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on December 30, 2008
This is the third pair of slippers that I have purchased and the best of the bunch. I was particularly looking for a slipper that was made of "natural" type materials instead of the more common nylon/rayon. These slippers are not full of the "fake fuzz" that made my feet sweat so much that if I pulled them off I didn't want to slip back into a cold wet slipper. They breath well and my feet are dry after wearing them.

They are well made (for the price) and are more comfortable than $40 LB Evans slippers and $20 Dr. Scholls that I tried before. Great comfortable flannel type lining seems to wick away moisture and cushioned insole is great.

Fit is pretty true to size. Other slippers in my size tended to be way to small, these were close. I typically wear size 10 and was reluctant to order a 10, but sure enough they fit. A bit small, but close enough that I wouldn't move to the 11.

I think you would be hard pressed to find a better slipper at this price.
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on December 9, 2015
I seldom write reviews for anything other than books or an occasional CD or movie. And when I do, it's generally because I really like something a lot (and, secondarily, may have seen what struck me as unfair comments about the object of my adoration that I'd like to offset a bit).

Context: I've been around for almost of seven decades and have gone through every type of slipper imaginable - Indian mocs, scuffs, slipper socks (augh!), Polar Bear, Bear Paw, every other bear, ad infinitum. These Tamaracs - with the plaid lining as opposed to faux shearling lining - are the best I've owned, the most structurally substantial, the most comfortable, and the most street-worthy on the outchance I'd have to run out onto the sidewalk in some defense of the homestead or other.

Now, truth to tell, I've been wearing them for only ten days, albeit for a good portion of the day at that, with socks (heavy athletic) and without, and they're simply superb. This story may change in a month or two, should the "glue" issue some wearers have reported come to pass on my feet. But I'm wondering if that's just not a 2-percent/6-month or so failure rate, which the producer should handle as a guarantee deal. Longer than that, with slippers, you should probably be on your own, given the wide variations in usage and wear-out rate.

But in the last two weeks, I've had great traction on all surfaces. Non-marring (some black soles scuff tile or wood: these don't.) Warmth at cool room temperatures and comfort at warmer ones (although some people complain that their feet sweat because these slippers are so cozy. Well, we respire through our feet, and some people are sweat hogs like that. These are sealed leather with winter lining. Memo to owners: If it's 99 in the shade you probably should walking around barefoot or in lightweight summer scuffs. If you're wearing these Tamaracs and your dogs are sopping wet, well, that's a lesson for ya, isn't it?)

And these Tamaracs are precisely sized and lasted. Listen: the comments of many reviewers about "snug-fit/order a size larger" are exactly what motivated me to write up these remarks of my own. The snug-fit crowd must have been writing with the Amazon shipping box right at their feet, five minutes after putting new, lined slippers on for the first time. Of course they're snug. As a few reviewers have reported, memory foam innersoles generally take care of the size issue in less than a few hours of wearing. (I don't have the shearling, but I bought some for my son: the pile flattens pretty quickly, too.) By the end of my first day, everything was copacetic, a tiny bit tight with heavy socks but just fine without. (My foot has spread over time from an 11-medium to close to the next width out, but the fit is still fine.) By the end of the second day, perfection. Absolute perfection. Without any perturbations to the structure of the shoe or its appearance. (I've scuffed about the house in the company of house guests, and they've - honestly [I have no connection to Tamarac] - complimented me the attractiveness of the slippers and, I'm pretty sure [they went online instantly to look at the URL with their mobiles], went on to order a pair. Everyone needs a good pair of slippers.)

All of this is to say, had I gone from an 11 to a 12 (no half sizes offered), I'd be swimming in these things and kicking them off or leaving them behind half the time. I'd recommend you order for your shoe size unless you're a half-size (they don't come in half-sizes): if that's the case, round up, not down (depending, though, on how true your half size is and how chubby or slender your foot may be. Use common sense).

And now, the *asterisk*: I'm hard on shoes. I roll into pronation. I'm also cruel to heels and wear hard on the outside of both feet. Ten days is really too soon for a shoe review: most of the breakdowns, if they occur, will be well after any guarantee has expired. And so I'll keep an eye on the structural integrity of the slippers and will report back if detect any developing problem within the next six months or so.

But until then, I'm as happy with these as the proverbial bug in a rug - I know: that makes no sense in a shoe context, throw me a metaphor - and will be giving these out for Xmas.
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on January 1, 2017
This is a neat slipper - well made, very comfortable and good fit. I wear a 15 so it is very hard to find shoes in my size in the first place much less fit properly. When I first put them on I was concerned they might be too small. After wearing one day, both my foot and the shoe adjusted to one another. This shoe does have a unique feel and that might account for negative reports. A man usually wears shoes with a full rear portion not a slip on with a minimal attachment. Once you get past the feel of a shoe with "no rear end' I think you will really enjoy the comfort this allows. I would recommend this to anyone with tender feet as well. I have some diabetes related pain and this shoe seems to provide support and comfort for me. Delivery was prompt and sooner than expected.
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on October 26, 2014
I have bought lots of slippers for my husband over the years, most of them lasted a few months, before they started to break down and had to be thrown out. None ever fit as well as the Tamarac's nor did they have the support my husband needed for his feet. When the Tamarac's arrived my husband said, "save the box, cause they probably are going to be like the others and we will have to send them back." When he put them on his feet he was very pleasantly surprised and said, " Wow, these feel really good on my feet and have great arch support, almost as if I'm walking on a cloud." Into the trash went the old slippers and the box.
That old adage, "You get what you pay for" really rings true, no more slippers from Walmart or any other discount store. We will be back to Amazon for his next pair of Tamarac Slippers.
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on March 9, 2017
I've been wearing these for a year now and they are just great! They do stretch a bit over time, but that is what should happen. They are sturdy when they need to be and always cozy.
Other than a bit of wear on the bottoms, these look as they did when I got them! Very well made. I've run to the store a few times in them and they handle well! They are handsome, so it's not completely obvious you're wearing slippers.

Buy these for yourself or give as a gift to someone who likes simple and modest slippers. They are warm, but breathe well too. Buy with confidence!

Highly recommended.
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on September 1, 2015
Not as nice as the authentic Tempur-Pedic slippers these replace, but at a fraction of the price they are a win. I rated them "No" on arch support because there is none but it's not a flaw or feature of any slippers I've owned. Just a side note that the box is decorated with a lot of verbiage about the family tradition of this brand and the American origin of the name, but like every other manufactured item in the US market place they are just made in some factor in China like everything else. Nothing special.
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on December 1, 2014
I was excited when I found these because they look just like slippers I need to replace due to lots of wear. Much to my dismay I could barely get my hand into the shoe. Not to mention a large mans foot. Sz 13. These are certainly a very narrow fit. Very very dissapointed and filed the return the same day of receipt. I need to find a new brand of slipper now. Reluctantly gave 1 star because I had to
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on November 25, 2013
I'm not much of a slipper person, I've tried them most of my life and they always cause my feet to sweat, making my feel more uncomfortable than if I went barefoot or just wore socks, but thankfully I did not buy these for that purpose!

After being asked, for the eight thousandth time in my life to take out the garbage/recycling, check the mail or fetch something from the car after I had already come home and taken my shoes off, I wondered "is there a better way?" as I laboriously laced up my shoes again. So I immediately began to look up "slippers" with a rubber sole that acted more like a shoe, something I could easily slide my feet into and run outside, instead of lacing up a pair of boots or shoes.

I found a few pairs of clog slippers and the Tamarac's had the best reviews by far, so I got them. After a few weeks of use, I can safely say these have been a success. They hold up well to minimal outdoor use, so when I'm asked to take out the garbage and fetch the mail mere seconds after my shoes have come off, these bad boys slip right on and handle my trek flawlessly. I've walked outside in 20 degree weather (with socks on of course), through freshly rained on grass and my feet remained dry and warm. They are fleece lined and it definitely helps, although I wouldn't trust them to keep you warm outside beyond a few minutes. I also use them indoors on occasion, when the stairwell/floor is gunked up with outdoor winter/rain crud from peoples shoes and I don't want to dirty my socks.

Curious, I did try these as slippers by wearing them in the house with no socks and the problem I noted in my first paragraph still occurred, they caused my feet to sweat. However, this may be something with my physiology as I've never had a single pair of slippers that didn't cause this.

My only real problem with these slippers is the size. I have huge feet, size 13 (measured by shoe store staff, not my own guess) and sometimes even size 13 shoes or boots, depending on the manufacturer, can be tight on my feet. Typically size 13 shoes either fit me perfectly or my toes bump up against the toe of the shoe. However, the Tamaracs are huge and I don't know why? I ordered and received a size 13 but they appear to be at least a half size bigger than my foot (if not more), which is shocking considering the size of my feet and my past experience with shoes. I realize these are clogs and the back of the shoe is not supposed to be snug on the heel, however, my heel doesn't even make contact with the back unless I slide my foot backward. It hasn't hindered the usability of these slippers for me, but I had to deduct a star for the ginormous sizing, something I have never experienced before. This may only be a problem with larger sizes (not sure) and at this point I'm uncertain if size 12 would have been better or if it would have been too small?
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on April 25, 2016
My husband has very specific ideas about the perfect slipper. I took a calculated risk when I bought them without his input but the reviews were high and the feedback from previous buyers were helpful and thorough. It turns out, the slippers fit all my husband's slipper parameters: back of the shoe at the heel is not too low or two high, sturdy construction, breathable, waterproof sole that can wear well for trips to the mailbox or in the backyard, not too flashy or trendy or hipster, comfy cozy, good support. It was my anniversary gift to him and was wildly successful. He loves them. I will definitely buy them again.
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on March 8, 2016
I have only worn these slippers a hand full of times so far but they seem great each time I slip my feet into them. The overall opinion is these slippers are quality. I have owned several different companies and styles through the years and these seem to be my best pair by far for the around $30 slipper category. Most of the pairs I have owned have had some type of furry inner layer that would make my feet sweat a lot. Once you sweat in those types of slippers they seem to smell worse each time.

These Tamarac slippers have a comfortable cushioned sole and no furry inner layer to sweat in. The bottom of the slipper seems to be a durable plastic/rubber sole that can easily withstand a walk outside to the mailbox without any issues.
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