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on February 3, 2017
Enjoyed practically everything - emotions of animated characters, storyline, sound quality, 3D quality (a bit worse on flying lanterns, focus is like for IMAX), so we need more movies like this. Became to be one of my favorite right after watching for the first (but not last) time.
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on June 15, 2017
This has to be one of my all time favorite cartoon movies. My best friend has been a longtime Disney fan since she was a toddler. I did buy this movie as a gift for her but it was really for my enjoyment lol. The case contains both Blu-Ray and DVD discs. This was intended for children but I'm sure the film can be enjoyed by all ages.
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on June 25, 2011
Well what can I say? The reason I bought this movie is because a friend of mine watched it and he said it was great, he then told me to go but i didn't get a chance see it in the big screen. So then i went to IMDB.com to see the ratings this movie received, it got 7.9 out of 10, to me that's actually not bad, so i was curious and this movie made its way to my "GOTTA HAVE IT ON BLU RAY" check list. Waited several months, and saw it at best buy, but the price was ridiculously high since it just came out, so i said heck no lol just last week i went to check the amazon price and saw that it was 19 something, so without hesitation i went ahead and bought it.

I was sooo happy when i got it, i didn't watch it immediately though due to too much excitement in my blood. don't know why. lol man When i see this movie, I was like a kid in Disney World for the first time.. and I'm 21 so you can picture me just in awe through out the whole journey with my jaw dropped to the floor.

PLOT was interesting. Lost daughter of a King named Rapunzel, trapped inside of a tower by an old selfish lady who desired to stay young all her life with the help of Rapunzel's magical long-blonde hair. Also a Thief who stumbled upon the Princess and both embarked on a journey to find and fulfill their dream. Of course there's more than this you just gotta see it for yourself.

I love Mandy Moore in this film, she's still got it. The animators did a great job making Rapunzel look extra HOT! And Yes I don't mind a Brunette either. LOL inside Joke.

To be honest this movie is really good playing with your emotions, you will get angry, you will be sad, then you'll laugh and then angry again. It's an up and down ride. AND like every other Disney movie, you will encounter musical piece where the characters are singing to each other, personally I don't like those kinds of scenes but I'm not complaining ;)

Tangled is definite BUY! (especially if you collect Disney movies such as myself)
Here's a list of my Disney Blu Ray Collection:
*Toy Story 1 & 2

Up next: The Incredibles

Wall E
and Disney Pixar's Short Film Collection..

I GIVE TANGLED 9.3 out of 10
-0.7 because of the musicals which I personally dislike
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on January 3, 2014
Tangled is Disney's twenty-first century retelling of "Rapunzel". The witch Mother Gothel has stolen the infant princess Rapunzel in order to keep the magic of our heroine's luxurious hair for her own selfish reasons. Mother Gothel raises Rapunzel as her own child but keeping a curious child locked in a tower for 18 years is no easy feat. To ease this problem, Mother Gothel has convinced poor Rapunzel the world is an extremely unsafe place. Rapunzel, unaware she was kidnapped as an infant, is torn between her desire to please her mother and her aching curiosity about the world. She is specifically fascinated by the floating lanterns released every year on her birthday, which she has no idea commemorates her kidnapping.

One day, as fate would have it, she meets the dashing Flynn Rider (a.k.a Eugene Fitzherbert) after her breaks into her tower while on the lamb from the Royal Guard for stealing a royal tiara. Mother Gothel is away for three days and so she strikes a deal with Flynn (after repeatedly bludgeoning him with a frying pan) to have him take her to see the "floating lights". She has hidden away the royal tiara he has stolen so he has no real option but to agree. They are joined shortly afterward by the intelligent Max, a horse from the Royal Guard with an overwhelming desire to see Flynn put to justice for his crimes. But the charming Rapunzel manages to convince the resolute equine to hold off talking in Flynn till after she has seen the lights. So all three set off on a merry adventure, happiness, friendship and true love along the way.

Filled with singing, silliness, and heart, you will not be disappointed by Tangled.
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on June 14, 2016
This is one of my daughter's favorite movies! She is 4 and has enjoyed this movie for over a year. I purchased the digital version so that we can always have a copy with us (did you know your Amazon purchased movies sync with your Disney Anywhere movies account?!?!) It is also a movie I don't mind watching as a parent. I don't find the violence to be over the top and it is full of adult (parent directed) humor that Disney is famous for. It is not a typical damsel-in-distress story which I also love. I highly recommend!
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on July 7, 2014
I was watching Sjin and Duncan on Youtube and they were talking about Frozen. Duncan said he'd seen it but it didn't change his world like Tangled did. I liked Frozen ok, so I thought well if theses guys are saying Tangled is that much better I should check it out. So I did. Let me tell you... I'm 36 and I don't even remember the last time I watched a movie and wanted to watch it again right away... maybe The Neverending Story in second grade or one of the Herbie movies. This movie is the first movie that I put in that category in the last decade. Not that I haven't seen multiple films right away, but I watched this one again within a week of the first viewing. If someone came over and I was like have you seen Tangled? And they were like no. I would be like. Wanna? And then I would watch it again with them. Seriously a really fun, funny, endearing movie. I would consider this classic Disney at it's best. Put it up there with Aladin and Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.

Also, got it in HD, it plays in HD crystal clear. Definitely Recommend it.
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on June 16, 2012
I note that many reviewers give this 3 or 4 star rating and I am really mystified as this is as wonderful as Beauty and the Beast. It has 4 ( or more) songs all of which are top notch. If it had a eight songs or more, I imagine others might rate it a bit better. The song that is sung in the tavern will have you laughing outloud, absolutely guarenteed. This is one of the greatest animated films of all time and I never cease to be amazed with the wonderful 3D every time I view it. If you own Beauty and the Beast and love it, this is for you. I find the horse, Maximus to be more comical with every viewing. They do place him on the cover and, rightfully so, because this is one of the great sidekicks in movie history. The life-like motion capture technique is masterful here and it shows in every scene, particularly with the expressions on the faces of the characters. If you are on the fence on this one, plunk down your money and get ready for some fabulous family entertainment. Little girls will love this. Five Stars for this humble viewer.
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on December 10, 2013
Having a mother that is a big fan of Disney movies and growing up with them I started to feel that I may be growing a little bit out of their style of movie making at least in the animated department till I took my sister us both in our mid-30s to see this film on the merits of the commercials looked like the characters were having fun and that we were both fans of the TV show Chuck and we weren't disappointed we had a great time at the movie theater and it was a wonderful display of classically animated Disney movies wanting to see the movie Brave next we missed that one till we bots the blue Ray that one is a little bit more of a drama than this one but just as good just not as fun but I would recommend buying it both movies I tried to see streaming over the Internet and was very disappointed by the lag so for my mother's Christmas present last year and birthday present last year we bought both of these movies and were not disappointed by the quality of the Blu-ray edition my only complaint is there is really no way to keep the paper covering of the DVDs or Blu-ray this in pristine condition without becoming a storage unit and putting them in a bag if you're going to use the discs.

This is a great movie for a mother and her children and maybe a lighthearted father to watch there is action and comedy throughout the whole film and a little bit of danger here and there but nothing to nightmarish there may be a point when the woman that was keeping Rapunzel prisoner gets her comeuppance that might be hard to explain to small children
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on September 26, 2017
This animated movie has a beautiful score, talented voices and many funny slapstick moments that both children and adults can laugh at. Really enjoy watching it with my grandchildren. Have watched it many times, and it doesn't get old.
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on December 1, 2014
Being 24, I haven't non-nostalgically watched a Disney film until 2013 when a young woman I was dating asked that I take her to see Frozen. I was very impressed by the music, the animation, and what I thought was an engaging and well-written film. I had a few issues with the character development, but thought--and maintain--that Frozen was a great film. I would express my concerns but want to avoid spoilers.
A friend of mine told me that if I liked Frozen I would really like Tangled. Tangled did not get the strong press Frozen got and seemed heavily ignored in comparison, so I assumed it would be a light, albeit generally enjoyable film.
While Tangled was not the musical masterpiece Frozen was, it was cute, had engaging characters and a strong plot. It was truly a great film and was actually slightly better than Frozen in terms of plot and character development.
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