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on November 6, 2013
Bought both the Clear and the Anti-Glare.

Both were excellent quality materials and well made. Easily installed by lining up first and using painter's tape at bottom to make a "hinge" before removing the protective backing. Went on with just a few dust specks which were then easily removed using the included stickers.

I tried the anti-glare first. It does cut the glare and fingerprints are less noticeable, as advertised. But as you might expect, it does cut the sharpness of the display a little bit as well because it gives a "frosted" look to the display in order to achieve the anti-glare property. As you scroll a page, it looks as if it is moving below a layer of fine dust or dirt. It isn't horrible, but I found it distracting. It is a trade-off for less reflection and less noticeable fingerprints.

I ended up removing the anti-glare and installing the clear, again using the painter's tape method. Another easy installation, and this time perfectly clear -- looks like there is nothing on the screen at all.

Both are great products, my personal preference is the clear but it depends on your priorities and whether you are willing to give up a tiny bit of clarity to get the anti-glare properties.
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on November 3, 2013
When a new iPad comes out my family does the apple hand-me-down shuffle which means it's time to pull off the old screen protectors apply new ones, and pass them down. This year we purchased the iPad Air but I didn't think ahead to order the protector so I overnighted this one and installed it today. Here's how it went.

The Package:
2 protectors
1 polishing cloth
4 lint removal stickers
1 bubble removal card
1 instructions card

The installation:
The website has a video which I watched and will give you an idea of how the adhesive will work. Since this was my third installation of the day (practice on the older ipads first, right?) it went smoothly except one part. I believe in the steamy shower room method for minimizing lint as suggested in the video but I also believe in using the painter's tape swinging door method. For those not familiar, this means lining everything up and taping down the protector on one side so when you peel off label 1, you "close the door" slowly and everything lines up. While this went well with the Monoprice brand I used earlier on an iPad 2 and iPad 3, the hole for the home button on this brand is precise. If you want to try the tape trick, perhaps tape it at the bottom to assure you get the home button right.

Overall, the protector went on easy and without any bubbles. The lint stickers are a fantastic idea. If I could change anything, I'd make the lint-free cloth a little bigger and a different material but this is not a deal breaker. if you are here for a protector for your iPad Air, stop searching, you found it.
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on March 4, 2015
I bought this product for my mom's iPad Air 2 because of the good reviews that I've read about it. Got it on January 15 and was so excited to put it, but at the same time I was so reluctant to do it because most of the reviews said that it's not an easy task .

Finally last night, I was able to get the courage to do this seemingly tall task. I've watched the video tutorials, turned on the hot water as adviced (to get some steam and let the dust go up).

It took me quite some time to finish removing the dust (really want to remove every single dust). But the problem started when I tried to put the thing's (screen protector) side that's facing the screen. I misaligned it. So I have to unpeel it from the screen that lead to numerous dust going in between the thing and screen. Consequently, a lot of stubborn bubbles were produced so I need to unpeel it again and remove the dusts trapped using the dust tape, but every time I do that more dusts seem to come in. It was a back and forth process which ended up to no avail. I got nauseus because I'm not used to flexing my neck for a long period of time and on top of that the bathroom was so hot! (we only got a small bathroom).

But I don't want to give up for I want my mom to be happy. (She frequently complains of the finger print-messed screen). So I took a break for 10 minutes and when I got well, resumed my oh so challenging task. This time I made sure that I'll have a little error in aligning the screen protector. So I unpeeled that side cautiously to have it aligned with a first try. And it did the trick! Though there's still some little bubbles that were made, it was easily pushed off to the edge using the sturdy small card wrapped in the microfiber cloth. I unpeeled the other side and viola! a very clear screen was yielded!

Overall the process took 2 hrs (including the unexpected breaks) and I would say that it's one of the most difficult thing that I have done in my life, but it's worth it given that my mom got happy (it's all that matters).
It's really good that there were video tutorials and two pieces of screen protectors. Though if the time comes where I'll have to change the screen protector, I may get the one that's for retina display (still TechArmor of course), the one that filters the blue light.
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on January 16, 2015
Two star product, one star customer service.

I did see the reply here, but waited to see if Id ever get another reply to my first or second email to the so-far unsupportive "support" team. I had the single reply from my second email telling me not to email again, that it might take 36 hours to get back to me. It's now been close to a month, so I'm feeling officially just ignored at this point. Too bad, the 1st protector went on well. But it's a 50/50 gamble, and with no phone support, I can't recommend.****

I bought the two pack of Tech Aromor's clear screen protectors, one for my iPad air2 and the other for my mothers. Package came on time, and included everything listed, tho I will mention that the "cleaning cloth" provided was pitiful. It might do for a phone, but trying to use it on a iPad screen was ridiculous. Since I have several on hand anyway, no big deal to me, but others might want to be aware.
No surprises during the first install. It went on smoothly-- no bubbles --and no problems fitting with a smart case or cover.

The second protector however had a small divot/dent the size of a pen tip, smack in the middle of the screen. At first I thought it was a piece of lint or dust underneath the protector, and was confused as to why I couldn't seem to get it up. After getting out my cheater glasses, and giving things a closer inspection I realized the plastic itself was actually damaged. So, kinda sucked, but I figured they had a "100%" Satisfaction Guarantee, and I shot off an email.
A couple days go by without any word, and I went through my spam filter. Nothing. A few more days go by, I make sure I didn't get a ping back. Nope it sent. Few more days. Rinse and repeat. Nothing. And then a few more days....ok. Now I'm kinda irritated. This just IS NOT professional customer service!

Finally today, I forwarded my original email with the heading "Hello??? Any Customer Service here?" And here's where I get even more irritated---more irritated over a piece of generic plastic than anyone should ever become. After waiting close to two weeks for any sign from them, I get a form-bot email back explaining that due to the holidays that they have been so super-duper busy, and they're sorry but it might take 24 to 36 hours to respond to emails. Oh, and please please, only email once. REALLY? I woulda been FINE with 36 hours.I woulda been alright with 48. Truth be told, had i just gotten ANY word at all back from my first email, I would have been ok waiting as long as I did. But now, after being ignored/lost/overlooked or whatever for two weeks, now I need to be patient, 'cause it takes 36 hours to get back to people? For real? Are your products having so many problems that it's overwhelming the staff, or is this just incompetence in staffing? I'm guessing both from my experience.

The final kick in the pants is the paragraph on the pamphlet insert that asks that you please don't go "..contacting the retailer or posting negative feedback!" Noooo, Let them promptly fix it!...just email Customer Support.
Yeah, right.
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on November 10, 2014
Tried this screen protector on my new iPAD Air 2. Installation was easy using the book method. Basically you align the screen protector over the screen, then apply scotch tape to one side to hinge it like a "book cover", and then take off the first sticker and it falls into place. Works pretty well and surprisingly accurate. Now to look at some pros and cons.

1. One of the most important things for me is the size and fitting of the screen protector. Full stars there. It covers the entire screen of the iPAD. The cuttings for the home button and camera are very close to actual size. At the same time, they are not so small that you would need 100% accuracy to apply it. You have some room for error while applying this cover.

2. They give you 2 protectors incase you mess up one.

3. Comes in a really nice packaging.

1. The protector is not as anti-glare as I would like to. The default coating of iPAD air 2 has anti-reflective properties which are somewhat lost when you use this. However, at this price point this is acceptable. This is certainly better than other cheap anti-glare protectors which make the screen more dull.

2. This is nit picking, but the included cleaning cloth is too small.

Overall, I am satisfied from this purchase and the worth it provides.
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on March 14, 2017
Not a glass screen protector. I would not recommend this product if you want to protect your investment. I just got a $600 Ipad Pro and the screen protector is only a 3m clear film much like what is used for tints on car windows except clear. Lots of bubbles and tears easily. Easy to put on if you have tinted windows before. I brought it to my local Sprint store to put the second one as the package comes with 2 protectors. I guess the assumption is you will be using both in a short amount of time. The first one i put on got a tear in the middle against the inside briefcase buckle and had to remove it. I spent the equivalent of 15 dollars more and purchased a glass screen protector which is what you should do when protecting an investment like this. I was asked to send back the screen protector to recieve a refund but I wont even waste my time with it as one of them went to the trashcan and the other one I threw out when I replaced it with a real glass screen protector. The vendor should have just refunded the 10 bucks or given me a credit towads one that would work for me. On a positve note, the packagng was attractive and the shipping was fast. So the vendor is doing their job in those areas thats why they got 2 stars instead of one
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on December 23, 2014
I don't know what I do wrong but I always seem to end up with so many bubbles in any screen protector. NOT THIS ONE. Seriously, it was easy to put on and the bubbles ALL came out with little effort. The little dust removers are great as well. Unless you are putting this on in a clean room you're going to get dust particles. With the little stickies they came up easily and now I won't be slowly driven mad by dust trapped under the protector. It's hard to tell that the protector is even on the screen and it feels natural when you touch it. I've not seen any slow touch response from the protector. And the picture is amazing. No rainbow shadows or blurriness.
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on September 30, 2015
The screen protector is a thin film protector that will work to protect your screen from breaking. These are the things I don't like about the screen protector is:
1. I went on the website to watch the video on how to install the protector and follow along with it. I could NOT figure out how to get the screen protector on.
2. After the video did not help me, I looked at the provided instructions. That did NOT help me either.
3. I finally went to YouTube and someone on there showed me how to install the screen protector. By the time I got to this step, the screen protector got all dusty and got particles on it from me trying to figure out how to get on. Plus, I was moving it around a lot.
4. My screen now has tons of bubbles on it that can't come out because of the dust and particles trapped in them. If you turn on the iPad, it helps with not being able to see some of the bubbles, but you can still see some. I am getting use to the bubbles because I do not want to waste a screen protector and redo with a new one.
5. Even with the screen protector on, you can still see fingerprints and dust.
All in all, the screen protectors are HARD to install. I think the installing is a two person job or you need to get someone who has installed screen protectors like this one before and knows how to do it without ruining it like I did for mine.
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on January 13, 2015
To provide a little backstory, I ordered Tech Armor's matte screen protectors for the two new iPhone 5s phones my wife and I recently got over the holidays. Having endured the frustration of installing screen protectors in the past, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the iPhone screen protectors went on. Based on that experience, I decided to go with Tech Armor again for the iPad I picked up over the holidays. I decided to go with the HD Clear version this time versus the matte version for the iphone. I actually held off on removing the ipad from the box until I received the Tech Armor screen protectors. My intent was to pull the factory plastic off the screen and then immediately install the Tech Armor to minimize dust and finger prints. The installation experience on the iPad was vastly different in a negative way. I found it virtually impossible to easily line up the screen protector so it took multiple efforts of peeling it off and restarting to try and get alignment. This process allowed dust to get in and because of the size and surface area of the screen protector, I ended up accidentally touching it and leaving finger prints on it that did not come off. The first protector in the pack was quickly ruined and I spent 40 minutes trying to get the second one on. The second one barely looked better than the first. Please note, I followed the instructions and installed these on the bathroom counter top after running hot water in the shower so the steam could suppress dust.

After this frustrating experience, I emailed Tech Armor on Jan 4 to advise that I was not happy. It is important to note that Tech Armor goes to great length asking you (the customer) to leave a positive review or contact them before leaving a negative review. So that's what I did. After sending them an email, I received what appeared to be an auto generated response advising me that they were backlogged due to the iphone 6 launch and that I could expect a response in 24-48 hours. It has now been approximately 168 hours and I have still not received a response to my issue, yet I got an email from them today asking for a positive review. So clearly their email system is working and the email address they have for me is valid....they just don't seem to be interested in responding to my problem. So this review is based on 3 stars for the actual product and 1 star for their customer service. BTW, the HD version of the screen protector highlights fingerprints whereas the matte version does not. Not a fan of the HD version. Tech Armor, if you are going to actively promote your lifetime warranty and great customer service, I would suggest you actually provide customer service instead of ignoring emails.
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on August 7, 2016
Great product. Went on flawlessly the first time. Glad that I read the other reviews first before trying to put it on. Using painters tape to create a tape hinge to keep the screen protector aligned when putting it on was a HUGE part of why it aligned perfectly the first time. The cutouts for the camera and the home button are small and it must be aligned exactly correct or it won't line up right. By using the tape hinge method, this made it exceptionally easy to put on.

Also, the HD clear is SUPER CLEAR. It is as close to glass as you can get. I had an anti-glare screen protector on that I was using this one to replace and I can't tell you how much clearer and better my iPad looks. This literally revolutionized my screen. I'll never get an anti-glare one again. It was like reading under a very fine layer of sand. This one is super clear and has great graphic resolution on the Retina display.

Good with fingerprints and scratches. Really protective and not very visible on fingerprints when on and in use. Can see a few when the display is off but otherwise is great.

Would definately buy again.
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