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on December 27, 2015
I received this product because I am growing Jasmine plants indoors. Even though I placed the plants right by a window, I was concerned that some of the plants located in a corner of my setup weren't getting enough sun throughout the day. I got this light, rigged it up over my "problem spot" of plants, and voila! It's now been three weeks since using the product, and the plants in my "problem spot" are growing better than those directly in front of the window!

I was originally on the fence about how much a growth light could help my plants which are already getting sunlight - but seriously, it is well worth it! Excellent product!

Update 1/10/16: Just bought a second growth light to cover plants that get direct sunlight in window. My "problem spot" plants now have leaves that are growing much faster and fuller than their counterparts not under the grow light, and their stems are noticeably thicker. Amazing product - very, very happy!

Update 1/17/16: As the plant gets taller and moves closer to the grow light it seems to be growing exponentially faster! Just wanted to update you all with a photo of how the plants look today - there is a huge difference in size from last week.

Update 1/24/16: Plants under growth light have ridiculously thick stems with leaves bigger than I've ever seen on a jasmine. Look at the plants under the growth light and compare with plants in front of window. Crazy!
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on December 2, 2015
This is my first grow light. Last summer, I began growing fig trees from cuttings. By the end of the summer, I had 3 that sprouted roots and leaves, but I felt were not mature enough to survive dormancy over the long and cold CT winter. So I brought them indoors, but they soon began dropping leaves as the days turned colder and with less light.
I purchased 2 of these lights, a Plastic tub, a thermometer, and a heating element. The makeshift greenhouse has the lights mounted on the tub lid and 3 plants inside. By the time the lights arrived, my figs were just sticks in dirt. Within a week they started growing their leaves back. less than 2 weeks and the plant on the far right has 5 leaves! The light in combination with the heat reversed the ill effects and all 3 are now thriving.
I had doubts that LED would provide enough radiation for plants, but now I am a believer.
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2016
I've added this '24W LED Grow Light', from TaoTronics - it's the light in the center of the photos - to two 12W lights I started with. I was curious to see if the lights would encourage growth of transplants from a fig tree that hasn't produced matured fruit. I grew the tree from a cutting, and have maintained it as a shrub, and it produces fruit but cold weather prevents maturation - my fault for not providing proper Winter care - and I decided to do some experimenting. During Fall I transplanted rooted canes, with dormant buds, to containers and have had the lights on them for less than a month; buds are blossoming. While waiting for that to occur I also planted herbs, within the same containers, and they've been doing very well also. I'll be incorporating another 24W light in the future and adding another container.
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on July 5, 2016
I have been using the bulbs to aid in my seedlings growth for that past 2 weeks. This is my first time using a grow style light, so my position going into this experiment was skeptical a from the get go. I positioned one bulb about 3 feet directly above the seedlings location and another one reflecting off of a white ceiling. The light easily filled the room when they are on. Typically have run them for about 12-14 hours at night. The before and after of the seedlings have been remarkable. The plants before were scrawny, elongated, and straggling. After about 4 days using the lights, they seemed to get a little pep in their step and stand up right. Foliage is larger and growth has been great. I have been trading natural light outdoors during the day for hardening the plants early so they are ready to go out and bringing them inside for a power boost at night. All in all great product and works as advertised.
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on July 27, 2016
I purchased this grow light on Prime day.

The lamp was packaged securely for shipping. It would take viciousness on the part of the post office to do any damage to this baby.

I decided to try it out on some houseplants we've had that are suffering from a lack of good light - one of them on the verge of dying. I hung the lamp a good six feet over the plants and let it run for about 10 hours a day for several days. The dying succulent perked up and started producing roots, the other plants, including a rubber tree that was about to give up the ghost, started producing fresh leaf buds. Within a week new leaves had formed.

Because of the intensity of this lamp I plan to use it over the winter for starting a batch of pepper plants for my garden next year. In the past the fluorescent grow lights I've used have resulted in leggy plants, many of which don't survive. This light is so overwhelmingly bright that I cannot imagine the plants will need to stretch towards it.

The only real negative about it is due to the design there is not a lot of spread to the light - it has somewhat of a spotlight coverage. To me this isn't really an issue as the light is more than broad enough to cover a couple of trays of seedlings, however, if you're wanting to illuminate a large area you will either need more than one of these, or a panel light.
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on August 9, 2016
I bought this light and a florescent grow light. This one is by far superior. I put each light over a separate seed tray and the ones that had the florescent light would lean towards this one. Another bonus is that this light using 1/4 the energy and doesn't get nearly as hot. I am planning on buying more of these in the future. This light seemed to provide just about the right amount of coverage for one seed tray at about 24 inches above the tray.
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on January 3, 2016
One day in and so far I am thoroughly impressed with this light.

I've been growing succulents indoors for the last several months, but the $20 compact fluorescent plant light I bought from BiMart just wasn't cutting it. Despite having the light on a 12-hour timer schedule to match their natural daylight hours, the succulents were growing too fast trying to get enough light (called 'stretching'), making them weak and pale. I already had to snip the tops off of two of the plants or risk them starting to droop over from being too tall and weak. After looking at the number of glowing reviews for this light - and more so for it's 12 watt brother - I decided to shell out a little more money in hopes of better results.

Just unboxing the thing set me aback. The entire housing is made of metal and clearly quality construction. It looked like something that would only be used in commercial greenhouses, and for a moment I thought I had been sent the wrong item by mistake. But no, it matched the picture and description.

One thing that I dithered about was lack of heat LEDs would put off. The plants are kept in an air-conditioned room, and I figured the warmth put off by the CFL bulb would act as a low-level heat lamp to boost the temperature in that corner. When I went to go change out the bulbs, however, I realized just how hot the bulb was. I would definitely prefer cool LEDs and a slightly lower temperature than to risk fire or heat damage from the old bulb. If I had the CFL bulb in a normal lamp with a shade rather than a heat-shielded clamp lamp I would have feared the lampshade catching on fire. I'll stick with the LEDs, thank you. The CFL bulb can be repurposed as a garage light.

Turning on the light was the second surprise. The picture shows faint reddish light, but you don't get the full impact until you see it in person. It's a bright light, but in a strikingly dark purplish-burgundy color that I could only imagine being used in a charnel house or bordello. When my husband first walked into the room he asked "who was murdered in here?!" It's a very strong light too; after looking at it for only a few seconds my vision was washed in green when I looked away. As my husband can attest, it is very disconcerting and not something you'd want to use in a room you visit often while the lamp is on. This may end up being problematic for us, but I think it will be better for the plants.

Disturbing light color aside, the succulents appear almost black under the light. Black is the absence of reflection, meaning all that grisly/sensual light hitting the plants is being absorbed by them rather than bouncing back to your eyes. This gives me high hopes that the plants will stop growing too quickly and eventually return to the beautiful, healthy forms they had when I first got them, even if I have to wait for the next generation. I'll try to remember to update this after several months with a more long-term assessment.

Summary: this is a professional-grade grow light that would best be used in areas that you don't have to visit often due to its striking color. I fully expect years of faithful use out of this light and good results from the plants.
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on January 20, 2016
I purchased from Amazon three of these lights. To extend the LED life, I am running all three on a power conditioner. This 24Watt light is very economical and measured with a KILL A WATT EZ Meter consumes only 17 Watts, or only 0.14 Amps. This is a considerable saving in a long time use. Connected to a timer I use these grow lights for propagating cacti from seeds, for my tomato and pepper seedlings and during the short winter days for additional light for my mature cacti collection. Being a member of the Cactus and Succulent Society of MA, at different meetings I have highly recommended this LED grow light to our members. Excellent product.
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on October 24, 2016
Update: TaoTronics customer service have contact me and sent me replacements for both lights. I have installed them and seem to work as expected. They assured me that this was a rare occurence, but if you get a defective one, do yourself a favor and contact them directly to get a replacement rather than returning them through amazon. It will be faster this way and their team was answering my emails within 24 hrs.
I bought two of these and they are both defective. I just put in an order to return them and buy two new ones and they are now more expensive just two week layers. Freeze is a round the corner and now I have no light for my plants. I refuse to pay more for something I had already bought. Feel scammed
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on June 20, 2016
wonderful grow light. was a little bit warm to touch after it had been on, but i put it in a clamp light and the heat is no longer a problem. fits into a standard socket. very bright purple light!! within a week, my plants were budding baby leaves - within two weeks, there was a second generation of baby leaves. admittedly, i had the light on for 8 hours a day (probably overkill) because they were dying from a lack of sunlight, wilting and losing leaves. this grow light literally saved my plants!!! thank you so much for a wonderful product.
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