Customer Reviews: Targus Slim Case for iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4, Indigo (THD00605US)
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
UPDATE 5-24 - Don't fall for all the phoney comments saying they received the replacement case from Targus. We had ordered 2 cases and for both cases, 10 weeks after purchase, Targus is still giving us the runaround. They initially claimed they hadn't received an email from us, and now they're claiming that they haven't received the corrected designs yet - all excuses to somehow not correct their screw up. Now it's past the 30-day return period from Amazon, and we aren't getting the replacements either, so we're stuck with defective units. Targus should be ashamed of their sloppy product and even worse customer service. Won't be buying a Targus product in the future.


I've had the Targus cases for some time now and have been using it with iPad 2 and 3. Quick thoughts so far:


DESIGN - Nice slim design. Doesn't add too much bulk. Looks good, feels great in the hand.

STANDS - Stands work great, pretty much the standard trifold design like Apple's smartcover. Both stands are stable on a flat surface or in my lap. Using the stands makes the beauty of this case come through, it feels so sleek!

CUTOUTS - All openings and camera cutouts line up correctly. Buttons are easily accessible without any struggle.

SMART FEATURE - Smart feature works (I'm not holding the lack of this feature on iPad 3 against the case, I understand it will be fixed in due course of time). However, there is a big con to this, commenting on that below.

PROTECTION - Screen is nicely and fully protected.


As much as I wanted to like the cases, there are a few drawbacks that made me send them back.

PROTECTION - The case leaves exposed iPad real estate. The top and bottom bezel falls a tad higher than the case, so if the iPad is rested face down (front cover open), the iPad screen will come in contact with the surface. This means that if I were to accidentally drop the iPad, I cannot count on the case to protect it. Defeats the purpose of having a case. The side edges are perfect but if I close the case, top/bottom bezel is very visible, i.e. exposed. I'm not a fan of the Apple logo part being visible, it just leaves that part of the iPad exposed, but this is just a personal preference.

SMART FEATURE - The smart feature works when the case is closed (on iPad 2 and I'm guessing soon on iPad 3 as well), BUT it also works when you fold the front cover all the way to the back. It seems the back of the case is too thin to block the magnet on the front flap. This is a major annoyance and a deal breaker for me. Every time I fold the cover back, I hear the click of the screen locking and it goes blank. One handed reading is annoying because the screen keeps locking out.

FINISH - The finish is decent. This might just be being trivial, but the plastic parts around the back cover edges are not even. There are dents/uneven finishes in a few spots. Aesthetically it is not noticeable because it is covered by the front part, but I hold Targus to a higher standard.

STYLUS HOLDER - It may just be me, but the pictures of the cases here led me to believe that a stylus was included with the case (it's not). My bad for not reading the description, but I did want to point this out in case others got the same impression. The stylus loop is made of elastic and is too thin to insert a stylus comfortably. It's a struggle each time I want to insert or remove a stylus.


MATERIAL - it says Polyurethane on the packaging and I'm sure it is. But it feels more like fabric, think smooth thin denim sewed on a plastic frame. Not sure if it will hold up over time, perhaps too soon to tell. The good thing about this material is that it looks neat and smooth.

All in all I love the design and slim form factor of the case, but some of the drawbacks led me to send it back. Hope this helps!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 16, 2012
Update March 26th, 2012: I have contacted Targus and they are replacing my defective case. I am very happy with how they changed their original plan to handle the situation. Given that I will review the case based on the defective one.

The case itself is nice. I do not care for the fact the apple logo opening has no protective plastic. Also my ipad fell over from about 3 feet high and the case came right off the ipad because it doesn't seem to clasp on to the ipad very well. The case cover slides around some when closed and feels like it could open easily if dropped. I like the outside material and texture of the case, it feels water proof to protect if something spilled on the outside of the case. The bottom 30 pin connector is wide enough for the apple branded accessories. The addition of a place to keep a stylus or maybe a pen is a welcome addition. That being said because it does not seem to really clip onto the ipad very well I am giving it 4 stars based solely on the fact that Targus seemed to step up to correct the mistake they made on the cases.

Previously posted March 16th, 2012
The magnets in this case do not wake the ipad when opened. It did work on the iPad 2 but not the three. I do not know if this is limited to the case I received or an issue across all the Slim Cases made by Targus. For now buyer be aware. Will update if I find it was only an issue with my case.

After hearing Targus' so called "fix" for the problem by returning the case to them and waiting 2 weeks to get it back. Do to poor customer support, this case has been downgraded to one star. What do they expect us to use for 2 weeks while they "fix" our case. We have to buy something else to protect it which is ridiculous. It makes sense to return this case and buy it from another manufacture.
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on March 30, 2012
After looking at cases both online and in stores, I settled on the Targus Slim Case and ordered it from Amazon. I'm very happy with my choice. The case fits the New iPad like a custom glove. The texture makes it easy to carry without worrying about it slipping out of my grip. The typing and viewing positions when using the case as a stand are much better than the Apple case I had for my original iPad. I also like the way the iPad locks in to the case securely while not covering any of the edges of the screen. The wife gave me a Targus Stylus that fits neatly in the loop on the back of the case. Unlike some reviewers, the case I got works fine with the auto sleep function on the New iPad. I understand that the first batch of cases had an issue with the placement and/or polarity of the magnet but Targus has been enthusiastically replacing them.

If you're looking for a very slim case that works perfectly with the New iPad, I would recommend the Targus Slim Case.
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on March 26, 2012
I bought the Targus Slim Case the day I ordered my iPad. It sounded like a really great product, however, when I opened the package I quickly realized that the product was poorly made. The back is made of a cheap plastic with a cloth texture glued to it. The front flap is made of cardboard with some cloth glued to it and stitching around the edges.

The front being made of cardboard means that it warps and doesn't lie flat against the screen. Right out of the box the front was warped and left the edges of the iPad exposed to dirt and dust.

The magnetic closure worked for me, however, the connection is so weak that if you push the front a little out of place the iPad unlocked. This is an issue because the spine of the cover is made of cloth and doesn't hold the front of the folio in place.

Overall, Targus is charging $50 for something that probably cost $2 to manufacture. I found this case to be a huge disappointment and returned it the day after I got it. Don't order this product.
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on March 16, 2012
-Very nice feel to it
-covers the iPad well - including corners - and holds it very securely

-right out of the box, the edges of the back look dirty (I bought the red one)
-the magnets to do not work to auto sleep/wake the iPad as advertised
-folding the case back to prop it up feels clunky; the small tag that's meant to hold the flap in place doesn't work well.

Suffice it to say, I will be returning this case.
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on April 25, 2012
First, it must be said that this is a minimalist case that is not designed for "throw against the wall" protection. Some knock this case for that reason, but you can't have a case as light and slim as this and get a high-protection factor. It just can't be both ways.
Targus does not state that this is an OtterBox. Some also fret that the apple logo is exposed on the back. Well, it does show this in the advertisement pictures, and is not a flaw. It is a design element. I guess some folks carry their iPad in a sack of rock-chips and toss it into the bed of their pick-up trucks. Not me and that is why this review is favorable. That being said, here is my review:

The case is attractive, and slim. The iPad clips into a hard plastic back with a reasonable amount of certainty. I do wish it "clicked" in better, but it has not fallen out. Once the iPad is installed, the cover closes without any physical retention other than a magnetic catch. There is a small amount of play in the cover that can occasionally wake your iPad unintentionally. (it does not happen on mine, but has once on my wife's model). The outer "fabric" is stylish and has proven relatively durable. I have only had it a short while, but it looks brand new at this point. My previous case got a nick in the synthetic cover in the first week of ownership, so I was glad that the Targus has held up. I don't fret over the openings for the speaker and ports. They line up well and do not shift. Also the camera is unobstructed. My previous case had a silicon back and would obscure the camera.
As far as criticisms, I won't be critical of things that the case was not designed for. Rather, I will look at some elements that were not executed properly. For one, the lid should close more surely. I also feel the back should clip in more securely as well. Other than that, I can't complain!
I do like the Skech Porter case as well and will pick one up as soon as they get one available for the new iPad. I was told mid-late april and I am waiting for the email! I will update the review at that time as a comparo.
Light, slim, attractive, well-made case for light-duty users. I would buy again!
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on December 5, 2012
It fit my iPAD 3 but it doesn't. The case is too small to pull the lip all the way around over the edge of my iPad. The plastic is too hard for me to stretch it out. (good for the case, bad to try and fix the problem on my own) However, it is a hard, clean case that protects reasonably well and is nice and light. It would be a good alternative to the heavy-duty bomb-proof cases that are out there and yet small enough to carry around from meeting to meeting or stash in a purse. ... If it fits.
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on March 16, 2012
Edit 4/03/2012 I received my new case today from Targus. It is PERFECT! They sent me a tested and fully functional new case free of charge. It works like a charm now and I love the quality of this case. I looked pages and pages of cases and this is the one I knew would be perfect for my new white iPad 3, or whatever it's called now. Targus customer service went above and beyond to fix the problem for me and other customers and I would tell anyone thinking about purchasing this case or any from Targus to go ahead and buy. You love the case and if anything is not what you expected they will stand behind their products and take care their customers. Thanks Targus. 5 stars all the way.

Edit 3/20/2012 I contacted Targus after the comment posted on my (and all other 1 star) review. They said they will be sending me a new case no charge that has been tested to work. They did not even ask for me to send the old one back. They totally bypassed Amazon to reach out and fix the problem. Never had a company do that before so I was really impressed. I will update to 5 stars once I recieve a functional case. The case was really nice, just the auto lock didnt work. So im happy they are doing something about it. Ill keep you posted.

AUTO LOCK DOES NOT WORK. I'm so mad I spent so much on this and the freaking magnet is not strong enough to put the iPad to sleep! The front cover doesn't even lay flat! I'm going back to my smart cover. Lesson learned.
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on January 10, 2013
First of all, if this product worked as described, it would be great.

1. The case is slim and light weight, but fairly protective.

2. The magnetic cover and on/off feature works just fine.


1. My 4G Ipad will NOT fit with all four corners "snapped" into the case. I've had it for almost 3 months now, thinking that with over time, the plastic would bend a little and I could force my Ipad completely into the case. Nope.

2. No problem, right? Targus has posted multiple times to negative reviews on Amazon, not only listing their customer service number, but stating that if the product doesn't fit/work as advertised, they'd ship a new one out, without even having to ship the defective product back. No problem! Nope.

I called their toll-free number, explained the defect, and asked for a replacement. Their response? Send it in, at my own time and expense, and Targus will send me a new one.

NORMALLY - this wouldn't be an issue. However, when TARGUS realizes there's a problem with their product, posts on Amazon offering a no hassle replacement, and then refuses to honor their commitment, FAIL.

This is a customer service Fail, a marketing Fail, and a product design/production Fail.

For the record, I did point out the Targus "promise" on Amazon's website (see their response to other customer's negative reviews - unless they remove them) to their customer service rep, and she did check with her supervisor and confirm. Didn't help. And no, I didn't get angry or upset on the phone - it not the customer service agent's fault that Targus is failing on so many levels. I've worked in ecommerce and social media for a number of small and large companies - this is textbook 101 on what NOT to do on the most important online sales platform in the world.
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on March 17, 2012
This seems to be a consistent problem. I have an iPad 2 case that was too strong for the ipad 2 that seems to be perfect for the ipad 3. This case, however, is too weak to turn on/off the ipad 3.

If that's not a concern for you, the case is perfect for what it does. It is thin, stylish, and protects the ipad from scratches. It will not protect the ipad from falls.
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