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Here's what I found after trying a multitude of styluses (or is it styli?) after buying an iPad 2. I wanted to use an iPad as a sketch book and the pad like it's name...and go digital rather than filling up notebook after notebook. So the perfect stylus has to feel like a pen and work well enough on the screen to give the tactile feel of drawing or writing on paper.

I learned that styluses tips are of 2 main types - fuzzy fabric and rubber - with some additional quirky ones made of metal (O-Stylus) or even sausage (supposed to work like your finger!).
--Fabric tips:
Pogo stylus- also used by Apple Geniuses - have a fabric tip that's great for typing or selecting or gaming even but not so good for writing or sketching anything more complex than a smiley face.
Sock Stylus - There is a seller on etsy who is selling sock styluses with conductive fabric "sock" stretched over a wooden quill which has been sawed off for the perfect length. I found that stylus a little less sensitive than the Targus and you have to hold it at a certain angle for best results. However, if you're writing pages worth of notes on iPad then it tends to make the hand less tired than the Targus as Targus has a squishy rubber tip that can cause some fatigue.

There are other fuzzy fabric styluses out there sold by small stores - like the ones by the guy who has been advertising on all Mac forums and posting pictures of his store in competitors' item images. They claim that they have the best yet but I haven't tried those yet.
--Rubber tips:
The Targus in question has a rubber tip. Please check my uploaded pic for size comparison against some other styluses.

The rubber tip on this stylus looks pretty thick but is still thinner than our fingers. The problem is that it does block the view when writing or sketching just like our finger. There is also another 2nd gen ACase that has tried to eliminate some of that by creating a longer stylus and a thinner and longer rubber tip but failed to deliver as the thinner tip had to be held at certain angles to write well and became more squishy and less natural.

This Targus has been the best of the 4-5 styluses I tried so far (refer to the pic) overall as it is the most responsive of all and has a matte finish stem rather than ACase's smooth finish which makes it a little less slippery to hold. The iPad 2 is already so slinky, I don't want to worry about dropping the stylus too!! It performed well on Penultimate and UPad writing apps and SketchBook Express the sketching app and captured light strokes as well as the heavier strokes. The performance was a lot better than the Acase 2nd Generation Apple iPad / iPhone / iPod Capacitive Stylus (Jet Black) Newest Modeland a shade better than the Acase 2 in 1 Stylus + Pen for Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi + 3G, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry Playbook (Black). And don't even bother trying the really cheap ones 3 Pack (Red + Black + Silver) of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen for Apple iPod Touch 2nd 3rd 4th Gen, iPhone 3G 3GS 4th Gen Generation, they're perhaps ok for tapping a little but not for writing or sketching. Although some people have suggested on forums that roughing up the rubber tip of the cheap styluses with a sandpaper makes them work better.

I've also heard good things about the Boxwave and Alupen but haven't tested them so I can't say if they're better than Targus.

So there you have it, Targus was the winner in writing and sketching on iPad but still not the perfect stylus as it is not as responsive as I would like. I'm still looking for that perfect stylus.
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on July 24, 2011
Im editing this again to say that walmart sells this stylus, but has a version that is longer, like the ayl. That longer stylus si now my favorite.

Im editing this review because i like the AYL stylus better, even though the targus is good, too. I've gone thru this review and added some comparison info.

This is the 2nd stylus I'm trying. 1 st was the pogo stylus. I like the rubber tip of the tarsus more than the felt pogo one. It seems to register the touch more easily. I also like the roundedness of the tip, as opposed to the squared off pogo tip. I think the rounded tip makes it more accurate. The AYL stylus goes one better by having a slightly narrower tip.

The body of this stylus is wider than others I've seen, which is also a benefit. Being more similar in width ( circumference?) to a real pen makes writing more comfortable. Again, the AYL has a longer shaft, making it more truly like holding a pen.

Great stylus. Can't speak to durability, except for the clip. The clip whas very tight, so I tried to loosen it. Well, now it seems to bej almost broken - the clip, not the stylus. No other moving parts and the rubber does not seem prone to wear so I expect it to be durable. The AYL has a nicer clip and also has a separate, removable clip to attach the stylus to the earphone jack of an iPad or other item, making it less likely to lose it.
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on January 9, 2013
First, I'm always asked why I need a stylus for my iPad. For some background, I have almost completely converted my work over to the iPad, everything from document review, to meeting notes, to design documents and diagrams. After hating the keyboard, I've learned to use it, but I still do a lot of work in long-hand. It's especially helpful for doing quick red-lining of documents, brainstorming, and journaling. I use the stylus with Notability (best app in the app store for someone like me) and GoodReader.

I switched to the Targus stylus after my Boxwave stylus started 9 months after changing screen protectors and have been using it daily for about four months now. This stylus is just a bit longer and feels like it has better balance than the Boxwave. Also, while the Boxwave had just the smallest bit of metal protruding beyond the fitted edge of the capacitance tip (which eventually caused scratching on my last screen protector when coupled with a 9 year old playing Temple Run), the Targus seems lit a bit of a tighter fit.

I've used the stylus on the unprotected iPad screen and on a 3M screen protector. Writing is smooth and precise (with the right apps) on both, but I feel less "stickiness" with the screen protector. I suspect that the tip gets more sticky over time as it collects oils from fingerprints. It will definitely move oils around the screen and create streaks that you can see under direct light.

Unlike the Boxwave, the Targus doesn't come with a headphone port dongle to attach it to the iPad. I've searched everywhere for a new one but haven't been able to find it, so I'm using the Boxwave dongle. Also, it seems that the tip can come off pretty easily (at least for a 9 year old) and I had to replace it. At the price, that doesn't really bother me much.

With daily use, I'm pretty satisfied with the stylus overall.
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on September 1, 2015
as described this stylus works on both iPhones and iPads, a Kindle Fire (1st Gen) as well as a Dell Venue 7. It most likely will work on any touchscreen device that uses a capacitive screen (as most do).

The stylus is very light; the flip side of that is it appears to be a tad flimsy. I'd be worried if I dropped it on a hard surface. At the time of this writing it is selling for $12 which, at that price, I don't mind it being flimsy. A particular weak spot is the clip: I bent it back to fit into a stylus holder on a case for one of my tablets and I was surprised by how much it bent. I wouldn't recommend stressing that part of the stylus.

One thing to note, the tip (which is flexible rubber and won't damage your screen) is about 1/4 inch wide. This is fine for most purposes, but if you plan on dong any fine drawing or handwriting on your tablet I suggest getting a stylus with a fiber point than this.
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on April 18, 2012
We have several Tablets and iPads in the house and we have tried several styluses and so far we keep coming back to this one. It's a good stylus even though it's not what I would call a great stylus. We have purchased 5 or 6 of the Targus Stylus and they last longer than many of the more expensive stylus we tried. Maybe they will come out with a stylus that lasts more than 6 - 8 months but for the time being this is the best we have found. I don't think we are any harder on our stylus than anyone else the tip just lasts so long. I have a suggestion why not add a replaceable tip? Well until they add it we will continue to use this one.
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The Targus capacitive screen stylus is a stylish take on what is a standard design, this one being in color, about the same size as a pen and with a pocket clip and lanyard loop.

What I would like to know is: Given the small screens these will be used on, I cannot be the only person looking for a stylus with a finer pointy-end, so why are there none to be found?

Using this to write on my Kindle (using Handrite) is a hit-and-miss affair as the broad area in contact with the screen makes small loops on letters hard to form properly.

But this stylus is better than some I've seen and seems worth the money.
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Got my stylus a couple days ago so i could take advantage of ipad's ability to allow me to take 'long hand' notes in meetings (so no more typing). I am very happy with the result. The stylus, while shorter than a normal pen, has a good balanced weight and does not slip under my fingers. Tip compression works fine and I can switch from writing a note to drawing a diagram. The clip is on secure as well. So now i can ditch my pen and paper notebook and save a few trees! I have even found I am using it for general navigation on the ipad as well. Only issue here is switching it out when you need to go to two or more finger gestures. Bottom lime: good price, good quality, recommended.
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on March 8, 2014
I purchased this stylus for my Nexus 7 and it works great. There's not much more one can say about a stylus. I think the price was a little high for this stylus but I did want a quality stylus that would last for awhile. This one seems to be of high quality with a nicely finished metallic barrel with a pocket clip and an attachment point on the top to attach it to a lanyard or whatever. I would recommend this stylus.
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on November 3, 2016
I had owned a stylus before when I had a Kindle. I've had an Ipad for a number of years and didn't need a stylus; however when I added Excel to Ipad, it was giving me problems so I thought maybe a stylus would resolve my problem. Voila!! It worked PERFECT.
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on February 10, 2014
I bought 5 of these for the family and have really enjoyed using them. They really help you zero in on what you are doing on both the ipad and the iphone. They work great with covers on them too. Only reason I gave a 4 star is one of the tips came off. It was my youngest daughters, so there is the possibility she was not using it correctly, but it did come off. I recommend this to someone looking for a stylus at a good price.
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