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on May 4, 2016
I had an old DLink router that finally became insufficient for my home needs so I started doing some research about good routers that would come at reasonable price since technology advances so much.

This wireless router came on top of some reviews out on the internet (CNet + PC Mag amongst others) and what caught my eye was the load of features it had for the price. Now I have to say - though I'm an experienced IT person myself, most of the key features an average person setting up a WiFi capability at home will need or use, are literally a button away.
1) Set up is a breeze, this comes pre-encrypted so you don't need to set up a password, if you want to use the unique one it came with, you can.
2) It has 2 bands, think of it as Hi and Lo speed networks, so you can actually control what devices connect where - depending on your streaming or networking needs
3) It has a "guest" account built in, so no more sharing your precious WiFi password with all your teenage relatives or friends. You can set one guest account for them to share, like what they do at malls, cafe's or hotels, and manage just 1 account and re-set it anytime you want - without affecting all your personal accounts or password - a feature simple to use and much appreciated.
4) Management console / interface is simple - Green - Red colors for items that you need to see (network status, account issues, etc.) Simple, intuitive.
5) Enabling or customizing features are as simples answering simple Yes/No questions. There's an on-off switch for any single item you want to enable, to expand it's functions - all advanced items are disabled by default - which gives you the higher level of security for an average home user.
6) if you're a more advanced IT person or you know your networking concepts you can configure DMZ zones, split networks, manage accounts/permissions, prevent guest access to home LAN, etc.
7) It has scheduling features that are not hard to set, in order to restrict traffic and even set schedules - no more YouTube after 9 PM... or no more Netflix, or whatever you chose!

Overall I'm very happy I got it at the price range. - are there any better routers? of course, but those would cost twice as much - for me, this one did the trick - and like PC Mag pointed out - this thing just flies over WiFi. My measured speed increase was in excess of 25% just by using the 5MHz band - and I hadn't even configured anything!

In case you wondered about the load this thing handles, I have about 10 mobile devices (tablet or cell phones), 3 smart TVs (with video streaming services in each), 4 PC/Laptops, 1 Wireless Printer, Alarm System / Monitoring and 2 gaming consoles ... not to mention the devices my "guests" use when we have friends or family at home! All of which consume network bandwidth - this thing hasn't faltered.
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on April 5, 2017
Pretty good, but range is pretty poor around turns. I have this set up next to my Comcast modem in the living room. I haven't had any issues with it losing a connection or having to be rebooted which is great. I don't really use both bands, so I can't comment on how one works versus the other. I do have a smart TV and I also use my laptop and iPhone to connect to it. My main issue is that when I am not directly in front of it, or if there is an object obstructing the router from the device, the connection drops. I live in a condo complex which has concrete foundation, so I know reception anywhere is an issue inside the building, but I can literally be less than 12 feet from the router in the next room, and the internet will slow to a crawl. If there was some way to fix this issue, I would otherwise love this device.
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on December 29, 2014
A middle of the road router unless you want HD wifi streaming, and then only at 433 Mbps AC and 300 Mbps b,g,n

Cannot determine what is meant by "Pre-encrypted for your security".. what's encrypted?
You have to select an encryption method and provide passwords/keys for the wifi services, same as any wireless router.
I wonder if they mean the preset admin/password sticker on the faceplate.

The ethernet ports run at an unremarkable 10/100, whereas a gigabit would serve HD streaming far faster and reliably.
But I did not buy it for the ethernet speed.

I bought it to put downstream of my much faster (but older) D-Link router, to add the faster and dual-band wifi features for my remote computers in the house. Sadly, I discovered the TEW-810DR loves to go comatose in spite of light surfing/email on one machine and one call on an attached ObiHai internet served phone. Even this very light network traffic taxed it to death, I tired of having to reset it every 30 minutes. From install to de-install, 3 hours.

Finally, the "firewall" seems to be NAT -- Network Address Translation, about as ancient and basic as you can get, but not a firewall in the contemporary sense at all. I knew this, but being downstream of an SPI firewall was not a concern when purchased.

I'm unsure at this point if I missed something, or if there is nothing there to begin with.

I like TrendNet products, but not this one. Not recommended.
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on August 23, 2014
Very Impressed. The router I replaced was a well known mid priced router. I was unable to use either 2.4 or 5gig channels. The router sits behind dual monitors and all the cabling. I was unable to use either wireless channel. I had to connect a second router and used it as a wireless access point. That was connected by a 15 foot cable and I was able to get at least 2.4 throughout my house. Once I placed the Trendnet in exactly the same spot I had both 2.4 and 5 gig throughout the house. It was a pleasant surprise. The connections have been very stable and fast. I would recommend this router over other midrange gigabit routers that cost up to 100 more. Please understand my house is relatively small with a computer room, dining room and living room with kitchen off to the side. Living room has a full wall with a doorway and the computer room is 1/2 open to the dining room. Here's the kicker, my dining room has bird cages in it. Big cages over 5 feet in height. I also blamed those for interfering with signals. Doesn't seem to bother the Trendnet. The second floor has 3 bedrooms and a small bath and the signal is fine up there as well. Oh the cages aren't empty, my wife and I have a fondness for parrots. Just a reminder, routers broadcast radio signals. These signals are susceptible to interference from wireless land line phones microwaves monitors just about anything that is electric. The number one cause for losing your wireless connection is due to these interferences.
If this arises go into your router interface and change the broadcast channel.A router will come to you on auto channel. It's supposed to give you the strongest channel but many times the automatic channel choice is being interfered by your neighbor's router on the same channel. Your best bet is to try different channels and most time you can find one to leave it on that is not being interfered with.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 25, 2015
I am usually one to try and say if I don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything at all. However, after the nightmare of this router came to light I felt compelled to speak out. To start there was a dead smashed spider in the box. Awesome. No big deal, if that's the only problem you can't blame the product. It has Easy set up you say? Nope. It took 16 times to finally catch onto my computer (I have a Dell laptop and had no previous problems with Wifi routers connecting.) This was after calling the customer service and being dropped twice. Maybe the dropped calls were my phones fault. I won't blame that on them.

So finally it connects. Er. Nope. Dropped network. Again. Again. Again. Again. So as the old saying goes you get what you paid for. Yes this on the cheaper side, but the headache is on the expensive side. Stay away unless you are the type who like to constantly have to fix problems.
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on August 31, 2014
Setup was a breeze, plenty of options to customize everything I need to and more. Beam forming is mentioned, but I couldn't find any details in the manual..? The router locked up after about 3 weeks in action. I tried every reset, reboot and trick I know but it wouldn't pass data. To get a WAN address back up, support had me unplug the DSL router and this one, bring up the DSL router first, then the TrendNet and it was back in business and obtained a WAN ID again. (I suggest you write down that last bit) Anyway, good signal strength everywhere in my house and decent in my camper out in the driveway. I bought this unit because reviews were good from the sources I trust. Since all I get is 60 Mbps downstream max, this is router is more than adequate. Speedtest.net has hit pretty close to that over WiFi, same for ethernet. So far, I'm happy this purchase. I'd give it 5 stars but it did conk out and required an odd sequence to bring it back online that wasn't in the FAQs or the manual.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 24, 2016
I had been searching for sometime for a simple setup networking device to simply extend the wireless range of my FIOS modem/router. My FIOS device is located in a centralized location, along with all of my other security and networking items, which is on one end of my home. I ran an Ethernet cable to the living room, which is in approx. the middle of my home a while back where I had a 5 port switch connected on the end. Because I had an extra router, I then connected it and established an additional network. Because it was an older, yet reliable router (Western Digital (WD)) I began looking for something that could instead of creating a new network, could extend the one established by my FIOS device with greater distance then my WD, as well as perhaps a stronger signal for my son to use for his PS4. The description and reviews indicated this was the product for me. However, in order for devices connected through the TRENDnet to obtain an IP from my FIOS device, I had to connect it via it's LAN port vice the WAN port. When I did this, I could no longer gain access to it's web interface, due in part to diabling the DHCP as well as being connected via it's LAN port. Other devices I have have an option to select "access point" for the setup, allowing the Ethernet cable to be plugged in to the WAN port.

When connected via the WAN port, I could gain access to the web interface however, found difficulty viewing the devices connected to it, which is what happens when the WAN port is used. I could not find where a list of connected devices was where I could modify the device names as I can with my FIOS router and my Almond+

As for the signal strength of the TRENDnet... I was very disappointed with only receiving 75% at best, with the signal going down after a while to around 50%. The upload and download tests I performed were very low as well. I currently have 50/50 download/upload with FIOS and only realized about 10 to 15 download when connected through the TRENDnet.

Speaking of the Almond+...although I have been disappointed with it since receiving it last year to run my home automation (since disbanding that effort in favor of SMartThings), The setup is far easier mostly due to it's touchscreen. If a mistake is made via the web interface and not being able to get back in, having the touch screen makes it a snap. Perhaps if this device had a simple touchscreen, I would have had better luck.

Trust me, I want badly to give this device a higher rating. However, the lack of being able to simply choose to set up as an "access point" and still use the WAN port makes this device nothing more than a switch I decided to use it as at the other end of my home network.
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on September 28, 2016
Great product. Great feel when in hand. Supports "Blast Speed" from Comcast wonderfully in conjunction with my ARRIS Surfboard SB6190, great product when you have 4 other roommates. I am able to get 198mbps off the 5Ghz when 5 feet away (same speed as I would get from hard wiring to the modem, checked via speedtest.net; 100 mbps when on a different flight) and the range is large enough to access throughout our townhome (roughly 1200 sq ft). For the 2.4Ghz, I'm surprised that I am still able to receive signal from my mail box, which a roughly 100 ft away (~23 mbps), but maxes out at ~68 Mbps when I am about a flight away from the router, same speed as when you're 5 ft away from it. I bought the refurbished router, which may differ in comparison to a new one or other refurbished routers.

Set up was a breeze. Took roughly 8 min from connecting the power wire, setting up the new admin password and wireless name/password, then reboot. Makes it very simple with the software that is provided. Though, You may want to hold onto the plastic sheet that's on the router as it has log in instructions that are unique to each router.

The software that is included doesn't give you much options other than basic options, so I'm looking into upgrading the firmware to DD-WRT, but I first have to weigh out the pro's and con's. But if you're an average user just looking for "plug and play", this router would be perfect. *Will update this review after switching to DD-WRT software*

We also have a another Bridged Router that works as a repeater, for online gaming, and it works like a charm. No down time or buffering.
When the power goes out, reboot only takes about 30 seconds at the worst, quickest being roughly 10 seconds for bootup.

We have all four ethernet out ports being used, 2 hard wired to computers, 1 to an entertainment system, and 1 to a unmanaged gigabit switch (Trendnet TEG-S5G) that's connected to 2 consoles and 2 gaming computers, all connected via cat5 extra thin/flat ethernet cable and it does great. All devices receive maximum speeds with no delay (195 Mbps when all devices hardwired are in use), which proves that the router is able to distribute information seamlessly and prioritize demands. We also use the USB 3.0 port connected to a managed hub then to 2 printers, which allows us to print wired and wirelessly. If your printer supports WPS printing, this too will work (great for the lazy).

In comparison to other AC1750 Routers, it's incredibly cheap. I was looking into other name brand routers and found that this had the best reviews, as well as outperforming them, the best bang for your buck, as well as earning awards from various consumer reports. In comparison to $100+ Routers, this product is well worth it, especially it being under $55 (refurb price).

Great product for what we need in our household. May upgrade once internet speeds over 300 mbps are available at a reasonable price to consumers, but until then, I can see using this product for years to come.
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on July 8, 2015
For the layman: Out of the box security, easy setup, and reliable speed with many devices make this an excellent choice for the money. But not recommended for extreme ranges.

My house is small so I selected this despite its weakness on wireless range. I use an RJ45 Cat-6 cable (unnecessary now but planning ahead for fiber coming to my area next year) from my modem to this router for maximum bandwidth availability at the router access point (I have many connected devices) and Cat 5e cables to connect wired devices and speeds are ~ 230 Mbps down/23 Mbps up for wired (the maximum provided by my ISP currently so negligible--practically zero--loss of throughput), ~120 Mbps down/23 Mbps up on the 802.11ac bands (less than 25 feet) and ~55 Mbps down/23 Mbps up for the 802.11n bands (less than 25 feet). That is close to the maximum performance I could expect and more than sufficient for my needs.

The GUI is intuitive but provides a high degree of customization and security for the advanced user. It comes with built-in security protocols which is a plus (especially in an area polluted with wireless traffic where security might be a concern like mine). It took less than 30 minutes to set up a very secure hidden home network and isolated secure guest network having no previous experience with TRENDnet GUI, which I found incredibly refreshing given my previous experience with router GUIs. It also has a very intuitive gaming setup section which I found easier to use than previous GUIs.

I would not recommend purchasing this modem for a large home. The depreciation in signal is noticeable at long range (greater than 60 feet), but some might actually consider this a plus for security if you live in a small home like I do.

I have been running network tests for nearly a week with no detectable loss of data which is impressive and high sustained speeds. For me it suits my needs perfectly. I am excited to see what speeds I can get out of this with a fiber connection.
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on May 30, 2017
I have owned this router for almost 2 years now, but it's capability has been quickly diminishing. I constantly have to reset the router for a better wireless connection and half the time the 5ghz band can't be read. It used to work great up until about 3 months ago. Time to replace it.
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