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on March 19, 2010
I do some 20-30 one week presentations a year. I show in the screen Powerpoints, PDFs, and CAD drawings. After trying a few remote presentation pointers (even big names as MS or Logitech), none had the full functionality I needed, and some missing feature would make me go near the laptop and do the thing I needed with the good old mouse, thus losing momentum in the presentation (if you do these things, you know what I mean).

A while ago I bought the Targus AMP02US, and leaving aside its 1960 look, the not so great buttons, and that the presentation button would send only the F5 command to Powerpoint (thus starting the presentation always at slide 1), it had all I needed: Mouse control, laser, next and previous slide and more. It was also difficult to do drag and drop keeping the left click down and use the mouse stick to move the cursor at the same time, plus the laser button couldn't be smaller. But all in all it was better than any previous pointer I had used.

Then I upgraded to the AMP09US. It felt like a dream come true. All these problems where solved and a few bonuses were added:
- The look is slick and elegant.
- The receiver goes stored in the same body of the pointer, no need for a bag, no loose parts.
- There is room for a spare battery in the pointer, so you can change it at once if you run out of juice in a middle of a presentation.
- The presentation button sends now the right command to Powerpoint: Shift+F5, thus starting the presentation at the slide you've got in the screen.
- The laser button is a big handy one, and is the same that moves the mouse cursor.
- When in mouse mode, if you press the mouse stick (or laser button) it works as left click, thus making the drag and drop work like a dream.
- The lightened buttons are white for next/prev slide, and green around the laser/mouse button.
- In pointer mode (the central stick is the laser, the side buttons are next/prev slide) you can lock the non-essential buttons (then a discrete red light goes on), avoiding accidental commands.
- In mouse mode (the central button is moves the cursor, and if pressed does left click, the side buttons are mouse left/right) the light is always green.
- The color change is nice, because you look at the pointer and can see if you are in mouse/pointer -locked- mode, then hit the right command without much thinking.
- Plus all the little features like screen darkening, presentation on/off, and multimedia volume.
- In mouse mode the presentation on/off and screen darkening buttons will open MyPC folder, and hit the Windows Start Button. So you can access or run anything in the PC.
- And for those who still stick to their Macs, it has a Mac mode too.

If you are slightly dissatisfied with your current pointer, feeling that you still get the job done but something is missing, that the pointer could be a bit more comfortable, this one is the way to go. I couldn't be happier with this product. That's THE pointer. By the way, I've bought it at the airport for $80, because the nice look and specs looked promising; it really delivers all it says.

If you run presentations professionally, go for it, it is a worthy investment.
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on April 15, 2017
I am a technology teacher and use this every day. It makes my job so much easier! I do not have any other similar products to compare it to, but I liked it enough to purchase a second one so I could have one at each school I teach at (I travel between two schools). The kids find it super impressive too (lol). I don't use the mouse feature and think its easier to just go back to the computer thats hooked to the projector if I need to use the mouse, but I do like and use all the other features.
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on April 19, 2010
Let me start by saying that I use powerpoint A LOT. I've had experience with several different presentation remotes and for the most part had no trouble with them, but most I've used are simple and featureless. This Targus product is both easy to use and full of useful features for novice to experienced presenters. The IR USB receiver fits neatly into the battery compartment where there are, low and behold, two batteries. The device takes one AAA to run, so the other is a spare for when the primary drains during a presentation! The buttons are laid out nicely so that I am not mistakenly pressing the wrong ones, and there is a lock button as added protection. Beside the lock button is an on/off button, which you must depress for about 3 seconds before the device shuts off. It has a blackout button, start/end slideshow button, and a switch to alternate between presentation mode and computer mode (for using the mouse, volume control, etc). Of course it does not have all the fancy things such as a clock, vibrations (yadda yadda) that the $100+ remotes have, but I don't need that anyway. My only problem with the device seems to be the construction. I gave it 4 stars because although the buttons are structured to my liking, the quality of the build seems to be substandard. The spring on the negative end of the battery is bent, so the battery does not quite fit unless it is forced, which could be a problem down the road. Also, I'm not sure how it would stand up to dropping. I do not make a habit of dropping things (I can count on one hand the number of times I've dropped my cellphone in the past 3 years) so I have no experiences to share thus far. Overall it is a great product that I would recommend to anyone who needs a presentation remote.
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on June 25, 2010
I am a college instructor and use powerpoint in every class. I like to use video or other web pages to enhance my presentations, but hate having to go to the computer to click on the links in my presentation. I wanted a presenter that was plug-n-play (because the universities I teach at the don't have presenters do not allow you to load new software), had a laser pointer, and had a mouse so I could click on links in the slides away from the computer. This presenter does ALL that and so I am very excited to have found it!

The packaging was terrible, but note that the manual is in the package, hidden between the packaging. Also, I found that the instructions are wrong for how to turn off the remote: I had to hit BOTH the on/off button and the Lock button for 3 seconds to get it to shut off (the manual mentions only the on/off button). But fortunately, they are right next to each other so it is not a big deal.

I gave the "Ease of use" a 4, because the "lock" feature does take some getting used to and I had to look in the manual to find out about some of the functions. You can use the lock button on the side, but it cuts down on your ability to use the full functions. What I found is that there is a switch on the top that is you push it up, you can use presenter features, including the stop/start slideshow feature (right uppermost button), the "joystick" as the laster pointer, and the arrow keys to advance or reverse the slides. If you click the switch down, you can use the mouse control features, although here, the laser isn't available (but you still could go through a slideshow). The nice thing is that when this switch is down, you can click on links within your slideshow - once the cursor hovers over a link, it turns into a hand. Once you get used to the buttons/switches I think it would be easy to switch between the two functions. I am very happy to have found my "dream" presenter!!
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on August 27, 2013
Item not as described. Opened battery compartment to find no extra battery slot. Also product has limitations, only works properly with specific brand computers. Wouldn't be a problem if I would have known that beforehand. Will not work properly with Samsung brand laptop. Mouse joystick feels extremely flimsy, and I'm afraid I may break it after awhile of normal wear and tear. Works perfectly with my dell computer though, which is the one I bought it for. It would have been nice to have known that it would not have worked with my personal laptop before I bought it. Overall for the price it's an okay product. Doesn't blow me out of the water though.
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on March 30, 2014
The device works in general, but is not agile enough for the kind of response I require. I takes time to wake up, it falls asleep if left unattended for too long, and there is no visual indication if it is off or on, so one needs to fiddle with it when one wishes to carry on with the presentation. Besides, I feel it has too many functions and too few buttons, so many of them do more than one thing, which requires the user to pay too much attention to the device, a scarce resource when lecturing.

It has a compartment for a spare battery, which is nice, but it also uses them up rather quickly. (I am using rechargeable batteries; perhaps it would perform better with alkaline.)
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on May 13, 2014
I bought this for a college presentation, and it set me apart from the rest of my class, it can be used for mac PP or keynote, and PC, for power point so it is very versatile, the mouse functions work very well on both mac and pc, i have a mac the school has a pc, i actually use this as a remote for my mac when i watch hulu or netflix, very handy, the volume works on both platforms and the fact that the dongle fits into the unit when not in use is perfect for not loosing it, the controls are easy and intuitive. the laser pointer isn't too bright so in a daylight type of presentation setting you may not be able to see it. other than that. Perfect.
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on April 12, 2014
I needed the mouse for a presentation, it doesn't work very nicely, unless you have little nimble fingers. The center black tiny joystick is about 1/4" diameter, it is almost impossible to move without it pressing down and "left clicking" all over the place. The small switch in the middle front selects between laser or remote mode, its a little tough to flip back n forth between the two, plus the white ring is supposed to be Green in Mouse mode and Red in Laser mode. Before the presentation the Green light was on in either mode. Maybe the switch failed? The unit in very small and awkward if you have bigger hands. I'm sending it back.
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on July 30, 2014
Used this recently for a presentation and it worked well. I actually gave the presentation for a local archeaological club meeting which was held in a private home instead of a public conference room. So, what I didn't anticipate was that the presentations would be projected on a home's TV screen (instead of a projection screen). So the remote laser pointer feature didn't show up well which was a little frustrating. However, it shows up fine on a regular projector. So a separate laser pointer may need to be used. Otherwise, all of the other features worked great.
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on November 29, 2010
It's a good little device but I'm still up in the air about one thing - battery life. The first two batteries seemed to go quickly but now I'm wondering if it was really the batteries. Last time I had the problem I moved the internal switch from PC to Mac to PC and it worked again. The strange thing with the first two batteries was that I didn't really use it much at all.

All in all it's a good device. The mouse option is only semi useful as it moves pretty slowly. I didn't look around too much when I bought it since I was really just looking for a presentation pointer/slide changer.

I have to update this review although it's a little late. I have had no luck with batteries at all. I have no idea why it eats through batteries. I use it very little. I guess it is possible that something keeps bumping the on switch but all I can tell you is every time I need this it has no juice. So while it is okay when it runs the fact that it is completely unreliable means it must get a lower score.
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