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on April 8, 2018
Awesome Album by one of the Best Christian Rock Bands
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on May 2, 2009
Thank you, Seventh Day Slumber, for failing to disappoint once again! Even though this one isn't all "original songs," it still has the passion that makes SDS one of the best bands out today. I may incur wrath for saying so, but this offering rivals "Strong Tower" from Kutless. Yeah, it's that good. This disc has found a long-time home in my 6-disc changer, and also a comfortable position on my MP3 player. Well worth the listen!
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on June 13, 2016
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on February 18, 2013
Been a fan of this group for a while and I really enjoyed their versions of a lot of the songs that I grew up listening to on Sundays.
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on December 29, 2014
Have no idea what this is. To my knowledge I have never ordered this.
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on February 24, 2012
I heard their music briefly in a radio commercial for a concert they were having in town. So I looked at buying a CD after I heard the album here on Amazon.com. I have to say this is the best Christian Rock I have heard so far. A lot of bands claim to be Christian bands but these guys are the real deal.
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on September 15, 2009
This is definitely a good CD with a different twist on worship, but it is not Seventh Day Slumber's best CD. This CD Take Everything has some good songs on it, but not all of them are good. If you listen to their old stuff, it definitely had a more musical side to it. This stuff is good, but it is not great. Buy it and listen to it, but, it is not their best work.
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on September 29, 2016
Pleased, thank you
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on April 11, 2009
Original Review:

I have to say, I am not much for "worship" albums, but with SDS writing the songs (well at least some), I thought that the songs would keep up with their previous work. I love their other albums, but this one seems cheap. I almost don't want to rip it and put it on my iPod, but since I have a large drive, I might as well use the space. There is one song on the album that seems to be a carbon copy of one of their other songs and all they did was change the words. I also have to say, there is not much meat to the lyrics. I look at music style first and then lyrics. If the style is something I like, but the lyrics don't measure up, I won't buy the disk. If you like simple 7-11 songs, this disk is for you. 7-11 songs being those with seven words repeated eleven times to make up a song. Granted these songs aren't that bad, but still, I expected more from this album than what is on it. If you can pick it up cheap, like I did, it may not be bad to have around. SDS, please don't release albums that take away from your previous work. If this is a picture of what is to come, I may have to drop you from the few bands that I follow and buy.

Edit to help clarify my review based on some of the comments (please read the comments to see what I was addressing):

This reply comes years after the comments. Please let me clarify my original review with this: Honestly I do not have too much appreciation for worship songs as they do not have the depth that tend to look for. This is not to say that there are not any good worship songs and that I don't enjoy listening to some, and yes even to this album at times. When I originally reviewed this album it was coming from someone who was not able to hear the songs prior to purchasing them and I wanted anyone who would do the same to know what to expect. As for my self-absorbed opinion it is just that, my opinion. I don't listen to CCM on the radio (where these songs would have been played) so I went into this album based my previous experience with other SDS albums and wanted to show the contrast from those albums to this one. As for me knowing that these songs were covers, yes I can read the insert to see where they come from and I have enough experience to know that these were not original works as I've heard them before in different settings (not the SDS version). If you read my review, nowhere do I say that 7-11 songs are bad, I was simply explaining what the songs were like. I don't care if they or anyone else wants to sing/perform/write these types of songs, I just wanted anyone buying the album to know what they were getting, especially if they were buying the album blind simply because it was a SDS album (like I did). I don't comment on other christian artists who wrote the originals (or write similar songs) because I do not buy their albums. If I liked their music I would buy it and if one of their albums varied from their typical normal album, I would want to point that out, which was my intent with my original review, and I apologize if that didn't come across. My criticism on this album is not the lyrics, but simply to point out the difference from this album to their others. If SDS was a praise and worship band and produced an album that different from their norm, I would have written the review the same way. Nowhere in my review did I state what type of band SDS 'should be', as they are their own band and they can dictate what they want to play, write, and sing. I can't play, write, or sing and even if I could, I would never tell someone else what they 'should be'. The only thing I would say close to that is that they 'should be' the band they believe they 'should be' and when they change musically I would want to know that before buying their album.
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on August 20, 2012
I loved every bit of this CD.Rocks all my favorite song and some new ones.I listen to it over and over.
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