Customer Reviews: Teaching Your Children Values
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on October 26, 2000
Teaching Your Children Values by Linda and Richard Eyre is a practical guide that advises parents - and anyone working with children - how to teach values. Linda and Richard live in Salt Lake City, Utah where they co-host their own radio and TV programs dedicated to better parenting. Richard has served as Director of the White House Conference on Children and Parents. They have nine children. The book covers children from preschoolers to adolescents, and discusses twelve values they feel are key. Some of those values include: honesty, self-reliance, self discipline, respect and chastity. The Eyre's believe that parents should begin teaching values to their children very early on through the use of games. However, by the time children reach adolescence, they recommend that parents have open discussions of various situations to allow them to think about possible consequences. The Eyre's feel that teaching consequences is equally important, particularly in adolescents because in many cases, it may mean the difference between life and death. For example, adolescents should know what can happen if they smoke, or drink and drive or have unprotected sex. Although the Eyre's book focuses on the parenting aspect of teaching values, I found many of their suggestions and discussions useful for educators as well. While I agree that it is mainly the parents' responsibility to teach values, I also think that it is falling more and more on the shoulders of public education. Therefore, their suggestions for approaching values can be as valuable for teachers as it is for parents. I highly recommend this book for any person working with children.
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on March 11, 1999
My name is Jonah Eyre. I am the son of the authors of this excellent book and couldn't more highly recommend it. I grew up with these techniques being tested on me and I think that they really work. My parents are my best friends and that is what I think parenting is really about. Teach this stuff to your children.
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on November 27, 2014
I really wanted to like this book but - it advocates some really strange things. Consider two passages. One - where a father withholds criticizing his son who bullied another kid - and instead has him write "things he likes about himself" on his hand; this is really weird, you have to correct your kid when they pick on others. The second is even more bizarre - he praises a Japanese Mom for PUTTING HER KID IN A CLOSET when it was asking for attention and a stranger was at the door. As a child who has been locked in a small, unlit space (a bathroom), as a punishment - I can attest it leaves lifelong trauma (even if unintentional). I didn't read the rest of this book. So weird to condone such behavior.
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on September 18, 2006
I've read lots of parenting books (over 50 or so) and this is my second favorite. My first is by the same authors, 3 Steps to a Strong Family.

This book contains information on how to teach values to your children. We've just started using it but are having excellent results already. My kids are happier and are grasping concepts they've struggled with in the past. There is a calmer feeling in our home as we all work together to master a certain value.

I appreciate the personal experiences the authors share and the writing style is easy to understand and very well organized.

My two 6-year-olds enjoy the games and stories. They do not have any problems with them as an earlier reviewer mentioned would happen.

I highly recommend this book, but suggest you read 3 Steps to a Strong Family first. These books work and will make your home such a happier, calmer place.
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on April 22, 2008
Divided into 12 monthly teachable values this book gives "lesson plans" for preschoolers and elementary age children along with a story (sometimes two or more), guidelines for parents, simple games and disussions that further illustrate the topic for the child/ren over the course of a month and guidelines for encouraging praise throughout the month as children begin to exhibit or model the desired trait.

Although major Christian values are covered, Christian parents may notice that God is not directly mentioned as this book was written generic traditional moral values(with no biblical reference) but there is room for you to add your religious belief and doctrine although you will have to do the footwork yourself (look up scripture reference and incorporate God into the little stories).

Values are divided into two categories: values of being (who we are) and Values of Giving (what we do). They include:
honesty, courage, peaceability, self-reliance, discipline, fidelity/chastity, loyalty, respect, unselfishness, kindless, and justice and mercy.

The authors raised NINE children with these concepts. Creative parents will find it a great launching point for them to expand on monthly while EXHAUSTED parents will find it a wonderfully easy "road map" to use when instructing their children that requires virtually no advance preparation and is easy to execute.

Parents of preschoolers will find that the preschool activities while geared to the younger set are NOT dumbed down which may make it a fun activitity to do with older siblings as well.
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on May 25, 1999
We've got a young family, but the topics within the pages of this book are phenominal for all age groups in your family. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is interested in teaching their children principles that will last them a lifetime. Making them good citizens in their communities! Hooray for the efforts of this couple. A sister of mine knew them and they are everything in person, behind closed door and in their community as they are in this book. It is nice to see someone REALLY practicing what they preach. Not only will it make you a better parent, but it will also help you become an improved spouse, friend and member of your community!
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on October 29, 2013
I checked this book out at the library after having it referenced multiple times in "My Two Moms" by Zach Wahls. I finally had to buy it. Mr. Wahls is an excellent example of a young person who's been raised with parents who utilized this book. That said, I actually thought this book might be too conservative for me--but it is not. I love the set up--talking about one value each month with your kids--the exercises are great--certain ones for each age--preschool age, elementary school age & then older kids. I have 4, 6 & 8 year olds--the conversations this book has helped me start with them are amazing. This will be a book we'll use year after year. WONDERFUL way to teach & reinforce positive values that will help guide children as they grow up.
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on August 2, 2016
I haven't read it yet..but I will find the time now when my son starts the pre K ..He's still young..and always playful..smiling..!He's so I think this book will be so useful to help me to guide him and teach him better the values he will need in life..! Thanks..!
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on March 21, 2013
I am loving this book. I have read so many different parenting books and methods, and I'm always looking for something that has a very clear philosophy to back it up. This book fit my need. The writers were very sensitive to the need for values and moral teaching within families, regardless of the family's religious or philosophical viewpoint. If you are a secular family that wants to have a proactive plan for helping your children develop a strong moral foundation, this book is excellent. If you are a religious family, this book is excellent (but not because it focuses on a religious basis for teaching morality). I love the way each month is assigned a value, and I love the way each segment gives examples of how each value can be taught to the different age groups, and that you can choose which value to start with. It is a very user-friendly book.
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on April 13, 2016
This is the second copy I've bought and I gifted this one. We liked it so much that our neighbors were very interested and I'm quite sure they will have the same stunning results we've seen with our 3 kids.
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