Customer Reviews: Tear (A Seaside Novel Book 1)
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on December 5, 2012
The product description sounded really good, so for .99, I thought I would take a chance on this author I had never read before. It is always a risk, but this one paid off for me and, in the end, I thought it was a deal. If you liked Unmaking Hunter Kennedy by Anne Eliot, or Rock and a Hard Place by Angie Stanton, then this story will appeal to you also.

Beautiful, high school senior, Natalee (Nat) has just meet the rock brothers Demetri and Alec from the band AD2 who are now going to her school. She has an immediate connection with the brooding older brother Alec, but Demetri goes for her first and she foolishly relents to his advances. The boys are on a year hiatus from performing to finish school and take a needed brake, but they have more secrets than they are letting out. When Nat realizes her feelings for Alec won't go away and that Alec appears to like her too, she becomes confused. Add to that Demetri's inability to stay sober or loyal and his constant suspicions that Alec holds Nat's affections and you have TROUBLE.

Nat is a fun character to read about and the brothers, though troubled, are swoon-worthy. While they both are in love with Nat, only one truly is right for her and the other one gets his own story called "Pull, A Seaside Novel" next. There is not a lot of high emotional drama, just a good, funny at times, scary at others story. The secret the boys are hiding is bad and hurtful, and it seems to be repeating itself in a way.

This was really fun to read even if it was the overdone story of a girl falling for brothers. Rachel Van Dyken is an entertaining writer who kept me turning the pages way past midnight. I am normally not a triangle fan (especially brothers!) but since there was no sleeping around (which I think is really gross when brothers are involved), I was ok with it this time. Triangles are still not my favorite, but I really enjoyed Rachel Van Dyken's writing and would read more from her in the future.

No Swearing or sex; but there was intense kissing, drug and alcohol use and sleepovers

Would I/Did I buy it? Yes (.99)
Would I read it again? Probably
Would I recommend it to friends? Yes
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on December 19, 2012
First I am glad this book cost me no more than .99. I would be rather miffed if it had. This was another instant love triangle (one that made you wonder why there was even a love triangle), hot guys, inexperienced girl who is so beautiful but doesn't even know it book. It almost felt like it was a bit trying to be a non paranormal form of twilight, and it did reference twilight a lot too. Nat talks in the beginning of her boring eyes, hair, and pale skin, and then there is more talk in the book of her clumsiness. Made me feel like the character was written to be similar to Ms. Swan.

Then there was the continuity problems that made it hard for me to read through the book smoothly because I kept stopping and having to wonder if I read that right or not because it didn't match up with things said earlier. Examples being:

She is not allowed to dye hair, not allowed to wear makeup, but then starts wearing makeup later in the book with no mention of the earlier no makeup rule. When she mentions she isn't allowed to wear make up it is because her parents hate artificial anything. She doesn't even fight it, but then all of a sudden there are many scenes with messed up masscara or she is too tired to wash her make up off. But Nat, I thought you didn't wear makeup? I could let it go for a party like it was a one time thing but it would be nice if the author wrote in how it was an exception or something.

I was confused by the apparent Mom who doesn't allow her daughter dye her hair or wear makeup but then doesn't care that her daughter is hanging out with two boys all night long, at their house. Unsupervised. Yes, Nat is 18, but again she is not allowed to dye her hair or wear makeup. . . .it just doesn't fit. Needed more explanation to get me to believe this Mother daughter relationship.

There was a part that brought up how she was suppose to go to a homecoming meeting after school but then there is no mention of it, instead she goes from school to work. At least write in that she forgot to go again, or something.

A character mentioned in the beginning starts off named Benjamin, then suddenly is named Gabe at the end of book.

Alec and Demetri's mom walks out on them and dad dies when they are young but no mention of who took care of them, if they were in the system, a guardian, if they get emancipated, etc. Instead it was just bam they have a career at 16 and are Rock Gods. Needed more understanding of their history here.

She had a "sad little free phone with its pink cover" that later turns into a blackberry. To me a blackberry PDA would be more than a SAD little free phone, even when compared to an Iphone. My phone which doesn't surf the internet or hold music is a SAD little free phone.

So on the first day she meets the boys she tripped twice. the book goes on to have time pass " by the end of their first week..." Then later when it is suppose to be a few days later Alec states " you tripped over your own two feet twice yesterday". Again I am sitting there pausing going. . .wait how much time has passed, I thought that happened a while ago.

The story line is what it is love triangle, brothers, instant love, nobody girl the dream come true of the hottest guys around. That alone I might have given this book 3.5-4 because I still wouldn't recommend someone else read it. Add in all the errors in the story itself, or the details left unexplained and that is why I am giving it 2 stars.
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on November 26, 2012
I just finished reading Tear this afternoon. I started it last night and stayed up until 1am because I couldn't put it down - if I could have kept my eyes open I would have stayed up to finish it. This is definitely a change from all the Regency novels Rachel has put out, but she's just as good at contemporary. I really enjoyed how she slowly drew out details about Demetri and Alec's lives and personalities throughout the book. That suspense, not knowing why the boys were truly in Seaside & what was in their past, kept me, as a reader, compelled to keep reading. I really enjoyed the depth of the brothers' characters, they weren't just shallow, "bad boy" rockstars. The "love triangle" was definitely reminiscent of other YA series, but she does it with class and even jokes about it within the novel. I did think that the resolution of Natalee's "parent issues" was too quick and easy. It would have been nice for that sub-plot to have been slowly woven throughout the novel instead of having it all dealt with quickly and easily towards the end of the book. Also, I felt that given Natalee hadn't even kissed a boy before she met Alec & Demitri - the way their physical relationships quickly progressed seemed perhaps a bit unrealistic, but maybe it was the whole "rockstar" thing. Anyhow, who am I to criticize? I loved reading the book - it was a fun escape for me and I am definitely looking forward to the release of the sequel "Pull".
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on November 9, 2014
This book was a complete disappointment. The characters acted and spoke in a juvenile manner. The story was completely unbelievable and confusing at times, but always predictable. The story wasn't engaging at all. I found none of the characters likable or relatable. The characters were constantly doing incredibly stupid things.

When I read stories like these I don't mind conflicted characters, but I hate users. This book was full of users.

Summary- Alec and Demetri, brothers and members of the band AD2, move to Seaside. There they meet Nat and immediately befriend her. Within 2 weeks Nat has an attraction to both boys, but starts dating Demetri. He treats her like crap, she accepts it while secretly pinning for Alec.

Nat disgusts me because she really has feelings for Alec, but he turns her down. So she runs to the next best thing even though she knows she doesn't love him. So instead of remaining single Nat uses Demetri, stringing him along.

Now I'm not saying we should feel sorry for Demetri. He cheats on Nat right in front of her. A normal person would get out of that relationship. Not Nat though. She needs to keep her boy toy because the boy she really likes still turns her down. Demetri cheats on her again. Does she dump him then? Nope of course not.

It is completely unbelievable and annoying. Not to mention disgusting. This book is geared towards teens. Is this what we want teens to think? That it's okay to string someone along even though you know you don't like them? That it is better to be in a relationship than to be single? The whole message just upsets me.

Then there is the issue that Nat's parents could care less where she is 98% of the time! She spends the night with the boys at their house, with no adults. It gets better though! Nat and Alec get to go on vacation.. by themselves for a while. And her parents were okay with her skipping school to go on said vacation...

I don't know... just way too many problems for me. I struggled to finish this book. Even the ending was completely unbelievable.
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on July 15, 2014
Well I made it to page 100 before I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm being extremely generous with the 3 stars. This book must be written for teens although I can't see my 14 year old reading it either. The writing is inconsistent, immature, and unrealistic. Does Alec have green eyes or blue because he is referred to as having each at one point or another. The premise that these 2 different guys fall head over heals for this girl is nonexistent. I almost put it down so many times but kept going and going until around 40% I just couldn't take it anymore. This book has several good reviews and this is just my humble opinion. Maybe it will be for you. Good luck.
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on May 20, 2015
Nat was sick of her boring life nothing ever happened to her she was boring she looked plain and her parents didn't care about her little did she know her life was going to get a lot more interesting.
Alec and Demetri rock star brothers have a deep dark past that they don't want anyone to know about but what they didn't expect was history to start repeating itself.
Alec is the caring older brother who made a terrible mistake.
Demetri is the younger brother whom Alec is always trying to protect instead of letting him learn for himself.
I got so absorbed in this book it is well written and very hard to put down. Full of twists and turns. Nat is a great character torn between two brothers, how can you love two people let alone two brothers?
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on June 8, 2016
I Love Rachel Van Dyken...every book that I have read written by here is stellar but in the past I have had no desire to start this series! So when I downloaded it for free I thought I might get to it later...after the first page I was hooked! The characters were so detailed & I am so glad it's a series because I want more...more details, more stories, more everything! You won't regret this book!!!!!
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on July 20, 2013
This review has some general spoilers about how the relationships play out (but not in great detail). I try not to do that too much, but it's the only way I can convey my disappointment.

Judging by others reviews, I wasn't expecting this to be a 5 star. Maybe a 4 star read. But, it was $0.99 and I was looking for a quick read before bed so I purchased it. Before I start, I have to give Rachel credit and recommend another of her books, The Bet. Honestly, it's like reading two different authors when you compare The Bet to this poorly written novel, Tear. I was surprised at the writing style of this book...or lack there of. While this is a teen based book, the writing sounds as if a 15 year old was writing in a diary. It was very cliché all around and the plot moved a little fast in the beginning, giving it that emotionally overcharged teen feeling. It was like "Wow, a cute smiled at me! Does he love me?" type thing.

Starting off, Nat is described as "popular" but "loner" girl. What? Is it possible to be popular and not have friends? I guess so...but throughout the book Nat does have I don't understand that. However, they aren't a big part of the book. No one seems to be there for moral support, even when she gets dragged into some Hollywood drama. I found it odd that her friends were virtually non-existant while she was off gallivanting with Canada's hottest "It" boys. But I guess that's what gives her the loner label (?).

While I'm on it, is it possible to become besties with these guys within five minutes of meeting them? No joke. They were swapping numbers and getting each other out of trouble on the same page they smiled at each other for the first time. Again, WHAT? At least build up some kind of connection between them first!

Moving on...She doesn't have a very loving home life and her mom (whose a shrink) "ignores" her. Again, a very cliche plot line. The parents are always missing from the life. I probably shouldn't gripe about this because it will always be a plot somewhere, but I find it tiring. Apparently that's the only way a character can wind up damaged. So okay, now we've got a girl with a lonely family life story going, BUT, this plot line doesn't fit well either because from the very beginning Nat is the one always rushing out the door and avoiding conversations with her mom. When this gets pointed out to Nat it's like an "Okay, that makes sense" type of moment and we move on. Really? I could have used a little more there. This just screamed typical teen drama to me. Maybe it was meant to feel more relatable and real that way. But I couldn't relate and found the scenes more laughable than provoking.

Next flaw, this is a typical love triangle story. I knew that going in. Boy likes girl. Girl kind of likes boy because hes gorgeous, but she likes the other boy more because he has a better (?) personality (debatable). Stolen kisses and drama ensue. What did me in with this triangle was putting it in a high school setting with supposed 18 year olds and dialog that sounds like a pre-teen.

Lastly, I guess I expected a little more from the "pop star" world to have taken place. Really there's only a few brief spots where you remember that the guys are paparazzi famous and I think lack of that exposure to the fame scene took some of the interest away from the book. After all, if a girl is hanging out with these guys in some fantasy world, shouldn't something resembling that type of life take place?

Overall, it's readable (grammar wise) but not interesting and I honestly felt nothing for the characters in the end. Not even the moody, semi-bad boy with rock hard abs, soul piercing eyes, and voice of a God.

Perhaps it's oriented for more of a pre-teen/teen audience.

But seriously, before you count this author out, go try The Bet or Eagle (Elite)


Steam (Character connection) **
Characters **
Writing Quality ***
Plot (Originality) **
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on June 28, 2016
So, I think I have found a new favorite author. Okay, scratch that. I *know* I have found a new favorite author, and her name is Rachel Van Dyken. Tear was brilliantly done. This New Adult Romance was so expertly woven that it was hard to put down and I blissfully lost much sleep trying to finish it before heading off to dream land. Yes, of course I'm paying for that today but it was so completely worth it.

Natalee, a very independent 18 year old high school senior, considers herself the typical teenager. She's a bit clumsy, hates school with the fire of a thousand suns, has a few close friends, and even a part time job at a taffy store. Oh! And, she has yet to receive her first kiss.

Queue Alec and Demitri, brothers and members of the ultra famous band, AD2. Two deeply wounded and flawed brothers who are trying desperately to overcome some pretty steep (and quite secret) hurdles in their lives by escaping to the tiny town of Seaside, OR.

Tear is a beautifully told story of friendship and love between Natalee, Alec, and Demetri. The push and pull, love and attraction, and even simple every day interactions between these three suck you in (and sometimes even spit you out, minus your rapidly beating heart, might I add). It is not a ménage story. Natalee does eventually have to make a heart wrenching decision between the brothers, which ends up having a profound effect on the individual not chosen.

Usually, I can easily pick my favorite character from a book, and love to highlight them in my reviews. This time, there is no one specific person to tout. Natalee, Alec, and Demetri are all so deep and well written that they each contribute to the story equally, in their own way.

I was also very fortunate to listen to the audiobook version of this book as well. Let me just tell you that Luci Christian does an excellent job of narrating the book and bringing Natalee, Alec, and Demetri's story to life. I highly recommend Tear by Rachel Van Dyken, in both ebook and audible versions.
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on August 18, 2013
5 ***** sweet yet drama induced STARS!!!!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I never know what I am about to get into when I read a book...mainly because I don't read the synopsis.

But with Tear I kinda knew what was going on right from the start...Loved it!!!

This first book starts out in a small town with little going on other than the shore and the taffy stores.

Two rockstars move into town and find themselves picking up after a girl that can't seem to catch her balance when in their presence.

Nat deals with life on her own and doesn't seem to interfere with the party scene, boys, or communication with her parents.

Demetri is a part of AD2 the rock band and pretty much the playboy of the two least that is what we all think.

Alec is the good guy, the better brother that is quiet and reserved...again so we think.

The trio of Nat, Demetri, and Alec gets pretty intense for a love triangle, but I will say I stayed grounded to my team the whole book!!!
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