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on June 11, 2014
This really is a nice table. I have listened to dozens of records on it since I bought it. However, there are two things you NEED to be aware of.

1) The RCA plugs (red and white audio cables) that come out of the turn able are attached. There aren't ports on the turn table, so you have to use the wires that are there already. Those wires are incredibly short. Like short short. Like MAYBE 3 feet short. So, if your turn table isn't setup to be next to/on top of your receiver, it isn't going to reach. You can go out and buy an adapter so you can add another set of RCA cables to lengthen the reach, but you'll need to have the extra cables and the adapter. They're not expensive or anything, but it is (I think) very poor design to need to do that.

2) In my experience, the "stop" button regularly stops working. I contacted customer service (and Audio Technica customer service is AWESOME by the way) and was giving the directions on how to fix it. The issue is: When you push any of the buttons, it essentially pushes a rod that pushes a lever, that actually inputs the command. The problem is, the "rod" is the width of dental floss and gets easily pushed off of the lever. To fix this, you have to unhook the player, flip it over, take the bottom off and realign the rods. It's easy to do, but having to pull the thing apart each time you want all of the buttons to work is pretty obnoxious.

I'll see if I can upload the photo tutorial "how to" that the customer service sent me so that everyone can have the directions to solve the problem.

It plays nicely, and sounds good, and is a good price - but those two annoyances really get in the way for me. If not for those two things (or even just if not for the buttons getting disconnected) I'd call it 5 stars.
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on May 25, 2015
We tried out two different craptastic Crosley players before we finally purchased this one. The difference is amazing. Don't think twice about it, go ahead and purchase this bad boy.
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on February 26, 2017
I love this turntable. It's the first one I've ever had/used, and it does everything I want with no hassle. When I was researching which model to buy, I wanted to get one that has the USB function to convert the vinyl to mp3, and it works great. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow to install Audacity. I've converted over 30 albums so far, with great results. I'm easily able to download the mp3 files and upload them to google play which I then sync to my phone. It is a bit time consuming, but once I did a few records, I got the hang of it.

As far as the initial set up of the turntable, it could not have been easier. The instructions clearly state how to attach the belt and ensure that it is working properly. Very easy to attach the plate and cover that the record sits on, as well as attach the needle to the tone arm. Set up with speakers was also easy, with provided audio cables. Some people complain that the cable is too short, but it's not a problem for me because I sit the turntable right next to my speaker.

I've never used a turntable before this one, so I was pleased with how easy the set up was and how easy it is to use. Once you have the rpm speed selected and the size of the record selected, all you have to do is put the record on the table and press start. The tone arm moves automatically, and lifts when the record is finished playing.

I'm certainly no audiophile, but I can't say enough good things about this turntable. If you're a beginner like me and looking for something to use to start a record collection, look no further. Audio-Technica has made a great product here, and I'm sure I will get many years of use out of it.
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on June 23, 2016
My review is for anyone looking for a modestly priced, high quality turntable, easy to use, one that sounds great, and one that won't ruin your records..
The Good news: I won't be technical. I just purchased this modestly priced turntable and I love it. This turntable was an easy choice for me, and for anyone on a budget, looking for a quality Hi Fi turntable. I purchased this particular model and version of the AT-LP60 because it has a built-in phono pre-amp. (My Marantz SR8000 receiver did not have a phono pre-amp because records were not popular back in the day, and records are coming back in fashion). This model also has the USB section built in to convert my analog records into digital onto my computer. They can now become an MP3 or CD. How cool is that!
I love the design to place the START/STOP and the UP/DOWN buttons on the front, OUTSIDE the lid. To me this a great feature, much safer. With these buttons placed outside the lid, you can operate the turntable AFTER closing the lid. This is important to me because it prevents any jarring by opening and closing the lid when a record is playing, (which other turntables do). With other turntables, If a record is playing when opening or closing the lid, this could cause a jarring that might cause a skip or scratch your valuable records..Nothing's worst than opening or closing the lid with the record playing, like other turntables do, and jarring it, making it skip and ruin your valuable record. Because this AT-LP60 is fully automatic it is a great choice for anyone who might not be able to operate a manual turntable that you have to touch the tonearm and try placing or lifting the needle without possibly making it skip.
This turntable comes with a non-replaceable cartridge factory calibrated, matching this turntable. This is great for anyone not wanting to fiddle around trying to find a different cartridge, then installing & calibrating it. The AT-LP60 is very easy to setup, and is very easy to operate. It is made by a company well-known for high quality audio. For the money the AT-LP60 should be a top choice.
The not-so-good: I just a couple minor things. This turntable seems to be very tight when I place or remove a record. I have to enter or remove a record by the left side to avoid any chance to accidently hitting the tonearm & cartridge. Also, thee platter is the size of the record which may be a problem for someone to remove with any damage to the fingers. I also don't like the 45rpm holder very well. It doesn't hold the spindle very secure. It doesn't 78rpm speed for people who have those records. The platter is very light, which could transfer vibrations to the needle. For the money this model should be a top choice to this price point.I love how easy is to use, and it sounds great.
There is a model, the AT-LP120 that should be considered if you want to spend three times the price. It is a manual, with direct drive extremely accurate, a professional quality workhorse with many features. It is well worth the money, with rave reviews from many sources. But at this price point the AT-LP60 should please many people. I love it. Works for me.
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on January 6, 2017
insane how expensive these things are but I's a giant piece of plastic but it's an easy setup and it works. As someone mentioned the RCA connectors are permanently attached to the unit so if your turntable isn't going to be within a few feet cable run of your reciever then you'll need an extension - not a big deal but kinda silly that they hard wired the cable in vs just supplying RCA jacks. Other than that, it's working good for us - the start/stop button is weird as others have mentioned - start works fine but when it's running and i push it to stop it lifts the head and returns it to the carriage and then starts it all over again. I'll have to read through the reviews to see if I can find the fix from someone else again - but again...dumb that it doesn't work right out of the box - seems simple. I don't mind picking up the head and starting it anyway or lifting it up to stop so no big deal for me. I got this for my Mom for Christmas to play her old vinyl and she loves it. If my 65 year old mom can use it and likes it - then it's a hit I guess.
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on May 21, 2017
I have two of these and had the exact same problem with both: they worked great for about six months, and then, slowly but surely, the records I knew well sounded just a little bit faster than they should. I then looked it up and found this is a common motor problem with this particular model, and not one that there's an easy fix for - repair is prohibitively expensive, and while the motor is cheap to replace ($5), it's very hard to do yourself.

I know it seems like a good deal. But is it really worth it if you'll have to buy a new one inside of a year?
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on September 11, 2015
May not match the the $10,000 turntable with a $5,000 cartridge, either in build quality or sonics (?), but it did pleasantly surprise me in both categories considering the low price; hard to tell the difference between this turntable and my 1978 Technics SL-1301 ($320 in '78) on many recordings. I purchased this unit to conveniently transfer LPs from the 50's-70's to CDs, without having to dismantle my main audio system. Easy to setup and use the turntable.
The Audacity software, once you install and figure-out how to set the preferences, is outstanding for a FREE application. The manual is outdated for the CD provided: screens very different. Also, there is an update you can download. Other than a little irritation, the software seems to have many of the features of my professional Dart audio editing application; not all, but enough to accomplish may LP transfers satisfactorily and easily due to the USB connectivity.
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on February 3, 2016
Received the unit a week and a half ago, and I am enjoying it, immensely. Haven’t listened to my records in nearly 10 years, maybe longer. It’s a decent unit for a decent price, although nothing super-fancy, it does the job, as many allude to in their reviews. I bought the USB unit so I could transfer my record collection to digital .mp3 files, and found one disadvantage: the Audacity software has to be added to when you get it, by internet downloading of a program from a company called – of all things – Lame, although with a little investigation, I think I have found a way around that, so I can download it onto a CD-R at my local FedEx Office location and take it home [I am not online, yet, at home, but will be soon].

It needs to be set on a solid surface so it doesn’t skip when you walk across the floor, et cetera, but for the price I am not complaining about that: any turntable we could buy may have that problem, if the unit is not on a solid surface. The sound is good, although not perfect. Remember, these are records we are talking about, not CDs, and some of mine date back to 1969. Cleaning the records before playing them helps, in most cases, although some surfaces seemingly remained dirty by definition, and skipped, or the needle became stuck, no matter what. I don’t expect perfection out of a $150.00 turntable. It is, however, much better than the units I saw and considered before I saw this one, so again, this is far better than some of the Crosley units, and the Jensen units, I looked at. The automatic start and stop without having to mess around with trying to find the right spots to drop the tonearm helps, especially so if your hands have a tendency towards being a bit shaky or unsteady. It is not – however - an automatic “changer,” and only one disc can go on the spindle at a time. Despite its limitations, which I found to be negligible, I remain pleased with the unit.

Summarily, the limitation of needing an internet connection, or getting the “Lame” software to be used in conjunction with the Audacity software at a place where you can download it, or download it onto a CD-R disc, is a minus, however, over all, a decent unit for a moderately priced investment. I’ve already purchased a replacement stylus [needle], and a replacement turntable belt, should I ever need them, for about $22.00 plus tax and shipping. I rate the unit four and half stars, however, as there are no halves here, I’ll have to go with four stars, as I believe no unit you can purchase is perfect, unless you spend $$$$$, which this man doesn’t have, and cannot afford. For the casual listener, though, it does the job adequately, and sounds pretty good, especially so considering the age of some of my vinyl!!

An additional caveat:
The Audacity software disc that comes with the unit may not match the pull-down menus in every computer [I have Windows 10], and so I had a computer-savvy buddy install mine, as the sound device grouping on my PC had to be gone through to find the correct choices to make the software work as it is supposed to. If you’re a computer/IT guy, you’ll probably have it up and running in less than half an hour, however, my buddy took about an hour to get all the settings correct to make the Audacity program work, and – as mentioned above – you’ll need the internet, someone who has the internet, or – like I am planning – a local FedEx Office store, a little spare time, and a CD-R to download the Lame software to make .mp3 files, as it requires the Lame interface to make .mp3s. This is the same limitation I had with the ION Duo Deck; needing the internet to make the files needed for an .mp3 player, and the software companies like Audacity and Lame should make it easier for those of us who don’t have the Internet at home to use the equipment, and not have to run out and make a disc to download somewhere else, just for .mp3 files. Hopefully, in a few years, all this will be a moot point, however, at the present time [February, 2016], this is what we have to work with, so we have to grin and bear it, or at least to some extent, anyway. If we want something that’s gonna have all the bells and whistles, we will have to invest a lot of money, but for absolute basics, this is a pretty-good unit for the price I paid.
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on June 12, 2016
So far, so good: I've played about a dozen 33.3 LPs and one or two 45s on this, and have digitized several of them in MP3 format. Others may gripe about fidelity loss in the MP3s, but I guess my hearing isn't acute enough any more to pick up much difference. (Geezer sigh inserted).

The speed is accurate, according to my old strobe checking disc, in both 33.3 and 45 rpm, but I wish there were a way to adjust it if necessary (my ancient Dual 1015 allowed for such adjustment). I also wish there were a way to adjust stylus pressure. Not an option, as far as I can tell, and another thing the old Dual could accommodate.

I've seen some comments recommending upgrading the cartridge that comes with it. Perhaps with an A/B comparison I'd notice a difference, but to my ears it sounds pretty good with the original cartridge and stylus.

For the price, it seems to be an excellent buy; the next step up would cost more by hundreds of dollars, and if I had a. lotsa money and b. my teen-age ears back, I'd probably spring for the extra bucks.
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on March 24, 2016
Confession: I am not an audiophile.
Confession: I have no knowledge of electronics, nor any deep understanding of the zen of vinyl records.

However...I gave this as a birthday gift to my brother, the Vinyl Nut, and he was very happy with it. His other turntable had bit the dust in a move, and he was lamenting the loss....but this seemed to please him. The once comment I got was: this won't hurt my original [insert name of famous person I never heard of] bootleg from [insert year before I was born].
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