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Size: 50-Inch|Color: Walnut|Change
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on November 12, 2012
Type A summary:
-Excellent packaging.
-Assembles SO EASY (10 min a bit of a lie but under an hour taking your time)
-Looks and feels like solid wood furniture all around
-Great ventilation
-All seams and corners fit tight (no wobbling or shaking here)
-Beats the pants off the Ikea style assemble it all yourself

Type B summary:
Had some reservations about ordering this online with comparable models from same vendor and manufacturer arriving damaged but my UPS shipment arrived near pristine. I can imagine scenarios where it could be damaged in shipment but I know my UPS guy and he's great so unless someone at the depot ran over it with a forklift, I was confident he would deliver it "just like it was my own" as he says. I worried it would be too heavy to drag inside alone but it wasn't bad really. It comes near assembled with only a few panels and shelves to connect so my advice would be unpack it in the garage and carry the pieces to the final destination for assembly. You'll want to vacuum the pieces right as you pull them out of the box as they have some static cling styrofoam fibers all over them but that comes off very easily with a few minutes of work.

The "10 minute, no tools required" assembly may be a bit like saying you can run a 5 minute mile to someone showing up for a Sunday jog at the park but by all means it is a no hassle, simple lock and twist style assemble that was FAR FAR easier than the Ikea style screw in 100 joints and take half a day to assemble a basic box product. The workmanship and detail was spectacular with very tight fits and snug joints everywhere. I would recommend a rubber mallet to gently tap the panels into position as the fit is so snug that trying to simply slide the pieces into the proper locked position might be a struggle. Just a few light taps with my handy mallet and all was good. You will WANT a 2nd person to do this easily but you could manage with just you putting it together if you had to.

The top piece is thick and heavy and all the outer pieces are laminated wood with only the shelves inside and the partitions being thick HDF that still is beefy enough you'll never have to worry about them degrading or bowing. The glass is thick and tempered, and the hardware is a solid quality material with a nice aged finish that doesn't look cheap at all.

In all, it took me about an hour from unboxing to final position wipe down taking my time to clean each piece and even windex the glass.

The ONLY negative I have on the entire product is the cheap paper stickers they used to mark the panels. They don't just peel off and leave that annoying adhesive with part of the paper behind that you have to clean up. Vinyl stickers are what, a penny each? C'mon...

Other than that, I will be looking at Techcraft and their near assembled products again as this was a breeze and looks like all real-wood furniture. The finish is a gorgeous dark walnut that matches our other non-Techcraft furniture perfectly. The doors have a uniform fit and solid feel when opening and closing. All the shelves are slotted to let air flow throughout and keep items from overheating. The back panel access is nice but you still have to fish cables through and connect before sliding into final position. The smart design would have been hinged back panel door you could open and close (or slide) to let you do all your connections in the back but that's being really picky for such an inexpensive piece.

I'm sure this will be in our family for a long time and I have to recommend this after looking at the entire Techcraft, Bush, and Sonax product line and comparing quality and price. This piece is just as good as the Kathy Ireland line which costs more than twice as much.

Check out the details at Techcraft's website yourself: [...]
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on February 6, 2013
Great delivery timeline. The box came in good condition and everything inside was packed well. Hubby put the cabinet together while I wasn't home, and said setup was fairly easy.

We did laugh because the one review by another customer regarding all the little static clingy Styrofoam balls/chunks is SOOO true. We're still finding mini-styrofoam pieces clinging to the cabinet and around the living room. However, we appreciate the fact that the packing protected the contents quite well so we aren't complaining.

Since the hubby had put the cabinet together before I came home, when it came time to move all the A/V equipment in, I had to figure out how to DISASSEMBLE it just enough to get the equipment into the cabinet with the smallest amount of fuss and scraped hands. The beauty of this cabinet is that the top comes off quite easily. Such handy little clip lock hinges (no clue what they're called). It made it so MUCH easier to run those pesky surround system wires in through the back openings and just work through the top to twist/plug everything back into the A/V receiver. I then placed one of the shelves over the receiver, and finished hooking up the rest of the components (DVD/HDMI Switcher/Roku and lots of cables to hide).

What was really nice is that after I removed the feet off of the hideous black Jamo subwoofer, I could slip it right into the left cabinet area, hooked it up in the back and put the top of the cabinet back on with everything nicely tucked away. Well, everything except for the cable mess that is Jamo whole house speaker connector unit and the battery backup. I was able to tuck the cabinet close enough to the wall to hide most of the cables (thank goodness!).

Please note that I am not using this cabinet as a TV stand. Our TV is mounted up high over a fireplace mantel so I can't really advise as to how it handles the weight of a large display.

The quality of the doors and visible wood is excellent considering the price point. The inside shelves ARE engineered wood with a laminate edge facing outward. I do have an extra shelf since the left cabinet area is completely filled by the sub-woofer. Considered using it on the right, but I decided it was best to leave plenty of circulation around the receiver and other components.

I imagine that I'll be upgrading my A/V receiver, DVD player and hookups to a new TV within the next few years. Thankfully, being able to just pull the top off this cabinet will make switching all those components out fairly easy so kudos for the engineering and affordable price point. The only thing that would've taken this to the next level would've been magnet clips to remove the backs of each side of the cabinet. The removable top works almost as well and is much, much cheaper than the ones at the big furniture stores.

Overall, great buy!
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on April 16, 2017
When I ordered this entertainment center, I was expecting an IKEA like experience when putting it together. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see that much of it was already put together and I was able to finish it up in about a half hour. (after making a few mistakes, even though I was trying to diligently follow the instructions)

The instructions are really the only negative of this product. The piece looks nice, the price is fair and it was easy to assemble. Because of a little ambiguity in the instructions, however, I did make two mistakes that forced me to deconstruct the item to and put it back together again. Thank goodness this item is easy to take apart and put back together!
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on October 22, 2011
Nice TV console. My husband put it together by himself in about an hour. The wood is a little darker than the picture, very pretty. Liked the little touches like the shelves inside have small cutouts (not big enough for anything to fall through or to hurt the integrity of the shelves) for ventilation of the components you might put on them. We looked at TV consoles at some furniture stores and even some big box and electronic stores and this was much nicer, and less expensive. We love it.
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on June 18, 2013
I love this! This is a quality piece of furniture that looks great in our living room. The finish and color is exactly as pictured in the Amazon photos. The assembly was quick and easy. I was able to put it together by myself with no tools. I didn't have any damaged pieces. All boards/parts were wrapped separately in one enormous box. I am very happy I purchased this.
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on September 22, 2012
I love it! Put together in less than 45 min. The color is real nice and fits all my stuff. get it now!!!
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on January 3, 2011
This product was darker than the color shown. It is a dark brownish red color but still has some shading. The credenza is well built and my family loves the way the TV looks on it. It fits all our components and game sytems. We are all happy with it. It was a great price for such a well-built unit.
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on November 18, 2012
First off it's a bit lighter in color than walnut would suggest, though it is nice. It assembles quickly and requires no tools. About my only complaint is that it damages very easily. It means just setting heavy things on the surfaces of the cabinet scratches them. I'd not recommend this unit to anyone with dogs or kids.
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on January 7, 2013
I normally don't write reviews for my purchases, but thought I would say something about this one. This is the first time I purchased a piece of furniture from Amazon, and it was a great experience. The product came very well packaged. I saw some other reviews saying talking about damage, and I suppose that's always a chance you take when shipping something that weighs 150lbs. But I was impressed by the care that was taken with the packaging to prevent damage.

After unpacking all of the pieces and finding the instructions, I noticed that the instructions didn't call for any specific tools to be used. As I began putting it together, I realized that no tools were required. The pieces slide together with very rigid connectors that tighten as you slide them together. I found that using a block of wood and a hammer was a good way to snug the pieces together without causing any damage. These connectors created perfect 90-degree connections between the pieces. After constructing the bottom frame, the top goes on by using another type of built-in connector that snugs it down. The top is very heavy and can easily support the weight of a 60" TV.

The only hardware included was for the shelves, which also fit very snugly into the unit after it was together.

The unit also looks great. I would say that the picture on Amazon is true to the tone of the wood finish.

So far, we've been very pleased with this unit.

Shopping for a piece of furniture on Amazon was a much more pleasant experience than driving between furniture stores to look at a few pieces. And with Amazon Prime, it was delivered in two days with no additional shipping charges. Tough to beat that experience.
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on November 5, 2012
This item was delivered to my home in about the time frame that was expected so there was no delivery issue.

Assembly was quite literally a snap - if you are used to assembling items with wrenches, screws, and an assortment of other tools, you will be absolutely blown away by the assembly and design of this piece. Everything, for the most part, quite literally snaps into place. You will be pleasantly surprised. It took me all of 15 minutes, 15 MINUTES to put this piece together, and that is with me laying everything out before hand, then appropriately setting everything up and locking items into place.

When setting the inside levels, you will have to force them into place, so if there is a space or if a piece is slightly higher than it appears, give it a polite push or punch into place.

The piece looks great. Initially I was going to wall mount my tv. However after assembling and thinking about it, I placed my 46 inch LED with its stand right in the center of the upper portion of the Techcraft stand. It looks gorgeous.

The wood is solid, there is some real weight to the piece, and it just looks great.

I could not be happier with my purchase and I highly recommend this item. Great Job Techcraft!
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