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on April 3, 2013
I'm a molecular biologist, and while I'm deeply skeptical about unsubstantiated claims, I'm also certain that most western clinicians are a bit behind the mark. Treatments successfully used by cultures other than my own (I'm American) are now being studied by scientific researchers to determine their mechanisms of action. For example, we know a lot more about micronutrients and their impact on our health than we did just a few years ago. I suspect that many non-established solutions currently poo-pooed by traditional medical doctors will be practiced by medicine's next generation. For example, thirty years ago I took a Scientific American article to my Internist. The article suggested that bacteria was the cause of my gastric ulcer and a course of inexpensive antibiotics was the cure. Conventional thinking at the time called for a change in diet to reduce irritation. My Internist tossed the pages at me in disgust. I was wasting his time with this nonsense. It would take at least 20 years of research and clinical trials for something like this to be taken seriously. I was being naive, he said. Within a decade it was accepted as fact that the bacterium H. pylori is the cause of most gastric ulcers. Tapping is rooted in the ancient practice of acupuncture, a treatment I respect and was about to turn to for pain relief. As of yesterday, my first tapping experience, the pain in my feet that has hobbled me since doing an exercise incorrectly several weeks ago, is gone. My experience is extremely limited and admittedly, perhaps this pain would have disappeared yesterday at the exact time I tapped, even if I hadn't tapped. Perhaps, but I'm skeptical about that.

I paid $11.99 for the Kindle version of the book.
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on April 2, 2013
EFT (or tapping) is a simple process of tapping on 8 meridian points on your head and upper body. You learn it in 5 minutes and can use it for a lifetime. This book packs a rare one-two punch. Just reading the wisdom offered will help you change your perception on your problems and perception is everything! The book contains information on what tapping is, how it was developed and how it has been used. But that is way less than 25% of the value of the book. Actually doing the tapping will change your life. Strong statement - yes, but true. How many books have your read that inspire you but then you put the book down and that feeling goes away. This book will teach you how to actually do tapping and best of all will walk you through how to help yourself with almost any situation. Yes - help yourself! It can be used almost anywhere and tapping is free, easy and it works! I KNOW! The book offers directions for almost any problem and tapping scripts to help you through it and TONS of free online extras!

Does tapping for money put cash in your pocket? Unfortunately no, but I had major anxiety about money, fear of unknown expenses, at one point I literally lived in terror on a daily basis over my finances. Because of tapping I have quieted the fears and began to deal with my situation in a calm manner open to possibilities. I have started to see changes I can make and actually have hope and excitement about my future. For me this was BIG!

Tapping is great for physical issues as well as emotional ones. I am using tapping for the pain in my knees, my vision problems, teeth clenching and even stomach aches! Weight loss, smoking, pain, anxiety, depression, relationships, phobias, the list is endless!

Nick Orter is a pioneer, leader and well known expert in the currently little known field of EFT. He has made a documentary film on tapping and produced 5 years of the online Tapping World Summit bringing EFT experts from all over together to help people with various issues. His insights and understanding of people and their inner demons is pretty amazing. The book is well laid out and easy to follow. While you are shown how to create your own scripts, specific to you, sample tapping scripts are included in the book with expanded versions available free online. Are there other books out there on tapping and are they good - yes. But having read many of them, I can tell you this one covers the most ground and really "teaches you to fish". It is the perfect beginner book and will take someone who has used tapping for years to new levels. It is easy to read, easy to use and will actually get you seeing results quickly.

Do you really want to try just one more self help book?? Yes, you do.

[Note: I was asked to review this book by the Tapping Solution and given the manuscript early to read. I have known about and used tapping for years and have read most of the books out there already. This review is my honest heartfelt opinion and I can tell you two more things with equal honesty. 1. Tapping does not work if you don't use it. 2. This book will teach you how, use it!]
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on October 9, 2016
After years of searching I have found what I was looking for, and I will be one of those ones to admit that this actually came across my path years ago when I was just beginning in the self help realm and spirituality. I honestly didn't think much of it just another thing to put in my pile to try among my busy mom schedule. With all the things to try to relieve my negative blocks, frustrations at life, money blocks, depression and the list goes on and on. I didn't have time to meditate, with work and four kids that was not an option, attending seminars also not an option, tried traditional therapy but the main stream wants to hand you a prescription and that is not who I am. I was at a point where I was stuck hit that brick wall read a million books and got know where. Then thank Goodness for Amazon recommendations this book kept popping up along with Tapping into wealth by Margaret Lynch, I really felt like the universe was saying here you go its right here take it and try it. The one thing I needed to work on right away was my issues with frustration I have a lot built up in me just from so many disappointments in life being overwhelmed no time for me or self care. I just literally felt sick form it everyday from body aches to just being full blown tired. I began reading the book and tried some of the scripts and I felt so light and calm, I have not felt that way in a long time. This works for me and I am so happy that it came upon my path once again for me to find. I guess lesson learned I will not ignore the things that come onto my path again, I could of had this information years ago and been a different person but I am glad I found it, And the best part is I can do it anytime and it takes hardly anytime depending on your hold on the problem. I am so thankful. Thank you Nick Ortner for sharing this information and for your amazing book.
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on January 18, 2017
I first heard about tapping over a year ago and dismissed it. It sounded preposterous. But just recently, over a two day period I read praise about the technique from three sources. These sources were each promoting other programs and happened to mention benefits of tapping. That synchronicity seemed to me like synchrodestiny, so I thought I should, perhaps, look into it. I was able to get a copy with credit I had with a vendor. By the second chapter I knew it made sense, and I had enough information to try some tapping. It worked to relieve discomfort from a chronic condition. The only thing that stopped me from giving 5 stars is my feeling that Nick Ortner is not a great writer. But he knows this topic, and the book is helpful.
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on March 4, 2017
I was VERY skeptical. BUT, I tried this on angina--which was chronic and had been persistent for about 2 months. The pain went away after only one session. Should I have gone to the hospital and had a catheter run up my groin and into my heart as suggested by my GP? Probably, but I did this instead. I do not recommend this for serious conditions, diseases, illnesses, or whatever you may be experiencing. Always best to consult with a medical doctor.

HOWEVER, I have used the Tapping Solution for pain from headaches, stiff neck, arthritis in knee, muscle soreness in lower back, and even angina. In each case, it either lessened the pain or removed it completely in one short (5 minutes or less) session. In some cases, I had to repeat the session one additional time to completely remove the pain. Pain is a symptom. I cannot say for certain if the underlying CAUSE of the symptom has bee alleviated, or not--only that I am pain-free at present.
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on September 12, 2017
I purchased this book a few months ago and set it aside thinking it was hokey. Then I became bed ridden with sciatica. I couldn't sit and could hardly walk, it was extremely painful. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was about at 18. I had already been stuck in bed with unbelievable pain for 2 months seeing doctors and not getting a whole lot of relief before deciding to pick it up again and give it try. I read it cover to cover and tapped as I went. I was amazed at all the things that came to the fore front of my mind. As I continued to tap the pain was drastically reduced. About 2 weeks later I could finally sit again. I'm totally hooked on tapping, it has been a life saver for me. I just wish I would have done this sooner and avoided the sciatica all together but better late than never I guess. I highly recommend this technique to anyone willing to give it a try. It really does work!!!
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I am always seeking ways to improve myself, physically, mentally and emotionally. I had never heard of the term “Tapping” until recently and decided to learn more about this self-help system. I decided to purchase this 229 page hardcover book (The Tapping Solution: a revolutionary system for stress-free living by Nick Ortner) along with a few others on this topic, which I got for a bargain price on Amazon.

I found the system interesting and easy to apply for a wide variety of self-help areas. This book is organized into fourteen chapters. The first chapter explains the discovery of “tapping” or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). The second chapter has a quick start to experience the “tapping” system. The third chapter focuses on relieving anxiety, and stress. Overcoming resistance to change is covered in chapter four. Chapter five explains “tapping” through your past. Healing the body is the topic in chapter six. Chapter seven deals with releasing physical pain. Chapter eight covers losing weight and letting go of fear. Creating love and healthy relationships is explored in chapter nine. Chapter ten explains using “tapping” to make money and achieve your dreams. Phobias and fears are explored in chapter eleven. Chapter twelve covers clearing other life challenges. A new vision for humanity is explained in chapter thirteen. The final chapter covers a new vision for you.

I found this approach to self-improvement both interesting and unique. If you are seeking information on “tapping” you might want to check out this book.
Rating: 4 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: The Samurai Soul: An old warrior’s poetic tribute).
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on May 20, 2015
He explains EFT and how to do it clearly and articulately. I have PTSD and no extra money for therapy so I am always looking for healing solutions that I can practice on my own. I have found this EFT surprisingly effective when I lie down to rest. I usually have pain in my back and stomach then, but tapping the areas he says to tap for only a couple minutes actually seems to kill the pain. I've only been at it a month, but so far so good.

Anyway, the book is an easy-read and the technique is articulately explained. I downloaded it on Kindle, but I think I would have preferred a hard copy so I could turn back to certain pages easier.
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on June 2, 2017
This book has changed my life. My therapist taught me the technique and recommended this book. It has completely stopped my social anxiety and helped me to live a happier life. I recommend to ANYONE. I never thought something so simple would be so effective, but IT WORKS. I share this book and process with everyone I know!
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on May 24, 2013
I didn't receive any advance copy of this book (wish I did!) and never met Nick.
I was just surfing around the internet and somehow came upon this book, and became intrigued.
Due to the excellent reviews (and I always read ALL the reviews - I get so much from reading people's reviews!) I decided to give this book a chance. Now I'd already taken some classes on EFT and have read much online, too.
I work counselling people for a living.
I am only on page 71, and have to write a review because I've already had smashing results myself and for my wonderful boyfriend, and my clients and I still have over a hundred pages left to read! (I'll return at the end of the book to complete this review!)
First my boyfriend had a headache and we tapped for that. Gone in minutes, no aspirin needed. OK, then I tried it on menstrual cramps, also gone in minutes. That's nice but not a big deal. So I say to my boyfriend (who is a wonderful man with a heart of gold, by the way) "Let's try it on your left hand." His left hand had been hurting him for two years. He's a mechanic and constantly working with his hands, fixing and building things. He works his butt off and never complains. But his hand was hurting and he'd get awful shooting pains up it each time he grabbed or gripped anything, pulling his work boots on, grasping a wrench, even massaging my back. We did about 10 minutes of tapping. The pain is gone. Even when I pressed the thumb (which ALWAYS sent shooting pains through him) nothing. All day, no pain. He changed my fan belt, no pain. Next day at work, no pain. It's been a week, still no pain at all. I SAW an emotional release when we did the final rounds of tapping, like his eyes got wet, and something released in him emotionally and then the pain was gone. So I suggested we try it on his RIGHT hand. That hand had severed nerves since he was 14. After 2 surgeries his doctor told him he'd never regain feeling and proper use of it. His thumb and pointer and middle fingers had been numb and clumsy for 32 years (he's 46). That's why he had to use his left hand all these years. Well, I'll cut this story short. He's regained the feeling in those fingers and can now use the hand. It took about 4 times tapping, about 15 minutes each time, done over the course of 3 days. The hand isn't 100% yet because he didn't use it much for all those decades, but he can pick up small objects, screw bolts, and feel hot, cold, even the ribs of my tank top. He can feel. So we tried it on his sinus pain yesterday. Gone in minutes and stayed gone all day so we could enjoy our country drive (:
I tried it on some emotional issues and they are gone. I still have much tapping to do for myself, not for physical pain (thankfully I have none) but for some emotional hot buttons from the past that I'm clearing out so I can feel less tense and worried. I have used it on clients and they are having some wonderful results too. I'll complete my review when I finish the book. But it's already proven to be COMPLETELY worth purchasing! I am excited to see what other amazing things we can do with EFT. Nick's book helped me understand a few things I was confused about EFT.
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