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on November 15, 2010
I have been using a Pogo Sketch for quite some time and I can assure you that the Targus stylus beats the Pogo and every other stylus hands down! In fact, I recently was employed by one of the largest wireless carriers in their marketing department and worked closely with the person responsible for buying all accessories that are sold in our stores. She had tested and trialed dozens of styluses a d had determined that pogo was the best available stylus at the time. Last month, I visited her and showed her the Targus stylus. Like me, she was blown away. She is now going to contact Targus for samples to put through their tests. It works great with iPhone and iPad -- and especially great with Penultimate. It is high-quality and feels great in my hand. It is as thick as a normal ballpoint pen, and the clip is made of sturdy metal (not cheap plastic like the Pogo). The tip is soft rubber, but not at all sticky like some other inferior rubber styluses). Using this on an ipad is so silky smooth and a pleasure to use. Buy this, you will not be disappointed!!
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on June 10, 2011
I have now purchased four of these stylus's (two for me, and two as gifts) and without a doubt, this is the one of the better purchases I've made for my iPad 2. It's funny, but it seems that every time I buy an Apple product, I wind up buying piles of cases, covers, protectors, stylus's, adapters, mounts, etc before I finally find the items that I like. In this case, I got lucky on the 2nd try!

Pros: This stylus writes very smoothly and accurately, doesn't require a lot of pressure and glides easily. I use Noteshelf to take notes in meetings and for jotting things down while I'm both at my desk and roaming around. It is small, but usable, and easy to drop in a pocket. My father has very large fingers and his hands tend to shake a bit, and when I recently bought him an iPod Touch, he had a terrible time using the keyboard or selecting things. I bought him one of these and he loves it! It has a nice feel - solid and well-built.

Cons: It's a little short for my taste. but on the flip side, this also means that it's easy to carry around. Unfortunately, it's also easy to misplace. The only other thing that is marginally negative is that the shirt clip is a little tight. I don't mind this too much, but if you want to clip it to your iPad cover, then the cover better be really thin!

One other comment: I am a pen-turner, so I have experimented with adapting this stylus to a full-sized pen. It's actually quite nice. One of the reasons I know that this stylus is well-built is that in modifying it to be used in the pen, I cut one in half. The shaft appears to be a good-quality brass tubing. With the clip section removed, it adapted nicely to replace the nib section of a fountain-pen I made of South American Cocobolo wood. Talk about a conversation piece! Not only does it look nice, but this also gives me a cap to cover and protect the tip and I get the excellent writing capability of the Targus stylus! So if you're into that kind of thing, don't be afraid to experiment! This isn't that expensive if you buy it on Amazon (versus in the big-box store where you'll pay double what Amazon charges).

I strongly recommend this product!
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on January 28, 2014
I purchased 2 of these on Amazon. I was originally looking for a quality stylus from a reputable manufacturer. I had considered purchasing this Stylus from other vendors who were selling it for around $12. My initial thoughts were that for $2.71 that it must be a third party selling a Targus knock off using Amazon Fulfillment. After looking at the product page this is an authentic Targus stylus sold and shipped by

The stylus itself works as I expected and makes highlighting in my Kindle textbooks much easier. It is surprisingly accurate despite its large curved tip. It is comfortable to hold, but does feel a little cheap as the shaft of the stylus is hollow plastic. It isn't perfect and sometimes it is touchy if you aren't holding it at the right angle. But for highlighting and selecting text in documents/ebooks it is better than a finger. Far more accurate than my finger and doesn't obscure the text as much either. I don't know about using it for sketching/drawing because I don't use it for that. I can say though that I read a lot of reviews and based on the reviews this does seem like one of the better styluses for sketching.

At $2.71 this is a steal. To get it for $2.71 you have to purchase it as an Add-On Item and Amazon will only ship it if you have a total order of $25 or more. No problem for me as I am a regular Amazon shopper. I purchased two of these, because at this price it was worth having one on standby.
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on January 9, 2013
First, I'm always asked why I need a stylus for my iPad. For some background, I have almost completely converted my work over to the iPad, everything from document review, to meeting notes, to design documents and diagrams. After hating the keyboard, I've learned to use it, but I still do a lot of work in long-hand. It's especially helpful for doing quick red-lining of documents, brainstorming, and journaling. I use the stylus with Notability (best app in the app store for someone like me) and GoodReader.

I switched to the Targus stylus after my Boxwave stylus started 9 months after changing screen protectors and have been using it daily for about four months now. This stylus is just a bit longer and feels like it has better balance than the Boxwave. Also, while the Boxwave had just the smallest bit of metal protruding beyond the fitted edge of the capacitance tip (which eventually caused scratching on my last screen protector when coupled with a 9 year old playing Temple Run), the Targus seems lit a bit of a tighter fit.

I've used the stylus on the unprotected iPad screen and on a 3M screen protector. Writing is smooth and precise (with the right apps) on both, but I feel less "stickiness" with the screen protector. I suspect that the tip gets more sticky over time as it collects oils from fingerprints. It will definitely move oils around the screen and create streaks that you can see under direct light.

Unlike the Boxwave, the Targus doesn't come with a headphone port dongle to attach it to the iPad. I've searched everywhere for a new one but haven't been able to find it, so I'm using the Boxwave dongle. Also, it seems that the tip can come off pretty easily (at least for a 9 year old) and I had to replace it. At the price, that doesn't really bother me much.

With daily use, I'm pretty satisfied with the stylus overall.
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on July 24, 2011
Im editing this again to say that walmart sells this stylus, but has a version that is longer, like the ayl. That longer stylus si now my favorite.

Im editing this review because i like the AYL stylus better, even though the targus is good, too. I've gone thru this review and added some comparison info.

This is the 2nd stylus I'm trying. 1 st was the pogo stylus. I like the rubber tip of the tarsus more than the felt pogo one. It seems to register the touch more easily. I also like the roundedness of the tip, as opposed to the squared off pogo tip. I think the rounded tip makes it more accurate. The AYL stylus goes one better by having a slightly narrower tip.

The body of this stylus is wider than others I've seen, which is also a benefit. Being more similar in width ( circumference?) to a real pen makes writing more comfortable. Again, the AYL has a longer shaft, making it more truly like holding a pen.

Great stylus. Can't speak to durability, except for the clip. The clip whas very tight, so I tried to loosen it. Well, now it seems to bej almost broken - the clip, not the stylus. No other moving parts and the rubber does not seem prone to wear so I expect it to be durable. The AYL has a nicer clip and also has a separate, removable clip to attach the stylus to the earphone jack of an iPad or other item, making it less likely to lose it.
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on September 1, 2015
as described this stylus works on both iPhones and iPads, a Kindle Fire (1st Gen) as well as a Dell Venue 7. It most likely will work on any touchscreen device that uses a capacitive screen (as most do).

The stylus is very light; the flip side of that is it appears to be a tad flimsy. I'd be worried if I dropped it on a hard surface. At the time of this writing it is selling for $12 which, at that price, I don't mind it being flimsy. A particular weak spot is the clip: I bent it back to fit into a stylus holder on a case for one of my tablets and I was surprised by how much it bent. I wouldn't recommend stressing that part of the stylus.

One thing to note, the tip (which is flexible rubber and won't damage your screen) is about 1/4 inch wide. This is fine for most purposes, but if you plan on dong any fine drawing or handwriting on your tablet I suggest getting a stylus with a fiber point than this.
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on July 18, 2011
When I first got my iPad, I had trouble typing with my fingers. I have always been a fast touch typist, and the hunt-and-peck method with my fingers gave me a problem. I ordered the Targus Stylus and found that I could type much faster without hitting the wrong keys, and selecting items on the iPad was much more exact. I use an App. that lets me control my iMac remotely from the iPad, and icons and buttons are much too small to tap on with a finger unless you enlarge the view first. With the stylus, I can usually select a button, specific word or other choice without enlarging the view, thus speeding up my work. Handwriting notes is also much easier with a stylus than with a finger. It's more natural to write as you would with a pen.

On the negative side, you have to remember to have the stylus with you. I usually carry my iPad in a small case that has a pocket on it, so I just stick the stylus in the pocket and I'm all set.

The Targus Stylus isn't very expensive, so it's worth a try. When you get used to it, you'll like it.
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on April 5, 2012
I've tried most of the available styluses (stylii?) and find this to be my personal favorite -- primarily because it is longer than most and weighted perfectly.
The ends of most shorter styluses (i.e. Boxwave, AmazonBasics) fall right in the "crook" of my thumb and forefinger, which is annoying and unnatural. This stylus is longer and feels more like a pencil in the hand.
Swiping and dragging work fine, but note that I do not use it for note taking so can't comment on its suitability for that purpose. I'm satisfied, and own several.
Note: The "Cream" color that I ordered on a whim is more of a very light pastel green color. Should have stuck with black, as those always arrive . . . umm . . . black.
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on July 12, 2013
I love this stylus - use it for my ipad and cell phone. However, I ordered three of these and received one in the style pictured and the other two were replaced by a different model which is one inch shorter. I am unhappy because I specifically searched for the longer one as I think the shorter ones are harder to use. I do not like it when the product I ordered is replaced without requesting authorization to do so.

Update: After reading other reviews, would like to add that of the three styluses I ordered, only one had the Targus brand on it and in a Targus package. The other two were not stamped with any brand and were shipped in a cellophane package with no label. Definitely a bait & switch. As to the brand name Targus stylus, I love it! The knockoffs - no!
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on September 5, 2011
I read a bunch of reviews of styli on amazon before deciding on this stylus based on others reviews stating it worked well for writing and drawing. I was utterly disappointed in its performance once I received it. It is hard to even use it to drag from screen to screen. Writing is out of the question, you have to push harder to get it to even work at all. I have a nice drawing app, works well using a finger but I wanted a stylus; this stylus failed in every way I tried to use it. The pad is too wide, yet squishy, so it doesn't really make contact with the screen when you expect it to and you have to hold it at about 45 degrees to get any response. I don't know a better stylus, but this one should be passed over if you want to use it for drawing or writing, even casually.
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