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on February 11, 2016
Lets start by saying this game is really fun and easy to learn. Ever since I have received it we have played this game over 5 times, it always changes when you get the different heros. You can randomly choose a hero or just look through the hero cards and pick one that way. There are 7 white dice and 7 black dice. The white dice are for the heros and the black are for the monsters. The first player who is going to be the adventurer rolls the 7 white dice, and the player to their left rolls 1 black die and that is because you start on level 1. As the adventurer moves on to the next levels that is when you can start adding more dice. Now if a dragon is rolled that die is set aside in the Dragon's Lair, and the adventurer can't fight the dragon until there are at least 3 dragon's in the dragon's lair. To do the actions you must first fight the monsters, then the treasure or deal with the potion and then if there are 3 dragon's in the dragon's lair, then fight the dragon. Now you need to be careful on which of your fellow companions you choose to use, because in order to fight the dragon you must use 3 different companions unless you have a specialty saying otherwise.
Everyone takes turns rolling the hero dice and the dungeon dice. You play 3 rounds each and after that you tally up the victory points, and of course the one with the most points wins. You can fight the monsters with any of the hero's but if the hero is the same color as the monster then they can defeat more than one at a time, so again....choose wisely. There are expansions to this game, which we still have yet to get. And even heard there is a Christmas expansion out there, but my husband looked on Amazon and couldn't find it. If interested in a fun dice game check out the link and have at it, then you can scroll down and see the other expansions that this game has also. Just another thing to add, my 10 year old also really enjoyed playing this game and it's hard to get her to play a board game or dice game. So Happy Gaming! Dungeon Roll Dice Game
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on December 20, 2013
As far as simple dice rolling games that carry a theme go, Dungeon Roll is the creme of the crop. It is instantly fun and easily learned. It cane be taught in minutes as the game is played. A variety of characters to play as gives a new spin each time the game is played. The game boils down to a push your luck model where players are delving further and further into a dungeon. The higher the level the player chooses to venture into, the more dice that get rolled which means more monsters and more chances for the dreaded dragon dice to hit the table. Three dragon dice and the dragon lair must be entered where the player will have to fight the dragon or lose all of their progress (and thus any chance at experience points that round!).

The game is recommended for ages 6+, but I have been playing with my 4 year old son and while he needs guidance, he is fully capable of playing the basic concept of the game. I suspect in a year he will have it nearly mastered in all but the most complex of possible scenarios the game can throw. If you have children that love chucking hand fulls of dice; this is the game to get them. Though keep in mind that only one player plays at a time so there is down time for other players (though I find it best to use that down time to heckle the current player to push their luck just a little bit further!).

The only draw back I have for the game is that the rules are laid out poorly (I highly recommend watching the Watch It Played series on YouTube to learn the game very quickly) Oh, and there is one rule that in my opinion kind of spoils the game. At the end of the game each treasure that has not been used is meant to count as one experience point. This encourages hoarding of treasures instead of using them to "push your luck" and delve further into each dungeon run which to me is the entire point of the game. I highly recommend having a house rule where the only items worth experience at the end of the game are: town portals (worth 2xp if not used) and 2 dragon scales = 2 points (1 dragon scale = no points). All other unused loot is simply discarded. With this simple rule I have found the game to be much more even between multiple players and it no longer ends up being the guy who was lucky enough to roll the most treasure chests that wins by default. Players are also far more willing to push their luck as they have no incentive to hoard items.
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on February 6, 2016
This is a pretty fun game. It's definitely a solo game. The mechanics are completely you against the dice. However it's fun and engaging when shared with others. Unlike most solo dice game, this is not one that plays itself. There's definitely a decision making process involved with each turn. The rules and mechanics are simple to pick up and play within a matter of mintues, and yet has the replay value to amuse yourself with by playing again and again.

My only complaint is the packaging and expansion packs. The packaging is cute, but hinders the rapid setup and play in my opinion. Storing components and retrieving components is awkward. The theme of reaching into a treasure chest is excellent. Perhaps if they used a tray to store the other components. I would rather have seen a regular box used for storage. The chest is just awkward.

I've not bought any of the expansions, and to be honest I'm not convinced any are needed. Seems more could have been done with the concept of expansions. Instead of charging a premium for a few more hereos, it would have been nice if they provided additional variation. For example, they could have included dragon cards with each expansion for when you face the Dragon's Lair. Instead of the base rule of using three unique fighters to defeat the dragon, have it such that you draw a dragon card and you must defeat that particular dragon using the combination required for that specific dragon. They could have introduced a variety of more loot. Better yet, they could have introduced custom loot dice to replace the loot tokens. Even a single loot die or a boss monster die would have been fun. Just a variety of things that could have been done with expansions.

Overall, a fun game. Not too deep, but more engaging than a typical dice chucking mechanic. Definitely better than what I thought it would be.
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on January 26, 2016
Fun family game
Quick turns
Quick setup
Plenty of strategic options

No token management inside box causes it to be a little messy during setup and break down.

Dungeon Roll caught my attention as it has a lot of board game elements that I really enjoy. There's rolling dice, exploring dungeons, slaying dragons, and gathering treasure! If you're a fan of adventures and RPGs, but the time constraints hold you down, then you should definitely check out this game.

Basically, the point of the game is that you are "exploring" a dungeon with your party that you assemble by rolling seven party dice. You'll then navigate through the dungeon by spending those party dice to defeat monsters, dragons, open treasure chest, and more until you don't feel confident proceeding. At the same time, another player acts as the Dungeon Master, rolling against you to show what you encounter on that level of the dungeon. Just remember, the further you go into the dungeon, the more dice that get rolled against you!

I've played this game with my wife and with a handful of friends and everyone seems to like it no matter how many people you're playing with. Turns can go pretty quickly, so you don't have to spend a whole lot of time contemplating your next move. The packaging looks really nice, I mean who doesn't like a little treasure chest to sit on their shelf? The only downside is there isn't really resource management inside the box for all of the little tokens and experience markers. I solved this by using some small craft baggies (2x3 and 4x3), but if you don't do something like that it can get a little messy inside the box during setup.

Overall, this is a fun game to gather your friends around the table and see if you can conquer all ten levels during your dungeon adventure!
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on April 18, 2015
I became interested in this game after viewing the Watch It Played YouTube video (which is also very helpful for understanding the rules). My kids saw it, too, and said "We have got to get that game!" To us, the appeal was a dungeon-delving experience distilled to a simple custom-sided dice game playable in less than an hour.

We enjoyed our first play-through quite a bit, but it's usually not our first choice for family game night. It works great for 1-2 players because it moves quickly and there's always something to do. After that, there will always be one or more players doing nothing but waiting for someone's dungeon delve to finish - which can take 10-15 minutes if they're slow deciding how to spend their die rolls.

As others have noted, the game is a bit light on theme, being that it's not at all story-based. If you do think about it too hard, you have to wonder why the player's chosen hero (pictured on a Hero Card) gets to level-up when he/she is mostly sacrificing real adventurers (Champions, Fighters, Clerics, Mages, and Thieves, represented by white Party dice) to defeat the monsters and gather treasure. "Commander" or "Tyrant" might be more appropriate than "Hero"! Of course, the Hero Card does list two types of special abilities, so thematically speaking, the "Commander" does show up once and a while to help.

What might be a unique bit of praise is how diverse those Hero Cards are. This base set comes with eight (you can buy others through booster packs), and of those eight, three are female characters and another is a person of color. That may not seem all that impressive, but in the medieval fantasy genre, where made-up races like elves, dwarves, and orcs often stand-in for genuine diversity, it's refreshing to see a cast not composed entirely of stereotypes. Also, the character showing the most skin is a guy.

The quality components, quick playtime, and fairly straightforward rules make this preferable over, say, your average phone app for passing the time, and can be just as addicting when it comes to breaking your own record.
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on March 27, 2015
Of course the box for this game was the first thing to catch my attention. I'm generally a fan of games with a little more strategy and complexity (D&D, Space Hulk, etc.), but every now and then I want something that I can just pick up and play without much preparation time and without too much thinking. Dungeon Roll is the perfect game for those times.

My main filler game has been Zombie Dice, by Steve Jackson Games. Zombie Dice is a quick, easy to learn press-your-luck game and is a lot of fun to play with a group. Dungeon Roll fits into that same category, but with some different twists. The most obvious being a dungeon/fantasy theme. But Dungeon Roll adds some cool elements in treasure tokens that can be used to provide additional strategy options, such as turning regular monster dice into dragon dice, using an invisible ring to avoid battling the dragon, and other options.

As many have stated, the instruction manual can be confusing. All of the information that you need to play is in the manual, it's just not laid out in a way that makes it easy to understand. I was confused on the first read-through because some things in the beginning of the manual didn't make sense until I had real the latter parts. I found that reading through the manual twice, trying a quick solo game, and then re-reading the manual was the best way to get a good understanding of the rules. Sometimes having a single game completed can go a long way to helping you know what to look for in the instructions to clear things up. I would lower my rating a star for the way the manual is written, but they do include a URL to a video that explains the game very well, so clearer directions are referred to in the manual at least.

Game play for us has lasted between 15 and 30 minutes depending on how many players we have. One thing that has added to our enjoyment was to print out some of the fan made play mats that are available online. A play mat isn't necessary, but one that has a nice theme and artwork can add a little atmosphere while giving you well defined areas for placing the dice as they are used throughout the game.

Overall, a great little game, especially if you happen to catch it on sale like I did.
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on June 8, 2016
Really fun little game. The instructions are not exactly clear enough, but you can find videos on YouTube explaining how to play. I like that it all comes in this little bitty treasure chest shaped box and I can easily transport it wherever I may go.
It may take a few games to really get the hang of how it plays, but when you got it, it's a snap. There is definitely an amount of luck to playing, but the most important thing to remember is it's best to not push your luck. Better to retire from the dungeon early and walk away with something, than gambling and loosing it all.
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on December 26, 2013
The game components are excellent and I love the custom dice. The cards have good artwork, the counters are thick and double-sided, and the box looks like a little (3”W x 3”L x 3”T) treasure chest and is used to store and draw from for treasure tokens during the game.

My 14-year-old son and I have played this a dozen or so times now, and it’s a simple and fun game. Playing time for two players is about 15 minutes, and only slightly more for 3 or 4 players, so it’s definitely a quick-play game, suitable as a warm-up game for something longer, or to play while waiting for other players to arrive. It also has a solo mode which plays exactly like the multiplayer, and strength is the biggest failing of Dungeon Roll.

Playing the game is really just the player doing hand-control with his party dice vs the monster dice he is facing, pressing their luck as far as they can without being defeated and having to flee the dungeon. There is no interaction between the players at all. Yes, another player rolls the monster dice each round and keeps up with what dungeon level you are on, but there is no point where a player can take an action in their turn that affects another player at all. You are multiple players taking turns playing a solo game, and it feels that way. The only competition at all is when you add up Experience Points at the end of the game to see who had the most and therefore won.

Still, Dungeon Roll is fast, well-themed, well made and despite the lack of interaction, it is still fun. For the price, it’s worth picking up if you play games like Zombie Dice or Cthulhu Dice, or just want a simple filler game with nice components.
We’ll be playing this one for years to come.
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on March 7, 2017
Works well as a solo game. I haven't tried it with multiple players yet. It's a "push your luck" dice game... The components and packaging are all great. Just don't expect anything deep/heavy out of this one.
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on October 26, 2016
I you like dice games or table top RPG's this game is great. Perfect balance of a mindless dice game and strategy.
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