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on April 10, 2015
This WOULD be a 5 STAR review except the expansion puzzle packs have been discontinued - BOOO!!!

I'll be honest I LOOOOOOVE this game for my kids, so I wanted to get more puzzles (the version I received from Amazon on 4/8/15 comes with 12 puzzles, and touts the option to buy more "puzzle packs"). Problem is, they have redesigned the game and discontinued the puzzle packs. There are still a few left here on Amazon on the date I am writing this review, but I don't know how much longer they will be available (the animal pack was most popular and is now gone, there are still "objects" and "people").

Also FYI the pictures here show the NEW version of the game, but Amazon is currently shipping the old version until they are gone. Here are the differences:
Old version - has 12 cards, 2 levels of play. Each card has Level 1 on one side showing the individual shape outlines, and the SAME puzzle at Level 2 on the other, where the lines separating the shapes are gone so the child has to figure out where each shape goes on their own. I like how we can try the Level 2 puzzle, and if we need a hint, someone can peek at the back for the "answer".
New version - contains 3 levels - 4 double-sided cards (8 puzzles) at each level = 12 cards/24 puzzles. I don't know if there are any duplicates (ie same puzzle with and without outlines at different levels, as the old one had), and I don't know if the "answer" is on the back of the card or in the book. New version also comes with a book that contains many more puzzles - old one doesn't have this book. Problem is, at the target preschool age the kids need the puzzles on the actual card to fit the pieces onto. A puzzle in a book will be much harder to do and less engaging. There are also technically fewer puzzle cards at each level (8 instead of 12).

SO check the description (not the picture) if you care which version you are getting and want the new one. If you want the old one, buy it NOW. Apparently the new one is in the stores but Amazon will only be selling the updated version after the old one is gone.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 28, 2016
 My 3 year old really really LOVES this game.

I originally got him a wood tangram puzzle for $1. Somehow he mastered it in 3 minutes. So I wanted to find more challenges using tangrams for him.
I found this. Which is perfect for children. The magnets keep the pieces in place. There are 3 different difficulty levels and LOTS of designs on front and back.

My 3 year old can easily do the easy level. Because it shows you where to put the shapes. The Medium difficulty he can do well, somewhat. And there are a few difficult level shapes he can do as well. Tho he is still learning.

I also love that there are expansion packs of cards you can get should your kid get bored with what is there. But I must say I cant imagine they will get bored that quick. There are plenty of cards.

The design of the game is done well. There is storage for the cards and the magnetic pieces. All can be tucked away quite nicely within the game.
Great travel companion.
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on August 6, 2011
Overall I'm pleased with the Tangoes Jr toy.


1. Great idea, overall design, tangram storage, etc. We haven't had tons of use so far, but I think it has great educational value, and I hope we get good use out of this in the coming months and years.


1. This toy (like most other toys) only kept my kids' attention for 5-10 minutes in the car on our recent trip. My active kids (3&5 yrs) actually enjoyed listening to audio books in the car much more than playing with this toy.
2. If you buy the extra card packs, you can't fit them into this unit very well. One extra pack might fit, but 2-3 additional ones make closing the lid impossible.
3. In my opinion, the "object" pack (sold separately) provided the most variety among the bonus packs. I particularly wish I hadn't bought the additional "people" pack. There are already several "people" among the included cards, and the various "people" don't look very different from each other to my 3 & 5 year olds.
4. My 3-year-old enjoys doing the easy side, but the cards will likely get folded and chewed on very soon. They're not much better than good playing cards. Shouldn't be a problem for older or more careful children.
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on August 5, 2012
This product should be labeled for ages 2 (or 2 1/2) and up. I didn't even get a chance to explain to my daughter how to use the tangrams. She went straight to work (on level 1) placing each piece. It took her less than a minute to complete the puzzle. Then she put each piece back in the tray. Sadly, I thought I purchased the wrong puzzle. This seems too easy for her, she's going to be bored with this. I didn't even finish that thought when she choose another puzzle and began again, and again and again. The following day we tried level 2, but it was too challenging. She flipped the puzzle back to level 1 and began working again, and again, and again. She loves this puzzle.

Reasons we like this toy/puzzle:
1. Develops spatial reasoning and problem solving skills
2. Allows practice for fine motor skills
3. Follows patterns
4. Develops concentration
5. Has fun puzzles that are engaging
6. Pieces are thick and easy to pick up (magnetic, so they don't slide all over the place)
7. Travel case is sturdy and easy to carry
8. Slide out puzzle case has molded insets for each piece
9. Two levels of difficulty
10. Can purchase (or make) additional puzzles that will continue to challenge her
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on February 5, 2017
Bought this for my 4 year old niece's birthday. She absolutely loves it and has spent several hours over this weekend playing with it, doing all the puzzles (even attempting and completing some of the hard ones). I also go the Tangoes Jr Puzzle Packs - People... So she would have even more fun. She loves all of the puzzles. It is great for her learning spacial arrangement and problem solving. The instruction booklet has solutions if needed, as well as additional puzzles (small) that can be attempted on the blank board front of the case. This will provide endless hours of fun and learning. I love that it has a spot for the cards and the pieces and that it is magnetic (great for the car, or carrying around to show family how she just completed a project). I hope she enjoys it for a long time.
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on November 27, 2013
We gave this to my 5-year-old son tonight and he (and we) loved it! Within the last few months, he had several opportunities to try the adult version of Tangoes, or Tangrams, at a friend's house, which has more pieces than Jr (which has 7) and no shape outlines and he had trouble with it. Therefore, we got him the Jr set and I'm really glad we did. With Tangoes Jr, the 1st level (side) shows the puzzle with outlines of each shape and level 2, on the other side of the card, has the same puzzle without the lines, hence making it more difficult to complete. He could do level 1 without much help at all and should graduate to level 2 in a short amount of time (at which point, Tangoes Jr will be passed down to our 3-year-old daughter and we'll buy him Tangrams or a similarly challenging set). I also bought the Animals Puzzle Pack which has 10 more puzzles, and seems to fit in the Tangoes Jr case, and just ordered the other 2 Puzzle Packs that go with this set, Objects and People. Once I receive the other 2 puzzle packs, we'll probably have to put them in a ziplock bag to keep them together and in the original Tangoes Jr box because it doesn't look like there's any more room in the Jr case to store more cards. Not a big deal, though. I'd rather have more puzzles. What a great challenging puzzle!
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on December 26, 2013
My 4 year old daughter loves puzzles, but I don't love the hundreds of pieces that such an interest creates. Thus I absolutely LOVE the way this set is packaged. The cards store inside of the lid, and a pull out tray holds all seven of the magnetic pieces. The pieces are magnetic on both sides and a comfortable size for her chunky preschool hands, so even traveling in a car it is unlikely that any will get lost. The cards themselves have two levels--on one side the design is made with each individual tangram piece outlined separately. At age four, my daughter is using this side and simply matching the tangram pieces to the card. This still requires some thinking for her to orient each piece correctly. My 5 year old son is using the other side--which features the same exact design as the front, but shows an outline of the shape without revealing how the individual pieces interlock to form it. I love that this will be a toy that can grow with her, and the handle and built in storage makes it truly something we can travel with.
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on December 15, 2014
This was a great game to keep my 4 year old grand daughter entertained on the two day drive to Disney World. She was able to keep all the pieces within the confines of the magnetic game board and the slide out storage drawer on the side has dedicated spaces for each piece so she was able to put them back where they needed to go when she was finished playing with them. She enjoyed putting them in their places in the drawer as much as on the puzzle boards.
There are several boards to choose from and each one is easy to understand for the little ones just learning shapes and how they can work together to make a big picture.
I highly recommend this to keep your kids entertained and those little minds thinking.
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on February 22, 2015
The child I bought it for loves it. I know of other children who have it so I knew it would be a good game for him, he turned 3. Also love it because the pieces store in the case, easy clean up & can be taken anywhere. I did have one problem, but not with the game at all. I sent the package as a gift. When my Nephew received it, there was no note or anything enclosed. I DID FILL OUT THE CARD WISHING HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY &LOVE & KISSES. The note was not in there & the parents didn't know who sent it either. Very disappointed about that. Pat Johnson
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on May 17, 2016
Great activity for the entire family. The kids (ages 4-8) enjoy using this and it is a great way to get their minds going and pull them away from the TV/tablet. I am also a math tutor and use this as a "brain break" for my younger students and they love it too. To be honest, I even enjoy solving some of these more difficult puzzles (and both my husband and I have been stumped a time or two).
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