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on February 13, 2014
I had to order another because I was tired of the book slowly ripping away LOL. I owned the book and used it everyday so the wear was a bit more han usual so I bought this one to replace it.

TO the point.. This book is great for those wanting to learn, it explains things in english not $90,000-$142,000 a year words so you actually catch on to whats going on.

The samples are a bit on the lengthy side but if you are still wanting to learn how to do a shopping cart, this shows you step by step, I love the PHP part although I wish they explained a bit more on it but overall, you learn the fundamentals of programming with PHP and mySQL. This book I carried like a bible thumper, I hardly when anywhere without it. Im just an average programmer who has to use a book as a reference when programming si Im not like most that can wake up with folgers coffee and complete write code a proxy without even looking away but I sure can conntect the dots when needed and have something developed and works really good.!

ANyways, I saw purchase this book if you are a newbie or simply need something to reference. Honestly i've read over 10 different books and they all explain things to you like you've already had 170hours of programming at some Ivy league school, for those who can afford all of that, This book will for sure give you some uplift and confidence. The author of this book is awesome too
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on January 11, 2004
I picked up a number of PHP and MySQL books along with this one and find myself using this one the most. If you already know how to program in another language and want to get up to speed fast on PHP and MySQL this is the book you need. Some issues I ran into I could not find the answer anywhere in other books or on the web, then I grabbed this book as a last resort and wa-la the answer was there. Now this is the first book I look for answers to questions in.
If you just need a little examples of how to do things in PHP and MySQL this book does it.
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on January 30, 2013
I bought thio salong with another beginnign book to get me started with open source web development as a mental exercise.

I'm a batch C++ guy and wanted to expand my horizons.

It will teach you what you need to know to get going and I still end up using this as a reference from time to time.
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on June 13, 2015
Very helpful!
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on August 8, 2005
The book has several sections where there is a huge gap between steps that cost me a lot of time. Even using the errata sheet from [...] there were errors in the author's source code. I would like to see more detailed explanations of what the code is doing, instead of just summarizing what it does.
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on October 19, 2010
I've been reading Sams Teach Yourself books for a long time now I've just haven't read this one yet although it does look like a very nice book. I haven't had the chance to read it yet due to starting college soon so there no actual way I will be able to review it until later date.
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on July 25, 2009
I do not recommend this book to anyone. It is sketchy and it keeps pointng you to the internet to accomplish simple tasks. The whole purpose of buying a book is to not have the aggravation of hunting on the net. This author also seems very confused, especially in the beginning. Had it not been for data I hunted for on the net, I would not have been able to install the PHP, MySQL or Apache. Take for example, after installing Apache, she mentions that you need to first configure Apache via the httpd.conf file then does not tell you how. She then goes on to the next section of installing PHP leaving you to figure out how to get Apache working. The MYSQL for me did not install either; I had to download a copy off the net.
Too much missing data in this book.

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on August 16, 2009
I wish I had taken the time to review this book before purchasing but that's on me. I bought this book because of the title and the work sessions described; very practical material. Fortunatley,these three applications(Apache,PHP and Mysql) came preconfigured with Fedora 10 so I was spared the headache of setting this up like so many others on this forum.I have programming experience but I am quite new to php and mysql. I started off with a little bit of the introductory chapters to become familiar with the syntax and then jumped to chapter 11,Working with forms.
I've never experienced a book with so many typos! Even worse, it's the fourth edition. These things should be hammered out by now!What put the icing on the cake for me was that when I went to the disk for clarification, sections of code on the disk were incomplete. I can't even return this piece of cr*p because I unwrapped the useless disk. This book should be called "Sams Teach yourself Trouble Shooting" because that's what you will be doing.I couldn't get half the projects to work until I check out other sources.I finally had to put this book down after losing faith in the code to actually work. If you are new to Apache, PHP and MySQL, this is not the book for you!
Fortunately, I had another PHP book which had accurate examples; PHP For The World Wide Web: Larry Ullman. This book also has a chapter on working with MySQL.I haven't finished the book but all the examples I've typed have worked so far. Another book I've been working with is Fedora 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible: Christopher Negus. This gives pretty good information on setting up apache and MySQL. Not so much on PHP. There probably is a "Bible" for other OS. For both of these books I paid less than $8. This compares to $35 I spent on this soon to be door jam called Sam's Teach Yourself!
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on August 20, 2007
This is good for those who have incredible amounts of patience and like solving problems. The setup alone took at least three hours and a lot of searching on Google. Many important steps are left out (such as how to add and use a database from the MySQL command line, how to configure PHP to support mysqli, and how to configure Apache properly to support PHP.) The PHP functions used in this book are the mysqli_* family and require special setup in the php.ini file. There are no instructions however to set this up. Without this you can't write any SQL programs.

There are also numerous typos in the code. It's obvious that none of the code in this book is actually tested to see if it works. There are simple things such as variable name inconsistencies and function typos that throw off the whole script. When you're new to a progamming language these aren't easy to spot.

Overall, however, there is still plenty you can take from this book. If you have the patience the problem solving will probably cement the concepts more solidly in your brain because you will be figuring them out for yourself.
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on April 13, 2011
I think nobody proof read this book before it hit the presses. The number of mistakes is appalling. The illustrations are mis-numbered, the sample code (even very simple things) doesn't work. There is no coverage of PHP arrays anywhere. It should have been in chapter 4's discussion of variables and data types. Later in the book the author refers back to her own coverage of arrays in earlier chapters. Oops! You pretty much have to understand arrays in order to use PHP. Anyway, the idea of cramming a solid introduction to PHP, MySQL and Apache into one book is a good one. But this was done so sloppily that I would actually consider this book detrimental to learning about any of those subjects. It's also outdated, so this becomes a moot point quickly. But I also won't be buying any books by this author or publisher anytime soon.
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