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on November 2, 2013
I only started PC gaming back in 2012, and that was only for a few months. I have always primarily been a console gamer. I only tried a few games with the mouse and keyboard - Skyrim, Dead Space 2 Mass Effect 1, Hitman Blood Money and Crysis 2. Crysis 2 felt REALLY good with the mouse and keyboard. Having gone back to gaming on PS3 I've recently become dissatisfied with the controller. I looked around for one of those after market 360 style controllers but couldn't find one that I wanted and then I saw the HORI Tac 3 and remembered how good FPS gaming felt with the mouse and keys. I love this controller. My copy of Black Ops 2 sat unplayed on the shelf for months because the thought of playing it with the PS3 controller didn't excite me. I had tried the game with the Dualshock but it had bored me, besides the fact of my generally sucking. Soon as I got this controller out of my mailbox I put in Black Ops 2 and have been gaming hard with it since. As of now I'm only playing multiplayer against bots (not interested in the campaign) but I play 4 against 5 (enemy) bots on Hardened difficulty and at this point I can win almost every time and I am averaging 13+ kills per match and sometimes as many as 18. Now I know what people mean when they say FPS are designed for the mouse and keyboard. This controller feels amazing. I won't sit here and write about dead zones and stuff - I was never a hardcore pc gamer so I have no real frame of reference on how this thing might compare to actual mouse and keyboard gaming. Furthermore, this TAC 3 is only an approximation of PC gaming; there are several features and aspects of this controller that put it at adds with an actual mouse and keyboard: The walk button for one (you press this button in concert with the arrow buttons to move at a walk instead of the default 'run' (note that there is a separate button for sprinting), the d-pad, and the fact that several of the buttons on the TAC are non-remappable.
To get the most out of the controller you will have to play with the settings on the contoller and the options screen of your game. This is not a difficult process. There are 3 setting for mouse sensitivity: 60, 100 and 140, and there are 3 settings you can adjust for how fast you move when you press the walk button. I never use the walk button so these are of little consequence to me. For Black Ops 2 I have the mouse sensitivity set at 100 and on my options screen I have the look sensitivity set to 7. This feels spot on for me.
I do not care for the mouse. There are 6 buttons - 2 between the R and L clicks on two above where your right thumb sits. I hate the location of these buttons. I have remapped the forward of those two side buttons to the top button that sits between the R and L so I can throw grenades more naturally but throwing concussions and using the knife do not feel good. Once I change the melee to the forward thumb button it may feel better. These complaints are why I haven't given the controller 5 stars.
If you are a hardcore PC gamer you may find a lot about this controller to hate. I think the main thing to remember is that you are not being offered a true PC gaming experience with this. You are still playing a console game. If you buy this thing knowing it's limitations you might well have a lot of fun with it.
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on November 1, 2014
Works like a champ this is my 3rd lol thanks to my dog an being a puppy but now back to this. The 1st thing when u get this is to go on like an look how to set it up when u have the setting done on the. Key pad go in to the game settings. Turn that down untill u can handle the quickness in movement This thing is as close to a PC as u can get It handles all Fp shooter games I throw at it I'm a PC old timer gamer an tryed this an got hook so if your a PC gamer want a change but your can't go wrong but remember utube has vidow out there on the set do that they tell u an as for setting it an u will have a blast see u on the field
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on September 23, 2013
My first impression of the Hori TAC 3, after initial setup, was not good. It makes me wonder if anyone at Hori tested this product before releasing it for sale. It functions so poorly, it will leave you scratching your head as to why it was created in the first place. I've been playing PC FPS since Half-Life so I thought this could bring the experience I used to love to the PS3. I tried it out with COD: Black Ops 2. I've messed with the settings every way possible. The end result is that it's not close to the PC, but that is not the only reason I wish I never purchased this garbage. The TAC 3 is choppy, the stair casing has still not been fixed and the aiming is either uncontrollably fast or uselessly slow. I guess I will have to stick to the dual shock on the PS3 for the FPS. What a waste of money. Hori will not be getting any future business from me.
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on November 26, 2012
I am a PC gamer myself, moved to consoles due to the continued price of upgrades. This does have some funny small lag on some games (Tried with Dead Island mainly on a PS3 Slim) but it's so minor it's easy to ignore and didn't effect the game play to much. It does suck that the mouse is stuck to the game pad. I think it might be made for use on a desk. Personally... I have a Lazy-boy recliner I like to game from and use a lap table thing for this. I had seen it at Fry's for around $100 but found it on here for MUCH cheaper and highly recommend it if you can't get into the controller thing. If it had the mouse with a longer cord and no lag, 5 stars. It's still a great product and well worth it. Love the texture as well.
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on January 25, 2013
The TAC 3 is great... In theory. Thy need better programming that can actually give a 1 to 1 feel. Until they do that with this product I find it actually hinders your aiming ability.

It's too jagged when moved quickly on assault or normal settings. I actually found it the most precise when in game sensitivity was high and the mouse was on snipe, however, there is a dead spot which totally throw you off when people get close.

I got this while it was 45 bucks and don't feel that bad cuz it is a stand alone product, any more and I'd be upset. Ultimately if you want a stand alone product I'd just wait until something newer/better is developed.
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on January 23, 2014
Nice controller if you are used to Computer mouse and keyboard as I am. I now have much better control in the games. Does not work with socom 4 (which is why I bought it) but has helped me in many other games. (Does not start the PS3). To use this with most games YOU MUST start the PS3 with the console power button (NOT FROM A CONTROLLER). Would recomend to anyone who has trouble getting use to console controlers.

cons. Mine had some sticking buttons when first opened. They are getting better. Only stick once in a great while now.
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on December 22, 2015
It has a lot of flaws. I wouldn't suggest running around like a mad man because its very inconsistent on all settings. The best for me is playing on the snipe setting and putting the sensitivity at max. Just my personal preferencr
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on January 12, 2014
You cannot change al the buttons on the D-pad. That is the only down side of the product. Other then that it works very will. Mouse is nice and heavy.
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on August 10, 2013
As everyone says, the sensitivity is a pain to mess with and when trying to be percise the mouse moves very choppy. The quick look button is a good idea but in a terrible place to use it. This is NOT for PC gamers who want to play the same on a PS3. Plan on selling mine soon.
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on March 12, 2015
It has a small con... the Y axis of the mouse is a little weird... it moves way faster on the X axis than the Y axis. I tried to look for a way to fix it but no luck...

Other than that I think it's pretty good.
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