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on March 29, 2016
Had my stock fan start grinding in my 360. Got this to replace it. After installation, I could feel a solid breeze from the back of the unit, much like the original fan on high, yet this was at idle. The fan creates a very quiet hum, and is unnoticeable during gameplay. Spent 5 hours playing and never did the Xbox get loud.

The blue glow from the back is evident in my entertainment center. I had no interest in the lighting effect, but it is rather pleasant now that I have it.
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on January 5, 2016
Pop that Xbox case open, pull out those factory installed inferior boring fans out and throw these top notch mesmerizing light up freezer makers in there. Seemed to throw more air than the factory fans plus they add that extra flare with the sweet blue lights. Get this and make all your friends jealous. Reap the rewards!
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on March 10, 2014
3/10/14. This is the 1st time I have personally changed the internal fan. I was shocked that the fan was so easy to install. I spent more time taking the Xbox apart. Once I did have the Xbox case off, while waiting for the new fan I made a few changes to the Xbox case. I love the blue lights on this fan and it was well worth the price. I normally send my Xbox to Microsoft do fix the red ring of death due to the fan failing and I had to have it fixed on 3 separate occasions ($300 dollars total). Never again. This Talismoon Whisper Fan is great and I love the blue LED lights.
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on April 12, 2012
For a while I have been unhappy with the fan in my 360 Elite. I've had it replaced my Microsoft twice and my current one has served me much longer than the previous two. However, I was getting concerned about it overheating and getting the 3 RROD again, so i finally decided to buy a new fan for my system.

First off, I recommend that you have the case opening tool before you purchase this fan, or with it, it will make taking apart your Xbox much easier. You'll also need a Torx T-10 driver for the screws inside the console. If you don't have the tools I recommend buying them, you can also use it to regularly clean the system of dust buildup that can drastically effect airflow.

The fan itself is made of good quality clear plastic, the fan blades are larger and the motors are smaller allowing for greater airflow. the LEDs are a nice touch but I could have done without them. I was worried the LEDs would draw more power but the specs on the box claims it uses less than the OEM fan and it runs at a lower RPM as well.

Installing the fan wasn't all that hard, the fan doesn't fit the same way as the stock fan, but it's not too hard to get it to fit, I used a plastic scribe tool I use for laptops to help fit it into place. Another note is that the power connector requires an adapter, which is included, I'm not sure if this is because the older, (pre HDMI) motherboards had a different connector or not, but you can coil the extra wire with a zip tie or just tuck it out of the way. The fan tunnel also took a little coaxing to get back into place since it didn't fit right away, but it slid in with minimal trouble. The overall installation is pretty easy, especially for those who tinker with electronics.

Once I had the system put together and booted it up I did notice that the fan did sound slightly quieter, it has a lower tone to the sound and it did have significantly greater airflow than the OEM fan. The LEDs give a nice ambient light effect and I don't mind if they ever go out as long as the fans keep working.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this product, it's better than the OEM fan and has some aesthetic value as well. $20 does seem a bit steep for a system fan, but for improved performance that could extend the life of my console seems better than buying a new one. I enjoyed the fun and mild challenge of installing the fan and am pleased with the result. It's a decent upgrade or replacement that I recommend to anyone with an older 360.
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on December 11, 2012
I choose it five stars because it says EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES..............I HAVE AN an xbox 360 elite............replace stock fan with this one(very easy can be done in less than 5 min).I tried it once more where the stock fan is kinda loud,turn it off,open the xbox(use youtube on how to open xbox 360 elite or whatever version you have,put aside the dvd drive and the white entry tray that divides the fan and the heatsink(forgot what is the name I think is white beazel,......),take out stock fan(again use youtube on how to do that IT IS VERY EASY REALLY NOTHING HARD,unplug WITH THE CONNECTOR(TAKE OF SLOWLY),THEN PUT NEW FAN IN AND CONNECT BOTH OF THE CONNECTORS THAT IT BRINGS AND CONNECT TO GREEN MOTHERBOARD(ITS A 4 PIN THING),put everything back in place slowly and easy or basically reverse everything you did,and thats it once you turn it on,BLUE LIGHTS COME OUT IN THE BACK AND ITS NOT JUST SOME SMALL AMOUNT OF LIGHT,ITS VERY GOOD AND STRONG TOO,it really is even more quiter and i really really like that,and the wind in the back feels as if its blowing out twice or 3 times stronger...........................PLAY AND HAVE FUN.............
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on April 4, 2017
If you just want to add lights to your Xbox 360, this fan is great. If you want a fan that is actually quiet, then don't bother. Save the money that you would have used to buy this and just purchase an XBox 360 E, that model is way quieter.
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on March 28, 2017
First fan was DOA, but I got a replacement fairly quick. The fan is still loud, almost as loud as the one I replaced.
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on January 9, 2012
I put this fan into a 2006/2007 era Xbox that was staying alive with regular "heat treatments" whenever it went to red-ring.

When I first received this fan I found it of suitable quality. It seemed to have a good shape to the blades, spin freely, and have enough strong enough magnets to get the job done for a while.

As many people considering purchasing this product probably know: Xbox has some heating/cooling issues. They die mainly because they over-heat. This is a design issue that $-driven Microsoft drug its feet to fix, but seems to have addressed in the newly redesigned ~2011 Xbox. However if you have an old Xbox you're dedicated to keeping alive and you push it to its limit with the complexity of processing and hours of work you put it through (like me) a slightly better fan, like this one, is probably worth the investment.

Also it's blue--that's fun. I like blue LEDs as much as the next person.

The bottom-line: I found that this fan helped my Xbox heating issues, especially in conjunction with an external fan (auto-on to a certain temperature) that kicks on after the Xbox turns off. After the original, older fan was replaced with this one it stayed alive longer between red-rings. But I only found truly significant improvement by removing the external case of the Xbox, replacing the original fan with this one, and placing the 2nd under the disk drive above the GPU.
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on March 4, 2011
My 360 is completely custom! I have mesh grating on top so it is see through and it also allows air to freely rise out! this purchase was more about looks than cooling my system better...that being said, the 2 LED's farthest from the connector pin are only half as bright as the the ones closest. I have other blue LED's inside so its not to bad but I am pretty anal and it does bother me. My friend has one as well and his is the same but it seems that the whole right side is dimmer. only other complaint I have is it is not an exact fit and does not pop/clip into place, it holds just fine but it made me nervous at first. Also I don't care what the product is LOUDER than the stock fan but not much. Overall I still like it and will keep it in.

Looks cool!
Works great (as it should)

Not an exact fit
Power distribution to LED's is a 50/50 shot
Slightly louder

If you want the full benefit of looks from this then you need to have both a clear/see through top and a clear/see through wind tunnel (amazon: $11.99 or close to it)
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on March 26, 2013
I purchased this fan to accompany some computer case fans to perform a case mod for my Xbox 360.

The product advertises that its moves more air while being quieter. While I can't say that this isn't true, I don't believe that the difference is very noticeable. The led's are very bright and illuminate the Xbox very well. It was a great addition to my case mod am glad that I made the purchase.

This product, in my opinion, should be purchased for aesthetic purposes only. It does not perform much better than the stock fan, which can be purchased for a cheaper price. While it looks awesome, one may be better off simply purchasing a stock fan at a cheaper price.
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