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Flavor: 16 oz Premium Bloom 2 cts|Change
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on January 23, 2015
I got this along with the fab flowering tea 12 pack for my boyfriend who is crazy about tea. He absolutely loves this little teapot, he uses it daily with loose tea and it's so easy to clean. We've only used one bloom so far and we couldn't believe how beautiful it turned out. The tea itself was tasty and we got multiple steeps from the one bloom. I recommend this for tea lovers, it's a great addition to our tea cabinet and a lovely display for our coffee table.
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on September 8, 2015
This was fun. I was looking to buy a teapot, and I kept wondering what was with the flowers in the random teapots. Then I found out that blooming tea is a thing that exists, so I bought this! The teapot is a little smaller than it looks like, but perfect for a solo sipper.

At one point I was confused because I couldn't find the loose leaf strainer, and while frantically searching the description, I found out that it's the metal thing in the spout. Duh, I felt oblivious. Then nervous. But it actually worked! So then I had chai.

The blooms are so so much fun to watch. The ones that come with this teapot, I didn't like the taste of, but buy some pomegranate flavored ones and you'll be good to go!
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on October 26, 2015
Very impressed with the beauty of this tea pot! Just got it in the mail today and immediately pulled it out to use it. As soon as I held it, I was a little worried about breaking it... The glass is very thin and lightweight and I have a tendency to be clumsy with glass. I was also concerned about temperature shock but the teapot handled the boiling water with grace. 5 minutes after dropping in the blooming tea bulb, I had a gorgeous "flower" out of, seemingly, nowhere! I thought that the tea would be weak but it is actually has a very hearty flavor and I would definitely order them to enjoy again. I loved that the spout didn't leak when you went to pour and I love the fact the the glass is hand blown... I'm am from Corning, NY where we have a fabulous museum of glass. I thought I would give this as a gift but I've changed my mind and will keep this one for myself. This will make a great impression for entertaining guest!
I've received a discount for this product in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.
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on November 7, 2012
As a tea lover, I couldn't wait to try the Fairy Tea Set. Not only did the flavors arouse my taste buds but the blooming flower concept really tweaked my interest that I knew that I just had to order it.
When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how the product was beautifully wrapped to be given as a gift. The teapot and the blooms were wrapped separately and both packages had many pictures attached to let the recipient know exactly what they were receiving.
The delicate yet simple glass tea pot and removable strainer provides 10 cups of tea whether it is used for the 4 enclosed vacuumed sealed flower blooms/bulbs or any type of loose tea leaves. The flower blooms included are Jasmine, carnation, peony and lily/marigold, all are surrounded by silver needle green tea.
Not only was the aroma of the tea being brewed delightful but watching the flowers bloom was truly a tranquil experience. The taste of the blooms were fruity and some spicy, overall I found them all to be quite flavorful. I like my tea hot, but I saved the extra tea brewed and refrigerated it; I found that served cold, the flavor was also quite tasty. I didn't try this but included were instructions for a tea punch which also looked very appealing.
In general I really liked this tea product, I felt it lived up to its unique blooming flower concept, and didn't fall short as a great tea product as a whole. Packaging, and overall appeal was truly elegant, where if given as a gift, it will be truly appreciated by any tea enthusiast.
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on December 3, 2016
I was a little concerned about buying a glass teapot, as it's hard to find any kind of teapot that pours well these days, and this one somehow didn't look reassuring. I also expected it would be quite a bit smaller than my ancient 10-cup one. But I was concerned about the cracking of the finish on that old ceramic pot and that it might be leaching lead and other nasty things into my tea, so I thought I'd try something glass that was relatively safe and clean. Actually, as it turns out, this pot has just about the same capacity as the other one. My old 3-inch tea ball doesn't fit through the opening, but the tea infuser that comes with the pot works very well, maybe better. And the teapot doesn't drip at all when it pours, which is very satisfying. The disadvantage of glass is that it doesn't retain heat very well, but I just wrap it up in a towel while it's steeping and it seems to do fine. The only little worry is the glass lid - it is good that the teapot has a lid that sits on the pot itself, so you can remove the infuser basket, but the lid simply perches loosely on the pot and there's no security at all against it falling off when you pour, and when the teapot is very full it may leak under the lid if you're not careful while pouring. That's not a major problem, though. Overall the teapot looks good, makes great tea, seems reasonably solid considering it's made of thin glass, and I'm very happy with it. I haven't tried the tea balls it came with, but that should be fun when I get around to it.
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on February 23, 2017
I bought this with the intention of using it as an upgrade to my current 42oz. teapot. It's been okay and I really do appreciate the stainless steeper that's included with it, as an avid loose leaf tea drinker. Here are my issues with it:

1. The ergonomics kind of baffle me, but maybe I should've expected that with the style of handle. It's awkward to hold and pour, even compared to the plastic-handled cheapo teapot that I had previously.
2. It drips! I was hoping it wouldn't drip as much with the way the spigot is. Granted, it's less than its cheap, Chinese predecessor but not as good as the tiny FORLIFE I have for smaller batches.
3. I dropped the lid and broke it (it was a clean break and <.25" drop) and it broke. That's really my fault. My issue here is that the replacement lid is $4 + $8 shipping for a total of $12 for another lid. Normally this wouldn't be as much of an issue, but with it being nearly half the cost of the entire teapot just for the lid, it's... Less than desirable to get a replacement lid or another teapot.

Overall, it's an okay purchase. I'd say to direct your purchase elsewhere as I'm going to go for a FORLIFE teapot to replace this one.
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on January 5, 2016
Far exceeded my expectations! I love this teapot. It's incredibly cute and helps knowing how well steeped your tea is. Despite my love of this teapot, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1.) The lid can get a bit hot because it's glass.
2.) I feel as though the teapot's capacity more so is about 12 oz. The tea gets very close to escaping the spout at about the capacity of a 12- maybe 13- oz mug.
3.) The teapot is smaller than what I had originally pictured.

That aside, I always enjoy using this teapot for its petite yet sufficient size, ability to tell steeped level, and all around visually appealing look.
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on March 12, 2017
I haven’t liked the tea or thin teapot at all. I have tried a few and have not been able to drink them; which I find surprising as I generally love most any tea. I also was disappointed with how thin/fragile the teapot is. For the price, I was expecting much better quality and much better tasting tea. :( Also, the loose fitting lid leaks constantly when you try and pour it; which is a huge annoyance as it leaves a mess. It is simply condensation, but leaking none-the-less.
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on December 23, 2015
I ordered this teapot thinking it was gallon size but it ended up being more like 1 1/2 cup size. At first I was disappointed but after looking at it, it was actually perfect! I bought it to make Blooming teas and as a gift for a child I care for who loves teas. It's very fragile and a little tricky to clean but with careful handling it should last a long time. My child loved it and we all enjoyed watching the blooming teas bloom in the clear teapot before our eyes. Such a great teapot for those!!! I highly recommend it!
Seller was quick and prompt with sending, it arrived exactly in he fashion it was described online. I'd buy from this seller again!
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on January 8, 2017
While I think this was a very cute purchase and the tea was okay (I usually like darker richer teas but this isn't bad. ) Mine did come in with a very small chip in it. Not a big deal since it's right at the tip and not really noticable but I bought the bigger gift set for a friend and hers was flawless. The tea makes up for not being as rich since it's just so darn cute
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