing Angle,easy Installation.white(replace 2200)
I hope you found this useful!
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on May 3, 2012
This camera never quite worked for me. I could set it up so that it would work, but it never operated correctly for more than 24 hours. Now it won't work at all. If I have it connected to the network by cable it works, but the WiFi eventually stopped working altogether.
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on June 20, 2013
Personally I didn't have too much problems with this product. My biggest problem is TRENDnet not having any decent software. I set up 5 cameras in one house and 1 camera in my office. The cameras in the house used one software program from TRENDnet and the other camera used a totally different software. Apparently they don't make software that works with all their cameras. I ended up using mainly android apps and open source software that lets me view them all on one program.

The cameras also do not work well unless you setup your network under a static ip address. So basically anytime anyone goes to that house, I have to setup their device on the static network. The firmware is old and very slow to configure the cameras, after I got everything working I was almost done with messing with them anymore. The other problem was the automatic recording feature only works locally and you cannot reliably get e-mails to be sent out.

TLDR: It's not bad for viewing and sometimes hearing conversations in a room. Don't expect it to be simple to setup or do all of the features it's suppose to flawlessly.
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on December 11, 2011
First of all, I don't understand why people complain that it's so difficult to configure. It didn't take me more than 10 minutes to have it up and running. This included re-configuring the router so that video could also be accessed from the "outside".

The motion sensor part is a bit finicky, but it works, at least during the day. Resolution could be higher, but at this price point, you really can't expect it. For a basic remote monitoring device, this isn't bad.
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