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on January 10, 2013
This is my 4th or 5th cover, from minimalist to thick portfolio. This one was purchased because it has my preferred retention mechanism and its thin profile.

- Retention system allows access to full surface, something that I very much prefer (nothing obstructing any area of the screen, including the frame)
- Material is attractive as is the overall cover. Time will tell about durability.
- The angles that the cover holds the iPad in are good for viewing and typing (as I am now).
- There is a place to hold a stylus

- The magnetic trigger to wake/sleep the device doesn't work correctly. The magnet is near the correct location, so if I force it, the unit sleeps. However, as so as I let the cover relax to its normal position, the unit awakes. This will absolutely kill the battery in a backpack or briefcase as the movement of cover will wake/sleep the unit repeatedly. This is the biggest fault with this cover. The $15 cover I bought from a street vendor in Bangkok works better in this regard.
- The stylus holder location, with stylus installed, precludes laying the unit flat on a table if face up, and makes it more difficult to pack into a full backpack or briefcase. Obvious from the pictures, but notable.

Overall, it is an okay cover. I very much like the form factor, but some of the functionality is lacking.
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on February 5, 2016
The case fit well but the auto sleep function did not work. Instead of returning it to amazon I decided to send it to Targus for a replacement thinking their stock would have the magnets for the auto sleep/wake function correct.
After several corespondents about the model of the case and if I had the auto sleep function turned on my iPad they told me to send it in for a replacement. Not until they received my case did they inform me they no longer make that model and to choose another case. They had just a few choices none of which was what I wanted. When I ask them to just send my case back they informed me it had been destroyed. They knew the model number of my case well before I sent it in and should have checked and then let me know that they could not replace it then I could have sent it back to amazon. Now I'm stuck with a case I don't want or the cost of repurchasing it myself. Terrible customer support. I will no longer make any purchases from this company either for home or work.
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on August 10, 2012
I purchased an iPad last month and was not satisfied with the Apple store case or cover in terms appearance or price. The Targus Slim Case is a great product that addresses both problems. It looks good, cutouts are perfectly aligned and has a solid feel when carrying the iPad around. While it probably won't protect it from a drop, it does a nice job protecting the screen. The iPad snaps firmly in place and I have never had a problem with it coming loose. I also like the fact that none of the glass around the perimeter is covered. The two viewing positions are nice and very stable. The cover does not fold completely flat against the back but not really an issue as I can hold comfortably in my lap. Like other reviews, I had problems with the magnetic on/off feature. I called Targus and they were very apologetic and immediately sent me a tested replacement. It arrived about 2 weeks later and the magnetic lock works great. They also told me to keep the old case and not return it. I purchased from Amazon via World Wide Distributors and received it in a few days at half the price of the Apple case. Overall I highly recommend and am impressed with Targus' great customer service.
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on September 29, 2012
I bought this case three months ago, it fits well to my new ipad and it was doing its work up to two months ago, now the rubber corners are peeling and the back cover clothe is getting apart from the plastic hard cover , the elastic band for the stylus is getting loose.I don't use my iPad that often that in three months the cover gets damage like that, I used to think about Targus as a company with quality products that last but with this Chinese quality case that i have bought From them i have changed my mind. I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS CASE AT ALL!!!! at least you have money every three months to buy a new one, even in that case it would be better to buy those Chinese ones that are cheaper and last in good conditions the same time!!!
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on January 15, 2015
I used it on my 3rd gen iPad and the grip around the front is not enough to hold it in place. DO NOT USE this if your toddlers are going to be using ipad as it is no safe. Mine popped out twice, luckily it landed on the thick carpet and didnt damage the tablet. I decided to switch back to my worn out old case that covers the tablet nicely and has a Velcro to secure it. Over all its okay.
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on January 6, 2016
Everything about the design is great, the only problem is that the sleep/wake feature is not working. This is the 2nd case I've bought in a row from Amazon (different seller) that hasn't worked. I own a case just like this that DOES work, but I'm replacing it because it's taken 1 too many hits to the floor and the corner is cracked. It has protected my Ipad through it all, so I'm happy to replace it. But I want the sleep/wake function to work.

I contacted Targus customer service and I just need to pay shipping and they will send out a replacement. I would suggest making sure you have free returns if you buy this case, just in case you get a dud.
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on June 2, 2014
I just purchased this case as a replacement for an identical case I had been using for the last couple years. I loved the case and it worked well. However, the magnetic automatic on/off feature on the new case does not work properly. Sometimes it causes the iPad to stay on for an extended period, draining the battery. To avoid this issue, I had to turn the iPad’s auto lock feature off.

I contacted Targus to see if I could get a verified working replacement as some had done in the older reviews. They refused to replace it unless I first send the non-functioning one in (at my expense) under warranty service and then hope for the best. This is way too much hassle for a new case that cost less than $8. I realize this is new enough I could still return it through Amazon, which I might do.

Bottom line: Nice case, but if it doesn’t work properly, don’t expect the manufacturer to make it right easily.
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on August 14, 2013
I purchased this case despite some of the negative reviews because a) there were a lot of positive reviews as well, and b) I own an earlier version of this Targus case and I love it. I'm only looking to replace it because it's a very light color and has become rather dirty over time.

When this new one arrived, I couldn't get my iPad to snap in at all. I have the 4th generation. I had someone else fuss with it and they were able to get all the corners popped in eventually, so I was ready to let that go and enjoy my new case. However, the magnet does. not. work. My screen stays on when I close the cover and the iPad does not wake up when I open it back up. I tried multiple times, making sure the case was securely closed each time, and still a no-go. I don't need to further shorten my battery life with a case that doesn't work properly; I am a law student and need this to last through the school day.

I'm not even going to bother arguing with Targus about a replacement either. This case is going back to Amazon and I'll purchase another brand.
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on May 2, 2012
I ordered this case over others mainly because it's a Targus. Although it's a nice looking case, it fails horribly when standing in the viewing position (portrait). A slight breeze, nudge or sneeze will knock it over causing it to fall backwards constantly, even on solid flat surfaces. Don't even bother using it on carpet, a blanket or anything else not completely solid and flat. This is very frustrating since that's the position I use 95% of the time. If you're looking for a nice case to only use in the typing position, this will work... anything else, keep looking.
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on March 4, 2013
After just a few weeks with this case a bunch of things started happening with the case. First the screen cover started to warp to the point that the magnets were not laying on the screen and so auto shut off was not working. At about the same time the joint for the screen cover started coming apart at the seems. Now the soft plastic at the corners of the case have peeled off and with it taking the mesh backing of the underside of the case. It looks so bad after just a few months that I have taken my ipad out of this case. Very disappointed considering the money I paid. Expected it to last longer than 6 months!
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