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on April 23, 2014
This is for the Tamron lens for Canon..not sure if I chose the built in motor option.
I chose 4 because I love this lens! I take beautiful pictures that I couldn't get with a 50mm or the kit lens. No ugly purple fringe around people. It's and ease of taking pics in low light too.
I am disappointed that it is so heavy! I knew that going in because I have used this lens several times before buying it.
I'm also concerned...sometimes while using that previous lens and the one I now own it says that there is a connectivity issue. I clean the contacts and sometimes it still doesn't work.
I wonder if it is because of the weight of the lens, so I bought a monopod to support the lens instead of just holding onto the camera.
Let me know if there is a better solution.
I'm so happy to have the lens because my images look incredible when it works!!!
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on July 2, 2014
OK, lets start by saying that even though the web page says it will not work with Canon t3i it does. I have used this several times now in less than optimal conditions. I was really impressed by the pictures taken during my daughter's dance recital. The colors were not perfect but were easy enough to correct in post processing. Pictures are a little soft, more so in poor light, Depth of field control is excellent. For the price I don't think you could go wrong with this lens.
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on February 20, 2017
The lens i recieved is slightly rear focused. It is only noticeable at the lower apertures. Other than that it is crystal clear and built solid. This is my go to portrait lens. Focus is not fast enough to use for sports or action photography. All in all great lens for the price. Huge fan of Tamron glass!
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I have had this lens for almost 4 months on my Sony A700 and A100. The first place I used it was on vacation in Yellowstone Park. Even in dead of a Wyoming winter with temperatures around 6 degrees Fahrenheit this lens did not fail me. The image quality was superb with no light falloff after F5.6. Even wide open the close crops the middle of the image are sharp with excellent resolution. Focusing with the Sony screw drive was as quick as any of my other lenses. In low light at 200mm (that's a 300mm equivalent with the 1.5x crop factor) it did hunt a bit but no slower than my other lenses. For event photography the F2.8 is fantastic. I was able to capture usable images at all the weddings I have shot with this lens. All in all this is my favorite go to lens for general purpose location photography. The nicest thing about this lens is that the length remains constant throughout the zoom range. I recommend getting a monopod for any extensive shooting. Mounted to an A700 the total weight is about 4.5 pounds. It is hand holdable and with Sony's Super Steady Shot you will get excellent images. But you will get a sore shoulder after a full day of carrying this setup.
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on June 16, 2010
All of you out there that are reading this review of the Tamron 70-200 are probably in one of two categories. 1) Looking for a fast low light zoom but don't wont to pay the price of the Nikon/Canon 2.8 tele or 2) Your looking for a backup telezoom for your Nikon/Canon. I do wedding, family, sports shoots as a side biz and I'm in category 1. You're probably worried about buying it and it not Auto Focusing fast enough or having some other issues that you've read......because that was a concern of mine. Let me put you at ease.....don't worry, the Tamron 70-200 is fantastic! In fact I was so pleased that I ended up purchasing other Tamron lenses. The 28-75 f/2.8 and also the 17-35 f/2.8-4mm and all 3 have been exceptional to say the least.

AF - Lets get to what everyone is concerned about...Auto Focus. I have two Nikons that I've use this lens on. A D5000 (cropped 1.5x sensor) that I use for quick pics of the kids and vacations (non paying gigs) and a D700 full frame for my professional paying gigs and if the kids have very special events like my daughters kindergarten graduation. I'm really not seeing what everyone is fussing about this lens AF's just as fast as my Nikon DX lens....55-200 VR for example. I use this lens for in and out doors and have never had a problem with it auto focusing. It's like any lens you use.....take a person dressed in black standing in front of a black background and any lens will have a hard time trying to find the focus. Adjust your focal point on the face where the contrast is different and boom it finds it. This is only rare occasions but it does happen sometimes and it also happens with my Nikkors. One thing I do notice is my D700 AF quicker compared to my D5000. It's not by much but it is noticeable, but not an issue. I honestly believe it's due to the difference of the AF systems in the two cameras. D700 is known for its superb AF.

AF Accuracy - Spot on, never a problem. I have my D700 set where it will not release the shutter unless it's in focus and I've never have had a problem with it being fooled or hunting for focus unless it's in a dark closet.

AF loudness - Is the Tamron louder than the Nikkor lenses when Auto focusing? Yes it is. It's not quiet but it's not loud by any means. You have to remember you're the one looking through the viewfinder and of course you're going to hear it. Others won't even notice it. The shutter closing/opening when taking a picture is twice as loud as the Tamron AF system. It's not even an issue. I don't know if I would take it out to the Amazon taking pics of dangerous and exotic animals where my life depended on it......but then again you'd still probably be ok. Remember the shutter is louder than the auto focus.....again it's not even an issue I don't think.

Sharpness - Super sharp at all focal lengths. I've actually have been very pleased with all of my Tamrons and the sharpness it produces. When hand held at 200mm 2.8 it is a tad softer but 95% of that is due to camera shake. I've tested this and have mounted it on a tripod at that setting with sharp as a tack results. Vibration Reduction or Tamrons VC would be a huge plus but it's not totally necessary.

Construction - Very well made, very hefty and durable. I've used Nikons version and it's a fantastic piece of engineering that is weather sealed, built like a tank and is without a doubt more durable. I think this is where the price difference is. The Tamron is not cheap feeling by any means. When you hold it you know its made very well but the Nikon just takes that to another level which is why its $2000 plus US dollars and the fact this it has Vibration Reduction. If you're going to be going through some rugged terrain on a paid photo shoot it would only make sense to purchase the Nikon. Honestly if you took care of the Tamron and kept it clean I'm sure it could make it out fine also but I wouldn't try it.

Overall - Superb sharpness, old school but very effective AF system and AF accuracy, AF noise is not a problem and is really not even loud enough to even mention in this review but I know people have brought it up and are concerned. I'm 100% pleased. Even if I would have paid more I still would have been pleased but that's the beauty of Tamron. Giving you a great professional lens at a great price. Quick story: I was outside under the patio just a couple of days ago taking pics of the massive storm that we had here in Oklahoma using this lens. I would AF on the clouds and press the shutter and to my surprise the shutter would not release. Remember I have it set where it will not take the pic unless it's in perfect focus. After a few times of this I was getting very frustrated and thought to myself........this is what everyone must be talking about when they mean the Tamron has trouble AFing. Few seconds later the shutter goes off taking pics of nothing. I'm thoroughly confused now and then it hit me. Just a day earlier I was taking some self portraits for my online profile and I was using the auto delay 20 second timer and I still had it in that setting.......sigh.....I was quick to blame the Tamron....poor Tamron.

8/19/10 UPDATE:
I've owned this lens going on 3 months now and have used it extensively for indoor events (weddings) and low light evening portrait sessions. I'm still very pleased with the performance. There is one thing I'm a little disappointed in but its not a deal breaker but enough to drop my original 5 star rating to a 4.5.

Sharpness -
At f2.8 and 200mm the sharpness takes a hit some, its actually more of a soft image.....especially in low lighting. If you back off the focal length to 165mm or under it improves. Stopping down to f4 is razor sharp. Its annoying that I can't use f2.8 for razor sharp pics but in reality there's not a lot of lens that are razor sharp when completely stopped down to its maximum, with the exception to some. I'm finding all my Tamrons are this way at f2.8. Of course when asking owners of the $1750 Nikon 24-70 2.8 and $2200 Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR they all say its tack sharp at 2.8.

Auto focusing -
Its still does a great job at AFing but now that I'm getting used to other lenses in my bag (Nikon primes and Tamron Zooms) and then coming back to this 70-200 I am seeing a difference in speed. Its not much and its not a problem but I do feel the difference. Its a tad slower....even slower than my Tamron 28-75 2.8 which in my opinion is still fast. My Tamron 17-35 2.8 does not have internal AF and is a screwdriver cam type where you rely on the camera to do the AFing. Its so fast that it can become will take your finger off if not careful...ha,ha.
review image review image
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on September 16, 2014
I rented the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 a few months ago, and have waited with eagerness until I could afford one...then came this beauty!
It is 1/3 the price of the Nikon, and nearly its equal in all other respects.
The pictures are sharp, clear, and consistent, no matter the available light. I use it extensively in shooting stage productions.
The weight is considerable when compared to a standard consumer lens, but on par for other lenses in this class. You will want a monopod for this one!
The feel/texture/finish is on par with other lenses in this class also, especially the Nikon.
The Nikon has a slightly better overall feel, and a marginally better image. However, for the difference in price, I would stand in line for this one!
the only real question you need to ask yourself is what you want to do with the money you save!
It is a great lens, at an unbeatable price!
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on September 8, 2009
This lens would receive a 5 star rating if not for the slow autofocus. So far, that is the only drawback I've had with this lens. Sharp as can be expected at this focal length with no VR. IQ is stellar.

Good investment if you can't afford the Nikon VR.


I'm having to send the lens in for service as it's having AF issues. I've now had it about a year, and probably shot 20 times with it during that time.


Ok, so I sent the lens in for service and they come back with a quote to "fix" my lens at $400. They said they found evidence of "Shock Damage" and that the "Cam barrel is bent or cracked". This is probably something only a service tech could find, but I don't see anything to the naked eye wrong with the lens barrel. Also, the lens has been 100% in my hands since I bought it. When not using it, it stays in a Pelican case with a custom foam insert. I have NEVER hit, bent, bumped, dropped, or anything this lens. So how shock damage occurred, I will never know.

This being said, the IQ of the lens is still good, and it MF's fine. I'm just going to chalk this one up to poor build quality or poor QA'ing of the product. I don't know what else to chalk it up as. If I'd bumped or dropped the lens, I'd take full responsibility, but this is not the case.

Final thoughts. Save for the Nikon 70-200 or 80-200 2.8. :)
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on July 14, 2014
This is not the Sony version that costs 5 times as much, nor is it the newer updated Sigma or Tamron 2.8. If you can deal with the limitations and know what you are getting you will be very happy with the lens. It is slow to auto-focus especially in low light compared to the $3000 Sony lens but it tracks subjects pretty well and I haven't had the problems others mentioned with it not finding the subject. I've had the Sigma version and it was faster on the auto focus but the picture quality was much less consistent than the Tamron version.
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on November 3, 2013
I was looking for a 200mm zoom with an f2.8 aperture, considered many options, read a lot of reviews and finally settled on this one. Focus speed (which I'd heard was an issue) actually seems good to me. I like the quality I get from this lens. Most 200mm zooms will see some drop off in sharpness at the lens extremes but it isn't as bad with this lens as I expected--very acceptable levels. And it sure beats an f4.5 200mm…especially when shooting athletics or indoor venues. The lens seems hardy and tough (though I haven't accidentally dropped it yet so it hasn't been completely "field-tested"). My biggest complaint is that it is bigger than a number of the other f2.8 200mm zooms I looked at. If size is an issue (and some venues will limit the size of zooms you can bring in as a spectator, or because you sling/gadget bag won't take just any lens) than do some measuring of this lens and the other options you're looking at. But if you're looking for an afford high-performing f2.8 lens 200mm zoom, this one qualifies.
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on March 29, 2013
I have always had decent lens, never what I would call "expensive." I really wanted the Sony f2.8 version, but no way I could afford the $2,200.00 price tag. I looked at the Sigma and Tamron versions and decided to go with the Tamron. I do a lot of sports photography and was looking for that speed lens. It is a great compliment to my Sony A77. I never thought I would shoot at shutter speeds over 1/4000ths, but have found myself sometimes at the max shutter speed with this lens (1/8000ths). I am simply blown away by the quality of the images and the action shots I have been able to capture with this lens. It is really a great lens. If you do action photography, you will love this lens. It is also great at stills, but I have not done many with it. If you need to capture the action, buy this lens. You will not be disappointed. I find I only use this lens most of the time now.
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