Customer Reviews: Take Care [Deluxe Edition]
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on November 15, 2011
If I had to sum up Take Care in one word, I would say its growth. If there's one thing that Drake has shown us since he came into the rap game, its that he is, if nothing else, consistent. He has a formula: Rap a lot, sing a little, do a hook here and there, and bam, you've got Drake's whole catalog in less that one sentence. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and in the case of Take Care, Drake seems to focus more on perfecting his formula rather than expanding it, while still showing us that he's gotten better.

First and foremost, I was happy to see 17 tracks on here, all of which are music, no skits. That's a big plus for me. But anyway, back to the topic. Drake has never been lacking when it comes to lyrical ability, and he certainly seems to have stepped his game up on this album. With songs like "Under Ground Kings" and "Lord Knows", we see Drake really flexing those lyrical muscles. He even steps away briefly from his standard pacing and monotone flow and unleashes a flurry of rhymes at once with what seems like little breathing involved on HYFR ("Hell Yeah F****ng Right") feat. Lil Wayne. Even on the slower songs, overall, they are lyrically solid.

While Drake does have a healthy dose of banger worthy tracks, there are a good number of slow songs on the album and may or may not sit well with the average hip hop head. One of Drake's biggest criticisms is that he flip flops between singing and rapping too much, and that he can easily slip right into R&B mode and kill whatever head nodding vibe he managed to create two song ago. While he DOES go pretty R&B mode for a bit, he keeps those songs close together ("Doin It Wrong", and "The Real Her feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000",) while the rest of the songs are more of his rapping with the occasional singing on the hook. Standard Drake formula.

A great high point of this album is easily the production. Drake has consistently shown that he has good taste in the beats that he uses, and after having heard the CD a few times now, I cant find one that I don't like. Granted, some are better then others, but overall there are no throwaway beats, and each one seems to be handcrafted to fit Drake, his style of writing, and solidifies the feel of the song. Also, while features were moderate, I think they were all well done, with a possible exception for Kendrick Lamar's part on the "Marvin's Room/Buried Alive Interlude" and Andre 3000 on "The Real Her". Kendrick himself is an awesome rapper, but his part on "Marvin's Room" just seemed out of place and weird to hear after the song had played. And 3 Stacks' addition to "The Real Her" seemed equally awkward, like his heart wasn't in it (which it probably wasn't).

The only downside I can really say there is to Take Care is the same one that was present in Thank Me Later: content. While Drake is a phenomenal song writer, he really leaves much to be desired in the area of subject matter. The summation of all of Drake's entire catalog, including his mixtape material, is: I love this girl, I wanna f*** this girl, this girl broke my heart, I broke a lot of girl's hearts, I'm awesome and rich, I love girls. Yeah, that's pretty much the whole album right there. Now, even though I would like to see Drake branch out and write outside of his comfort zone, I do applaud the fact that he doesn't try to touch on things he knows nothing about, since that would sound stupid. His songs, while monotonous in subject matter feel honest and sincere, and if nothing else, very relate-able. Doing It Wrong is just resonating with me right now.

As a whole, I believe that Take Care is in fact an improvement of the standard formula Drake has made for himself for constructing an album. It will by no means change the minds of nay sayers, nor will it make his fans love him any less. Its just more of the same thing that made him successful. Hopefully he will learn to expand his horizons a bit in the near future and talk about different things (he got a good start with his touching tribute to his mom on Look What You've Done") but I wont get my hopes up. But as long as he's putting out quality music, I'm not too bothered by it. If you like Drake, pick up a copy, its worth it.

Favorite Tracks:

Lord Knows feat. Rick Ross (Awesome beat!)

Shot For Me (Real talk for post relationship BS your going through)

Under Ground Kings (Awesome beat, great display of lyrical ability)

Doing It Wrong (Relationship issues you've either dealt with before, or will in the future)

Look What You've Done (Great tribute to his mom and uncle)

Over My Dead Body (Real chilled beat, great opening track)
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on December 1, 2011
I was planning on getting this album eventually, but when Amazon ran a $2 sale on it--I couldn't help but pick it up. And I'm shocked. I feel like I finally get what all the big hoopla about Drake is now.

Before I've never really been a fan of his soft "not really singing but kind of" voice that he has on a lot of his old stuff. It's not rap and it just didn't appeal to me. But on this album--I'm not really sure whether it's because the music is so much better or if a little light bulb in my head got turned on, but I found myself wanting him to "sing" more than actually rap.

"Crew Love" is just so sic. The chorus has been on repeat in my head for days now. It's a really solid album-but it does lack a little range, so if you don't like the singles--you're not going to like the album. For me though, Drake just picked up a new fan.
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on November 28, 2011
These days, Drake has turned into a man that is either loved or hated. First of all, people dislike him for his ability to balance singing and rapping in his songs. Lets be honest - some flat out hate it and wish he would choose one. But his real fans know no choice has to nor should be made. Drake is talented in both worlds, and he best says "F you" to his haters in "Lord Knows" ft. Rick Ross. Those of you who have listened to this song know EXACTLY to what I am referencing.

"Take Care" has been a project carefully crafted over the past year by Drake. It's about his life, who he is, what he experiences and he allows the listener to take a glimpse into his world. Its a refreshing break from those rap artists who are constantly spitting lines about drug dealing, threatening to kill other dudes or steal their girls. Drake is a genre of his own. There are not many other artists who can be compared to him - which is one thing I appreciate about his artistry. He gives music that is completely relatable and he is endlessly quotable.

I recommend this album to anyone with a brain, and anyone who is able to appreciate good music. There are a lot of great songs on this album. My favorites are most certainly:

Under Ground Kings
Buried Alive Interlude
Over My Dead Body
Crew Love
Take Care
The Love
Doing It Wrong

I do have a couple of issues with this album. I do have to say my least favorite is "Practice." I think its an awkward way to end an album (if you didn't purchase the deluxe edition). "The Ride" (bonus track) would have been more suitable and "Practice" should have been offered as a bonus. Also, Birdman's contribution to "We'll Be Fine" is well... not fine.
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on November 28, 2011
This album is a MUST HAVE. There are only like 2 tracks I don't care for. This is one of those albums you can listen to over and over and not get sick of it. It's very mellow which is perfect for me. Highly recommended.
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on July 5, 2012
Okay, so I am going to be honest with you here: the prospect of a hip-hop album from Wheelchair Jimmy from "Degrassi" was not something that really interested me. So I skipped "Thank Me Later". And in all honesty I had no real interest in this record. But, after reading a lot of terrific reviews for the record and seeing it one sale on this site terribly cheap, I decided that I should give it a shot.
And I have to admit that I was surprised. The record is better than I thought it had any real reason to be. Drake is not a particularly good rapper (he is clumsy and his punchlines are rarely memorable) and his singing voice is nothing to write home about. But he does have some sort of charm and a clear vision for how he wants his record to sound and flow. That sort of ambition is nice, especially in an era when putting together an entire album is something of a lost art form. He even creates a few memorable songs in the title track, and "Crew Love", which features the Weeknd. "The Real Her" features some fairly pedestrian singing, but it does have a verse from Andre 3000, and his presence on the mic always lifts everything he's on. And "Lord Knows" has a terrific Just Blaze beat and a terrific guest verse from Rick Ross. So even in an album that is clearly meant to be heard from beginning to end there are some top notch individual moments.
And the production on the record is unified, and excellent throughout. The record has a great sound, perfect for a drive at three 'o' clock in the morning. The beatmakers and producers (most notably Noah "40" Shelib, the records main producer) have done a fantastic job here.
So why the three star rating? Well, again, Drake is not much of a rapper. His flow is clumsy at best and he rarely has anything of real interest to say. Where someone like Kanye can mix the introspective with the humorous and playfulness, Drake is dead serious. He also occasionally tries to play like some gangster, and that pose is entirely phony and comes across as such.
Singing wise he's not much better. His voice warbles, which to some might come across as intimate but to me comes across as just not very good. There is also entirely too much of his singing, especially on the middle section of the record.
And there are many songs that don't work. "Cameras" is boring and drones on for too long. Drake sounds uninterested on "We'll Be Fine", and that feeling certainly rubs off on the listener. Lead off single "Headlights" is false bravado that Drake lacks the skills in really selling. And second single "Marvin's Room" might as well be called "Playa Haters Anthem", as all it is a dude seriously hating for five endless minutes.
So, should you buy "Take Care"? Sure, why not. I can pretty readily admit that this record was not meant for someone of my disposition and musical tastes, especially in hip-hop, but the record surprised me by not being all that bad. I can understand why people who really dig the dude and what he is doing would find this to be a great record. I don't think it is, but if you find yourself wanting a modern commercial rap record, "Take Care" is certainly better than anything Waka Flaka Flame has ever put out.
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on January 29, 2014
man what can you say about this one, classic, never dated, lyrics and beats topnotch, drake is an ultra professional, this album is flawless smooth delivery, this is the perfect place to start if you haven't been following the drake.
this review is for the vinyl version which i highly recommend, dead silence where its supposed to be, the low end is a non stop perfect sonic smooth and solid. the highs are super smooth and carry drake's voice exactly where it belongs, not the in your face digital farce but smooth and natural, the mastering on this vinyl is beyond perfect, elegant is all i can say. get this before it go's out of print, Drake on vinyl, wow!
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on March 21, 2016
I just bought this album from a near by record store, and in the back cover it lists the songs. For Side B of Disc 1 it says "Care".... When the song is "Take Care"? Is this a mistake of course or a mis typo? Special edition album, I think not... Any ideas?
review image
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on November 23, 2011
So first of all, Drake is Drake. This is his 2nd major release and he has quite a few lesser known releases from a few years ago. Anyone who claims to be a hip hop head and then gets mad that this cd isn't as hip hop as they expected, then what can i tell you? Well, i could tell you that you're simply not a hip hop head. Anyone who knows anything about hip hop can tell you off the bat that yes, Drake can spit, but that isn't his only talent and he isn't interested in making a rap album. Most of his songs feature him singing whether on auto tune or with some other kind of voice enhancement. I've seen him in concert and can tell you that he's not a very good singer without the digital help. But lucky for us, he (like most of today's r&b acts) is smart enough to use these enhancements on the cd. He isn't a thug, he isn't from the streets, and he isn't a battle rapper or a free styler. However, too many people are interested in comparing him based on those attributes instead of just laying back and listening to this cd.

You know who you are so i'll stop there.

As far as this cd goes, it's real addicting, mainly because of the hooks and the beats. The beats are top notch. Production is so solid and goes perfect with Drake. The guest spots for the most part are solid too, except for the last few bars from nicki minaj.

I really like this cd but i'm gonna compare it to his previous works, simply because while Drake has definitely matured in his last couple of cd's, he has a certain sound that sticks with him throughout. And it's easier to compare this cd with his previous cd's instead of comparing him to wu-tang, biggie, or some ridiculous sh* like that.

As far as the full cd comparison/rating goes, gotta say that the beats on this one completely murder his previous cd's. And the way he strings the songs along as far as sounding unstructured but not unfocused, it's all perfect. Best beats are Crew Love, Cameras, The Real Her.

Lyrically, this cd is probably his worst. (not bad at all, but not as good as his last two) He sounds a lot more bitter and sad on this one than his previous two, and definitely not as creative. So Far Gone you could tell he was optimistic. Thank Me Later he was about living it up with his fame. Now on Take Care, he's about addressing the haters. And don't get me wrong, i love revenge and he does it well (especially on Take a Shot For Me = masterpiece). But what happened to the party songs where you just hear that track and you think wow i want to feel that good about my life too? Drake isn't even talking good about women anymore. "Shut it Down" from Thank Me Later was such a great song for the women. "Fancy" showed his appreciation for women who get it themselves while still beign a bangin track. This cd has none of that. All the songs about women are really like breakup songs and revenge songs, or telling a girl hey you gotta deal with my problem so either deal with it or don't. And all of the party songs have some touch of rubbing it in to the people hating on the sidelines. I agree with many reviewers here who think that the young money crew is bringing Drake down. The track HYFR was unnecessary. It's real sloppy and sounds more like a mix tape track. Real weak hook that has nothing to do with the verses, which may be common for many rappers but definitely not Drake. With Drake, I expect the hook, bridge, verses, all to tell the same story. HYFR is just all over the place, doesn't make sense to me. The Rick Ross guest spot wasn't bad but I don't think it added anything to that song. Seemed just like a spot to advertise for Rick Ross. Same with Nicki Minaj's last few lines on her song. Weak.

I disagree with a lot of reviewers on here when it come to the song "Practice". I love this song, think it's a good way to remix a classic. I like the message on here, it's really the only positive song he has on here towards women, well it is in comparison to the rest of this cd.

The happiest song on this cd is probably the most emo track, which is the one with his mom on it, which is trendy right now for rappers to do, but he pulls it off well.

Right now i'm jamming to this cd mainly for the beats and the mood. When I want more lyrical drizzy, i'll throw Thank Me Later or So Far Gone in the deck. I don't see this cd being a classic like a lot of you do, sorry. I just know how old I am and throughout time, you get to realize that most artists only have one or two classic cd's and the rest you can appreciate but you will skip over when you're in the mood to hear that artist. In 20 years, we won't be reaching for this cd, we'll be reaching for So Far Gone probably. There are definitely exceptions to that rule, but this cd is not one of them. Good, even Great cd here. But no classic. 4 stars.
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on June 26, 2015
I love Drake. Period. He's one of my favorite rappers today. I like his flow, I like his style, and I really like that he's not afraid to rap about serious stuff. The whole club/booty/riches thing is tired; rappers used to have something to say. I'm glad that Drake has some heart.
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on September 19, 2015
Absolutely love this much so that this is my second time purchasing it... First the cd now digital. He has such a variety of emotions from start to finish. It's almost like he's telling a story
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