Tapout - High performance begins at the cellular level

Tapout is the belief that in every one of us there is a FIGHTER. Someone who against all odds, finds themselves, through hard work, will, and determination at a place of VICTORY.

Tapout Hybrid is the first premium performance drink that focuses on activating and hydrating the human cell which speeds recovery, ultimately increasing performance. During peak times of stress and endurance, cells are damaged which creates fatigue and slows recovery. Your body needs a perfectly balanced formula for maximum absorption. Alternately, Tapout Performance is the first advanced performance drink that focuses on all three levels of physical support energy, hydration and recovery leading to increased endurance and performance. Tapout Performance is uniquely formulated with a specific blend of nutrients designed to help you perform at your peak. Try all three delicious flavors of both our Tapout Hybrid series and our Tapout Performance series.