Customer Reviews: Tahoe Gear Ozark 16-Person 3-Season Large Family Cabin Tent, Blue | TGT-OZARK-16
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on July 7, 2013
Finally got around to putting up tent. Very easy except for big poles. There are 6 slightly longer and 4 shorter with grey tape onward one end. However, that doesn't match to anything. We put one pole in wrong, tore the tent trying to get it into ring, that's why 4 stars. Got the poles right and sprayed a little dab of paint on connector and pole so we know where shorter ones go. Otherwise tent was super easy to set up. Very big, lot's of ventilation, seems real sturdy, just don't stretch it as hard as I did. I really pulled hard so partly my fault, just used to last tent that would take heroic effort to get poles into rings. This one is real easy, tight but wife could do them which she couldn't do at all with last tent, Eddie Bauer special from Coleman. Looking forward to next weekend, will try to post review after actual use. Took an hour with figuring poles and everything, figure now will take 15-20 minutes, great for a tent this size. Btw, put top poles in and connect to holders first, then put support poles in, very easy.

Edit: My wife wanted me to point out that the tent tore at the seam and was easily sewn back together. Also the top poles are color coded and you cannot mess them up, just put colored pole with correct color sleeve. Once all the top poles are in it's like an ez up with the top rigid and it's easy going to put up support poles. One person could do it, but better to have two.

I'm increasing rating to 5 because wife says I'm too rough on things. She's probably right.

2nd edit: I was asked a good question. The marketing doesn't say, but the tent does come with a power port located by the door, that was nice bonus and company would be smart to mention that. Didn't notice any hanger stuff/bags, but with this much room just bring a dresser or something to store your stuff in. And tent folded up easy and actually fit back in bag without extreme measures.
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on August 22, 2013
We camp a lot and have been looking for something larger for a little while to fit the two of us, a queen air mattress, luggage, two chairs, a small table and of course, the two dogs. After looking at several other tents that were similar in price but nowhere near the square footage, we finally settled on this one from a brand we never heard of but had decent reviews.
We could not have been happier. because of its size, there was a bit of a learning curve with assembly but it's very similar to your typical octagon pole setup. The options you have for vents and windows keep it aired out perfectly.
We used the front room as the "wet room" for muddy shoes and dogs while the back half was perfect to fit a queen air mattress and the suitcase with room to spare for changing. Speaking of room, the headroom is fantastic. I'm 6'3", and could stand up straight throughout the tent.
On night two it poured down on us. Not just rain, but with wind also. At one point we had a small puddle near the back door but quickly figured out there was a tree branch rubbing up against the door and funneling water to the zipper. Quick fix and no more leaks. The floor material is a thick and rugged tarp-like plastic that held up great and made it through with no punctures.
Overall, if you're looking for a tent big enough to hide an H3 Hummer in, with all the bells and whistles and 2/3 the price of the competitors, this is a great choice.
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on July 17, 2013
After lots of research looking for a bigger tent we decided to give this a try since it had all the features we wanted. Large size, lots of head room, power port, lots of ventilation and a room to use as a screened porch. Seems to be made very well and it is very easy to set up, took me 1/2 hr by myself the first time, way better than I imagined for such a large tent. Poles are color coded and very sturdy. Note that the metal poles with the grey tape connect to the top poles that are coded grey. Side poles are metal which makes it strong but a bit heavy, shipping weight was 46 lbs. I ordered it on Friday and received it Saturday afternoon, fantastic service.
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on August 20, 2013
I ordered this tent because of it's size; I wanted as large a tent as I could afford. I was wary of getting a sub-par quality brand and took a leap of faith buying a product with so few reviews. We took 5 children and a large dog camping and it was wonderful. It will fit four queen size mattresses with a bit of room to spare for stuff. We used two with a pack-n-play and it was great. The quality is good as well, which was a worry of mine. It did rain and it kept the water out. It wasn't a heavy rain but the fly worked well. The windows zip up from the bottom which seems to help with water.

Con: the assembly directions are confusing to follow. They help get you going, but then it talks about putting the longer metal poles (there are longer and shorter poles) at the front and back of the tent. It's hard to identify where those are on this tent as it's essential circular in shape, especially as it sits on the ground during setup. It was easy to know where to put the fiberglass poles because of the color-coding and it would have been far simpler to tell users to match the metal poles with the grey tape to the grey colored fiberglass poles, which wasn't mentioned in the directions but we discovered on our own. Because of the difficulty of trying to determine front and back, I tried to make a certain pole fit and tore one of the seems somewhat. Good instructions make a substantial difference.

Overall, a great tent, and I recommend it.
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on February 22, 2016
We absolute love this tent. We are a camping family of 2 adults, 2 smaller children (8 & 5) and 2 dogs. So this tent gets a workout. We've had it for about a year now and have used it probably 5 times and have no complaints. We did spray it with a rain proctectant to give it extra protection against the rain. We have used it in the rain and didn't have any issues with rain leaking in. This tent is huge but very easy to put up. I can put it up by myself in about 10 minutes. My only complaint is I wish they would've made the bag just a touch bigger so it would fit back in the bag a little easier. Right now to put it back in the bag requires 2 people, 1 to sit on and squeeze the bag and the 2nd person to zip. We've tried multiple different ways of folding it to get it to fit easier but nothing we have tried is any easier. All in all this tent is great!
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on September 3, 2015
I really like the dimensions. I am 6'6" and finding a tent that I do not have to crouch or bend was very nice. The set up was easy. The use of steel poles makes the carrying bag heavy. Ventilation is ok with all windows zipped down. I like the room divided so our gear is in one room and sleeping is in the other room. It would be nice is the entrance awning extended more. One room, slept two adults and two children with about 12 inches from the partition. The two bed on either side will wedge into the wall because of the wall's angle. We used two standard and one double height twin. I slept on a mat this time because I did not purchase a mattress.

During rain I found puddles at both doors and one window. Just used a towel. However, on a day of rain, found this routine tiresome. I found that I had to pay attention to make sure the door zippers were touching to reduce water entrance.

I find the entry door design odd in that you bring vertical and horizontal zippers down to the corner where even with a rain flap, water enters the 1/4 inch opening. Most tents you have a continuous zippers from one end to the other. I would after the rain inspect under the beds, coolers, etc for pooling water and condensation.

I called the customer service but they are only the re-seller. However, they were willing to reimburse me for repairs to the tent due to the water enter where the door zippers meet. I did not have time to trouble shoot further.

So next season, I will try to water proof window and door seams and figure a solution to the door zipper. I am keeping the tent because of the vertical height, wall angles giving more usable vertical space and the size of the rooms.

Then again for the size, features and price point this tent is "okay". If I paid more, then I would expect more.
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on August 11, 2013
i set this up the weekend i got it...there was only 1 place in my yard it would fit and be level and i had my wife to help set it up. the directions aren't great, but if you pay attention to the color coding, it isn't difficult. it took about 40 mins to setup the first time, though I expect that to be about 15 when we go camping. The tent is VERY roomy, more than the dimensions imply. The windows and room separator all work well with the zippers appearing to be of acceptable quality.

I rated the tent 3 stars after the initial setup as there was a tear that appeared right away at one of the corners near the ground level and one of the stakes. This is likely to be a stress point, but the manufacturer either didn't account for this in the design, or the stitch quality in that section was overlooked. This tent wasn't cheap and I expected at least a couple of uses before a tear, but the fact that we didn't even sleep in it and found a tear on the "maiden voyage" tells me there is more risk I have to be prepared for when we camp in 2 weeks.

When I contacted the seller, they agreed to provide a $20 credit if I wanted to patch the tear or they would return it. I didn't take either option as they wouldn't reply as to whether the credit would prevent me from taking a return after the first camping trip but within the warranty. I will provide an update after my trip at the end of August.
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on October 12, 2015
This is probably the best tent we've had so far. It is easy to set up with color labeled poles and colored tent markers. We did receive the tent with damaged poles but VMI (seller) immediately sent replacement pole sets. The tent is large, easily fit our family of four (2 adults, 2 young children) with lots of room to spare. We used the front as a "living room" which contained a cot, folding foam twin mattress and our backpacks. The bedroom compartment easily fit our queen double height queen mattress and luggage. Might need more hanging clips or hooks for lights or accessories. Build seems solid, although the midsection does lift up a little. I wasn't able to discern whether this was a flaw with the tent or how we set it up. It's only a problem if you had items stored in the middle, it would shift toward the center of the room or maybe more difficulty closing the zipper enclosure flap.

Overall we were satisfied with this purchase and are looking forward to our next camping trip.
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on September 17, 2014
Just opened this tent last week camping on a lake. It is HUGE! Love it, but 2 leg poles were made wrong. So they would not fit together. 2 female ends with shock cord end to end. I usually set up a tent before going, but I have a back up so wasn't worried. Well, we had to brace the legs with army stakes and duct tape. Worked well till big gusts of wind, lol. Just kept taping it. Also there is yellow stains all over the fabric on the main tent. Like it's old. I contacted the seller and they are sending me a new set of poles. I decided I liked the tent too much to give up on it and I'm assuming another tent would have the same stains. Expensive tent for so many issues. But it is replacing a 14x14 Jeep tent no longer made and it was tired and time to trash. This one is 15x16 and way tall inside. I'll let you know after it experiences some nasty weather. Sherry:)

Update: I was told VM was sending me a new set of poles to replace the bad ones. I received 4 short poles today. I still need long poles. The tent has 10 legs. 6 long and 4 short. I have spoken to them again and it seems they are confused a bit on the product. I sent them a pic of one of the poles held together with army stakes and duct tape. Like a splint. Now they say I will hear from them Monday or Tuesday being it is Friday. I told them in the email I want to return this tent and send me another one. It is kind of flimsy, but HUGE. So now I wait some more. Just unfortunate. Sherry:)
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on June 2, 2015
I got it today and set it up ASAP! Once up no problem, but its confusing when setting up. Its supposed to be color coded, but no where does it tell you where each poll should go, its a guessing game. But once you figure out where the grey stripped pole goes, which by the way they go in the middle in the front and back of the tent not on the corners! Other then that no problem my family and I love it, very spacious, lots of room for mattress and extra storage!
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