Customer Reviews: Taken: A Magical YA Romance (The Channie Series Book 2)
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on January 27, 2012
f you had any feelings that Enchantment was a fluke, you were dead wrong!

On my review of Enchantment I said it was a sweet love story... if that's true Taken it's slight darker counterpart. While I really enjoyed Enchantment I lovedTaken. I had not expected to like Enchantment so much when I picked it up but it pleasantly surprised me. Taken pulled me out of my chair into a gripping adventure, it was absolutely more my style. I still feel like you can safely let your teens read this series and enjoy it with them. It still has the same charm and wittiness of book 1 but as the saga progresses we gets pulled deeper into Channie and Josh's magical word and the endearing love story.

Charlotte Abel has proven that she can stand the heat and keep producing magical adventures for her fans to get lost in and I plan to have a front row seat!
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on January 30, 2012
Wow! I read the first book and loved it! I read this book and it blew me away. Charlotte Abel has done such a wonderful job with making you love Channie and Josh. I stayed up all night reading this book. When I was done, I couldn't wait for the next book. Enchantment was great, Taken was wonderful, the next book will be even better. That is how writing should be done.
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on March 30, 2012
In the second installment of Channie's story, we pick up right where we left off with a married Josh and Channie hiding out in the Ozark mountains. If you at all felt even the slightest bit bored or aggravated with Channie in the first won't feel that way with Taken, I can promise you that.

Channie has grown up quite a bit in Taken. Josh still struggles between what he knows to be right and what could potentially save his and Channie's lives. Hunter is still a wee bit annoying, but I feel he redeemed himself quite a bit in this book. Aunt Wisdom I could take or leave, though. And Channie's parents...don't even get me started! The ending was just whoa...cliffhanger!

Just like with Enchantment, I stayed up all night to finish Taken. Not because of a blogging deadline, but because I just HAD to finish it all at once. September is too far away for the third and final chapter in Channie's life!
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on February 20, 2012
Thank you SOOOO MUCH Mrs. Charlotte Abel for writing this book!!! and for sending me an ARC copy (even though I bought a copy and re-read it too LOL)... If I could say in one sentence how I feel about this book, it's this.... Maghon says, "a book that had me happy, sad, frustrated, conflicted, emotional, and DEVASTATED all in a few hours time (as I DID NOT put it down for anything, or stop reading)... I WILL NOT compare you to any other author, as you are unique in your own, and you deserve to have your own category & be used as a comparison".... so ya know, my big mouth says THAT :)

One a serious note, let's talk about how AWESOME this book is... Channie is scared, and frustrated, and stuck... oh, and don't forget about EMPTY... You know, everyone must make choices, and the one's that Channie made we to save her life and the lives of the ones she loved, but it cost her dearly. She got the fairy tale Prince, but had every single other part of her life taken away. I don't know if you can call it a fairy tale in this instance, but at the same time, LOVE IS ENOUGH :) I believe that's one of my favorite quotes directly from the book... you should read it to hear who says it! There is no one who writes like Mrs. Abel, and words flow, like a summer river... beautifully and strong. Seriously, you know the book is good, when you finish it, look at the clock, and realize that hours have passed and you never looked away from the words. If these people were real, I would be driving them in my car and taking them everywhere with me :) that's how realistic her characters are... with that said, let's talk about the characters!

Channie started out being the main character, and in a way she still is, she just isn't alone anymore. She is growing wonderfully, and has matured so much, as being thrust into a whole new world (again) can be a handful. She has her petty, childish moments, but what 17 year old doesn't? I think it's pretty awesome that Channie's ridiculously HORRIBLE childhood prepared her for this story, but prepare her it did, but boy did it throw her boyfriend for a loop...

Josh, is totally unprepared for this life, and he doesn't want anything to do with "this war" as he feels it isn't his to fight, and he doesn't understand things, but he LEARNS so much in this book. and I know that he loves Channie, and to him that is all that matters. He will do ANYTHING to protect her. And by the end of the book, my heart is shattered for him... read it, really, cuz I'm not gunna tell you why I am in pieces of tears for this :)

I secretely have a crush on Yummy Hunter (that's my nick-name for him) and regardless of the situations that come up between him, Josh, and Channie, I am SO GLAD he is on this journey! As for her sister Abby, and the Trips, I LOVE THE TRIPS, I am glad they are still accounted for in this story, but I swear, my stomach fell out of my toes at the end of this story! I cannot say anything else about this, but OH MY GOD!!! WOW... *deer-in-the-headlight eyes... looks devastated* yep, I was very quiet and stunned at the end... ARE YOU GOING READ THIS BOOK YET?!?!?!

There aren't enough stars for this story, so *sigh* it gets a 5 PAWS from me... and cookies too :) LOL... and severe withdrawls already... I am ready for book 3, like a Klepto needs to steal something :) Wonderfully Amazing!!!
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on February 2, 2012
The second installment is here, Taken's dark and alluring plot continues the story of Channie.

If you read Enchantment and you loved it, this is even better. Taken takes you on a wild ride through Magic land and we get to experience how Channie and Josh relationship develops.

The twists and turns of this story had me glued to my seat; it's action packed and at the same time is very romantic.

I loved the Fact that we get to know Hunter so much better he is the funniest and sweetest thing out there and the way he and Josh bond is spectacular if not more.

This book is something you don't want to miss guys if you haven't read Enchantment yet is currently available for FREE here, on amazon....

This book is to die for!!!!
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on February 10, 2012
vowing to only read a paragraph or two of "Taken" was literally impossible! The grabbing maelstrom of love, fear, chaos, adrenaline and emotions so overwhelming flooded my senses in wave after wave that kept me turning those pages. I needed to uncover not only the twists and turns of the plot, but to understand each of the characters as they evolved, emerged, and burst to life with and through magic. Sleep is highly over rated, so I'm going to go read "Enchantment" while I wait for the sequel to "Taken", due out in September 2012!
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on February 22, 2012
As soon as I was done with Enchantment, I rushed over to Amazon and picked up the sequel. Taken has a bit more depth to it than Enchantment but the same great mix of action and romance. I do admit that there were some annoying grammar errors and "duh" moments in this book that put me off, however the story line is so heartwarming that I'll happily overlook those minor faults. The humor in this book is outstanding. Truly a step up from Enchantment in all aspects. I sincerely hope that we don't have to wait long for the next book in this series.
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on March 25, 2012
I absolutely adored Enchantment so I had very high expectations for Taken and except for the ending (I hate cliffhangers!), I was not disappointed. I should put in here that the ending was very gripping; I just don't like waiting. Both the writing and editing (except for a few little mistakes) were very well done and the story had a smooth flow from beginning to end. I loved all the people except for Momma, of course. She really became so EVIL that she had me literally shivering in places. The dialogue was terrific; all the characters seemed like real people except that some of them had to deal with magic and they did that very well, too. I definitely recommend this book (so you can suffer the wait with me) because I'm sure you will enjoy reading it.

I hope that Amazon will send out an e-mail announcement when the next book is ready since I read dozens of books a month and I don't want the next book to get lost in the crowd.
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on February 3, 2012
I read "Taken" in one go, just as I did for "Enchantment" (the first in the series)
I loved the first book, but "Taken" was so much more spellbinding. I lost yet another
few hours of sleep over this series because I couldn't put the book down! I am looking forward
to the third installment "like yesterday." "Taken" is a great for the young adult and
the young at heart!
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on February 4, 2012
Charlotte Abel is an 'evil' woman who easily manages to leave you panting for more.... she has managed to write another truly excellent book that will leave you breathless. The book 'Taken' follows on from 'Enchantment' and is another easy escape from reality which is very hard to put down. I actually read it in one day squeezing in the demands of family and job around my reading and of course thoroughly enjoyed it. The question is, when is the next instalment in the Josh and Channie saga due... and will it complete the saga? I love to read a series.... when the author has finished writing all of them. I really am very bad at waiting for the next installment to be written.

I downloaded this ebook during a KDP promotion and am very happy to report that the plot is well developed, does not have any contradictions/flaws, the characters are very easy to relate to and of course, the editing is excellent.

So Charlotte, thankyou for great book and 'boo' to you for not having the next book already done ;) the waiting is absolute torture :(

Seriously, when is part three coming and how many parts can we expect?

*taps toes impatiently*
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