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on February 15, 2012
It's not bad for 12 dollars. That's my summary for these binos. Details, details...

These Tascos are the type of optics you'd buy at Wal-Mart. They feature fold-down eyecups for eyeglasses use, black rubber armoring, and are good for a "normal" person's use.

Field-of-view is 383 feet at 1000 yards; 128 meters at 1000 meters. Exit pupil is 2.6mm and the binos weigh 6.6 ounces. The lenses are fully coated, and this is a roof prism set. Focus is adjusted via the dial in the center, and fine-tuning is via diopter ring on the right side. What does all this mean?

In layman's terms, the zoom (8) is good for untrained optic users. The number 8 means that you'll see things 8 times closer than you would over your unaided eye. I've found that this is ideal for people with no experience with optics; any less and it won't be powerful enough, and any more powerful and the user's natural movements will cause image shake. Exit is 21mm; this lets in a fair amount of light. Clarity is okay, as I've found that the focus dial in the center only gets you so far. Even by playing with the diopter adjusted as best I can get it, I'd say these binoculars are good for reading the license plate number across a long parking lot. Think 90 yards or so. As long as you're not watching objects for a long time, I think you'll be fine. Any longer than a few minutes and your eyes start to hurt. Typical of inexpensive optics.

The rubber armoring does its job; nothing special. The fold-down eyecups are for use without removing your eyeglasses, and they work as advertised. The binoculars have a neck strap attached; it's not removable and is rounded (not flat). It's long enough for any neck, and is sturdy enough to keep the binos around your neck while running. The included lens cleaning cloth is okay, but it's better than nothing. The carrying case is black nylon, and the fabric feels like a cheap eyeglass case. It closes with a Velcro strip, which hasn't started to fray or rip yet. The belt loop is a length of black nylon webbing, and will fit a belt up to 2" wide. Mine has started to pull apart at the bottom stitch, but oh well. I don't expect top quality for twelve dollars.

Give it a try if you're strapped for cash or are buying multiple units for family members.
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on July 9, 2016
I do lots of bird watching. I own $75 binoculars, $150 binoculars, and $400 binoculars. These Tascos are certainly not up to that quality level. But for 10 bucks? Wow, these are all not that far behind in quality. You certainly get more than you pay for with these. Don't expect perfection, but they are mechanically smooth and optically pretty darn good. I wanted something small, light, and cheap to just leave in the car or a backpack, just in case. They fit the bill. Some reviews mention the oily/rubbery smell- yes, it is there and a little unpleasant. If you are sensitive, it might bother you, but to me, it's just slightly noticeable. For occasional use or small/light backpacking binoculars, they are great.
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VINE VOICEon August 18, 2014
I got these for my nephew as a gift since he's a boy scout and loves looking in the trees for birds when we go hiking and for the $11 price tag, I wasn't expecting the best quality, but I was so pleasantly surprised! These weren't made of cheap plastic like I was expecting but a much heavier and sturdier material and the coating on them is very soft and easy on the hands. The eyepieces are padded well and you can adjust the magnification by a great scale. The view through them is very clear and I love the compact size so we can fit it easily into our hiking backpack. Be aware these are not full sized binoculars. I liked that they came in a case as well to keep them protected. My nephew dropped them a few times and they didn't break or get damaged at all so they are very high quality for such a cheap price.

The only criticism I have is that the neck strap on them is pretty flimsy. It feels like a shoelace and has about the same thickness as one. Overall, you can't beat the value and quality! Highly recommended!
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on August 4, 2015
I just got them to day and they were awesome and you could see very clear and vey far and it cones with a pouch and and instruction !!!! Best binoculars ever for my opinion!!! And it comes with a little cleaning towle!!
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on April 1, 2017
Not so good. Took on a cruise and really hard to dial to a viewable level. Since then, we bought an old fashion type at a flea market, that, though they may be awkward and heavy, they work awesome! Took both to a Nascar race and ended up leaving the Tasco ones in the trash!
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Enthusiast: Guitaron January 22, 2013
You look through them, things are bigger. I bought these mostly for casual birdwatching and stadium use, because they are very small, compress down to a smaller, pocket size, and were cheap. For the money they are pretty good binoculars, but for the size and price you should know what you're getting. The aperture is small so in low-light situations there is a significant decrease in quality, but the focus is very fine so you can get a good image most of the time. I think I probably bought the best pair of under-20 binoculars I could have found, but at the same time there's a reason why a good pair of binoculars can easily cost 20 times that.
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on August 23, 2012
I am not a regular user of binoculars so I was amazed at the power and clarity of such a small unit as this. It is perfect for traveling and use both indoors and out when normal sized and heavy binoculars are cumbersome. Follow the instructions upon first use and if carried and stored carefully, they'll always be ready and accurate when you need them for impromptu on the spot usage. I've seen a lot of people in the past who struggle to see using their own binoculars. If they would only read the simple instructions on how to focus. What %%#*$*! The Tasco Essentials 12X25 are perfect for me at a great price.
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on July 11, 2016
I've had these for a couple years now. They were a step up from a smaller version of the same binocular I had purchased before. I love that I can adjust the binoculars to my left eye and then manually adjust my right eye. The view is crystal clear and the binoculars are sturdy but light-weight. I took them on the Appalachian Trail and used them for my mountaintop views. The case was adequate. I needed to put in a couple stitches to reinforce it, but I wasn't going to take a star off for that. Tasco has never let me down. I still have a pair of 10 X 50s from 20-25 years ago that I use for stargazing, that look and work like new. For the casual user on a budget (like me!) these were a great value. I highly recommend them!
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on February 6, 2017
I got these for my kids so they could use a set while I use a pair of 10x50s. These binoculars aren't very bright. They do magnify well and have a wideish field of view, but the image quality isn't that great. The Pleiades looked nice through these. These are fine for my kids but if you're doing anything serious save a few more bucks and get something nicer.
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on August 30, 2012
My daughter was turning 6, and wanted her own binoculars, and I wound up getting her these.
They are small, light, and surprisingly clear, especially considering the price. The focus takes a little fiddling to get it right, but who is better at fiddling with things than a 6 year old?
She's happy, I'm happy, and I got her just what she wanted, without paying a lot.
It even comes with a pouch she can have on her belt, or in the car, to protcect them when not in use.
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