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on January 25, 2013
Dear Amazon,

After looking for a suitable tablet for my young granddaughter, we chose the Tabeo thinking it was designed to be specifically kid-friendly.

Now, I started with the intention of going into the many ways it is not even adult-user-friendly (about 4 different actions before you can start using it), but I'd like to just stick to the issue at hand: the Tabeo I purchased did not in fact come with the Tabeo-specific software which was seemingly supposed to be a layer on top of the base Android OS. It also did not have the Tabeo App store (or Android App Store, in fact) which the features described. The camera had a nag notice the entire time that there was no more memory even though it only had 3-10 pictures on it.

This product was simply not up to par, and was of no interest to our child, and certainly did not meet the expectations we had for an easy-to-use, kid-friendly tablet.

The response we got from your Amazon vendor, ToyWiz, was a blatant, disrepectful, response and I am getting the feeling that this whole product was a xmas, bait-and-switch, throw-it-together, kind of product.

I expect more from Amazon, which is why I paid the premium price instead of buying from Toys-R-Us directly - the apparent primary vendor.
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on February 21, 2013
I "Santa Claus" purchased this Tabeo for Christmas for my 3 year old son who is quite savvy with his gadgets and I was pleased with the entire set up on the parent side as well as how my son was kept very entertained. My son likes to take it and run but you have to make sure just like teaching colors and numbers to a toddler you are repetitive in teaching how to get to what. All apps are not on the home screen, you have to go into the main app icon and place them into your home screen(s), for a while my son kept saying he lost his games but he was not looking through all screens which was complicated at the beginning because he didn't want to sit with me and ask for help, he wanted to be like my older daughter who has her kindle fire and go to a chair by himself and "do his own thing" once he figured it out he was on a roll teaching me things...

Unfortunately on a manufacturing issue the charging port is very fragile especially for a 3 year old who wants to do everything, after only a few weeks the charging port shifted and disconnected from the device on the inside, so it cannot be charged at all. Tabeo was rather helpful because apparently this is an ongoing issue. I called and spoke to a nice rep told him I purchased this for Christmas, and now the charging port is off, and with no other questions he offered me a brand new one made with a stronger charging port -an updated version- no problem and explained that it was an ongoing issue. The catch was I had to pay my own shipping but it is what it is. I am now waiting on our new Tabeo to come in and fingers crossed the charger doesn't break off again.

I would like to add that several of my "mom friends" purchased different kinds of Tablets in all different $$$ amounts and after a few days the kids don't even touch them anymore, every once and a while they'll pick it up for a few minutes but they grew bored and all that $$ spent is wasted. Tabeo has a lot of apps that my daughter has on her kindle fire and I have on my Ipad versus the other kids tablets out there offering similar apps and games but not the same, you cant make a fake Temple Run or Angry Birds- you just can't! lol

Outside of the charging issue which is being solved, this was a great investment for my 3 year old
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on December 29, 2012
I chose this tablet for my 4 year old daughter (over the Kindle Fire and the Leap Pad 2) who is very tech savvy. I liked the idea of the Leap Pad 2 because it is kid friendly (i.e. stands up to some abuse and it could be linked to Leapster Explorer but I felt it might be redundant since the software is pretty much the same and the functionality of Leap Frog products is limited. The Kindle Fire was a great option because of the Android operating system and my daughter is already experienced with Android apps and functionality. The Tabeo seemed like a great compromise; close to the same price as the Kindle Fire and Leap Pad 2 I was considering, the added comfort of kid friendly accessories like tougher glass, a rubber case, a 1 GHZ processor, and 4 GB internal memory didn't seem like a bad deal for the money. But, the Tabeo does not run Flash as described, the stylus (not included) DOES NOT WORK with the Tabeo; the stylus will work on a device like Nintendo DS but NOT the Tableo (here's the difference, a Nintendo DS will respond to almost anything as a stylus but other devices like I-Pod Touch or HTC and like devices require a stylus with conduit material in order to work properly....the Tabeo does not respond to it's own brand stylus in any way AT ALL (very disappointed in Toys R Us' product development team SERIOUS OVER SIGHT in production) aside from Tabeo stylus' being useless with Tabeo tablets, the tablet WILL NOT run flash as listed in the product description; in fact the Tabeo tablet will not run Flash in browser AT ALL and when the appropriate Adobe download is prompted an error message comes up that says Flash is incompatible with this device. Truth be told it wouldn't be a bad tablet for $75-$100 but at the price that it is I think, 2 hard resets, Adobe Flash not running, 4 freezes with in 1 hour of first time operation, slow processing time, difficult user interface for parental controls, defective accessories, a mandatory link to my Paypal account, no access to Google Play and the Tabeo Store provides successful downloads about %65 of the time without freezing, is ridiculous....the point is, tell your children to treat their tablet gently, buy a protective case, and purchase the Kindle Fire... that's what I'm going to do:-)
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on August 2, 2013
I wanted to do a video and show how bad this product is. But for now let me explain my experience i had with it. Purchased this on Amazon and the shipping was fine. My kid was very excited when it arrived on her birthday, that was July 11. I had it for almost 3 weeks now and i cannot believe how bad this product is. First the charging was alright. I had the battery up to 100%. After weeks of usage the problem arises.

Problem #1: It does not function when we touch the screen. We have to press the power button several times, unlock the screen then it will function.

Problem #2: If it is charging the tabeo will turn on then off. It would repeat this process until the battery is full.

Problem #3: On some occasion the tabeo will not turn on. One time we thought that that was it. Was about to throw it away but then i gave it a chance and charged it, then it turned turn on and off till the battery gets full.

I was humiliated when my kid said that this thing was a junk and she even hardly use it! For $199 get yourself a kindle fire. I would give it a zero star if Amazon will let me. I will update this with a video soon.
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on September 28, 2014
this product is NOT worth the money!!! a few month after I got it the charging port broke... we sent it back after 2 weeks of getting a run around from them on the shipping info.. we got it back it stayed in the box for several month we got it out for my daughter to use a week into her using it the charger port broke again!! this they said oh it's out of warranty. I said ok can I pay y'all to fix it. he said unfortunately we can not repair those. we get a lot of them back. I said so y'all knowing sell a device that has a flaw and will not do anything about it? he didn't say a word. I will never buy anything made by this company. I can not find anyone in my area that can repair this tablet. the charging port is soldered on with 2 tiny drops.... buy this POS at your own risk!!!
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on March 14, 2013
I bought the tabeo for my daughter for Christmas. The second week in January I had to send it back to the manufacturer because the charger portal came lose and you could not plug it in to charge. Two weeks later i received a replacement tabeo in the mail; As soon as we turned it on it all we got was a blurry screen. So once again i called the manufacturer and sent it back for the 2nd time. Three weeks later, i received another one in the mail. After the second day, the screen started blanking out. We were not able to download any of the extra games. I should have just bought an ipad mini!!! However, Amazon was very kind in working with me to refund my money for this product. I know several other people who has some of the same problems. I have learned to start reading the reviews on products before purchasing!
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on August 24, 2015
Very poor. I bought 2 of these for my 2 kids. I bought them in sept to keep for Xmas in December. Well I was dumb and didn't try it out to make sure they both worked when they were delivered oppose to putting them away in the clotset for Xmas. Upon opening them on Xmas only 1 worked. The other 1 only worked for about a week and would no longer charge. At that point my refund period had expired and when contacting the seller I was told nothing could be done. The quality was also very poor compaired to as it's advertised. I would not recommend this product
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on January 26, 2013
First, one unit's charger tip broke off in the unit. Then, a month later both units quit working. $400 for this headache? Amazon will not do anything about these pieces of JUNK!! Amazon said-"You bought from another seller" (Amazon approves them to sell on their website), and you have went beyond the time to return,(ordered a month before Christmas so I could have them in time and was counted against the time to return) so you go and figure out what to do because we aren't going to do anything about your problem. These TABEOS are JUNK! Do Not Buy!! Amazon will not stand behind a third party selling you JUNK!! I will never buy anything from Amazon again. Never-Ever!!
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on May 24, 2013
Purchased two for Christmas 2012- for 5 yr old and 3 yr old. Had to return one for replacement in February. Now I have to replace both as they are having problems charging. Have to wiggle the charging cord to get it to start charging on one, then it looses the connection when I lay it down. The other has the same problem, and even if I get a little charge on it, it won't pull up the main menu.
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on December 5, 2012
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